Bendigo Council shows contempt for democracy, approves controversial mosque

The Greater Bendigo City Council recently voted 7-2 in favour of a controversial proposal to build a $3 million mosque in the east of the city. An artist’s impression clearly shows the mosque will be a substantial building. The mosque will be funded by the Australian Islamic Mission, which is based in Sydney. Bendigo is a city of an estimated 110,000 people, but it has only about 200 Muslims.

According to Councillor Elise Chapman the mosque should not go ahead. “There were planning issues, traffic issues, parking issues, valuation issues. [The application] says the mosque and the sports hall shall be run in accordance with Islamic regulations, and those regulations weren’t attached”.

Understandably, many residents of Bendigo are concerned about the proposal, and are concerned that such a formidable building would eventually draw a substantial Muslim population into the city. And this prospect has many Bendigo residents up in arms.

A recent council meeting saw a 200-strong crowd opposed to the mosque attend to express their outrage at the proposal, and encourage councillors to vote against it. A Facebook group “Stop the Mosque in Bendigo” currently has over 8000 “Likes”. Bendigo Mayor Barry Lyons, who voted in favour of the mosque, admitted that the council had received more than 350 written objections.

But still, despite community opposition, the council voted by a majority decision to pander to Muslim voices and Muslim money, and for the mosque to go ahead.

Opponents of the mosque are planning a legal challenge.

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Stop the Mosque in Bendigo” [Facebook group]


  1. I am no fan of Vladimir Putin, at the best of times and least of all at the moment, but to give the man his due he won’t stand for any nonsense about introducing Shari’a Law. As he said in an address to the Duma in February last year: “Any minority, from anywhere”, that wanted to live and work in Russia, “should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Shari‘a Law, then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law.”
    Need more be said.

  2. A Muslim woman giving Keysar Trad a run for the title of Islam Apologist of The Year made offensive comments about the issue. We had a few words to say at

  3. “”Australian””Islamic “PREACHER’ goes to Syria to join ISIS. Sort of says it all. Maybe the good people of Bendigo have got it right. Say NO to mosques in Christian ares.

  4. All in the name of cultural diversity, let’s cut to the chase and have a referendum on the future of immigration. Let the people have a say these issues – they are far too important for politicians to understand or be responsible for.
    It’s fast becoming evident that Australians are becoming second class citizens in their own country, multi-culturalism is fast becoming the fuzzy feel-good catch cry, but when it goes out of fashion who’s going to clean up this mess?

  5. Len Davis says

    If the council approves this, then it is up to the public to make it known that they disapprove of it by marches, etc.
    State and Federal government should intervene.
    Australia is a Christian country and the more inroads these Muslims make, the more Christianity is diluted as well as our culture, language and identity – core national building blocks.

  6. The Lord says” If my people will turn from their wicked sins then the land will be healed” So this is a judgement from God, if everyone thinks they go around killing their own children in the womb, then they have no right to jump up and down about a mosque…The Lord’s protection will be taken off the land because we shed innocent blood…

  7. Bendigo Chic says

    The 7 who voted for it are probably scared of the consequences of voting against it?

  8. sunda kelapa says

    Why other religions are no problem with Australia? Why they come here in Australia n then want to use their own law (shariah law)?? because They says Australia is Godless (muslim:kafir) that’s why They didn’t want to use n believe Australia laws. They want to spread out of shariah laws in Australia. How? They build the mosque in here. …last time ex PM Julia GiLARD says :’if you no happy in here ‘ go back where you come from. ..because They ASK FOR A SHARIAH LAW IN AUSTRALIA.
    Watch out

  9. sunda kelapa says

    They come to Australia n live here but they want to use their own law (shariah law)…remember last time in Miranda NSW? The young Muslim been raped to Oz girls n they says: ‘Oz girls deserve it’ because oz girls wear it the dress were not properly because against the shariah law. …they try to control us. Refugees are more voices to ask their own right in Australia that’s why they sent more refugees in here. …religion is not race. …During SBY as a Indonesian President, he had been closed down more then 1000 churches, ban to build the new church…been burning hundreds churches or may be more. Christian been killed ….2 of ways they want to control us:more numbers by refugees and build the mosque every where in Australia. If they more numbers n more power than us easier to use syariah law in here. ….reminder: the reason young Muslim been raped oz girls in Miranda NSW is wearing dresses no properly in AUSTRALIA against the shariah law. WATCH OUT. No mosque in Australia. Can you please built the church in Arab Saudi, Afghanistan? Why the people didn’t saying Arab Saudi is racist… why is Sudanese pregnant want to kill by them because she convert to Christian? One day will be happening in Australia if they get more power than us…

  10. This disgraceful decision highlights, more than ever, that politicians in all level of government no longer represent the will of the majority.
    Gosh, if Muslims are even in regional towns like Bendigo now, how widespread and numerous will they be in 30-40 years?

  11. Another bloody good reason to implement Citizens Initiated Referenda at all levels of government in Australia.

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