Ex-politicians and pampered poodles‏

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Retired high flyers from the Federal Parliament are mounting a High Court challenge to win back “entitlements” that were stripped from them by Comrade Gillard’s regime. It appears that they can’t survive on a simple pension, which is more than the rest of us mere mortals have to get by on.

While this is making the news, few would know that single parents, come next year, will be moved from the single parent benefit to Newstart Allowance, when the child reaches eight years of age. This change will see them receiving less money. Also, they will have to get out and find a job, although the jobs available have been greatly diminished due to government policies. How single parents with school-aged children are expected to work full time is a mystery. However, Comrade Gillard could care little about that “minor” detail.

Let us hope that the retired “pampered poodles” will lose their High Court challenge and the money saved from their generous perks can be re-cycled to single parents. That is, if the Gillard regime has second thoughts over the reprehensible way they are treating vulnerable single parents.

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  1. i pity the poor pollies. i read recently the government is spending about $3 billion on the so called refugee’s. boat people, call them what you like. they are not even australian citizens and are coming here to get on our welfare system. surely they should be stopped and deported as the old saying “charity begins at home” the current government has a weird idea of responsabilities to its own citizens.i suggest the government should deport the lot of illegals and wayne could then have a surplus.

  2. carol teather says

    if they want the mothers to get a job why the frig arent they looking at all those fathers that dont go to work, sitting on there ass not raising the child let alone pay a cent to the kids up keep but tell the women to get out and work…. I KNOW BECAUSE THATS MY SITUATIONS… and another thing stop putting the Australians hard working taxes too putting a friggin roof and everything we work a whole year for? too the asylum seekers and africans coming in for a poor me save us campaine!! and look after our own people, for cryin out loud?

  3. I don’t normally agree with Labor but I do think Ms Gillard made the right decision to strip the Ex-polies of their so called entitlements. How rude and selfish…we have so many people out of jobs…..just come to Cairns over 10%…..no best not come to Cairns. In regards to single parents, I’m sorry but alot of them got themselves into this position.It’s a career here in the Far North…lets get pregnant so we can cash in. I think the baby bonus should only go to those who have worked and are over 21 years. Maybe girls might decide to go to Tafe study or just find a job before “just” falling pregnant because they know the government will support them. How many “bubs” out there are the $5000 babies. I know it sounds very unfeeling….but hey sorry to say it’s true!!
    It’s not like girls don’t know about contraception!!! If they want to be sexually active THEN go on the PILL. Not rocket science!!

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