Politicians hike up Australia’s refugee intake, as refugee programme produces Muslim terrorist killer

Back on December 5th, the federal senate passed some extremely significant immigration legislation, which included the return of temporary protection visas (TPVs), and new Safe Haven Enterprise Visas (SHEVs), which would allow asylum seekers to work in the community, whilst they wait for their claims to be processed. In order to win support for the new laws, the Coalition government did a dirty deal with the bleeding heart senators from the Motoring Enthusiast Party, Palmer United Party, Family First, and Liberal Democratic Parties, all of whom actually wanted an INCREASE in Australia’s yearly refugee intake.

Coalition spokesman Michaela Cash claimed that the new laws would “bring an end to 50,000 people coming here illegally by boat because the people smugglers had a product to sell”. Yet the boats had already stopped long before this legislation was passed.

Whilst the Coalition government has always attempted to make such a virtue out of “stopping the boats”, they have just agreed to import thousands more refugees every year into Australia, flying in on planes. At a cost of an estimated extra $100 million to the Australian taxpayer. And whichever major party is in power, it could well mean that many of these new refugees we take in will be Muslims. And whether refugees come into Australia via boat, plane, or fly here by magic carpet ride, the negative effects of mass third world immigration on Australian society will be very much the same.

And barely a week after the ink was dried on this disastrous new legislation, almost symbolic of the
short-sighted stupidity from the Coalition government and the above-mentioned senators, an Islamic State-inspired Muslim terrorist struck in Sydney, making worldwide headlines.

It’s been revealed that Man Haron Monis, the gunman involved in the recent much-publicised hostage siege at the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place in the Sydney CBD, was an Iranian refugee, who was granted political asylum in Australia in 2001.

It’s been reported that the government of Iran had repeatedly warned Australia about Monis, and in 1996 had requested via Interpol that Monis be extradited for “heavy financial fraud”. This request was denied by Australia, after Monis claimed he would be persecuted in Iran for his “liberal” views. Five years later, Australia granted him asylum.

Originally, a Shi’ite Muslim, Monis later converted to becoming a Sunni. He was a highly dedicated political Islamist who was very critical of Australian and other Western military intervention in the Muslim world, and had sent offensive letters to the families of Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. The self-proclaimed cleric was a strong supporter of Islamic State, and sought to justify his deplorable, but carefully-planned actions at the Lindt Cafe in the name of this violent Jihadist group.

Monis had his own website, dedicated to his radical Islamist political views, and his former Facebook page, pulled down as the siege continued, had 14,725 “likes” before it was shut down. Given the publicity and notoriety gained by Monis for his actions, it will almost certainly be only a matter of time before other dedicated Islamists with troubled personal lives, seek to “martyr” themselves in a similar way to Monis.

The Australian Protectionist Party has warned for years about the proliferation of Islam in Australia, and that our refugee programme would inevitably produce dangerous Islamist extremists who may one day commit violent terrorist acts on Australian soil. And this is part of why we strongly advocate Australia withdrawing from the outdated 1951 UN Refugee Convention, and that we put a stop to all immigration from Muslim countries.

Immigration mistakes are long term mistakes, and bad immigration policies lead to bad social outcomes. And the fact remains that increasing our refugee intake will substantially increase the terrorist threat to Australia, not just now, but also well into the future. But it would seem that according to politicians from the Liberal, National, Motoring Enthusiast Party, Palmer United Party, Family First, and Liberal Democratic Parties, this is a price that Australia will just have to pay.

One wonders how many more terrorist strikes on Australian soil it will take for the idiots in Canberra to get the message.

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  1. derbyiters says

    John, as with the many different free services THATS supplied ‘ONLY TO THESE SELECTED rockapes ( non AUSSIE ) is also costing us mega dollars too ! The amount of UN- AUSTRALIANISM is beyond me here in the 21st century as well…. Then throw in supplying them houses via;- the salvo’s etc.etc.etc. That even still try claiming they help AUSTRALIANS still to this day is total BLOODY BULLSHIT !
    # be very careful,just who YA may donate any money to, from now on. As I got caught out with this, PR SCAM, that’s being used by them… Never again will a coin ever be inserted into a tin of theirs.
    From a very pissed off a little oz bloke

  2. I’d like to know how it is that Islamic queue jumpers can come here and from detention centres go to a private room in a private psychiatric hospital with two security guards for an unspecified period of time? How much would this cost the taxpayer whilst honest Christian God-fearing Aussies live in poverty and wait years to get specialist treatment in hospital?
    Someone, somewhere in our government has to be responsible for this shocking waste of taxpayer resources on a people that the truth be known are not wanted in Australia.
    To say that the average Aussie is narked at this shimozzle is a gross understatement.

    • derbyiters says

      Sounds like you to had close contact with what went on, within inside these places (?) it’s bloody disgusting ! Whilst our own homeless, aged,mentally ill all suffer, & go without, to give these anti westerner’s the very best of everything we can’t get….. Not even a handout when it’s needed too

  3. PM Abbott is to send another five million of YOUR money to Iraq to “help the Iraqi people”. Not bad for a government that says we have no money! These third world cesspits give nothing back. Money we’ll never see again. Whats in it for us? Is Tony Abbott the PM of Australia,or Iraq and Syria? I’m no longer sure.
    More troops will be sent to Syria in the “fight against terrorism to prevent it reaching our shores”. If he really wants to prevent it reaching our shores,he can start by deporting all Muslim and third world immigrants……and get our troops back home to guard our shores-lord knows we need them here.
    Islamic extremism cannot be defeated in the Middle East,just like poverty cannot be eradicated from Africa.Its just how these people are. We cannot change them. So how about the government just focus on governing for AUSTRALIANS and making AUSTRALIA great again?? Its what most of us voted for.

  4. I’d also like to add that the racist Muslim behind the seige let the Chinese and Indians go. Was it just coincidence that the two he shot happened to be Australian??

  5. The Greens have been very silent in the days following the Seige. What a bloody disgrace. Sarah Hanson Young’s frowning face and flapping tongue is all over the news whenever a Muslim or African is seen as the victim. Anti-white racists such as these were once treated like the traitors they are and thrown in jail. Now we have them sitting in parliament…….

  6. Hear Hear brother – my sentiments exactly. Our forefathers that pioneered this country and made it what it is would never stand for this. I’m 5th generation Australian – I’ve lost uncles and a grandfather in two World Wars and I’m fed up with what is happening to their legacy.
    Aussie farmers and stockmen formed the Light Horse and drove the Muslim Turks out of Beersheba and freed Jerusalem maybe it’s time for another charge of the Light Brigade right here in OZ.

  7. Only demonstrates that politicians are not up to the task and that a referendum should be put to the prople to decide our immigration input.

  8. The people are not happy with this type of government, we have to go to the streets and demand new government.
    Do we want National Socialism? Well if that is what it takes so Mott it be. They had better do something, everybody is really fed up with this rubbish. We thought Abbott would do something but it’s just the same old rubbish. Is this the next Britain. “CONTROLLED DEMOCRACY” WTF. STOP IMMIGRATION! It’s our country and we should say what happens here, otherwise it wouldn’t be a democracy would it? BRING THE FIGHT TO THE STREETS NOW, we have had enough of this weak pathetic,cowardly,slimy fakery, we need solid guidance from a good RIGHT WING Government that doesn’t exist yet. I hope Hanson can wake everyone up she has my vote next time. I am just sick to my stomach of this crap.

    • Every year we’re heading further and further towards the third world gutter. Old parliament house will be converted into a mosque. The present parliament house will become some dictators palace. Sharia law will be in place. Ausfailure in fifty years.

      I just can’t put it together. Europe,the USA,Canada,NZ,Australia……let every other race,religion and culture invade our space,and don’t dare have an opinion about it or your ‘waycist’,yet Japan,with an aging population I must add, quietly sits there evading the radar with its zero tolerance of immigration,as does China,South Korea,Thailand,India,etc. Nobody ever screams that Asia is too Asian or Africa is too African.
      Everything in my house is made in China. If I tried buying goods made anywhere outside China,my house would still be empty!!
      All the cars,4wds,utes, and trucks are made in Japan or South Korea. Ours cities are choking with Asian immigrants who just take over our jobs and real estate.
      How many of you have friends or relatives who’ve married an Asian wife? Everything now is just Asian,Asian,Asian!

      We’re truly screwed as a nation. The problem is largely the U.N.-whom I’ve never voted for I must add- and leftards like the Greens who won’t stand together with us.
      Don’t we have any pride as a nation anymore? We once built things,went to church,spoke English,and had safe towns and cities.
      It just makes me sick.

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