Buy Australian, buy the Ausbuy Guide

Buying Australian-made and Australian-owned products is one of the best ways to keep jobs in Australia.

Ausbuy have just released their latest edition of the Ausbuy guide, which gives a thorough listing of Australian-owned businesses so that all concerned Australians can buy wisely.

The Ausbuy guide has been going since 1991 and is a great resource for all patriotic Australians.

The “Ausbuy Buying Guide” is available at many supermarkets and from Aussie Farmers Direct.

The Ausbuy Buying Guide store locator”, Ausbuy
Aussie Farmers Direct
Head to your local supermarket & grab a copy of the new AUSBUY Buying Guide out today!”, Ausbuy [Facebook page], 4 July 2013
Note: Ausbuy is an independent patriotic organisation and is not connected to any political party.


  1. Michael R says

    Fruit orchards crushed by free trade – Goulburn Valley

    “After two generations growing fruit, cuts to contracts have forced Ray to call it a day…

    “We’re finished as fruit growers. There’s no way we can get up out of this situation and return to profitability,” he says…”

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