Gough Whitlam — a balanced view

The recent passing of former Prime Minister E. G. Whitlam has, naturally, resulted in a great deal of reflection of his time in office up until his dismissal in 1975.

As one would expect, his time in politics has resulted in both media and politicians waxing lyrical about his “service to the nation”, not to mention the rather undignified bun fight between the Greens and the Labor Party as to which party is genuinely continuing his legacy.

To be fair, Whitlam did indeed enact a number of good policy decisions which helped make Australia a fairer nation in which to live. The establishment of Medibank which helped a great many Australians unable to afford health insurance gain access to appropriate medical care, the implementation of needs based funding for health services improved access for Australians in regional areas, funding for a national highway system and the introduction of a standard gauge railway, the establishment of the Consumer Affairs Commission, Senate seats for constituents in the Northern Territory and ACT, the granting of independence to New Guinea and the introduction of free university education — ironically benefiting the very economic rationalists who today want Australians to pay through the nose for tertiary education, were some of Whitlam’s achievements.

Unfortunately, while in the process of deifying the late Whitlam, the media seems most reticent to examine some of Whitlam’s other decisions and the on-going effects upon people.

While pandering to the social reformers so rampant in the West during the 1970s and giving tacit state approval (and funding) to the whims of almost all and any disgruntled minority group, Whitlam helped set a dangerous precedent and changed the way government operated. He established a considerable network of bureaucracies that were only added to by later governments.

Under Whitlam, Australia’s selective migration policy — which had helped ensure social stability and secure national identity, was finally scrapped. In its place, the government officially embraced the ludicrous ideology of “multiculturalism” and proceeded to dismantle a unified nation into a mere collection of tribes — all placing demands on the government to meet their needs in the name of “inclusion”.

With the acceptance of the policy of “multiculturalism” came large scale immigration — often from unassimilable sources, and the inevitable migrant enclaves, crime and clash of cultures. The push in our education system to instill “white guilt” and cultural self-loathing has done little to alleviate this unpleasant reality.

Whitlam also rushed to recognise Communist China — a nation with a grotesque record of human rights abuses and environmental degradation, whilst cutting diplomatic ties with Taiwan. The acceptance of Communist China has strengthened their place in the world both politically and economically, to the point that our own governments are too scared to confront them about domestic issues and allow them to exercise their economic imperialism within our own nation. Cheap imports, job losses, housing unaffordable due to Chinese property investment, the large scale influence in our mining and agricultural sectors (thanks to cheap loans made available by the Chinese government investment body) — such is part of Whitlam’s legacy to us.

The Whitlam government also gave recognition to Communist Vietnam and North Korea.

To add to Whitlam’s record of international achievements, he did little to protest Indonesia’s annexation of East Timor — a move which resulted in a reported 60,000 Timorese killed during the takeover and an estimated 102,000 “conflict related deaths”. Whitlam also appears reticent to have confronted Djakarta over its behaviour in West Papua — a land where the Melanesian people have borne 500,000 deaths under the occupation by the imperialist Javanese.

A bizarre foreign policy pursued by someone who eschewed colonialism.

It was also the Whitlam government that changed its vote in the UN to bring pressure upon Rhodesia and South Africa — the reality of which we see today with Mugabe’s one party state, farm invasions, nepotism and corruption. South Africa today is not too far behind — with approximately 80,000 of the white minority murdered since the change of political systems and corruption rampant.

Under Whitlam, foreign aid increased almost 30% within his first two years in office — an odd decision to say the least when a government is supposedly intent on “nation building” projects and seeking foreign loans to fund such projects. Furthermore, his government attempted to by-pass the Loans Council seeking US $4 billion in loans and misled the Australian Parliament.

Edward Gough Whitlam may certainly have been a “visionary” as his Fabian socialist cohorts claim. He may well be a “messiah” to the social engineers of every bent and implemented some policies which improved the lives of many Australians, However, it remains highly debatable as to whether his political philosophy was built upon the foundation of the national interest, or, the interests of any nation for that matter.


  1. P.de.Q. Robin says

    DEMOGRAPHY IS DESTINY. Whitlam could not have abolished the White Australia policy without help from his fellow traveller, the White hating race traitor Malcolm Fraser and his gutless opposition. Fraser simply carried on Whitlams treasonous agenda on the sly.
    Do not forget we were robbed of our fundamental right to a referendum or plebiscite. It was a decree, an act of political fiat and therefore ILLEGAL.
    Every federal politician since Menzies has facilitated this treasonous attack upon White Australia. Even Menzies succumbed to the Fraserites and Jewish lobby (see the Jewish war on White Australia continues by Brendon Sanderson, a short essay on the Occidental Observer website) late in his Prime Minister ship when losing his grip on power, with the Colombo plan. Menzies was bewildered by the totally undemocratic wave of multiculturalism that had been sweeping the Western world. Not one citizen in the West was ever asked. NOT ONE!
    Post Menzies they have ALL conspired to undemocratically pursue the programme of White genocide here that had begun in Europe, U.S, U.K. and Canada a decade or so earlier. All our Federal politicians since are guilty of high treason for aiding and abetting the most destructive treasonous policy imaginable – multi-racialism.
    We no longer have a democracy as a result. Labor or Liberal, it does not matter as both are hell bent on even more displacement of Australia’s Whites. Both are determined to turn us into a minority in our own country. Then unless this insanity is stopped forthwith watch the fireworks begin as Whites are increasingly discriminated against by what may well be a Chinese P.M. or more likely President. Assisted by a fifth column of hostile coloureds in their millions.
    Remember non Whites don’t really get this multicultural or human or minority thing. Just look at South Africa and what happens to Whites when blacks get power. It is on GENOCIDE watch.
    Our federal politicians are traitors and should be tried for high treason.
    The word treason comes from the Latin ‘Tradere’ to ‘hand over’ and that is exactly what they are doing to us.

  2. william zoran says

    Free university education was introduced to Australia in 1951 under Robert Menzies. Gough Whitlam just lowered the bar so anyone could go for free.

    Fortunately Hawke/Keating changed that back to a system more akin to what we had under Menzies as it was too much strain on spending while sending deadbeats to uni who had no intention of a future.

    Gough did not bring home the troops either. A chronology of events is listed on the Vietnam vets website and the troops had been slowly coming home over the two years previous. The war was over four months after Gough was elected.

    Not to take away from his achievements and not wanting to speak ill of the dead so shortly after his passing I think many bit their lips while the loonies deified the man.

  3. A wonderful quote I read just recently. “Well may they say “Free Education” because nothing will stop it from being paid for by the taxpayer!”

  4. Many misguided folk credit Whitlam for our modern day Australia. I proudly am not one of those people, but the one thing that I credit him for though is the multi cultural mess we are in today.

  5. China now is totally out of control. Instead of obsessing over what the Dalai Lama is doing,they need to take a long,hard look at themselves. Some examples,and I can’t cite them all :-

    – The buying up of large amounts of our rural land and real estate-pricing many locals out of the market.

    – The theft of pretty much all our manufacturing by deliberately offering cheaper labor and manufacturing costs to immoral corporate suits.

    – Not allowing immigration of non-Chinese into China,despite the fact every Western nation now has huge numbers of Chinese migrants.

    -An appalling record on animal rights,and the environment.

    -An appalling record on human rights-like with the Tibetans.

    I’m sure I’ve left out a lot,but you get the idea. Everything ‘irritates’ China,as if the world has to give a toss what they think.
    I see the Chinese in Australia as the second biggest threat after Islam. In our cities they’re everywhere,and they are changing them.
    Gough Whitlam changed the immigration policy-I believe-without first putting it to a vote. How dare he do that to us. Why didn’t he insist that China change as well?
    It’s always about what the West must do. We really need to wake up to the damage our ‘leaders’ have done,and are still doing.

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