Support Nick Folkes’ election to Leichhardt Council (Saturday 8 September 2012)

Tired of the major parties? Looking for a positive new direction?
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The spirit and essence of APP policies are guided by a commitment to traditional Australian values, family values, and the protection and preservation of Australian independence. APP seeks to strengthen the principles of democracy and increase political accountability in the interests of social cohesiveness and sustainability.

My name is Nick Folkes and I have lived in Rozelle for over 20 years.  I will be contesting the local ward of Rozelle/Lilyfield (Wangal) at the upcoming local government election.

This will be the first time I have contested local council elections so I am naturally excited about the prospect of serving my local community. I will offer a fresh approach to local politics.

I look forward to hearing about your concerns and forming a partnership with you to better our shared  way of life in this area.


  • Increase free parking from 15 mins. to 30 mins. and expand the programme on a permanent basis.
  • Increase business-parking permits for business owners.
  • Oppose the current proposal for Balmain Tigers property re-development.
  • Lobby council to discontinue funding for divisive multiculturalism policies and their associated political propaganda.
  • Challenge council’s dictatorial and undemocratic bureaucratic rules imposed on local businesses and home-owners, due to supposed human-caused climate change.
  • Sharia free zone! The people of the Wangal ward declare this as a core value of Australian society.


The current proposal to re-develop the Balmain Leagues Club should be stopped. The proposal is out of character for an area with historic residences and buildings worth preserving. The size of the proposal would set a precedent for other developments.

Regrettably former NSW Labor State governments initiated the move and transferred decision making on large development proposals to the JRPP and State Planning for approval. As a result the residents of Rozelle and the Inner West now face the prospect of an unreasonable Balmain Tigers redevelopment.

I do not support the ridiculous size of the current proposal. I will work diligently to oppose the current scale of the re-development. I also believe Councilors need to stand up to the current State government and demand decision-making be returned to local councils.

High levels of unsustainable immigration supported by Labor, Liberal and Green political parties drive the pressure for more urban development. The APP cares for working people and the environment and supports true green policy on reducing immigration to sustainable levels.

The Greens and Labor have accommodated political and ideologically-driven social, cultural and environmental policies. Both parties on all levels of government continue to reject independent empirical science and base their policies instead on politicised pseudoscience and fanatical gaia beliefs. They promote propaganda on supposed man-made climate change and multiculturalism. I believe the waste, indoctrination and totalitarian nature of social engineering politics needs to end. I will lobby fellow Councillors to remove directives and language on multiculturalism and the lies surrounding man-made climate change.

Leichhardt Council has become a signatory to United Nations initiatives on climate change. The APP supports local sustainability but not ceding authority to a foreign organisation with a history of anti-growth and anti-people policies and principles. UN-sanctioned agendas and agreements impede renovation Development Applications, drive up costs and spread misinformation on climate change and sustainability.

The attitude of Council needs to change in regard to parking restrictions and fines. The local community needs a break from the over-zealous directives parking wardens receive from council. The parking wardens are innocent people who have been put under immense pressure resulting in occasional authoritarian and rude behaviour towards car users. The Luddites in council need to accept that the car is here to stay and residents need more car spaces and parking options.

I will work on behalf of local residents to increase ‘free parking’ spots from 15 mins. to 30 mins. and expand the project to include other areas (not on a trial basis, but on a permanent basis). Busy mums and families are often faced with parking restrictions and possible fines due to restrictive parking regimes.

Council needs to foster economic growth and welcome new business to the municipality. A small gesture is to offer local businesses more parking permits to reflect needs of their staff.

The sharia legal code has no place in Australian society. I will fight for Leichhardt Council to be the first “sharia free zone” in Australia. It is time Councillors put aside their differences and joined together against a barbaric legal code that has no place in the Leichhardt Municipality.

Sharia law and associated cultural practices encourage repression of women, female genital mutilation, stoning of homosexuals, honour killings, and the wearing of burqas. The residents of Leichhardt municipality cannot afford to sit idle and watch our secular and progressive society be challenged by religious extremism. The people of the Inner West need to make a stand against sharia law and declare the municipality “sharia free”.

Vote 1 Nicholas Folkes for Leichhardt Council

Donations and volunteers are welcome!     Mobile 0417 679 972


Authorised by Nicholas Folkes, P.O. Box 999, Rozelle NSW 2039


  1. Shane Elder says

    Hey Nick what was the outcome of the election how did you go?

  2. Well done Nicko,

    Great brochures.

    Great corflutes.

    Cheers mate

  3. Nick, I trust that you will find favour with the Wangal electorate on 8th September. Living in the inner west myself, I am aware of the growing discontent of the Greens. Jamie Parker is such a wanker that I'm glad that he is not my elected representative.

  4. Good Luck mate hope you get in

  5. Nathan Smith says

    Nick your a fighter and inspire me to be determined in that we won't let this country go down the gurgler without a fight.

    I'm right behind you 100% mate!!

  6. Good on you Nick.Can you come to QLD as well?

    • Hi Klaus,

      Our party will stand QLD candidates at the next federal election. If you are interested or know anyone who may also be interested in standing please let me know. Cheers.

  7. good on you nick.its a pitty that the people who want this change havent the guts to stand by your of luck mate

  8. Go you good thing Nick!

  9. all the best nick some hard yards infront of you and us bowl them for six

  10. Nick, your boldness, strength and passion for our country is exactly what our country needs to protect our borders, language and culture. Would love to have you with us on the Central Coast. All the best Nick, never give up.

  11. Be careful Nick, you may be out – lawed from entering this election too. Remember they make there own rules and you dare go against the grain they will hunt you down with lies, deceit and corruption. They will brainwash the masses and turn you into scandal. Just ask Pauline
    Oh and yoursel from the last federal election. Does this mean you won't be vying the next federal election either? If so can only imagine they made it impossible for you.

  12. Well done Nick, keep up the good work and I wish you well in your quest for council election.

  13. Stan Claypole says

    Good luck, Nick.

  14. Excellent News, and good luck against the green scourge my friend!

    • Hi Kibs,

      Thank you for your support.

      The Greens currently control Leichhardt Council and they have run the place into the ground. Inner city voters are starting to question the Greens. I hope my election campaign will convince local residents to vote APP.

  15. Thomas Isaac says

    Hi Nick, I'm sorry you are not running for council election in the Bass Coast Shire ward in Victoria. I totally agree with your policies. I have a brother who resides in Illawong, Sydney and I will forward your email on to him so as he might circulate it to any friends or people he knows in your electorate.
    Keep up the good work. I wish you all the success in the upcoming election,
    Yours in honor,

    • G'day Thomas,

      Cheers mate, I'm glad you like the policies. Please spread the word as I do need volunteers on election day.

    • Sorry we did not do better in the election.
      Stay there and try again.
      I will think of some thing to bring us to the fore front.
      We all know that half of Australia think like us, so we need to rethink.
      We are the good guys don't worry.
      Rodney from Brisbane.

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