Alfred Deakin, Australian statesman

On this day we celebrate the anniversary of the birth of one of Australia’s greatest statesmen, Alfred Deakin, who was born on the 3rd of August 1856.

Deakin was a leading light in the drive for the federation of the Australian colonies; he was the founding chairman of the Federation League of Victoria and was a delegate to the federal conferences, where he advocated for democratic ideals; all of which culminated in the founding of the Australian Commonwealth in 1901. He became Australia’s second Prime Minister in 1903 and went on to occupy that position for an additional two separate terms.

He was involved in the Protectionist Association (for tariff protection), the National Anti-Sweating League (for workers’ rights), and the Australian Natives’ Association (promoting the interests of Australia and native born Australians).

Alfred Deakin was a Protectionist who was a firm believer in a homogeneous and united Australia, favouring traditional immigration policies that maintained social cohesion. He also was a pioneer of legislation to enable better working conditions for Australian workers; with his Factories and Shops Act regulating hours of work, workplace conditions, workplace inspections, and compensation for injuries.

He was a mild and humble man who refused the offer of a knighthood; was independently-minded (as shown by his inviting the US navy to visit Australia – despite opposition from the imperial authorities, who had signed a treaty with Japan); and was dedicated to the interests of the Australian people. As one biographer noted, “His services to the Federation movement and the new nation were immense”.

Australia once again needs people of the calibre of Alfred Deakin to lead and protect our nation. The politicians of the current Liberal and Labor parties are virtually intent on destroying the Australian way of life and decimating the Australian people; and so a new breed of Protectionists are required to step forward to save our people. To further the work started by Alfred Deakin, we call upon all vital and determined men and women to join with us in the fight to win back Australia for the Australians.

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  1. Alfred Dealin would turn in his grave now with the way some politicians carry on.Politicians like Greens senator Sarah Hanson Young claiming 'cultural enrichment'is great for Australia…..why fight it? I trust Sarah will still be supporting this social experiment farce in 30 years when she's forced to wear the burqua? Let enough of them in,and they'll want things run their way. There are polies out there who care about the nation,but they need our support.Every true Australian needs to stick together like we used to and refuse to be the human dumping pit for those who will wreck the country. Today's 'refugees'=tomorrows majority.

  2. OzPatriot says

    These were HONOURABLE men.

    The calibre of honesty, integrity and love of one's nation was foremost in Deakin's mind and especially in his various acts.

    The breakdown of racial homogeneity and the programme of multiculturalism upheld by our political elite is destroying this country; Deakin knew and we can see it happening.

    Pandering to the wishes of many cultures just sows the seeds of disunity.

    Apart from Cori Bernardi and Barnaby Joyce, ther are no HONOURABLE representitives in government today.

    It seems that honesty, integrity and love of serving one's nation just isn't on the radar of our public servants.

    Deakin would have been ashamed at the state of this country at the moment.

  3. Save Australia says

    A great man. If only our current politicians were of the same standing, we would be a lot better off today.

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