Islamic hostage-taking in Sydney is the fault of the major parties

APP media release:

The Australian Protectionist Party is appalled by reports that an Islamic extremist has taken hostages in Sydney.

According to news reports, an armed man, with an Islamic flag (the black shahada flag, commonly used by jihadist groups) has taken hostage between 15 to 30 people in the Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Martin Place.

News reporters and politicians are acting shocked that this has happened, but their shock does not have the ring of truth, because it was foreseeable that something like this was bound to happen. Australia’s security services and police have already thwarted a number of Islamic terrorist attacks upon Australian soil, and it is obvious that more will occur.

“Not all Muslims are terrorists” is a common refrain used by the Politically Correct nowadays, but they know full well that when you import large numbers of Muslim immigrants that you also import a percentage of Islamic extremists, which also leads to the development and recruitment of home-grown extremists. With the government’s planned increase in the refugee intake, we can expect even more.

With a significant number of Jihadists now present in Australia, it is no wonder that we should be subject to terrorist attacks. They may be motivated purely by their Islamic ideology, or by a mix of poor personal circumstances and their Islamic ideology, but the end results are the same.

When you have a large number of adherents of Islam, you will inevitably also have a significant number of extremist Islamists. Even Blind Freddie can seen that.

But the politicians of all the major parties have insisted on continuing with Islamic immigration, because it is part and parcel of their adherence to the failed political ideology of Multiculturalism. In effect, they would prefer that Australians die, rather than give up the anti-national ideology of Multiculturalism.

Coincidentally, the Australian Protectionist Party page on Facebook only yesterday released a poster/graphic warning that mass Muslim immigration will lead to Islamic extremists committing violence.*

No matter what the outcome of today’s siege may be, it should be a wake-up call for all Australians to get rid of the useless politicians who have enabled it to happen.



  1. ringer from the west says

    Stop all immigration.

  2. Over the last week or so,some Jihadis have returned from their ‘tours of duty’ in cespitistan and are now in QLD. So now of course, Queensland police have to waste their time monitoring them. Why were they allowed back in?? THEY HATE OUR GUTS, and everything we stand for. Well, hello!!
    It’s the government’s job to protect the Australian people. What a bloody lovely job they’re doing.

  3. ringer from the west says

    We reap what we sow.

  4. Immediately the talking heads on the TV and Radio start spruiking “it’s not muslims in general – they are the victims” and go into overdrive with their multiculturist propaganda. “Time for all Australians to come together etc.” At the same time as that muslim maniac in Sydney was forcing hostages to hold up the death flag “No god but allah etc. muhommed is his prophet” slogan, another group of maniacs in Pakistan were butchering 170 people in a seige (including 100 children) under flags with the same slogan. The same slogan that they chant on Fridays here in Australia in their mosques. You know what – the TV desk jockeys are actually snivelling cowards shaking in their boots – they don’t dare speak the truth – same as the politicians.

  5. Of course they are not all radical but they will be once they take over, just like the Nazis. Those Mufties are playing the long game but as soon as it reaches critical mass then watch them go.
    Round them all up and send them all back to the rubbish tip they made in the Middle East. Before it is too late.

  6. The enemy is within the gates.
    What we need to do is close the gates and weed out the undesirables.
    Question is do politicians have the fortitude and courage to act on behalf of the people of Australia.
    I fear not.

  7. Trend Prophet says

    His facebook page accused Australians of being racist etc. It had 14000 likes. I am sure there are a lot of middle eastern people who hate Aussies because they are racist and look at us as northern European cavemen etc. I think he separated the hostages between those who were Aussies and the immigrants. I think the first 2 shots are him killing 2 people from the Australian hostage group and then the police waited for the other hostages to run out (Indians + Chinese) and then went in and finished him off. You then see the Aussies being stretchered out. At the end of the day public servants and politicians are bringing in people who are jealous and hate us and hate our ancestors and history.

  8. Don’t you just love it, every time theres a muslim terror attack we’re told not to react so as not to react and not radicalize muslims or offend islamic sensitivities .Just when will a politician have the guts to stand up and say that muslims just don’t fit into modern day Australia.
    Lets have a referendum on immigration to decide what the people want for a future of this country.

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