Bob Carr should have listened to Lady Thatcher

Bob Carr, possibly Australia’s worst-ever Foreign Minister, created a bit of a stir in the Australian media just recently. Carr was in China at the time, as part of a high-powered delegation of Australian government and corporate leaders, looking to secure trade and diplomatic agreements with the Chinese regime, supposedly all for Australia’s benefit.

Appearing in a television link-up back to Australia, on the ABC’s “Lateline” programme, Carr recalled how the just-deceased former British PM Margaret Thatcher had, following her retirement from politics, apparently warned him about mass Asian immigration into Australia.

Thatcher had warned Carr, to his apparent dismay, that Australia may face the same situation as Fiji, where the Indian immigrant population had become the dominant ethno-cultural group there. Given that Carr has an Asian wife, who was just out of earshot at the time, he was even more “astonished” by Lady Thatcher’s apparent “unabashed racism”.

Of course those of us with knowledge and concern of these matters, would consider the late Mrs. Thatcher’s warnings to be both extremely valid and extremely important. According to the ABS, in the period 2001-2011, Australians with Asian ancestry had increased from 5.5% to a staggering 12% of our national population. Which means that currently, about 1 in 8 Australians is of Asian background.

But rather than deal with the critically important actual issue raised by Thatcher, Liberal Party politicians and conservative media figures were more interested in cheap point-scoring, attacking Bob Carr for “speaking ill of the dead”.

Records from Britain’s national archives show that Lady Thatcher had always had concerns about allowing mass Third World immigration into Britain. Within her own Tory Party, she had raised her concerns many times, but had always been stymied by the Tory advocates of laissez faire economics, who also favoured open borders, and seemed oblivious to the serious consequences of drastically changing Britain’s ethnic, cultural and religious makeup.

But Lady Thatcher was a conservative woman by nature, who upon her retirement from politics, would have been with the passing of time, better able to notice the profound negative impact of mass Asian immigration into Britain. And when visiting Sydney, she would have noticed the ethnic makeup of that city, and undoubtedly this was her motivation for warning Carr.

It is a great pity that no one in Australia’s political or media establishments wanted to talk about the issue Thatcher had raised with Carr.

Given the current demographic trends, and immigration policies of both of the major parties, as well as their obvious desire to please the Chinese government, a regime that is undoubtedly very keen for Australia to continue to take in more and more of their Chinese racial kinfolk as immigrants, there is no question that Australia is facing a “boiling frog” scenario. As the water warms slowly, the frog in the pot will end up cooked. But the end result will mean nothing less than the effective genocide of ethnically-European Australians, a massive compromising of their group interests, and the destruction of the Australian way of life.

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  1. Non-white births are over 30%.

  2. The g Factor says

    If you take into account Middle Easterners, Pacific Islanders, Africans and others the non-white component in our population must be approaching 20% – It was closer to one per cent when we started the post-war migration program.

  3. As bad as Thatcher may have been in many ways, Phoney BLiar was worse and that’s saying something. Thatcher for all her many faults would never have countenanced a deliberate policy of trying to change Britain’s ethnic, cultural and religious makeup, without regard to the wishes of the British people.

  4. Indonesia:- Refuses to assist in stopping the flow of boats from its territory, despite all the foreign aid they recieve from Australian taxpayers to do so. I’m betting they’re pretending to do something, whilst doing very little in reality as they secretly want Australia to be Islamic.

    Japan:- Has a rapidly aging population, yet refuses to allow immigration from Western, or third world countries, due to the government’s disgraceful racism. Instead robots are being developed to cater to the future needs such as caring for the elderly or manufacturing.
    They’re so desperate to keep non-Japs out they’re prepared to develop a machine to fill the roles people once had.

    China:-Expects us to accept their excess population and cheap goods, and let them buy up all our land, yet China is notorious for never granting concessions on anything from human rights to animal welfare.

    Thailand:- Imported tens of thousands of cheap cars and trucks to Australia last year, yet imported only a token number of highly taxed Australian cars. A ‘free trade’ agreement that benefits only Thailand.
    Many factories lost from Australia to Thailand and China over years due to their cheap labour and production costs. They simply don’t play fairly.

    Australia:- Full of Asian made products, immigrants, cars, utes and trucks.
    Three out of four Asian women in my shire are married to Aussie men, a practice that wouldn’t be tolerated in their countries. They want their children to look European, not Asian.

    I’m really tired of these people getting the better of us, and our useless ‘government’ just letting it happen.

    We need referendums on so many things, including the Asian threat.

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