No more refugees!

Yet more so-called refugees have deposited themselves on our doorstep, unannounced and unwelcome. 16,000 boat people have arrived in Australia, in just this year to date. This is a ridiculous situation, where the teeming millions of Third Worlders see Australia as their big ticket to the easy life. All they have to do is get here. After all, how many do we send back? The refugee business is one big scam just waiting to happen.

The asylum seekers who come here on boats have all passed by, or through, many countries that were safe havens for them. After that, their attempts to move on to Australia make them nothing more than economic migrants, looking for the good life; or, to use the common term, “queue jumpers”. But, still, the government keeps on taking them in.

Whose fault is it? The short answer is: Julia Gillard and the Labor government. Their policies on asylum seekers have been so slack, that the word has spread around the Third World that if you want an easy ticket to the good life, just head on down to Australia and claim refugee status; odds are that you’ll get permanent residency in the Land of the Great Centrelink.

But don’t be fooled that the Liberal-National coalition is any better. They made a great song and dance about sending refugees off to Nauru, but they kept pretty quiet on the fact that they then let about half of them into Australia. Julia Gillard and the Labor Party can’t be trusted – and neither can Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party.

The refugee convention, to which Australia is a signatory, was originally established to assist the thousands of “displaced persons” from Europe, after the Second World War. They learnt English, worked hard, and came from cultures and peoples that could assimilate into the Australian nation and way of life. Taking in the teeming masses of the Third World has not only introduced major problems with ghettoisation, burgeoning welfare numbers, and higher crime rates, but – if continued – it would lead to the demographic swamping of Australia, where our country looks more like a cross between China, India and Afghanistan rather than the Australia most of us grew up in. When our cities are full of streets that look like they belong to Hong Kong, then you know something is drastically wrong, and that Australia is headed for national genocide.

Whether they intend to get here by boat or plane, it doesn’t matter. Australia should not become a Third World colony just to suit the bleeding hearts of the Liberal and Labor parties. The future of our people is far more important than misguided utopianism or the chase for migrant votes and cheap labour.

Any refugees arriving here by boat should be sent back to their last country of departure, or to any country that will take them. They can be sent to countries which are more culturally and ethnically suitable. If we are to have a foreign aid programme, then payments can be linked to a willingness to take in those refugees who leave their safe havens and get here by boat. That seems like a fair swap. We should stop playing the role of doormat to the Third World. We have spent years bending over for Third World immigration; it is high time we straightened up, strengthen our backbone, and declare “Australia for the Australians!”

We must withdraw from the sham that is the United Nations’ refugee convention, stop taking in refugees, and concentrate on our national survival instead. The future of the Australian People is at stake.

16,000 asylum seekers arrive in Australia on boats this year”, Daily Telegraph, 4 December 2012 (Gemma Jones)


  1. I found a solution………….. end Centrelink.

  2. my parents and i hate to have refugee’s in Australia (i’m Asian) and i have been reading most of people’s comments, and your answers to theirs. i agree its gonna get overpopulated and the country wont be a Aussie place anymore but trash. 80% Aussies don’t make 5 or 6 children for a family. 20% do. but when there’s more Australian children coming on the way its gonna get more populated in the future. if refugees come in and take over Australia we have nothing but full of refugee children. and i agree its gonna be like India. and we don’t want that to happen. i dont mind normal people who have some money like everyone does coming from planes and want to live here but i just hate to see refugees coming in our country and have more beggars. our country is meant to be one of the greatest destination in the world.

  3. I realise this was submitted almost six years ago, but the fear and ignorance in regards to refugees and asylum seekers throughout this piece is still unfortunately evident today. The term “third worlders” in itself is deemed to have the connotation that they are less privileged than that of the average Australian citizen. This is of course the case, and why the majority of them seek asylum here in Australia. They do not see it as their “big ticket to the easy life”, they see it as a safe country with many opportunities in comparison to their home country. What countries do you suggest are more “culturally and ethnically suitable” for those seeking refuge and asylum in Australia? What makes you believe that “Australia is headed for a national genocide?” This fear of Australia being “swamped by third worlders” is incredibly damaging and showcases a lack of empathy. War torn countries stricken with disease and poverty would not be suitable residency for any individual. These people have recognised this and seized the opportunity to flee to save their lives. I’m sure many if not all members of the Australian Protectionist Party would do the same thing, and if not, it would cost them their lives. Today, we have seen a lower rate in crimes being committed nationally in comparison to earlier years. With that being said, it is not to say that this is because of the detention centres in both Nauru and Papua New Guinea and tighter border protection. Crime rates were higher in earlier years and majority of the offenders were born in Australia and were Anglo-Saxon individuals. Australia as a nation can in no way, shape, or form be a “doormat to the third world.” We are much more privileged and in some instances oppressors towards these third world nations. If you are in a position of power such as this and privileged, it is impossible to be a doormat to nations who are less privileged and oppressed. If you are declaring “Australia for the Australians” should every resident who is not of Aboriginal descent pack up shop and seek refuge in their home country? Please do remember the traditional owners of this land and that your ancestors were not from here, meaning neither are you. Please in no way deem me and many individuals like me as “unaustralian.” We are simply applying this logic, your logic, to you as well as the refugees you so desperately want to deprive of this country.

  4. Please Mr Turnbull, if you see this, try to shut down the APP

    • Says it like it is. says

      Why should we shut it down? It is a rational argument. Everyone is entitled to an opinion aren’t they?

      If we keep letting them in we will eventually overpopulate just like crowded India. Do you want to live in filth and squalor like they do over there?

      They spill out onto our shores and fail to assimilate and just ruin every suburb and industry they infiltrate.

      Face the facts and stop supporting people who don’t give a rats about you.

      Do you honestly think if the tables were turned they would stand up for you? Hell no, the scum bags.

      Wake up.

      • can you back any of that up? says

        I think you need to wake up.
        If you’d take the time to look at the facts, you would know that we’ve been accepting refugees for hundreds of years and have we overpopulated when we let more than 170,000 refugees in during the Second World War? The answer is no.
        And what about the following more than 100,000 people that came in the following years? No, still not over populated.
        And what evidence do you have to certify that if we let in more refugees we would become like India and live in ‘filth and squalor’ as you say.
        Also, if everyone is entitled to their own opinion, why are you labeling Oliver’s comment as trash and lies? You should be leaving Oliver’s comment alone if that’s your opinion, or at least leave it at ‘everyone is entitled to their own opinion’.
        I could go on and on about how this comment is unreasonable, but I won’t. I’ll let you do the responsible thing and look at the real statistics, not just biased opinions.

        • HAVE HAD ENOUGH! says

          There has been some great comments posted, both sides of the refugee debate have been said, but i have noticed not a lot has been said in the last year or so. I am 28 years old and have lived and worked in a town in the south east suburbs of Melbourne my whole life, (worked hard since 14 & 9 months) and i will say, that in the last 2 years, i have been more and more scared walking the streets of the town i have called home for nearly 30 years! since the sudden pour of refugees have entered our shores there has been a record number of break ins for both residents and businesses to the point that i can no longer park my car across the street, i have to move it into the work premises so I’m not at risk leaving my place of work late at night.

          i have been attacked at my car by unknown (African) assailants, i have been attacked at my place of work to which i had objects thrown at me, insults and abuse thrown at me (all while she was holding her new born child) for doing my job (middle eastern). i have also been labelled a racist when one customer didn’t get his own way. i, myself am from the Russian Turkish background and i am dating (and have been dating, long term, a south African) i am so sick of being attacked and living in fear in my own country and own back yard!

          i see a lot of posts of people saying we need to help these worn torn countries fix their countries and the issues they face so then maybe they wont come to this country! but can i just add that Australia didn’t start a war in these countries. Australia isn’t the warmonger that is torturing and murdering these people in they’re countries, Australia or Australians aren’t going to their countries and taking they’re government and welfare for all they have. so why are they coming here to do that to us? why do some of them say they want a better life then come here and do the things they would do in they’re countries? why did that African women come to this country to then murder her 3 children and then say she can’t be deported because she would be murdered. why are the Sudanese kids coming to this country and car jacking Aussies, thieving from us, robbing our businesses, participating in home invasions, intimidating young hard working Aussies?

          I i know a man who is a quiet, honest hard working man, he was car jacked by a group of 4 Sudanese kids. he tried to fight them off to protect his car and belongings to then be slashed by a Stanley knife in the neck then beaten beyond recognition. this is not fair! someone’s grandfather can now not leave the house due to fear! he has spent the last 50+ years paying his taxes and working hard to support his family to know be a completely different person! so yeah, I’m not looking to help out the refugee war torn countries!

          I’m looking to help and protect the Australians that have lived and worked and built Australia to be the great country that it is! the government are far too concerned with helping everyone that isn’t an Australian! well now, the Australians are the ones that need help! i think, regardless of your immigration/refugee views/opinions, you can surely agree that Australians being attacked at work, in our own homes and public streets is out of hand and that needs to be addressed! i think if refugees want to come to Australia, then they should be coming on the basis that they work and contribute to the Australian way of living! if not, then go to a country you pass on the way into ours!

          sorry to post on your comment. i didn’t know here else to post this and i had to say this somewhere! i just hope some one listens!

        • Shut the up Libtard

      • Really? Newsflash Australia is heavily underpopulated, meaning we don’t have enough people to efficiently make use of our resource. Australias economy would thrive with the addition of more people.

        Besides, Australia is no where near the population density of India and adding a couple hundred thousand refugees won’t make a difference. Australia is a country of 26 million in roughly the same size as America with 300 million. That’s -1150%.

        I think it’s time you take your head out of your ass so you can start seeing more than the colour brown.

        • Banjo Vicbitter says

          Australia is underpopulated because most of the land is inhospitable, that’s why we have all our cities at the coast instead of inland

          • *facepalm* says

            have you heard of a place called, oh i dont know, Alice Springs? ya know that place in the middle of the country thats actually not inhospitable

  5. Gurpreet Sethi says


    I am Skilled Migrant came to this beautiful country after completing & meeting all government laid guidelines. I am blessed that I am part of this great society and Australia offered me a lot in last 2 years. I am working and paying my taxes and happy to contribute towards the success of this great nation. My view about Asylum seekers and Refugees is that yes Australia did a fantastic job by helping those who were needy. BUT NOW, As some one mentioned above that people are taking Australia for sure that once you come here and ask for Asylum then your life will be set. Latest tread is from African region, man I saw them driving swanky cars (Holden, Kluger, Ford) and I am still paying interest for my Suzuki Swift Hatchback. This really made me think as whats going on. Hard earn TAX MONEY of Hardworking Australians is just going down the drain. People are not working and simply going to CenterLink asking for Money. This HAS TO STOP if we really want to give our next generation a healthy and sound society.

    • We need to stop African refugees coming to Australia especially from Somalia, they are majority violent people including the kids. Thanks to them on huge numbers at my kids school I am now forced to take my kids out as they are vulgar, disrespectful to teachers, dangerous to other kids (hitting and threatening them), unethical (boys as young as year 4 going into girls toilets and trying to do things to them…) etc etc and this is not against their religion at all but against their behavior

  6. Labour Party could do anything to fool people to vote for them. It seems like to let in the refugees and give them ID will help them to have better life and have good global reputation for Australia as a “mercy and righteous country”? No! Let in refugee won’t help them but only to drag the other Australians to buy their bills. Think about how much to settle a refugee and what could they bring to us? Pay more tax to help and refugees and raise up the crime rate? Why don’t just Help them to stop the war in back their country?

  7. We came here from U.K. in 1967 for 10 pounds and had to pay even for the blankets and no air con at all in the hostels ….they said GO and buy a fan, it’s all changed to the entitlement mentality now.

  8. The more they let in the more the crime rate will go up, look at this today? That cop got killed…was a refugee Middle Eastern kid. All these break and enters lately..Middle Eastern refugees, ME refugees account for 56% of all crimes here in Australia.. yet we’re going to let them in?? They say they go through a tough process…but what about these kids? The government is saying they’re doing everything to stop the terrorists, yet their just letting them in?? I say, refuse entry to any Middle Easterner, whether Christian or not, as things will soon get a lot worse because of them. Isn’t it enough we let all these Asians and Indians into the country, who take all of our property’s and our work, just because they will take below the minimum wage? As for all these “ME refugees” here, they should give them a plane ticket and send them back where they came from, we don’t want them here. Don’t get me started on these Centrelink scumbags taking our HARD EARNED money.

    Sorry if i come out as being racist, but you cant deny the truth, I’m sure over there they say far worse things about us “White” people.

    Although it’s not all of them, it’s more then enough and they should blame their people.

    • john Taylor says

      How would you react if your country was ripped apart by warmongering madmen and your family faced almost certain torture or death. but you are not in that position so cannot find compassion for those who are.

  9. Taking Refugees will not help them! We should teach them how to build their own city and country!

    • Yes, this is so true, leave them in their own country, so they can preach their beliefs, we don’t need our children learning about their culture, we are not interested. They just come here to change our country to be like their own, if they were so happy to be here they would bend in, my grandchildren can’t even celebrate Christmas and Easter any more, do you think if we went there they would change for us? NO. We didn’t vote for this or even have a say. I think you all should download immigration … An absolute “MUST” to watch. I think it will put light on what we must do. Rox from Newman WA 21/11/15

      • So true Roxanne.

      • Well we wouldn’t have to take in so many refugees if there weren’t so many issues with the countries they are fleeing from, particularly in the middle-east . In order to stop the flow of asylum seekers, we must tackle the problem at its core, and do our best to end the conflicts in the middle-east, and support the growth and stability of their economies. The only way we can end such conflicts for good is by better educating ourselves on the cultures and beliefs associated with the different religious and political factions within these countries. By doing this we can better understand the main reasons as to why these conflicts are taking place, thus allowing us to tackle the problem at its core; rather than simply using firepower to help one side to victory, as the conflicting ideologies between factions will still remain, and thus the fighting will simply start up again in the future. By resolving these conflicts, and supporting the growth and stability of the cultures and economies within these countries, asylum seeker and refugee numbers will plummet, as there will be nothing pushing people to leave their home nations. So in a sense it is ironic that you would suggest that we deny refugees entry and “leave them in their own [countries],” on the basis that “we don’t need our children learning about their culture,” as it is this very ignorance towards their culture, that is contributing to the longevity of the conflicts within the middle-east that cause people to flee to australia in the first place.

    • The countries they are living in are not suitable or safe to stay in, they are under attack and terrified. They wouldn’t leave their country if they didn’t have to.

      • Theonewhodontneednogun says

        Casey, you do realise the immigrants that migrate to our countries over-populate, have no clue what our laws are and probably never really bothered to check, plus if we take refugees from the Middle East as Jack said what would be causing them to flee would in time if it is still around will look at us and think “they are helping them, they are on their side” which will in turn cause them to start targeting us, correct?

  10. John Murphy says

    I was born in the U.K. came to Australia with parents that have since ceased,I have been here since I was 9 and worked since I was 14years.I had to help my my mum with bills when my dad passed away.

    I got married to a Australia lass and now both 54 and have been living in our area for 30 odd years, our house was one of the first to be built, but since the immigration started from refugees mostly from Africa and vary Muslim country’s it’s been a nightmare, I cannot shop at my own shopping mall because they built a mosque right next to it and taking all the car parking.

    I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2014 and I am now fighting the disease and we only have one income coming in now, I went to Centrelink for help and I could not even get a healthcare card to even help me for my medication and when I see all these people getting benefits and have not worked a day since they got here makes me angry because I worked for 40years between jobs and worked 6 days a week hardly any rest and was paying tax over a $1000.00 a week due to working so much overtime, now my body has had enough and falling apart.

  11. i am learning about refugees in school

    • School just says help them help them, but if you really want to know, do some research because it really is a big problem.

  12. Gus Wilson says

    One must look at the numbers when considering the pros and cons of immigration. Sweden is seeking review of its immigration policy after realising that ten years after their arrival 75% of refugees are still on welfare. In Australia 92% of arrivals from a particular Middle Eastern country were on the same or more welfare after three years in the country.

    It’s a big draw for many who have nothing to come here and claim benefits so they can hole up and breed like rabbits. With little or no education, no wish to integrate and an open resentment for Australian culture these people diminish our society. Western culture, freedoms and innovation are what made this country so desirable in the first place. It is natural that people want to come here to enjoy the good life but this must be strictly controlled or we will be swamped by poverty and despair.

    • Australia cannot support the influx of so called refugees, it puts a strain on our already struggling health system, welfare, housing, education, and the infrastructure.
      We cannot keep supporting those people who come here illegally.
      I will not pay taxes for refugees.
      I will also not vote for a government who keeps allowing refugees to settle here.

    • Totally agree, our government needs to look at all the problems in Sweden. We are on our way to similar issues. All people in Australia should read more and look at world news to make sure they get the whole story. So what about Australia? Do our own problems like the homeless pensioners and low income earners get shoved aside so we can continue to pay Middle Eastern immigrants’ Centerlink payments and stay on it long term?

  13. I thoroughly disagree with this article.
    Why should we not accept these poor people into our huge, spacious country, and send the back to their own countries – in witch there are evidently life threatening situations. How could people in this incredible country be so selfish.

    Sorry, but the prospect of this whole debate is ridiculous.

    • I think whether or not accepting the refugee is not the point. The point is who gonna pay for this.

      Everything costs money, for those people want to put refugee in, feel free to adopt them as many as you afford. For the rest, I think we have the right to decide where the money should be spent on.

    • The spacious country? Do you mean the main cities? Because lets be honest these people dont live in the country or the suburbs they all flock to the cities overcrowding them tremendously.

    • Our hospitals have huge waiting lists, our roads are inadequate, our mental health sector is overwhelmed, public housing is in not coping and while new arrivals go into public housing, our own needy, many who have been taxpayers have 15 year waiting lists. We have communities who don’t and won’t speak the language of their chosen country. Try being in Broadmeadows and not being muslim. As a woman, working to pay social security for those who need it I am looked down upon because I wear business dress but not a veil. Sorry, we ask for too little from those who come here. Having said that, we also do nothing to integrate people. Asians who empty their noses in public and spit. People who have come from war torn countries and have lived by violence and their wits. We let them arrive, then leave them to their own devices with no introduction to what is socially expected from them and then wonder why they are not always warmly received. Our fault entirely.

    • I agree with you Law. We need to let them in. Dont you see, they cant go back, if they do they will die, and it isnt their fault. We have the space and the money. All we need is a little compassion.what would you think if it was you in their place. What if it was you who had lost all your loved ones to the war. What if it was you who was running for your life. What if these comments were directed at you, and your familys.
      Now I don’t bloody care what you inconsiderate @$*%#!’s say. Once i have a job and a home I am going to try and save as many people as I can. So why wont you.

  14. Laura Green says

    I thoroughly disagree with this article.

    Refugees and Asylum Seekers are people who have travelled to Australia via boat or plane because they have a well founded fear, whether that is a fear for their or their family’s lives and wellbeing. Although there are some refugees who are not legitimate, around 90% of them are. These people flee their war torn countries in order to escape the prosecution that they face because of their religious beliefs or their political views, not simply because they see this country “as their big ticket to the easy life”, they see this country as their ‘big ticket’ to freedom and safety for them and their families. As for the comments about them being ‘Dole Bludgers’ and the like, this may be so, but it is only that way because the government of Australia has put laws into place that will not allow them to get work and earn their own money. This is not their fault.

    To say “Australia for the Australians!” is simply wrong. Australia is a diverse country that thrives off multiculturalism, these people may not be white Australians but that simply does not matter, I honestly believe that these comments are outdated and date back to the ‘White Australia Policy’.

    The fact that Australia is denying these people entry into Australia is an abuse of human rights. It states clearly in the declaration of Human Rights, that Australia has signed, that “Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.” These people are not “illegal’s” as the media labels them, the only people doing anything illegal is the Australian Government.

    Countries such as Canada and New Zealand take in Refugees in less than two days in some circumstances and they have no problem with that at all. So the real question is why is the Australian Government keeping these people in off-shore processing centres for months and years, with the people having no idea of what their future holds. I do not understand what makes you think that you deserve a better life, in a better country than these people do? Would you not do anything you could in order to give you and your family a better life? After all that is all that these people are trying to do.

    I sincerely hope that my generation will find a different viewpoint on this issue than others before us have and that people will stop being scared to stand out from the crowd and argue for what they believe in. I hope that the political parties of my generation do not use these disadvantaged pople to boost their popularity and the media will not convey them as a negative thing.

    • steve jacks says

      Why did you come to this website to disagree then? Bugger off.

    • The real fact is that the so called Muslim Asylum Seekers do not and will not assimilate to the Australian way of life.

      Yes, we are a multicultural society however the true immigrants and refugees of the past have adjusted to the Australian way of life and actively participated within the community as a whole and not just within their own secular enclaves.

      Legal immigration should be allowed however citizenship should be earned not just handed out to increase the population numbers.

      This is not about racism rather growing Australia to be a stronger and self reliant nation.

      If you don’t want to be a part of the process, piss off or better yet don’t come here!

      • “I never learned from a man who agreed with me.” – Robert A. Heinlein. it is important to learn from others, even if you do not agree with them.

    • Frankly, no more xx country belongs xx people. Nowadays, all the countries are only belong to those people who is afford to live there.

    • Multiculturalism is a lie one culture always takes over in the end, and are you happy to lose the British culture that made this country? Furthermore many people mistake multiculturalism for multiracialism. Multiracialism is fine many races living together so long as they assimilate, multiculturalism only bringa about a cultural darwinism where we have been handicapped by our own government.

  15. This is a great site, YAHOO

  16. And there is more common sense to come.
    As of today, Abbott is openly considering rescinding Australia’s burden that is the UN Refugee Convention.
    The entire 33,000 asylum seekers already landed in Australia now will not be issued residency – hopefully not ever – we are deporting more and more arrivals back to their homeland.
    And of course, nobody who arrived by boat will ever get to settle in Australia anyway.
    But the main thing is that the UN Refugee Convention could be a thing of the past.
    Let us hope this creates a precedent other civilised Western nations can apply to relieve themselves of the parasitic burden of people fleeing problems their own religions and culture created.
    And stem the Islamic flood into civilisation?

    • Stop the refugees says

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Many already citizen’s are sending money to them so they can pay people smugglers and most are on the DOLE or some Centrelink assistance. If they can pay large amounts to people smugglers then they pay for being in detention!!!

    • When you use hateful terms such as ‘parasitic burden’ are you really aware as to what or who your are referring to? These people are not fleeing there homes due to problems their own religion and culture created. They are fleeing from a group of radical terrorists who will kill mercilessly anyone who does not accept their version of religion to be correct.How can you say it is there religion that has caused their problems when they are fleeing because they do not want to give up their religious groups. ISIS is not representative of Muslim culture, they do not follow the Muslim culture and instead preach hatred and discrimination. They are killing people who are Muslim or Catholic!
      ISIS wants you to hate Muslims and to hate these refugees, for it is this exact hate that they thrive on. There hope is that Muslims will feel so unaccepted in Australia that they will have no choice then to except the control of ISIS. But sitting at your computer and typing words of hate, on a article that is full of hate all you are doing is adding to the power of ISIS and there barbarianism. Before you accept such horrific racism as the truth, check your facts and make sure what you are saying has some resemblance of the truth.

  17. I’m from Africa. I came here through a visa application, not as an Asylum seeker. As someone from Africa I can say that many “refugees” are looking for a free pass into a country with better financial benefit. Africa has an entrenched culture of corruption, violence, rape, it’s a part of the culture. I don’t think many Australians understand this. If you live Goodna, Red Bank plains or Collingwood Park in Qld, you will see many refugees committing the very same crimes they “apparently ran away from”. There are some real refugees out there, but the majority are not. So why does Australia allow the “opportunity seekers” to use emotional blackmail upon the Australian people? It comes down to ignorance. I’m afraid by the time we realise and open our eyes, it will be too late. How can Australian government promise us that refugees will pose no threat to public safety?


      I couldn’t agree with you more- Just look at the news recently Africans raping in Australia, doing crime and most are on CENTRELINK payments

    • Do you have any evidence or statistics to suggest they are committing these same crimes? Because these are quite dramatic and stereotypical claims to be making considering you have nothing to back them up.

  18. I wish more Australian politicians and common people realised all that!

    Personally, I’m so sick of the greenish s***-huggers’ attitudes and the dishonest representation of the refugee issue in the media. I know from the people who actually work in refugees resettlement that women and children constitute only a fraction in the total amount of refugees. The wast majority of refugees are men. Yet whenever we watch TV news, the camera always seems to focus on an odd female and/or a child (if the reporters can find one there), carefully leaving all the rich, arrogant males out. They want us to think that there are poor little women and children. Naturally, the channels like ABC or SBS don’t want us to see how many men are there, because a young single male who was let into the country is a clear potential problem.

    Then, I am really angry with the discrimination within Australian immigration program. The discrimination is against educated professionals coming from countries of similar culture to Australia. It feels hard to believe, but I have a real example:

    I used to work with a man from France, a prominent scientist. He lived in Australia on a temporary working visa with his wife, a teacher, and their little daughter. He was allowed to stay in Australia only temporarily, and once his scientific research was finished, he was kicked out of the country. Despite that he loved living here and was contributing greatly to Australian science, all his family was denied permanent residency because their daughter had diabetes. They were told that the girl was a potential burden for Australian taxpayers and Australian medical system. And so the decent, nice, kind, educated, beautiful family was kicked out.

    Now look what happens when a refugee turns up with a sick child. Do you think they are threated in the same manner? No way! They are welcome. They are given a place in a hospital, all welfare payments, support and benefits, and they are welcome to pop out as many more sick children as they wish, getting even more payments for that. The government doesn’t tell them they are going to be a burden for Australian taxpayers or the medical system. The government doesn’t mind they came with no identification documents, or from an alien culture that won’t integrate into our country, or from a hostile religion… They have just kicked out the French family to make the space for the precious refugee, and they can use the taxes that the French family paid to cover the initial experiences for refugee’s settlement. After that, it will be Australians’ job to feed them for the rest of their lives and congratulate themselves on being so damn humane.

    It seems to me that the immigration in Australia works by a simple rule: THE WORSE – THE BETTER. It doesn’t need decent, allied, professional people. It wants the rejects who run away from their own countries after their own culture lead to a big trouble there. Now they are bringing that culture, religion and way of life here, so that we can “enjoy” the same trouble here in the future.

  19. Wow, I’m so glad I found this page! It’s great so see a party with some common sense.

    It is really sad that, in addition to the mainstream politicians hungry for more votes, there are too many delusional people who believe that Australia must intake more of those “poor” asylum shoppers.

    I wonder how many of those dogooders would have kept whining about humanity if, instead of refugee permanent resident visas or even temporary protection visas, there were only personal sponsorship visas, which means anyone could bring a refuge to Australia, but only after they signed a document guaranteeing that the person will use their personal income for the sponsorship, will feed, house, educate, employ and be responsible for any problems that the refugee might get into for the rest of their lives.

    Surely, this arrangement shouldn’t be a problem if all those words about that the poor misfortunate asylum seekers “integrate perfectly well, never commit any crimes, never get into trouble, respect Australian values, don’t abuse welfare, work hard, behave nicely and greatly enrich Australia” were really true.

    It’s too easy to be “humane” at someone else’s expense.
    Not too many want to use their personal income and be personally responsible for refugees. Yet many more think that “Australians should do it”. Not-in-my-backyard kind of thing, huh?

    No more refugees!! And if someone is so humane, they can bring some to live in their house, pay for everything, and enjoy the results of this “multicultural enrichment” in their own house.

    • Would you say that your determination to not allow refugees into Australia is primarily because it relies on your tax payer dollars? Were you aware that this year the Australian Government will spend 500 million dollars on bombing countries such as Syria? Granted the bombs are being set off with the intention of bombing ISIS, but you and I are delusional if we believe that these bombings will differentiate between the guilty and the innocent. So if a family is fleeing with just the clothes on their backs, because there home and everything they possessed has been destroyed by bombings, would you still suggest they should be ignored? If children are been denied the opportunity to safety and education at such a crucial time in their development, should we turn our backs on them due to the fact people such as yourself believe they will turn into vicious criminals? Should the Australian Government invest money in killing people and not into saving people?
      It saddens me when I read these sorts of comments, which are fueled by hatred and discrimination, for it is this same hatred that has causes Wars and puts us into these situation in the first place. I understand your fear, and I understand why you feel the need to protect your situation and your country. But before you shut your mind of to the idea of helping those in need, I would recommend that you look at sources such as or the ‘humans of new york’ page on facebook, for this will give you an insight into who these refugees are and statistical evidence that will demonstrate exactly what conditions they are fleeing from. Accepting the idea that all refugees are ‘economic migrants’ who want nothing more than to ruin your ‘white Australia’ and drain tax payers of there earnings is the exactly the same as accepting the Australian stereotype that we are all farmers who wear singlets, drink a lot of beer, and say ‘bloody oath’ and “g’day mate’ all the time. While this stereotype may be true for a small percentage of our population it is not an accurate representation of our nation. So how can you stereotype refugees in such a way?
      I feel just as passionately as you do that asylum seekers should not be allowed to be violent in our community or take advantage of tax payer funds. Such actions should be clearly discouraged and adequately punished. But in Australia you are innocent until proven guilty, whereas you are punishing people for crimes they have not even committed.

  20. Great article!

    It is so sick to see countless articles that cherry-pick the “facts” to destroy the “myths” about refugees and third world migrants.

    They tell us that Australia takes less refuges than some other developed countries. So what? Do we really want the level or crime and the total surveillance like in UK? Do wee need riots and burning cars like in France? Affirmative actions like in USA? Nearly 100% of rapes and sexual assaults committed by “men of non-European origin” like in Scandinavia? Of course UN will keep telling us to take in more $hit: they destroyed their own countries and now envious to see Australia (still) peaceful and safe.

    They tell us that “in fact” third world migrants and refugees are less likely to commit any crimes than Australians of European origin. But, for some reason, the statistics of cultural background of criminals is kept secret and not released to public. If the precious third world migrants are so bloody good, why the secrecy?

    They tell us that all the refugees have passed vigorous security checks. But in reality they don’t have enough identity documents for any checks, let alone vigorous. The assessment is usually based on how many fights and disorders they got into while in detention. If not too many – welcome to become an Australian citizen, live on welfare and bring all your friends and relatives. The compassionate Australian taxpayer will pay for everything.

    Thank you for this article! It is so sad to see our beautiful and safe country being destroyed and everyone who tries to resist being labeled as racists.

  21. dwayne campbell says

    The real refugees are still stuck over there in their country i know of some of these people who pay large a some of money to get on these boats, when they eventually get here 6 months later and gone through possessing they have a new car and a house given to them. then they have the rest of their cash sent over here and they live like kings, my family have been here since the 20s and we had to work our f***ing asses off to have what they’re given in 6 months

  22. At least the Liberals stopped the boats by the end so even if the percentage they let in was high, the numbers overall that were let in was very small.

  23. why does my granddad struggle to heat his house whilst Muslim refugees come here & take all the welfare money with their 5 kids? Politics is about priorities. my granddad build this country!

  24. Stan Claypole says

    Nice work APP!

    • I spit at your feet. At all of you who agree with this so called APP. I am discusted at your behavour.

      • Please keep the talk here positive. Thanks!

        • half the things people commented are mean and harsh, so instead if saying it to someone who finally has the point in what they are saying, go say it to the haters

          • its true not all refugees are bad, some just take advantage, so instead of saying hateful things, find a solution

      • Heather, you’re so right. Anyone who agrees with what some of these people are saying don’t deserve to live in the happiness and security they do. How would you feel if you were in some of these peoples shoes. How would you feel if you were a refugee and saw all this nonsense being spat about. If you were a refugee right now on Manus island i think it would take you a couple of hours to completely change your view on this subject. These people are suffering and if Australia wants to be considered an advanced, democratic and principled nation, it has to adress the way it treats those who are most vulnerable and needy. Piss off haters.


  1. paper s says:

    paper s

    No more refugees!

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