Enough is enough – We want our country back! [Mon. 3 Dec. 2012]

This is a call to action!

On Monday, 3 December, protests will he held Australia wide in protest against our politicians who have deserted the Australian people. The Australian people have become a forgotten people, displaced in their own land, ostracised and treated as second class citizens by our disloyal representatives. It is time members of Parliament stopped paying lip service to the Australian people and instead started listening to the forgotten people.

Over the past couple of decades, politicians on both sides of politics have chartered a course of destruction for our country. Our elected representatives do not hold a mandate to destroy our country. The Liberal, Labor and Green parties all support genocide of the Australian people by promoting and supporting policies that are blatantly against the Australian people and our families.

Both sides of politics support Third World immigration, foreign ownership of Australian assets, privatisation, so-called vilification laws restricting freedom of speech, association and expression, free trade policies that have destroyed Australian manufacturing, multiculturalism and varying degrees of sharia law.

Politicians like to talk about change, however is this change good for our children’s future? We have had so much change over the years: many suburbs now resemble ghettoes, our prisons are filled with foreign criminals, our welfare system is collapsing under the heavy burden of certain ethnic groups robbing the treasure chest, our children are threatened by ethnic gangs, special work visas (subclass visa 457 and EMAs) are granted to hundreds of thousand of cheap workers from Asia displacing Australian out of the job market. With all this unnecessary change, we ask: what is in this for the Australian people? How have we benefited from all this unnecessary change?

There is an awakening happening across our country. The Australian people are finally come to the realisation that the politicians, especially the Labor Party, are not with us anymore. The Labor party used to be “the workers’ party” but this is a distant memory and a broken cliché that is evident for all to see. Never before have we witnessed such treason since Labor came to power in 2007. Labor under Rudd, Gillard, Swan and co. has orchestrated a total collapse of confidence and trust. This is the worst and most hated government in Australian history, and for good reason.

Gillard said, “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”. Gillard reneged on her promise and gave us a carbon tax. Over the past couple of years energy costs have doubled leaving many reeling from higher living costs. Rising prices due to the carbon tax have inflicted pain and suffering on Australian families and especially elderly Australians whom, without affordable electricity, are going cold in winter and hot in summer. Questions have also been raised about Gillard and her involvement in the AWU scandal. Evidence is gaining traction to expose Gillard as someone who cannot be trusted. The people are tired of the betrayal and outright treason.

The third of December is an important date in Australian history. This year we will be celebrating 158 years since the rebellion of Australian miners at Ballarat. The miners came together in armed protest against the abuse of their rights by colonial authority, high taxes, and also had concerns over Third World immigration. Today we face an even greater threat, a threat from elected representatives who rally around a globalist agenda to destroy Australia.

The people must act now and rebel against tyrannical rule. This is our country and we plan to take it back from corrupt and insidious politicians. Show your support by informing your friends and family of this important rally.

The APP is promoting this rally with regards to ‘United as One, divided by none’, a protest group recently formed by patriotic Australians disturbed at the betrayal perpetrated by the anti-Australian globalist politicians.

Please spread the word and bring your Aussie flags and placards.

Place: NSW State Parliament, Macquarie Street, Sydney

Time: 10.00am to noon, Monday, 3 December 2012

For protest locations and information please go to:


  1. These people leave their countries for a better life, you would think they would leave all their religious and tribal conflicts behind them. I just don’t think it’s possible, that is why they will never be able to assimilate in our Anglo Christian society.

  2. Agi: of course you’re a real Australian! How could you think otherwise? You’re European with a Christian heritage, you’ve assimilated and contributed, we’re the same people with the same culture….

  3. Do you consider those of us who migrated from Europe as children to be Australians or are we in another category? I don’t know where I ‘fit in’ so-to-speak sometimes. I’m not Anglo-Saxon by heritage, nor was I born in Australia but my parents and I assimilated, and indeed our main spoken language at home is English, so do does your society consider us as real Australians? It’s hard to work out sometimes. I feel like I don’t belong anywhere sometimes. This question is not a barb at anyone, nor is it a troll question. It’s a genuine one. My parents left their entire families behind to build a better life for us and so they worked from sun up until sun down, they never had any hand outs, nor did they expect any. Later as a single parent I raised my child on my own, never got nor expected any hand outs either, and now my adult son is doing the same. So I think we’ve contributed and have done out bit but my parents are pensioners now and every day it seems like their little pension is barely enough to cover their cost of living and that doesn’t seem right to me. But I still wonder what the “real” Australians think of us wogs, even if we’ve been in this great country for 40 years? Have they really come to accept us as true Australians? It’s very hard to know. My question is not in any way meant to offend or rile anyone. I would just like to hear what others say, what they honestly think. Peace 🙂

  4. ringer from the west says

    When will AUSTRALIANS wake up.TALK TALK TALK.

  5. Our “grubberment” ( I will most likely get charged with discrimination, for calling the leaders that) is MULTICULTURAL, welsh, malaysian, new zealand, english and other nationalities when it should be ONLY and ONLY be Australians leading AUSTRALIA. Multiculturalism does not work in a government so how the hell can it work in society. For any bleeding hearts reading this and tutting take yourself to the land and people you want to be with, Australians need to be first and foremost in Australia.

    Good luck with the rally today I will be there in spirit.

  6. I can’t agree more. Is any protest organized in Melbourne? I will be in the front line.

  7. I agree you guys.
    I am in Brisbane and will be at work, otherwise I would be there.

  8. So true, we are being sold out by socialists who wish to see our country become a backward, ignorant and stupid country like those many of our so-called refugees leave.

  9. I agree with every thing said in this article

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