Multiculturalist political propaganda in “Dumb, Drunk and Racist”

Episode Two of the “documentary” named “Dumb, Drunk and Racist” aired on the ABC recently. Like the first episode, this was another propaganda event to push a political multiculturalist agenda.

The show’s host, Joe Hildebrand, takes his Indian “guests” to the Muslim-dominated suburb of Lakemba, where he says:

So some people say that this is wrong, that people from a certain culture shouldn’t all be allowed to congregate in the one area, they should adopt Australian customs and mannerisms – not sure what Australian customs there are, maybe drinking, gambling, wearing stubbies.

This was just another example of Joe’s not-so-subtle way of attacking Australia and Australian culture. If any patriotic people were to say something equally disparaging of Indian culture, there is little doubt that Hildebrand would have branded them as “racist”.

So, is Hildebrand a neutral bystander, an independent commentator, or is he pushing his own political agenda in this show?

“I think multiculturalism is the way to go” says Joe Hildebrand as he walks through the streets of Lakemba.

Does multiculturalism just mean something simple and benign? Like just having some different foods to eat, along with a bit of exotic dancing, etc.?

Or are we facing the real-world version of multiculturalism, an anti-Western political ideology which is intrinsically tied to mass Third World immigration, the widespread undermining of Western cultures in their own countries, and the displacement of white Western populations, including in Australia?

The reality of multiculturalism is not what the multiculturalist spin doctors preach in their deceptive propaganda. It is not about the soft veneer of foreign foods and restaurants, it is about the harsh reality of the displacement of the Australian people.

The end game of multiculturalism is when Australians have become a minority in their own country (or perhaps even extinct). Third World immigration has been flooding into this country in the millions, and the multiculturalists in the Liberal-Labor governments have never laid down a policy to ever have it stopped. Millions of Third Worlders flooding into Australia, with no fixed limit in mind. How will it all end? Anyone with common sense can see what the end game means for the Australian people.

One Indian lady on the show looked around Lakemba and said:

When we drove in here, it was like mini-Lebanon, I haven’t seen one white person, I haven’t seen one Asian; it seems to be as if these people have built their own country in another country. This is not really Australia; there’s nothing Australian over here.

Well said. But did Joe Hildebrand call her a “racist” for telling the truth?

Joe Hildebrand and his entourage moved on to Cronulla. Did Hildebrand tell the truth about the Cronulla Troubles? Here is how he explained the story to his Indian guests:

One day, about six years ago, there was Lebanese youths playing soccer on the beach, I think there was a complaint about it, a lifeguard got involved, some words were exchanged, and all of a sudden one thing led to another and it escalated into a big dispute about what the Lebanese kids were doing on the beach in the first place

“Lebanese kids… on the beach”? It sounds like “honest Joe” is talking about a group of six-year-olds. And “a lifeguard got involved”? Wasn’t that two lifeguards that got abused and bashed? Seriously Joe, as an “esteemed broadcaster”, how about telling the whole truth instead of peddling multiculturalist propaganda?

The fact is that there were groups of Lebanese, mostly older teenagers and young men in their twenties, who delighted in regularly going to Cronulla and causing trouble for the beach-goers. Australian girls were continuously hassled and called sluts, fights were provoked with Australian youths, physical intimidation was a common occurrence, often with a whole gang picking on one person, and people were bashed. This was not just a few isolated incidents, this was a widespread and major ongoing problem for many years. Because of multiculturalism, and its related “political correctness”, the police wouldn’t deal with the problem. It took a massive rally at Cronulla to bring things to a head, to make the politicians and police finally step in to do their job of making Cronulla a safe place again. In any other circumstances the do-gooders would have called the rally an example of “people power”, but because it wasn’t in the interests of multiculturalism, it was condemned as a “riot” instead.

Joe got his Indian friends very concerned and even in tears. But what they didn’t know was that Hildebrand wasn’t telling them the whole truth. He tricked them and then filmed their reactions. Hardly a display of decent moral fibre.

Joe Hildebrand then moves on to an APP rally outside the Villawood Detention Centre, where APP members are protesting against the government’s policy on refugees. Here Joe argues with APP members, showing the typical anti-Australian bias that is present nowadays in the multiculturalist-dominated media industry; an industry that seems to have lost its way from presenting social issues in a balanced and unbiased manner.

Hildebrand then talks to the anti-Australian group who support letting in more refugees, where he says to them, of the APP, “These guys say that there’s a Muslim plot to take over Australia”. Except that is not what the APP protestors were saying on the show. What was actually being said was that as the Islamic population in a country gets bigger, it will come to dominate that country more and more, as evidenced by events in Western Europe. But Joe then instead “spins” that valid point into his own little propaganda ploy.

With its deceptions and half-truths, the propaganda intent of this show was obvious; it was perhaps a stone’s throw away from the government-backed propaganda put out by the media in Communist Russia and Nazi Germany, except that the propaganda of the modern media is a lot more “clever” than the more obvious political propaganda of the authoritarian regimes of yesteryear.

With “Dumb, Drunk and Racist” we have a media broadcaster pushing the ideology of multiculturalism (a government policy), on a television station that propagates multiculturalism (the ABC, paid for by the government), and supporting a policy (multiculturalism) that has as its end game the destruction and decimation of a particular ethnicity (white Australians). It all starts to sound a little too familiar.

Once again, “Dumb, Drunk and Racist” provides us with an example of modern political propaganda and inherent bias in media. Australians would do well to remember that behind the soft face of multiculturalism lurks the hard-faced reality of displacement, dispossession, and the immigration-driven genocide of the Western peoples.

The Australian way of life is under threat from the demographic changes that are being brought about by the adherents of political multiculturalism. The end game of multiculturalism shows that it is an uncaring and hate-filled ideology. Whilst some shows in the media seek to hide or minimize the effects of this disastrous policy, the street-level realities of multiculturalism are obvious to all true blue Australians. The political ideology of multiculturalism must be stopped before the Australia that we all know and love is destroyed forever.

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  1. Colin Harrison says

    Guilt and emotional blackmail is the lefts strongest and only weapon, the only thing they fear is logic and reason, which is why we need another public broadcasting service to give a voice to those they despise. What makes this blatant racism towards whites more humiliating is the fact that most of their victims are forced by law to pay for this despicable crap through our taxes and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. Doesn't anyone out there find it at least a little odd that the Anglo-Celt's represent the majority part of Australia's population but whose sensitivity and needs are considered the least? . I have traveled the world and Australia and yes! there is racism here but the most blatant and worse kind is by those who are pointing the finger at us. SBS and ABC are the apologists and media outlet for the views of these people. SBS and ABC cannot be trusted to present the views of those they despise, it must really tickle them to know that they can ridicule and humiliate us any way they please. There has to be some politician out there who has the courage to stand up to these bullies. If you want things to change then you will have to get off your butt and make it happen. I have been a left wing supporter most of my life ( until now ) so I know how they think, Logic and reason to these people is like sunshine to a vampire, take away the power of Guilt and emotional blackmail from them and they quickly become spineless then they resort to verbally and sometimes physical violence.
    As we speak the government is designing new laws to restrict freedom of speech , already our children's innocence is being taken advantage off, they are being encouraged by the education system and through the arts that portraying people of Anglo-Celt decent as the source of all evil is cool !
    Those who consider themselves as progressive, think they stand for what is right and good, but in reality, to most people, they represent everything that is rotten in this world.
    EX- labor party supporter.

  2. The more I read about this, the more infuriated I get. The abc needs to be held accountable. Surely there is some way they can be forced to do so…..I mean, we pay these clowns salaries.

  3. Noticed on last night's show about 6 minutes in, they were all in the car heading somewhere, the elder of the two Indian woman did bother to put her seat belt on, for a person who is supposedly an education advisor, this is just plain ignorant and stupid. When in Australia, follow Australia's laws, who is dumber, her for not wearing her seatbelt, or Hildebrand for not making sure she was wearing it?

  4. True Blue says

    Our Australian identity will disappear because of the push of ultra liberal policies from Labor, Liberal and the Greens that encourage massive immigration from the Third World, massive naturalization and multi-culturalism. If not stopped now, this push will be irreversible but therre is no mandate for it. The people must demand a referendum on the future of massive immigration, massive naturalization and multi-culturalism.

  5. Dirty Harry says

    Hildebrand has shown himself to be an accomplished liar, a leftist and a stooge for multiculturalism.

    pitiful journalism from a pitiful journalist. Contradicting himself over & over & over.

    As the Indian lady said, regarding Lakemba…. "this is not Australia", how true.

    Piss off Joe you racist dog.

  6. anonymous says

    Don’t forget Bob Carr said it all as Premier of NSW while on a visit to Beirut in Lebanon “The next election in NSW will be decided on the streets of Beirut.”

    Any election in NSW that is decided on the streets of Beirut says it all for Australian democracy.

  7. anonymous says

    Tax payers funded abortions for unborn Australians + African immigration funded by the taxpayer = ethnic suicide.

  8. Quote – Bob Carr (foreign minister) "I don't believe in the clash of civilisations theory".

    I can't remember whole quote, something about helping Islam assimilate Australia and helping the many more he expects to come to Australia to assimilate. Geriatric academics like him will be dead in a few years and leave a legacy of violence, civil unrest and possibly civil war. They have so much self belief in their own superioty, that they could never be wrong.

    You are wrong Bob Carr, you are condeming white Australia to a miserable slavish future with your bumbling leftist idiocy.

    • Soothsayer says

      Political Islam is against assimilation. That is why they are are so pro-multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is the opposite of integration and assimilation.

      We live with the good decisions made by past generations and future generations are going to live with the bad decisions made today.

      • OzPatriot says

        The bad decisions were made by Malcolm Fraser the scumbag.

        How could the government vote to change our society so dramatically without having even given the people a choice via referendum?

        A disgusting state of affairs – I also blame our parents for not standing up to the opening of the floodgates!!

        • The Kuta Kid says

          We did not realise what was happening. When Fraser was "in" that was the actual start i thin k of when the govt. decided to sign our country down the drain.

          Whitlam afterwards followed suit. We didn't find out until years/decades later.

          Now the UN has us by the balls.

          We urgently badly need a leader who can fight.

          Our problem is that most people even now do not understand what is happening.

          We need to educate them somehow.

          once we start we will be ridiculed like crazy

        • To be fair, ordinary Australians heard about the Lima Agreement decades later, and no major political party since 1973 has opposed the UN agenda. And secondly, if a leader rose up and called for a policy reversal, would you recognise what was happening? I very much doubt it. Would you march in the streets to force goverment to hand back democratic government?

    • So true, mate.

    • OzPatriot says

      How can there be Civil War when no one possesses weapons like in the U.S.?

      It just wont happen

      the only way to change things is by electing the right people; unfortunately there are no "right people" in the running – except for maybe Corey Bernardi or Barnaby Joyce

      Vote APP

      • Elect someone to do your thinking for you? That's how we got in this shit in the first place. Elections are no longer a viable path to freedom. We will need a vote of no confidence first, followed by installation of a popular caretaker government. Several senior public servants have already signalled their preparedness. Unfortunately, a dumb truckie borrowed this idea and wrecked it by not bothering with the followup, which is the entire point of the exercise. His stupidity will be used to ridicule any attempt in the future.

  9. anonymous says

    Christine Kennelly at end of Rhammadan in 2010 “Labor won't ban the birqua."

  10. anonymous says

    Don't forget the Rudd Slide – "Our (Australia's) evolving culture will past well beyond the white Anglo Celtic culture (of present Australia). Kevin (feel good) Rudd is a traitor and so is Sarah Hanson-Young.

  11. anonymous says

    Don't forget Judith Troeth – Liberal Senator who voted against making detainees pay for their accommodation.

  12. anonymous says

    Prime Minister Norwegian said: The answer to the mass slaying (in Norway) is we need more democracy, not less.

    Q: whose democracy, Labor's variety where there is no vote on the issue of multiculturalism and Muslim migration or a referendum on the issue of immigration? No Labor government would ever be so democratic as to allow a referendum on the issue of immigration. The Liberals would not allow a referendum on the issue of immigration. We can only have their brand of "more democracy".

  13. anonymous says

    There is a need for tolerance and understanding and we should be happy that the Muslims are building more mosques in Australia. In the same spirit of inclusiveness and diversity, let’s get behind evangelical Christians and support their missionary efforts overseas including in Saudi Arabia. As the Saudis fund mosque building worldwide that are used for propagating and spreading the most radical and intolerant aspects of Islam, they’d be pleased, in the same spirit of tolerance shown to the mosques they fund, to approve the building of Christian churches in Mecca and Modena. Surely they’d welcome evangelists Christians proselytizing on their streets creating a religiously diverse market place in the name of tolerance and inclusiveness. We could even have the Mecca Index – for every ten mosques built in the West, Saudi Arabia would approve the building of one Christian Church in Mecca.

    • Soothsayer says

      That's right and on top of that we will get all the Western expats to join their "Human Rights Commission Panels" and "Multicultural Advisory Boards" and any other panels or boards that dictate national policy and legislation, and get them to campaign to make Saudi Arabia a Christian nation.

      Influential expats will become national spokespeople who will condemn Saudis as being racist and misogynists every time they question the motivations of the expats and other Christians or want to publicly discuss any aspects of Christianity that clash with Islam.

    • As long as Christians and Muslims are permitted to inflict their insane beliefs on innocent folks, there will be wars. Shut them all up by making evangelising illegal, and by taxing religious businesses.

    • The Kuta Kid says

      oh c'mon matey. wake up! churches in saudi indeed! ye gods! anybody'd think muslims play fair. they don't. you must realise that!

      its all one way. to them there is no other

      islam is a blight on the world. it is rabidly fanatical. NOTHING will change it. NOTHING…

      we MUST get rid of it in Australia. we must. we are ALL in DANGER.

      I reckon most people even on here or even members of the APP do not realise the very real danger we are in – of losing our way of life our very freedom of thought is going to be controlled.

      FEAR will control us.

      i have said all along our guns were taken away so we would have nothing to defend our country with.

      Right now we have our vote. we have the opportunity to educate.

      So… how come we are not educating people? ASK THE APP THAT!

      The only way the APP is going to swell their ranks is by agitating and advertising.


      • The Kuta Kid says

        I humbly apologise to the APP. I just found a whole pile of flyers ready for printing and delivery on this site. I take back some of what i have said about letter-boxing.
        I just need a working printer now.
        even so. the only time i "hear" about the APP is when i access this web-site.

  14. The Kuta Kid says

    If i was a pollie I would pass laws that enabled us to send false refugees back to their countries when the dust has settled in those countries.

    Each and every Asylum seeker should be watched to determine if they are donating to Australia and the Australian Way. 10 years on the dole? What has been given to Australia?

    Another culture? Ahhhhhh….BOLLYWOGGLE!!

    This country has become the most corrupt Western Society on this planet.

    Weak and inept.

  15. The Kuta Kid says

    in the end the outcome will be some sort of civil war. OR someone will start WW3. maybe Obama and/or Israel will attack Iran. OR Iran will attack Israel… either way… THEN we will have Islamites attacking us from within.

    Nostradamus prophesied WW3 lasting 27 years.

    What if The Middle East stops the flow of oil? Something to think about. Maybe that's the threat. Maybe that's why Western Corruption is letting the Muslims get away with blue murder.

    my guess is there is some other plan afoot Watson. i think the Aust. Govt will capitulate at the first excuse and sign us all over to Islam. to avoid war you know, what.

    mob of Cowards n' dirty little cheats.

    Remember that hardly anybody owns a gun anymore. We do not have any real weapons to defend ourselves or our Beloved Australia with.

    The only weapon we have is our voting power.

  16. I've just found out about you guys APP from a comment on the Q & A forum – thanks ABC!

    You guys are f*@king brilliant! Go get the Liberal and Labor bastards who are destroying our beautiful country, with all this multiculturalism and PC bullshit.

    If people don't like our way of life then they can f*@k off to where they came from, simple as that.

    There are so many Sydney suburbs now where the name of the game is called 'Spot the Aussie'. This is a bloody disgrace. And where are these Sydney suburbs? In Western Sydney where the governments have dumped them all because the pollies don't want them in their own backyards. You can't move out west anymore without bumping into a whole shitload of them. Kick their foreign arses out of here or the Cronulla situation will only be the beginning.

    • I would never watch a programme like this and Hildebrand is a idiot!

    • I totally agree. The APP seem to be totally correct in their thinking.

      I have joined and given a donation. This is important and we need to stand strongly together before we don't have a country.


  17. Michael says

    I just heard of this party today after watching that white-guilt propaganda. Now I'm becoming a member.

    All publicity is good publicity.

  18. Victim of discrimati says

    What have Mr Joseph Hildebrand these people from Cordell Jigsaw productions done!

    Because they have deliberately featured APP in their second episode of the series, as a result because I am a member of APP I have recently received disgustingly foul language, life threatening style emails to my personal email account by individuals sighting the series "Dumb, Drunk and Racist" (episode 2) where it featured APP protesting at Villawood detention centre as a platform to launch into a personal tirade against my personage that was not only offensive but discriminative and threatening me with harm.

    I am assuming now that Mr Joseph Hildebrand and the people at Cordell Jigsaw productions like Ronan Sharkey have not taken into consideration that their propaganda is and will be held accountable as possible litigation in a discrimination case brought against said parties.


    The most ethnic groups in Europe, Australia, US…have no happiness in its homeland with many reason:

    -The refugee, to be forced to escape while being threatened by dictatorial and communist regime, so they are needing to find the safe place for protection, they have never returned to where they escaped while the ruthless regime is till powering, even contact to embassy. So the Geneva convention on July 28, 1951 confirmed the refugee status.

    -The Asylum seeker, who want to leave country for the better living, so after to be granted the resident status, they have returned safe to homeland. They have cheated the UN, UNHCR and the western states for long time.

    -Immigration under the government scheme, of course they have no satisfaction in their own country, so the western states become the dream places. That reason explains the most migrant want to come US, Europe, Australia…The people who could buy the airplane ticket from somewhere else to Indonesia, Malaysia…of course the have the passport and money, but they destroyed the personal paper when taken the boat to Australia, so the security couldn't recognize who are they?. Why does government have no require the boat people show the passport before refugee process?. The Australia government has been cheated by the uninvited guests, but the act nothing for national protection.

    Unfortunately, among the migrants, there is the people who have not look back themselves while living in the good places with equal opportunity, freedom and everyone to be protected by law. The racist has become the title for the bad migrants, they use it as racist to the most white population. So, the bad migrants are the real racist into the society, it is pointless. The white people have become the victim of racism that raises by the minor ethnic groups, so the multiple culture failed, failed and failed badly. Why does the racism just apply to the white people?.

    The Australia government do not fund up to $100M a year for 68 ethnic groups, tax pay wasted, while the country is needing to take care for aging, homeless, hospital and the other public interest. As example, the SBS radia system wasted multiple million a year, because the most ethnic groups have the private broadcast radio and its language newspapers, so the SBS Radia system has no need.

    I thanks APP give me an opportunity to speak out my view, it also reflects the thinking of the right migrants in Australia. That the reason I spent 30 years to achieve my first book, and follows to the book number 2 and ongoing 3.

    Hoa Minh Truong.

    ( Vietnamese refugee, author of The Dark Journey & Good Evening Vietnam)

  20. Tom Isaac says

    Tony I couldn't put it any better than what you did. I am sick and tired of people who arrive in our once great country AUSTRALIA and attempt to impose their culture on us and if we do not agree we are called rascist.

    One of my greatest fears for the future of Australia is we will become a muselim country ruled by sharia islam law. Many Australian people, or should I say sheeple, have their heads in the sand and do not realise we are heading in that direction and if we do not do something in the near future to stop it we will be to late.

    Our current political parties don't give a rats arse about Australia's future, if they did they would work together to find a solution and resolve the problem instead of caryng on like spoilt children. Have you ever witnessed them in Parliament as shown on channel 2 most days?

    It is sad that some of the boat people lose their lives when trying to get to Australia illegally but it is their choice to put themselves at risk, not the Australian people, so I fail to comprehend or understand why our taxes are wasted to support and encourage the practice to continue when so many Australians are suffering. Will our taxes pay to bring bring their family and freinds to their funerals as happened in the past?

    The Australian government and opposition parties have a duty of care and an obligation to stop the so called refugees who do not follow the proper protocol and regulations to come to Australia. By allowing the boat people to avoid and by pass the lawful proper protocol only encourages more to take the risk.

    I believe the only solution to deter the boat people would be immediate deportation and a ban on a further application for a long time once intercepted in Australian territories. By doing this it would deter further attempts and thus slow down or stop the people smugglers.

    • The Kuta Kid says

      I think the whole point of the above article/letter is that not only the low-bred arrivals but also our own stupid well paid brainwashed multicultural citizens are betraying Australia.

      ALL of these idiots should be held accountable for their actions. and they will be when the time comes.

      hildebrand is a coward anyway. Traitorous, treasonable cowards were shot on sight at one time. or by firing squad.

      One can find the likes of hildebrand under any rock in sewerage drains.

  21. proud ozi says

    Yes there is a racism in Australia but other way. We white people must take any abuse, comments or atack from others minorities (muslims, arabs …)over here. If we defent our self we are called racists. If we refuse to change our laws, rules and traditions we are called racists. Our soldiers dying in Afganistan fitting terrorists and out politicians let terrorists (boat people without documents) come here, giving them all for free and at same time our hard working people loosing pension, superannuation, savings for political hypocrats and idiots. Please help us to stop this.

    • Do you even think? If our soldiers are fighting terrorists in Afghanistan, why is our government bringing them here? First, if they are terroritsts, why are they in Afghanistan? I can understand fighting terrorists here, but on the other side of the world?… in villages? Are you completely f@#king stupid? Our soldiers have not killed a single terrorist. They have shot a lot of people who don't like foreigners invading their country and shooting their families. How does this make them terrorists? I would shoot anyone invading our country and harming my family. Does this make me a terrorist? How about you, mate? If the yanks in Darwin shoot Aussie citizens, whose side are you on? Nah… don't tell me.

  22. Barry Field and Hoa Minh Truong are spot on. The threat to democracy in this Country is now and real. Whilst we have freedom of speech, anyone can claim offence to anything said on the subject of Multiculturism and shout racism to shut down an opposite view. This seems to always be directed to white Australians speaking their views. It is time the masses who object to the destruction of the Society we have developed and wish to retain, take appropriate action. However, we appear to lack leadership to support. We need new young Statesmen to take up the cause and they must be supported fully while we still have a majority voting power. Stop these boats bringing in Muslims for starters.

  23. Soothsayer says

    That is a great article, I enjoyed reading. Thanks to the author for standing up for Aussies.

    We need to all stand up for our culture. I think we need to remind everyone that this nation was built on Christian values and it in fact a Christian country.

    I am going to start wearing a cross (crucifix) to advertise that point because I am so sick of this multicultural garbage that is spewing anti-Australian and anti-white vitriol.

  24. I refuse to watch it, because I know it's propaganda.

    Why can't the "progressives" accept that when we say we don't wan't Europe style mass immigration we mean it. No means no.

  25. Make our own vid, and another about the truth about what happened at Cronulla.

  26. Make our own film, and another about what the Cronulla "riots" were really about.

  27. The lofty ideals of Mulitculturalism where we all share and enjoy the wonderful benefits of many cultures is one that fails the majority of people. Ethnic groups and cultures inevitably tend to group together and we get pockets of "diversity" that don't mix. It assumes that we in Australia does not have a history of culture of our own. Our music, arts, architecture, history and literature are being over-shadowed and overwhelmed by imported culture. It's a smoke-screen to support ongoing mass immigration.

  28. albalad says

    so why don't we as a group ( through the APP) prosecute the ABC and Hildebrand for racially insulting and derogatory comments about white Australians and set a precedent.

    Concrete action has to be taken some time – constantly complaining on this forum will achieve absolutely nothing.

    As for using Indians – what a sick joke, their whole society is based on colour and ironically the less "light" you are, the less worthy you are.

  29. William Adams says

    The Hildebrands of our nation are acolytes to multiculturalism at all costs even to the destruction of our way of life and culture. Australia will be unrecognizable in just a few decades just like many countries in Europe we are doomed thanks to the likes of this maggot.

  30. Plan vote no for maj says

    I found this website through watching (the attack on Australians) Dumb Drunk and Racist and it has almost given me a feeling of wanting to be racist. This program has given me nothing more than being told that it is NOT okay to value our country or our beliefs. Would we be accepted with open arms in Muslim run countries and given FREE money ? So just WHO is being racist? At Christmas I WILL NOT SAY happy holiday AND I will celebrate Easter. It has been AUSTRALIAN tradition for over 200 years. And I will be proud of our Australian soldiers on Anzac day. That is what we are being told that THEY want changed because it is offensive. Rasict or what!

  31. barry field says

    Some of the stuff you see in Britain & Europe as a result of mass 3rd world / muslim immagration is scarey indead. Why duplicate that mistake here in Aus.?

    I think the governments' agenda here is ; 1) more people means more $s for corporations eg infrastructure ,real estate development,ect..; & 2) more voting power , (that is until numbers multiply & they become their own political juggernaut & take over!)

    People en mass are basically "sheep-like"…ie most are easily led. When you introduce millions that have attatched themselves to an idealology (islam) then , in the wrong hands, they can be manipulated. "Massage" fear & loathing , through inuendo & mis-information, into their minds then you have a powerful force behind you.

    The Multiculturalism ideal is just that… ideal, not a realistic outcome. If it was attainable then the world would need no boarders…just one big happy place where everyone hugs eachother.

    Unfortunately the prime motivators of people are just below the surface & this is what realy drives us. I believe most of the human race are driven by greed-it's in our makeup. I digress….

    Keep a trickle of immigrants coming to Aus. only & carefully screen them.

    Close the current flood gates.

    • Agree Barry, and with them all concentrated in one particular area as evidenced on Hildebrand's show, it won't be long before one of them stands for Parliament, gets elected because of the majority of Moslems (for example) in a particular electorate, and before you know it, there'll be special prayer times and prayer rooms having to be established in Parliament House. Probably won't even be able to say the Lord's Prayer before Question Time, lest one of them is offended.

  32. Joe? un Australian piece of sh!t and I just stopped reading the Daily Telegraph !!!

  33. Devon Warrington says

    This is an excellent article that simply tells the truth.

  34. yes that is all true and i am disgusted with our politicians. but, what can we do to stop it all? amanda vanstone had the answer but tony abbot or julia gillard will not even mention the solution. the problem to me seems to be the 2 party system where elected members cannot speak their own minds and have to vote for the party. How do we change that? please advise.

  35. The racism has become a common title into the most western country. Why?…because these states have the most white skin population and there is also the other skins: black, yellow. The racist often has been raised and complaint from the other skin to white skin in the western states, but the society moderates, everyone without the distinction skin could live together. In the western states, the constitution and law consent every body has equal opportunity, of course the racism has no room in the democratic nations.

    The other skins claim the racist is not right, if there is racist as the Third Reich of Hitler regime, they would be sent to the concentration camp. However, any society, the individual conflict couldn't avoid, even happen into the same skin, but the other skins claim the majority racist, it is baseless.

    The white skin has generous heart, the most natural disaster, war victim, famine…have been contributed by them. However, in record, the black, yellow have rarely helped, except Japan.

    However, in the communist states, where has no racist, but its government killed more than hundred million people, so the other skins fled to the western states for help. Why do the other skins claim racist in the western countries while they have been facing the bad treat by the same skin?. Actually, their own countries are such as China killed and jailed Falun Gong member, the democratic activists. In India, the untouchable caste being worsen, in Vietnam, the same skin imprisoned and killed…

    Who claim racist in the democratic country, they are racism brain, then the bad people have used the title racist to create the hatred in society. In the US election 2007, a first black presidential Barack Obama had been protected by the iron shield of skin, so the most campaign from the white skin candidate John M.c Cain limited and careful, if not, they would be claim racist.

    The multiple culture could help the country develops, but some aspects failed: there is some ethnic groups have no participation into the society, indeed they want to create their small nation, then the society being isolated by many parts. They also use the government fund under the multiple culture scheme to develop their own nations. In Australia with 68 ethnics, it cost the tax pay up to $ 100M a year, so stop funding to ethnic could save the wasted tax payer, while the hospital, homeless and the others needed. The SBS radio system wasted multiple million a year as an example.

    Hoa Minh Truong.

    ( author of The Dark Journey & Good Evening Vietnam)

    • Hoa Minh Truong… I am not at sure what your message is but one thing is clear, this has nothing to do with colour. It is not a matter of racism. You are labouring under an illusion if you think foreigners have the right to abuse Australian culture. Let me explain some issues you are not aware of:

      (1) We Australians were not consulted about the policy of multiculturalism. This was imposed on Australia by the United Nations, and agreed to secretly by traitorous politicians. We Australians did not give permission, which is required under Section 51 of our Constitution. And even if it was not in the Constitution, this is our country and we will say what happens here. As it happens, most of us are saying NO to multiculturalism. If you want to move here, fine, but learn English, speak English in public, and respect our culture.

      (2) We are not welcome as migrants to yours or any other country from China to Malaysia, so stop the hypocrisy.

      (3) Most migrants do not contribute to the Australian economy, beyond what it cost us to have them here, until 20 years after arrival. Many Vietnamese are still parasitical and almost all Muslim Lebanese men continue to be officially unemployed. If we have our way, and we will die trying, all migrants who do not fit into our culture will be returned to their counrty of origin.

      (4) You presume any imposition of our culture on foreigners is based on colour. In fact most of my family is Aboriginal, and some are Indian, with the rest proud Keltic. We all still say to refugees and migrants… fit in or fuck off. This sentiment is reflected in the ancient saying, When in Rome do as the Romans do. I suggest you take that sage advice.

      Now, is there still any misunderstanding?

      Tony Ryan

  36. Truth be told says

    "it was perhaps a stone’s throw away from the government-backed propaganda put out by the media in Communist Russia and Nazi Germany … It all starts to sound a little too familiar."

    Perhaps he should be called "Haw Haw" Hildebrand?

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