What could be more racist than a genocidal immigration programme?

Modern “political correctness” has a very simplistic and absolutist view of both “racism” and “anti-racism”.

It is perfectly natural for human beings to prefer their own ethno-culture to others. Evolutionary psychologists acknowledge that ethnic self-interest is a tribal defence and group survival mechanism that developed over thousands of years of human evolution. Psychological tests reveal that humans often display “racism” unknowingly and subconsciously. The latest research from overseas suggests it is actually hard-wired in our brains. People can condemn racial or ethnic preferencing until they’re blue in the face, they’re not likely to disappear any more than other hard-wired survival instincts like material desires or self-interest are.

Modern “political correctness” has its roots in Cultural Marxist influence. I believe the whole ethic of “not being racist’ is yet another dogma that is being taken to extremes, and it is frequently used as a psychological weapon against white people. And this is racist in itself.

The Australian Protectionist Party is a forward-thinking party. We believe the best way to limit racial, ethnic and religious strife is to stop mass immigration, limit Multiculturalism and encourage cultural assimilation rather than wasting taxpayers money on government-funded Multiculturalism propaganda and the completely unattainable goal of “eliminating racism”. Furthermore, as foreign ethnic and religious groups grow in size they will inevitably compete for dominance with the host culture of a nation.

Racism comes in a great many forms and manifestations and often becomes amplified when times are tough and groups begin inevitably to feel more threatened by other groups. Of course racism can be wrong. In some contexts, it can be hurtful and it can be harmful. Sometimes very much so. But sometimes what the politically correct call “racism” is simply ethnic self-interest, which can be completely benign and can be perfectly justifiable, depending entirely on context and circumstances. But “racism” is a highly subjective term that gets thrown around all over the place and is often used to try and silence debate on important subjects.

But political correctness takes a morally absolutist view that insists “racism is always wrong” and then applies this ethic extremely selectively. As an example, Australians commonly tell jokes about blondes, gingers, rednecks, Poms, or the Irish and virtually no one raises a fuss, and yet jokes about non-white people will have the PC zealots up in arms, insisting that such groups are too precious to be mocked or humoured.

But political correctness isn’t about equality. It’s about making some groups MORE EQUAL than others. And in a racial context it is about massively empowering non-white minorities, whilst disempowering the white majority.

The most profound racism that exists in the Western world today is Cultural Marxist-inspired anti-white racism. The kind of racism that views white people as a kind of worthless and undeserving “bourgeois class” whilst massively favouring non-whites as perceived “victims” of white oppression.

Cultural Marxism views white people not as builders, designers, innovators, organisers, creators etc, but rather as exploiters, destroyers and oppressors apparently responsible for all the world’s problems and for holding back non-white peoples. It views Western culture as “bland” or “boring” and in constant need of “enhancement” by all these “exotic” and “enriching” foreign cultures. It insists white people owe some great debt to non-white people and insists that we are morally obligated to give them the highest consideration and to share our countries with large numbers of them, regardless of the costs to ourselves. It insists that white people actually have no right to exclude non-white people from immigrating to Western countries, and it sees Multiculturalism as an end in itself and the only valid standard.

Political correctness generally applauds pride displayed by non-white ethno-cultures, but is horrified by any display of white racial pride. Instead, it insists white people feel only guilt instead of pride for our collective achievements.

Across the world and including Australia, white European birth rates have been low for some time and are below replacement level. And with the sustained mass immigration of non-European people into Australia, we are now facing a situation where white people will actually become a minority in Australia in just a few short decades if these trends continue. Of course this is happening by python squeeze rather than cobra strike (i.e. slowly, rather than quickly), but just because these changes are happening gradually doesn’t mean they aren’t happening. Consider all the concern about the gradual warming of the planet! But never mind “climate change”. The greatest threat to Western civilisation undoubtedly comes from DEMOGRAPHIC change.

The most recent Australian Census reveals just how dramatic our ethnic demography is changing. But with the onslaught of Cultural Marxism, it seems white Australians are expected to merely accept our marginalisation and the displacement of our unique culture and identity because we’re being “racist” if we object. Such a scenario would have massive ramifications. If Australia is to survive as a Western nation, then white Australians must reject Cultural Marxism and regain a sense of pride and solidarity.

Article 2 of the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide states:

In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: …

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

The Australian Protectionist Party accepts our ethnic diversity, but is committed to preserving Australia as a European-based country, and we believe this is a perfectly valid moral position. We believe that the sooner the demographic crisis is addressed the better, or the problems will only become bigger further down the track.

Multiculturalism has failed in so many other countries. Why on earth do we want to persist with it in Australia? And what could be more racist than continuing a genocidal immigration programme?

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  1. Davidt Taunton says

    It is truly ironic that if as an Anglo Saxon, I utilize my cultural language, that I can be called a racist! As a traditional Anglo Saxon, I do believe in a “fair go”, but not in so called positive discrimination (note that if its positive it isn’t discrimination – how does that work?). But in our cities it appears that the traditional Anglo Saxon culture is to be despised and abused (funny how our culture enabled this by being fair overall).
    Equality for all, and utilize the positives of our culture to grow. Not this blame game that has perpetrated our society.

  2. Knife-wielding butchers stop bandits – Riverstone – Sydney

  3. And in our liberal dominated media it's perfectly acceptable to acknowledge that it "is perfectly natural for human beings to prefer their own ethno-culture to others".

    It happens whenever the issue of ethnic enclaves is raised and is proffered by the multicultural apologist.

    But don't dare claim that Anglo-Australians would like to live among their own kind though, oh no that would be racist. And don't pay any regard to those Anglo-Australians who would prefer to live among their own but have found the suburb they grew up in turned on its head in the past couple of decades, bugger them.

  4. We Are Australian Muslims

  5. Michael Kennedy says

    Asia for the Asians.
    Africa for the Africans.
    White countries for everybody.
    Unfortunately this immigration and assimilation is happening to ALL the white people on the planet, oh, and ONLY white people.
    Let’s be consistent on this message as it is brutally honest and stupidly obvious. Yet you won’t hear a politician talking about it. Our job is to bring this topic to the forefront of the masses thoughts and allow it to be spoken about openly with out being shouted at as a racist.
    Www. White rabbit radio.net
    Bobs Underground Graduate Seminar

  6. I think the problem is plain ignorance, laziness and cowardice. I suspect that a lot of people think the Liberal party is doing what needs to be done regarding immigration because of their relative toughness on refugees and their willingness to sympathise with the non PC crowd.

    Great article!

  7. I'm not into religion of any kind but if you aren't yet worried about multiculturalism , watch this video and then start worring.

  8. I am very concerned also. The APP seem to be the guys on my wavelength.


    Unfortunately we are not ready for 'multiculturalism'…..and the P.C brigade can rant all they like – it will not change the facts that we are comfortable in our own skins and with likeminded people. By that I mean – if migrants truly want to come and settle in Australia -they must be prepared to embrace all that Australia and Australians are. Learn our language and culture and be prepared to cohese with our society. Religion must not appear to be divisive(which it often is) – leading to group enclaves which separate from the rest of us. Keep your religion but let others embrace theirs – because the tenets of ALL religions should be – THAT YOU LOVE AND CARE FOR ONE ANOTHER.

  10. I've been thinking about these things lately too. I agree, those attempting to commit genocide on the Australian people by swamping us with unwanted immigrants are the real racists.
    To make people aware of this, and to lift them out of their brainwashing I ask them why our leaders consistantly, year after year continue to "do things" that we specifically don't want them to do. This makes them think about it.
    When incidents like this weekends jihadist protest in Sydney occur, our leaders blame us instead of their immigration policies, whatever happens it's "whitey's" fault.
    Make no mistake, our enemies are amongst us trying to destroy us.
    We as a people need to take control of our political environments and cast out those who wish to destroy us. We need to grow a strong backbone, we will become the envy of the world, even with sanctions against us.

  11. Possibly all this multiculturalism and mass immigration is, besides the obvious one of creating business opportunities for those who benefit from growth, and those with greater access to political favours, due to "white guilt". Guilt overflowing from colonialism when European nations, especially Anglo ones, plundered and destroyed cultures and nationalities for their won benefit. It was also about genocide, the lethal sort. Now, "reverse racism" is coming back to haunt them – with the false economy of perpetual population growth. It's impossible, unsustainable and eventually doomed. Nothing can grow forever.

  12. This article sums up the evil of multiculturism and the death of western nations, including Australia.
    With such a differential in birth rates between the immigrants and the hosts coupled with the huge influx of people on family visas + refugees into our TINY nation of 20 million people, we are doomed if the existing policies are maintained.
    Personally I came to Australia many years ago to escape the immigration problem of England. I was horrified to find in 2007, care of Mr Rudd, that our proud Brisbane community was being swamped by Indians – just the same as it happened in Europe.
    As the writer said above, individually these people can be great but that does not mean I want my community swamped by them. I am a westerner and want to live with other westerners.
    Indians in particular 'generally' do not assimilate the way other Asians do. No other immigrant group have the power to change our communities so much since they insist that they have their own religious temples and shops, they dress differently with their Saris and turbans.
    There are so many polarised communities already in Australia – all previously Australian communities that were hi-jacked by immigrants and there descendents.
    It won't be too long before the Asian migrants will have political power and what happens then when that have a political party that will win government by virtue of the ethnic vote – they will tear the doors down and swamp us even further.

  13. Someonewhocares says

    Send all expressions of interest to zenk11@hotmail.com I myself live in the Western Suburbs.We could have our local regular gatherings as well as get together with members from other parts of Sydney every once in a while in a accessible for all location?To all Guys and Girls out there,regardless of age and social standing and sexuality,lets unite,putting behind us all other prejudices we may have,lets set an examle that we are all the same in the end and have much more in common then what is deviding us.There is a small minority everywhere that black spots the decent level headed majority.I welcome all constractive comments and suggestions and would like as many as possible involved and united.
    Regards to all my fellow members out there.
    Lets unite.

  14. Someonewhocares says

    What is this country doing to itself and its people.Can not we see what is happening?Why are our people constantly turning a blind eye(lately more so) two blind eyes to what is happening to us?Why are we tolerating it?Are we just cowards who are content to sit in mums basement faceless behind the safety of a computer screen and just talk yet we are not prepared to back up our words with action?Have not we learned from thousands of years of history that by not standing up for ourselves we are letting history repeat itself?I want someone to explain all this to me,and with valid answers.Not some poor excuses.We have all these so called representatives,party leaders,where are you?Have you even the guts to lead us?When enough is enogh?And,why are not we better organised and more involved in all issues concerning us?I propose,we organise regular gatherings,such as social lunches/dinners/bbqs/pubs/clubs/darts/excursions/events in our suburbs with people of likemindedness?Who is interested?

  15. And what we all knew was going to happen has now happened, with the riots in Sydney yesterday! WTF are these people doing, this film they are rioting over has nothing to do with Australia, these Muslim pigs are just using this as an excuse to incite their hatred for all those who do not follow their beliefs. The photo of a pre-school aged child holding a poster with the words "BEHEAD ALL THOSE WHO INSULT THE PROPHET" absolutely dfisgusts me. Australians have never carried on in such a way. We do not want Australia to become the new Middle-East.

  16. People could recognize the different skin, religion, but someone upgrade to the higher level by discrimination and showing up by act. The highest level is racism, but the discrimination mind is the most danger, Karl Marx encourages that, so in communist regime, who oppose against party, they would be treated as treason. The white skin people live in the wealthy country, while the other skin being poverty, they become jealous and the mind create the hatred. Indeed the most white people are generous, kindness, they help the poor country in economic development, natural disaster, aid…if they racist, no one could live in the western state, that reason causes the most asylum seeker want to come to Australia, US, Europe, even though the asylum seeker have the same religion in Indonesia, Malaysia or the other Middle East state. If the white people racist, there is no room for UN and UNHCR and the world has no refugee policy. I am political refugee, never returned to where I escaped to find freedom after my country taken over by communist, I live in Australia since 1983, I have not found the racist here. Who say the white people racist, they are racist, why do they condemn the people help you?.

  17. Save Australia says

    Good article. Nice to see someone standing up for the future of our people.
    This is a good appeal to reason and patriotism.

    Defending Australia is about defending both our culture and our people.

    If Australia becomes majority Asian-African-Arab-Islander (probably mostly Asian, the way the immigration programme is headed), then, even if they all go to the footy, eat meat pies and sauce, and have BBQs on Sundays, it will no longer be our country, it will be theirs.

    If I want to live in an Asian country, I would move to Hong Kong.There is no good reason to decimate our country demographically.

    Nothing against Asians, a lot of them are good people, but that doesn't mean I want my people to disappear from the face of the earth. We have a right to exist.

    Keep up the good work.

  18. That is the product of zero cross-cultural knowledge and home-spun political philosophy. Ignoring a select bunch of academics who glorify themselves with the title 'evolutionary psychologists' (there is simply no such discipline), field-experienced anthropological psychologists would loudly dispute your assertions. It is Culture that we defend; which is that fabric that envelops family, extended family, and the people we identify with; plus our value systems.

    And nobody who uses the word evolution should be denying six hundred years of European colonisation and genocide; currently at its worst under the American Empire. This has nothing to do with Marxism. It is observable history, continuing as we speak. What you are entitled to say is that other races have acted similarly. The Mongol Hordes, or the Zulu genocide of Hotintots (Kung); or even the later arriving Aboriginal migrants who left virtually no original Negrito (Tasmanian) DNA surviving, even though these peopled Australia since earlier the Pleistocene Era… sure evidence of genocide. What we are seeing in the world today is increasing opposition to the development of elitism (the 1%); to its exploitation of the 99% (us… regardless of culture, creed or colour); and of American Imperialism in general.

    By appealing to ignorance and predjudice, instead of holding our Australian Culture up as a banner to fight for, you are doing us a disservice and actually helping the enemy… ie divide and rule.

    • Stan Claypole says

      A culture is a product of many factors, including race. It is partly a product of the collective gene pools of the population. Different peoples will produce different cultures. This is self-evident. Black and white Americans have lived together in the same environment for hundreds of years and whilst they share many cultural attributes, it would be wrong to claim they have the same culture. Human races behave differently and produce different cultural outcomes.

    • You Tony are part of the problem. Muslims need to stop blaming everyone else and start looking at what is wrong with Islam and their cuulture. It is Muslim killing Muslim. We don't send in suicide bombers into crowded market places, we don't hijack aircraft and crash into buildings killing innocent people. Yesterdays disgusting behaviour by Muslims in Sydney is the reason we should stop bringing in Muslims. And get off the Americans back they have done more for the world than any Muslim country has. Yodu're just bringing out the old Marxist line and it does not wash.

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