Addressing Racism by Re-Educating Whites Only

The Australian Government asked The Australian Human Rights Commission to lead the development and delivery of the National Anti-Racism Strategy. One of the first steps was to invite the public to attend consultations nationwide to discuss strategies to overcome racism in Australia.

On the recommendation of the Australian Protectionist Party I attended the consultation held in my local area. My motivation for attending was two fold. I have experienced anti-white racism and have become increasingly concerned special interest groups target these forums to push specific agendas.

During the two hour public consultation four key questions were presented about addressing racism which attendees answered in small groups. We were provided with the following definition of racial discrimination: “any act where a person is treated unfairly or vilified because of their race, colour, descent, national or ethnic origin.”. Just to give readers an idea of the type of questions presented, the second question was: What strategies are most effective in preventing and reducing racism?

I found the consultation predictably disillusioning and undemocratic. The Australian Human Rights Commission had every intent to make this process democratic and enlightening. One of the underlying flaws is that the majority of attendees were all ‘like-minded”:

  • left leaning whites who support multiculturalism, mass third world migration and diversity
  • representatives of the migrant and refugee community whose main objective is to improve the lot of their own communities
  • members of the Muslim community. (I believe there is a need to categorise Muslims separately as I suspect these consultations are being used as a vehicle by Political Islam to curtail Freedom of Speech and implement Sharia Law by stealth and promote the Islamisation of Australia.)

Missing from the equation were individuals from the domestic population who held alternate perspectives. This resulted in a fairly lop-sided approach to addressing racism in Australia being presented by the attendees, one that would actually create more divisions.

To give an example, during the consultation the overriding attitude toward the domestic white population was very negative. It was the white ‘Angle-Saxon / Celtic’ population who were intolerant and responsible for racism. No accountability was given to the behaviour or attitude of migrants.

During this consultation the racist attitude of migrants was not discussed. Surely the first step in conflict resolution is to ask oneself, what am I doing wrong that is creating friction in this situation? So when the strategy rolls out it will no doubt focus only on white on non-white racism; not on anti-white racism or inter-ethnic racism.

The common suggestions to combat racist attitudes from the domestic white population was to:


  • educate school children about other cultures by amending the curriculum
  • prevent the media from reporting on ethnic crime
  • force the media to produce more positive stories about immigrants and their contributions
  • have diversity and the challenges faced by refugees written into the scripts of popular soaps
  • enforce diversity in the workplace by having more affirmative action
  • hold more multi-cultural festivals, have more special diversity days (such as Harmony Day)
  • re-examine the definition of racism to include discriminating against someone because of their religion.


During the consultation migrants and their white sycophants neglected to discuss the real issues that concern the domestic population, such as:


  • The racist baggage migrant communities held toward other groups and the dominant Anglo community
  • The over-riding view was that only white Australians are racists, never the victims of racism only the perpetrators
  • The migrant community holds little responsibility in examining their own beliefs, values and attitudes; only the mainstream white community needs to
  • If conflict and friction occurs it is the fault of the mainstream white community and the migrant community are the blameless innocents.
  • The valid and real concerns held by the mainstream white community about political Islam, ethnic gangs and crime, ethnic enclaves colonising by proxy, the Balkanisation of their country were ignored
  • The overriding insistence that multiculturalism was right and that the domestic population needed this reinforced to combat racism
  • The deep concern about losing control of our borders and losing control of what is happening within our borders in ethnic enclaves
  • migrants failing to learning English, languishing on welfare and refusing to integrate.

I was left feeling that this public consultation opened up a can of worms. Attendees wanted changes to the law, the constitution and various Acts. There was even a recommendation to introduce the Canadian model of multiculturalism. A spokesperson from Immigration Watch Canada advised against the Canadian Model and invited anyone interested in finding out more information about it to visit their web site

~ Susan Collins, May 2012.


  1. ex-digger says

    Last week alone in WA, we had 10 boatloads of Illegals being escorted to Christmas Island…..99.9% of these were buck Middle Eastern males….all army age and healthy looking. That equates to about 4-500 of these freeloaders…..Its horrendous to think how many thousands a year are coming in…crime is way above the critical level in Perth, with African violence and anti-social behaviour the norm on our streets….I know, I have experienced it several times.
    Something needs to be done otherwise it will be too late …..or is it already?

  2. Crusader Gary says

    I have noticed an intense increase in propaganda from all the media. This only shows that they are worried about the rise of the right in Europe, the U.S. and the west generally.

    If you want to see the tide turning,listen to talk back radio. The large increase on the net with blogs of anger about left wing Governments and how we are losing our suburbs to crime with the infiltration of totally unsuitable and undesirable people.

    It's not the hundreds that come it's the thousands they become with family reunions. If we get one boat refugee, we get 10 or 15 family members and if you do the numbers of boat people arriving not to mention migrants poring in anyway,the numbers are frightening.

    We are losing our nation plus our way of life. Why is it that only a white person is a racist ?

  3. michael monroe says

    I also made several complaints to the ABC over the awful 'music' progaramme rage, when the majority of black performers where signing hate songs about whites, nothing was done and i never received one reply.

    But Phillip Adams who 'works' for the ABC has labelled me a 'racist' for merely stating that racism is not limited to white people and it wasn't nice to slander dead people who can't protect themselves, (He was having a hate fest over the radio announcer Stan Z who had died of a brain tumour.) What a hero Adams is, sitting in his little farm in his cabin, preying on the minds of Australians telling them how wonderful diveristy is, whilst he has never had to live amongst it himself. Pure evil.

  4. michael monroe says

    I was disgusted to see on the ABC a while back that unkempt, aging freakshow called Todd Sampson on the Gruen Transferr programe wearing a tee shirt saying "White People Make Me Nervous"

    Don't forget this is also an Andrew Denton programme so he must have seen what Sampson was wearing and nothing was done.

    How odious is it that these white, left winged 'artist's' rely so heavily on a white European audience (after all, what ethnic is going to want to spend money listening to s self loathing whitie?) to pay their 'wages', then go on to betray the very people whom support them.

    I have already made a list of white performers I will no longer support with my money here are some of them;


    Actress Emma Thompson (white people are hideous she said)

    Brad and Angelina; who only support African charities whilst their own people in America starve


    Bob Geldorf

    Dawn French (who nows moans political correctness has ruined her career, maybe that is why she is reduced to advertising in the boring Coles foodmarkets adverts?)

    Cate Blanchett

    Sandra Bullock

    Matt Damon

    George Clooney

    Sam Worthington (for staring in Pandora which had a strong anti-white message in it)

    Any fim by Steven Speillburg

    And so many more. Don't forget authors too, artist's and movie directors. If your children are listening to gangster rapp take it off them and make them really listen to the subliminal messages sent about killing the white race.

  5. RightWingEye says

    FROM ABC 1

  6. Why is it, that the ABC or SBS has never been charged with Racial vilification laws.

    They deliberately single out White Australians and encourage vilification, and sometimes even hatred towards them.

    Surely there must be someone out there from the legal profession that has the courage who will stand up to them.

    The Public broadcasting services should be forced by law to allow every ones opinions to be heard even the the ones that they dont agree with, and in the way they wish to be represented and not in the image the ABC and SBS would like us to see.

    Here in North Queensland Racially motivated crimes and attitudes towards the Anglo-Celt Australians is almost considered normal, probably because they feel so powerless, there is a sense of hopelessness.

    Unless any new anti-racist laws state the fact that racism knows no color or culture, then all it will end up doing is push Whites into a corner, which is what the self loathing left want in the hope that some whites will begin lashing out.

    It must make them feel smug with themselves with the knowledge that the White Australians are forced, through our taxes to pay these people to vilify and humiliate us, its a bit like the government handing the bill for the bullet to the family of the executed.

    Believe it or not, but I was once a staunch and proud supporter of the Labor Party… Never again will I make that mistake.

    Colin Harrison.

    • Soothsayer says

      I know that some people did try to take SBS to the Human Rights Commission for racial vilification over they documentary about The White Australia policy. The person who did it was allocated a minority 'case worker' who treated their claim like a joke.

      SBS is also promoting The Stolen Generation as a fact. I've been researching this and found that a completely different picture is emerging. I personally take offence to the fact that 'White Australia' is being accused of genocide when the authorities were actually making an effort to save destitute, abused, neglected and unwanted children. How on earth can that be genocide? The authorities could save their lives and give them a future, it just couldn't fix their families.

      SBS has created a website recording the testimonials of 'survivors' of the The Stolen Generation –

      Believe it or not they got this idea from Steven Speilberg's site were he recorded the testimonials of halocaust survivors. So removing children from squalid and wretched circumstances and providing them with an education, health care and life skills is now genocide. The first testimonial I watched was from a women whose mother was a drunk who scavenged from a rubbish tip. Removing an infant from circumstances like that is genocide….of please give me a break.

  7. The River Styx says

    And another thank you from me too Susan.

    The government is not interested in having these sessions for Muslims only are they? It is just another hidden agenda to stop all Free Speech in Australia. We wont be allowed to breathe a word about anything or anyone if this keeps up. Shame, shame, shame. We should declare the entire Commonwealth of Australia the Parliament so that we can all enjoy the free speech our politicians enjoy. What is wrong with these stupid people?

  8. Thank you for your great work, Susan.

  9. Devon Warrington says

    Great job, Susan. Thankyou so much for writing this article.

  10. Well I believe this is just another issue thqat can only be addressed through democracy, it would appear that most if not all who attended have little or no respect for democracy or our way of life, they leave their lands and then try to change ours I'm sick of them all. The only way we the people are going to get any say is with an Australia type card issued to citizens and with electronic voting and the ability to put forward propositions that we the people can vote on.

    Trevor Lavey

  11. "Prevent the media from reporting on ethnic crime"

    This particular measure to " combat racism " is already widely used in the media. A classic example here in Perth was the 30 – 40 Black African refugee youths who attacked and stabbed four local boys walking down the street. I know for a fact they are AFRICANS as I have a police officer friend.

    Read the story and note at no time do the media tell the public they are Black Africans.

    More interesting is the comments below the article as a few indicated they suspect the perpetrators are " bogans"

  12. Terry Odgers says

    Well done Susan! I believe you have highlighted what needs to be highlighted which a lot of ordinary Aussies are still ignorant of. I thank you for your effort in exposing the 'mindset' of those who for reasons best known to themselves, take it upon themselves to become traitors to their own kind and their own nation.

    • whitehair says

      It is strictly not true that Australians are ignorant. They are silent because they feel that noone will listen to their concerns and worse still will be attacked. Until we are allowed to speak truthfully and honestly Australians will be silent.

  13. it seems strange that the current government send the navy to meet and greet the boats. for heavens sake why do not the government patrol the border and not let them in. i believe it will not be long before 1 or more muslim person or persons create carnage like in bali or great britain.for gods saake send the bastards home they do not integrate and never will.

  14. Trevor W Sullivan says

    It is time for Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Christian Australia (what's left of it) to wake up and realize that we never did have the right to bath in the glory and blessing of our Christian forefathers.

    This generation desperately needs to be reintroduced to Foxe's Book of Martyrs and the King James Bible. It is only 300-500 years ago that our forefathers were still shedding their blood for their Christian testimony in the British Isles.

    Australia, like Israel of old, is quickly becoming a spectacle to the world, with plagues so many and varied it reminds us of Egypt in the days of the Exodus, as a people who have forsaken their God.

    Yet we still have a Christian Constitution, and a flag which bears the crosses of St George, St Patrick, and St Andrew, as well as the Southern Cross Christ Himself placed in the heavens, which all speak of Him Who is Lord of England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, and all nations of the world – Psalm 2:1-5, "Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed (Christ), saying,Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the LORD shall have them in derision. Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure."

    Sincerely in Christ's service

    Trevor W Sullivan

    Minister, Nanango Christian Faith Centre Inc

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