The Muslim terror issue – “but it’s only a small minority…” Right?

A common argument repeated many times by Muslim apologists, in the wake of the recent horrific murder of a British soldier in London, is that “it’s only a small minority” of Muslims who become violent political extremists, and that “we shouldn’t blame or condemn all of them”.

In other words, the Muslim apologists just brush aside the increased and perpetual Islamic terrorism threat, and resultant increased loss of liberties, privacy rights, and due legal processes, because “most Muslims are not terrorists”. And, by implication, they would have us all believe that Islamic terrorism isn’t really a major problem for Western countries like Britain or Australia, and that a growing Muslim population isn’t really a bad thing.

Of course, many Muslim extremists do not actually get to carry out their plans for terrorism. But we should certainly not ignore their intent. More than 20 Muslim males have been convicted of plotting terrorism in Australia, and, in the UK, there are dozens who have been convicted.

It is, of course, absolutely true that most Muslims are law-abiding people, who do not become radicalised to the extent that they embrace violent political extremism. It is also true that there are numerous factors that contribute to why a dedicated Muslim may turn to violent extremism. Factors like social alienation, unemployment, poverty, feeling out-of-place in a Western country, having a persecution complex, personal or family problems, political factors, can all be contributing factors to the political radicalisation of Muslims.

However, it is also true that the Islamic religion helps to breed a good deal of violent political extremists. All over the world, seemingly wherever there exists a substantial Muslim presence, there are violent political extremists acting in the name of Islam. Islam has different versions, some of which clearly produce potentially very violent extremists.

When violent extremists kill in the name of Islam, whilst chanting “Allahu Akbar”, then it’s a bit difficult to deny a substantial link. To ignore it is complete folly. To use a somewhat crude analogy – Islam is like a type of virus. Now, it’s true that not all carriers of this virus will necessarily break out into a full-blown serious health condition (like a virus-linked cancer). But as long as the virus has a presence and is spreading, then there will always be outbreaks of those serious health conditions. And that makes the virus itself dangerous. Well, Islam is just like that virus. And it needs to be contained.

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  1. The truth is that ALL moslems are TERRORISTS. the koran says…. “We shall cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Their habitation is the Fire 3:151″…”Have no unbelieving friends. Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them. 4:89″…”Don’t take Jews or Christians for friends. If you do, then Allah will consider you to be one of them. 5:51″…”Allah will destroy non-muslim cultures. 7:138-9″…”A prophet may not take captives until he has made a slaughter in the land. 8:67″‘…”Slay the idolaters wherever you find them. 9:5″

  2. It was “only a small minority” of Muslims that flew aeroplanes into the Twin Towers back in 2001. The Nazis were once a “small minority” in Germany. The Bolsheviks were a “small minority” in Russia. There’s just so many examples. “Small minorities” can have a massive IMPACT. This is the critical point.

  3. Islam is the curse of modern Societies, Muslims will seem benign until their numbers rise from rampant breeding 4.5 children to the west’s 1.5 then their special outspoken members will ask for more and more concessions, just like the Muslim prayer rooms at stadiums, sporting venues which has already been granted in Australia (where are the Christian or other denominations prayer rooms?). Local town halls and School of Art buildings in and around Lakemba, Granville, Greenacre and Bankstown NSW have been taken over by Muslims as prayer houses in which to preach Jihad against the unbelievers, the locals not that there are any Anglo’s or other peaceful people left in these suburbs can no longer use these facilities. Each concession is another step towards Sharia Law. Look at Canada which has now special times for Muslim Women and their daughters to attend the states public swimming pools, so that non-believer’s cannot see them, look at the UK which has recently passed into law and added multiple extra social benefits to families which have multiple wife’s (even though British Common Law does not permit Polygamy) . This isn’t integration it’s separation and appeasement of the worst possible kind, it’s another concession to the introduction of Sharia. Do you think the ‘RADICALS’ the media’s apologetic nickname for Muslims who have strayed from the ‘RELIGION OF PEACE’ are really in the minority? How many did you see violently angry and rampaging through Sydney? Wake up all, Wake up before it’s too late. Research and inform yourselves! Look I’ve met some truly beautiful and friendly so called Muslims, yes they say their religion is Muslim/Islam but they don’t really follow it in a manic devout way, but when the numbers increase, and Islamic slums are created, such as the areas I’ve mentioned above their Clerics and hate preachers take over these areas and enforce the will of ALLAH over the masses, all must then conform or risk themselves or their families being physically assaulted. We must rise up and unite and demand Islamic immigration stop. We must protect Australia and it’s ‘FAIR DINKUM VALUES’ before it’s gone, your children will ask “WHY/HOW did we let this happen?”

    • Totally agree, they plan to outbreed us. It is happening all through Europe. If we don’t stop them, Islam will rule, with all its barbaric beliefs with it.

  4. i totally disagree , we need to accept everyone , our economy is very weak due to your kind of thinking , im in the retail business , healthy immigration means healthy economy. We are part of the united nations and we are obligated to let a certain number of disadvantaged people , so be it that some are on welfare , this is united nations recommendation , stop complaining and help people , don’t put people down help people get jobs , educate people , shooting people down from your computer isn’t helping just creating hate and racist comments which is really abysmal.
    And stop blaming religions , i can bring you so many christian crimes in history ‘s ,
    there is lots , just google and you will read. we as a nation have to stop looking at religions as the problem its just used to get votes trust me , wake up and look at the bigger picture.

    • RE. Adam , You are the one who needs to wake up ! 85% of refugees who have been in our country for 5 years , are still on welfare. You don’t have to be a genius to work out that if we continue to let more and more in, that our welfare system will collapse. And don’t you think we should help Australians get jobs? before we worry about the refugees.

      • its ignorant people like you keatts , who say every muslim is associated with terrorism. you only concentrate on the bad stuff of muslims. how many times have christians massacred people for their holy god? and by the way, most immigrants work 10 times more than me and you!

      • I was told by a prison guard over half the population of prisoners are boat people.

    • King George says

      I am sure some of you are Muhammed with English names, trying to defend evil practices of a sick ideology.

  5. Um yes there are violent protests by those other groups

  6. ex-digger says

    The Immigration Dept working with Communicare have leased 9 houses in Collie, WA, for 9 Muslim families (60 of them) under bridging visas. Trouble is, they did not tell the Collie Shire or its citizens … typical … A Ms Pitt from Comunicare said that they would bring a wealth of “culture” and Knowledge to the area. … What a load of crap!! … Culture = Islam …. knowledge = how to rort Centerlink!!! To not inform the local Shire of their plot is downright wrong … it’s hard enough for young Australian families to get accomodation anywhere in WA, yet alone let 60 boat people have a house in front of them ….. it’s started folks.

  7. Stephen Lake says

    Absolutely agree. We need to stop letting muslims into the country for the sake of everyone of every other faith. You don’t see people from any other faith killing in the name of that faith. There are no violent protest from Christians, Jews, Buddhist, Sikh’s, Taoists, etc. Until western governments wake up to what is happening we are going to see an increase in problems and an eventual take over of western nations by islam. Instead of hiding behind the terrific ideal that we must accept everyone equally, they need to face up to the fact that this is naive in the face of muslims who don’t believe anyone is equal to them and expect to be treated better than everyone else and given more rights.

    • Abdur Raheem says

      Stop letting Muslims in? What do you say to me then, I am a Melbourne born Australian convert, just like many other Muslims in this country. Also, there are no other terrorists jn any other religion? Official FBI statistics show that from 1980 to 2003 just 6% of terrorist incidents in the US involved Muslims and actually 7% involved Jews (ever heard of the Jewish Defence League). Anders Behring Breivik of Norway was a Christian extremist, killing teenagers because he hated Muslims. Buddhists are slaughtering and raping innocent Muslims in Burma every day, and take a look at all the Hindu and Sikh terrorist organisations in India, that funnily enough often target innocent Muslims. Part of Australian culture is tolerance and freedom of religion so don’t tell me the ADL fascists are defending Australian culture.

      • Yes and a nurse at my local hospital was put on 3 weeks leave because she stopped a patient who just had a baby having sex with the Muslim husband and his brothers – the patient was screaming in agony as her vagina was ripped but its tradition that the boys have sex just after the birth how sick leave them out of Australia. She was told she could not question their religious views.

    • ihatenexus2013 says

      Yes, Stephen Lake, you are right. Islam is a threat to all of us.

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