Australia is “not yours to reclaim”? Oh, yes it is!

Reclaim Australia, map with textOn Saturday, April 4, 2015, a historic event occurred in Australia. Nationwide, thousands of ordinary Australians, very concerned about the growing presence and negative impact of Islam in Australia, marched around the country to “Reclaim Australia”. And in some cities, counter-rallies of dedicated Leftists marched to oppose the alleged “racism” and “Islamophobia” of the Reclaim marchers.

More “Reclaim Australia” rallies are planned in the future. And no doubt, there will be the counter-protests also. One assumes that, as with European countries contending with similar issues, these protests could easily grow in size, as more and more frustrated patriots seek an opportunity to make a public stand and finally get their voices heard. And the loony Left will likely be there to try and bully, intimidate and silence those patriotic voices.

So, what is this vast new political clash in Australia about? What are the underlying factors behind this increasing divide?

According to one reasonably astute observer, “We need to recognise the powerful feeling of “owning the nation” that comes with White Australia saying “no” to foreigners”.

Writing in The Guardian Australia (7 April 2015), Yassir Morsi continues “The Muslim as society’s folk devil is no mere illusion or fantasy. It represents deep-seated anxieties about control, displaced on to an Islam that has come to represent symbolically a sense of traditional loss and struggle in a changing global and multicultural world”.

Or Western world. After all, it’s the West that’s been expected to become increasingly multicultural. But the columnist is essentially correct here. With rapidly changing demographics, increased globalism, and the onslaught of anti-Western and Cultural Marxist-inspired “political correctness”, many in the West inevitably feel a sense of displacement and disempowerment.

And Islam represents the most obvious, the most conflicting, and the most contradictory foreign value system. And hence, it’s the easiest bugbear to rally against. With the obvious cultural clash factors that Islam has brought to Australia, and the new, but now perhaps permanent threat of Islamic-inspired terrorism, “Reclaiming” Australia is basically about patriotic Australians asserting who Australia “belongs” to, and whose values should prevail here.

And whose values should prevail, one may ask? Those established values of mainstream Australians? Or those radically different values of a recently introduced immigrant people, prone to taking their doctrines to radical and even violent political extremes? Or the values of Cultural Marxist-inspired “political correctness”, which the Left has now embraced with a religious-like zeal?

One may ask why is the socially progressive Left so keen to defend Muslims, given that many of their own values are so totally contradicting with Islam. To understand this, one must understand what motivates the Left.

A dreadfully ignorant, yet commonly expressed sentiment from Leftist rally opponents towards Reclaim patriots is that “Australia is not yours to reclaim!”

This sentiment reflects the Leftist mindset that modern Australian civilisation is somehow “invalid”. It espouses that Australia doesn’t really “belong” to the White majority (in particular), and that instead, Australia is somehow morally obligated to be highly inclusive of Third World immigrants, including Muslims — no matter what the cost to ourselves!

At the heart of this mindset lies a deep, underlying hostility towards the White European race. To the Left, the White race must never be given any credit for anything positive. We must instead be viewed as an evil, exploitive, predatory race that “stole” the land from the Aborigines. We must be forever condemned by the “sins” of our ancestors that occurred in the unchangeable past, and we must be continually reminded about it. And we must never be forgiven.

The far Left in Western countries no longer empathise primarily with the White working class. Now they have new priorities, and new “victims” to champion. Appalled by the global wealth disparity between the races, and brainwashed by such underlying Marxist doctrine that the poor are poor because the rich are rich, and that some should never have more than others, non-Europeans have now become a sacred cow to the brainwashed Left, whilst the White race is now held in deep contempt. Such is their completely arbitrary and utterly dogmatic way of thinking.

And yet in reality, Australia DOES belong to White people for so many reasons. It was White people who built a civilisation and a nation here. Modern Australia is essentially European-based, a Western country, and part of the Anglosphere. The presence of relatively small numbers of non-whites throughout modern Australian history, and their occasionally welcomed and useful contribution doesn’t detract from this reality. But if non-white peoples had showed up in Botany Bay instead of the British in 1788, the history of this continent would have been something entirely different!

But no, it was Europeans, and more specifically, the Anglo-Celts. And it is their experience that has fundamentally shaped Australia today. Because of their experience and collective genius, a modern nation was built from scratch on this harsh, wide brown land. In the space of a few short decades, Australia had become the envy of the world; a wealthy, first-world, politically stable, high tech country, that had become one of the best countries in the world in which to live. Europeans brought knowledge, technology, a written language, organisational structures, air and automobile travel, and countless other innovations. We utilised, grew, and developed the resources here, and exported food, knowledge and commodities, helping to grow wealth and prosperity around the world. We grew our own population, effectively increasing happiness for millions of people. Along the way, we evolved a unique culture and identity, that is essentially European-based.

We’ve been here now for many generations; we inevitably developed an emotional attachment to our country, and in World War 2 we defended it from the Japanese, as we would defend it from any wannabe invaders today. As for the Aborigines, they too are the beneficiaries of European comforts and innovations. In reality, colonisation has always been a double-edged sword for native peoples; as it was when Britain was invaded by the Romans. It is of extreme bias to view the British colonisation of Australia as an entirely negative experience for the Aborigines.

For these reasons, White Australians have every right to claim “ownership” of Australia, in the same way for example, that Middle Easterners have the right to claim “ownership’ of Middle Eastern countries. Or the Japanese of Japan, the Indians of India, etc., etc.

But the far Left simply don’t believe White people are the deserving beneficiaries of our own collective progress. Rather, they believe white people are but the “undeserving beneficiaries” of “undeserving white privilege”.

Whilst the Left rhetorically claim to be AGAINST “prejudice”, their own mindset is in reality deeply prejudiced; it’s prejudiced TOWARD non-white people and AGAINST the white race. Because we dared to be progressive, create wealth, and collectively be more successful than most other races, the Left effectively seek an insatiable revenge against the white race. White people must be continually disempowered and made to grovel at the feet of non-whites. Some dedicated socialists believe that if they can destroy the White race, they can better establish their Utopian socialist paradise.

Hence when the far Left perceive an immigrant group as being “oppressed” or “under attack” from members of the White majority, they leap to their defence. Nothing offends a brainwashed Leftist’s sense of injustice more than a mere white person expressing perceived disfavour towards precious non-whites.

Any sense of white racial pride, white racial consciousness, white identity politics, or anyone perceived as championing the group interests of white people is automatically heretical to the far Left. This is because they’ve been programmed to believe that white people have NOTHING to be proud of, and have NO valid group interests. (Yet, of course they apply an extremely different set of standards when it comes to non-white people).

Hence, anyone perceived as advocating for the White majority must be silenced and disempowered. White people are encouraged to feel only guilt and shame when it comes to how we perceive our race. The Left effectively want a very disempowered white race on its knees, grovelling at the altar of “Multiculturalism” and “Diversity”.

Our cultures, especially Anglo-based cultures, are derided by the Left as being “bland” and “boring”. By stark contrast, non-white cultures are automatically seen as “rich” and “exotic”. The importation of non-white cultures can only “enhance” and “enrich” us, according to the far Left. Any concerns about non-integration, increased criminal activity, an increased terrorism or security threat, an increased welfare bill, decreased social cohesion, or the threat to Western cultural and numerical dominance, are automatically considered invalid to the utterly biased, extremely dogmatic, brainwashed Left.

According to the loony Left, non-white immigration is ALWAYS good, can ONLY be good, and that we should continually have more and more of it. And any concerns or criticism of non-white immigration is automatically wrong, automatically immoral and invalid, and anyone who does it is automatically some kind of heretic. Hence the perpetually-used “racist” smear, aimed at bullying any opposition, and controlling people’s thinking.

And there seems little point in trying to argue over whether mass Third World or Muslim immigration is of value to Australia. Because the loony Left are not even thinking in terms of what’s best for Australia or mainstream Australians. Rather, their loyalty, favour and empathy now lies elsewhere. They now think in terms of what’s in the best interests of the non-whites whom they are championing. And of course it is very difficult to reason with people who have been brainwashed.

As claimed by some observers, “anti-racist” is really code for ANTI-WHITE. And it’s this anti-white mindset, morphed from the Marxist hostility towards the “privileged class”, and its imaginary “bourgeois exploitation” that lies at the heart of why the far Left counter-rallied against Reclaim Australia.

Reclaim Australia and No Room for Racism rallies clash across Australia”,, 5 April 2015
‘Reclaiming Australia’ from Islam is really about reclaiming whiteness”, The Guardian, Australia edition, 7 April 2015 (Yassir Morsi)


  1. Cancer Supporter says

    Leave the planet you demonic pink skin parasites.

  2. Hey APP, Thanks for standing against the heathen invader.
    First of all to Rob Gee, yours is a sentimentality that will eventually divide everyone, what happens when these invaders will not assimilate? The natives will inevitably revolt against those who do not share our beliefs and values, I am not a racist, however if the immigrants who come to MY country do not accept and contribute to society in a manner conducive to the rest of the people, but are acting in a way that is corrosive and demeaning to society. Why then should we recognise them as a part of this country? Islam is a perfect example of prejudice gone mad, white /European Australians are paying the price of a new apartheid. As bizarre as it sounds we are heading towards being under the control of the Left wing nut jobs who are hell-bent on giving our hard won country away to anyone who will mouth off to us. Federal Labor are unwilling to accept the idea that their Union buddies are even close to being corrupt, and the Liberal/Nationals Coalition seem like can’t get it right at any turn, they melted wacky Kevin Rudd down and slipped him in as our new PM under the pseudonym of Malcolm Turnbull. Neither party are paying enough attention to the main issue that threatens Australia and her interests around the World, which is the Islamic revolution. Be aware, they are not revolting against for religious freedoms, women’s Lib or any else so noble. They are revolting against US, the white,European based nationalities that have become more powerful than can be dealt with in an actual war. We are to be exterminated if we don’t stop and fight for what we truly believe. Thinking the other day, we may just be heading for a civil war. Australia’s closest thing to civil war came when the British put down a rebellion at Ballarat in 1854 over unrepresented taxation, and mining license costs.
    I think it may be getting closer to a time when our country will need fighting for again, as the Diggers have done for us, so must we for our Kin.
    Lastly, I love this country, and I know many of you do as well, we need to unite under one flag. NOW..

    • Hi Rod.
      As an immigrant to your beloved country, I to believe in your sentiments.
      I left my country, Scotland to become a citizen of your country. I am all too fully aware of what you are saying as our ” English government ” sat on their overpaid fat arses and watched the invasion of multi nationals rape and pillage us for years and still are.
      My ancestors helped to build a free nation where anyone could say their peace without being condemned for it. Most of them did not care about race creed or colour and accepted everyone.
      Now though as the world has begun to have an over population of certain races, we are being told now that we must accept their faith and bend over backwards for them. When really they should be learning our cultures and adapting to them since they have chosen to live in this great country. I am happy to share my world and life with all cultures, as long as they are happy to accept my values and learn them as we would be expected to abide by their rules and cultures in their part of the world.
      I was in no way a racist person all throughout my life so far, but now as I sit and watch how the world is getting torn apart by these other cultures I would sign up and lead the march to eradicate these people from our society to make a safer and healthier world for my children to grow up in.


  3. The whole thing sounds scripted in order to incite racism and fear, Pls everyone don’t fall for it, Muslims are Terrorists as much as Australians are. the suspicion should be directed at our own governments , CIA, NATO etc, 99% of what you see and read if published by Western Media is carefully Scripted to generate divide between us, we are all Human and the only strangers are friends you haven’t met yet, don’t be selfish.

  4. bil graham says

    start now before its too late

  5. Time soon will come when patience wears out putting up with Islam. It just needs decent people in our Parliaments. What we have now is Church = Gutless. Governments = Ball-less
    Bring it on.

  6. Stan Claypole says

    It’s a principle of natural justice that if you CREATE something, then you have a right to claim “ownership” of what you’ve created. Hence such things as intellectual property rights. Australia was ultimately “created” by white Anglo-Celts. Therefore, it does NOT belong to Middle Easterners.

  7. Len Davis says

    I think we had better stop calling ourselves White since that does conjure up visions of racism which surely we do not want, we are Nationalists – better to call ourselves “of European descent” or something like that.
    I am frustrated with this party since it does not even have candidates in elections. What’s more there are a host of right wing parties and it would make far more sense to get then all together under one banner to fight the crazy left.

  8. Jacqueline says

    If everything the White Europeans did in Australia is so bad, how come every non-white on the boat is risking their life to get here? How many “asylum seekers” would have been going out of their way to move here if the Australian continent was still inhabited by Aborigines only?

    Is is downright sickening to see how the white race is blamed for every evil in the world, while all other races happily use and exploit all the achievements of the white civilisation. Black pride is considered a fight for rights and protection of cultural identity, while the White pride is inevitably labelled as racism.

    So, are we equal or not after all? Unfortunately not. We only hear talk about equality when a non-white wants something. When is comes to the white race, it must shut up, embrace and celebrate its multiculturalistic suicide. Oh, and while we still exist, we must keep dishing out our tax money to feed the precious perpetually breeding non-white migrants.

    • Couldnt of said it better myself jacqueline, you hit the nail on the head. How dare australians be victimised for wanting our beautiful country to remain free and proud. Our politicians have let us all down, foreigners seem to have all the rights.

  9. The g Factor says

    Despite their ideology the leftists almost always show a bias against the poor of their own race – one of the greatest leftists of all, Josef Stalin, was quite happy to let his own people starve while making money selling food to Nazi Germany.

  10. We have every right to expect that this land remains the Australia that our forebears laid down their lives to protect and defend and also to preserve our culture.I have no qualms about sharing our culture with those that are willing to assimilate and become Australian! as long it is done in a manner that does not swamp our country.
    Instead of a referendum on homosexuals being able to marry I would have thought that a referendum on immigration was far more important and urgent.

  11. sorry to say it….but you need to eradicate the appeasing liberal hand wringers before you eradicate islam

  12. A great,well written article.I’ve not much to add.I will say this,however……the left are the biggest,most hypercritical racists out there.
    As for those who want australia returned to the Aborigianals,one word…….Zimbabwe! Be careful what they wish for.
    We now have endless African immigration-how long before we have a Sudanese organised crime squad in the police force?
    The Left can’t think white culture is that bad,as it wants all other races to come and have a piece of it.

  13. Australia is predomantly an Anglo Saxon country colonised and civilised by White Anglo Saxon, White German,White Dutch or whatever you want to call us. Stop trying to ram this Multicultural bullshit down our necks before some idiot actually believes you. Just look at our coins, that’s right she’s your Queen too.( And German). We are all connected by a common language.
    This might not be you but it might include you.”GET REAL” I didn’t make it up, that is history, if you don’t like it simple,just piss off back to the hole that you came from. We don’t want your crap over here.

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