Teresa van Lieshout, APP candidate in Fremantle, WA

Teresa van Lieshout is the Australian Protectionist Party’s candidate in the federal electorate of Fremantle in Western Australia.

An experienced teacher for 17 years, Ms van Lieshout has a Bachelor of Arts in Education, a Bachelor of Education, a Master of Education specialising in Leadership and Management, in addition to publishing four books of non-fiction literature (available at the National Library of Australia).

Teresa is an Australian-born citizen, with a great understanding and passion for teaching and learning. Ms van Lieshout is a member of the Australian Professional Teachers Association, and the Director of her own consultancy, Expert Educational Services WA, registered with WA’s Department of Commerce.

Ms van Lieshout stated that “The ‘Australian Protectionist Party’ was created to defend Australia’s identity, heritage and freedom. . . . Protectionism was initiated in Australian federal political history, with our first and second Prime Minister’s respectively, Edmund Barton in 1901, and Alfred Deakin in 1903. . . . Protectionist politicians demonstrated strong determination, moral fortitude, vision, community ethos and worked tirelessly for the advancement of Australian culture, interests, and society”, stated Ms van Lieshout.

Teresa van Lieshout is passionate about doing her best for the people of Australia in general, and for the people of Western Australia in particular, especially in the field of education.


  1. My vote went to Teresa, and I’m glad that it did now that I have seen her credentials. What was the vote tally for this seat for the APP in the end? I have not spoken to one person that is happy about the current immigration policy and along with it the gradual undermining of our culture and values under the political correctness banner. Do none of our leaders have any wisdom or foresight to see that what will happen here if we allow foreigners to undermine our laws culture and values? The average person is so pre-occupied with just making a living that they tend to ignore or forget the small p.c. moves so done so often to avoid “upsetting” or “insulting” new arrivals. This is like the ice game – chip away at the ice surrounding a person and they eventually fall in and drown in the murky depths. Incompatible immigration from all sources into this country will work out exactly the same as it has in countries like the U.K., France and Canada who have been at it longer. It might work in favour of the immigrant but not the host country, and in the long term although we have not seen it happen yet, the host will wither and die under the pressure.
    A.J.L. Fremantle

  2. I wish Miss van Lieshout all the best in the election. With the major parties,they all promise to reinvent the wheel before the election,then after it,its back to taxes,refugees,forced multiculturalism and taxpayer funded foreign aid.
    On page one of today’s paper, a ‘good news’ story of Congolese refugees now living in Australia learning how to read and write, use a knife and fork and surf the internet. One wants to be a doctor, another, a soccer player, bla,bla,bla………..goodo.
    On page three an Australian living in the U.S was shot by racist African American thugs who were bored and searching for whites to shoot.
    Australia can learn from this-refugees today,racist gang thugs tomorrow. Remember Africans and Muslims were once a curious novelty in Europe too……
    Running off to the safety of white countries is great for them,but not the locals.
    Martin Luther King stated in 1963 that blacks were equal to whites,yet they are yet to prove him right. Europe was more advanced in the year 1700 than Africa would be now if it were never colonised.
    Australia needs migrants who not only fit in,but who can contribute something to the nation.
    And to those who have nothing to put on the table…….

    • Thankyou for your contribution John. The Australian Protectionist Party (APP) will continue to fight for the rights, interests, freedoms, and needs, of the Australian born people, and other patriotic Australians, and to preserve Australia’s historical values, culture, and heritage. Thanks again.

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