South Sudan frees itself from cultural enrichment

The news that South Sudan has achieved its independence from North Sudan has been welcomed by ethnic Sudanese across the world, who are jubilant with their country’s new found status. The sheer joy on the faces of the South Sudanese in Australia at the news that South Sudan is now a free country was overwhelming.

Muslim Arabs dominate north Sudan, leading to religious and racial tensions with the rest of the country. The BBC has reported that the large non-Arab, non-Muslim elements in the country are not happy with attempts by the north Sudanese government’s attempts to impose Islamic Sharia law over the entire country. Obviously Multiculturalism and Islamification didn’t work out so well for the south and they have now freed their part of the country. However, South Sudan has over 200 different ethnic groups itself (and many religions, or “traditional beliefs”), so how long until there are social tensions there is anyone’s guess.

Australia’s government has already promised to put its generous hand in the till to give the new country a monetary boost. At a time when our hospitals are screaming out for more cash to save the lives of Australians, our anti-national politicians are giving our money away overseas. Obviously when many of us are paying taxes in the belief that they will go to help Australia in general, and needy Australians in particular, we are somewhat mistaken.

Falling over themselves in their rush to give yet more foreign aid to Africa, Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd have arranged to give $16 million to South Sudan. Gillard and Rudd issued a joint statement which said “Australia stands ready to support the people of South Sudan and Sudan build a viable and secure future”. Wouldn’t it be nice if our politicians would “build a viable and secure future” for our own nation instead?

Many Sudanese refugees from that troubled area claim to have come to Australia to escape the civil war that raged between the southern and the northern parts of Sudan. Now that South Sudan has gained its independence, perhaps those refugees will see it as their duty to return there, and take with them the skills they have learnt here in Australia, so that South Sudan can indeed become a viable independent nation with peace and prosperity for all. After all, it is not as if they were fake refugees who simply came to Australia looking for a land of milk and honey, is it?

As a gesture of good will Australia should donate a sum of money to each Sudanese person willing to return to their homeland.

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  1. 'Black power' in action there.Lets see how long before good 'ol whitey has to come to their aid…

  2. danielbatman9 says

    I just saw a liberal party meeting in the park and nearly all were ethnics so clearly they have already started to take over the parliament

  3. mike monroe says

    Young 15 yr old Aussie girl raped by two Africans, cowardly guy refuses to help her, (must either be a Greens voter or didn't want to be called a racist)

    • skippymate says

      what are they going to do match the colour of the eyes to a line up, plus the person walking by was proberly african too.

    • Yes, it is disgusting that no-one helped her, I am amazed they released the race of the attackers they usually withhold that to avoid creating 'racial tension'

    • RomanGoddess says

      we could always encourage some vigilante action…if you know where they hang out, why not give them a taste of their own medicine? Useless monkeys.

  4. Concerned Aussie says

    It has always been my belief that all refugees coming to Australia be given temporary protection visas only. When the crisis in their country of origin is over these people should be made to return to the land they came from.

    I believe that individuals and nations should make an attempt to help themselves.Not just rely on charity and migration when the going gets tough. All hands should be at the wheel to bring change and prosperity to these developing and third world countries and the hands that should be at the wheel should be the hands of that country's own people.

    Sure countries like Australia can take genuine refugees in on temporary protection visas whilst the refugees are in mortal danger of returning to their country but there needs to be more foresight given to the process.

    These refugees should be given whatever psychological counseling they need to heal from their experience but should be forced to undertake study whilst they are over here. They should be taught English and given an education so they can eventually return to their homeland and contribute to the prosperity of their own country. Whilst here they should be under the understanding that their stay here is not a free lunch. They need to understand that they must get an education and get a job as quickly as practicable. They shouldn't just be brought over here and automatically plugged into the teat of Centrelink. They also need to be told that if they commit violent crime or involve themselves in robbery that they will be deported immediately. No second chances.

    Australia has a problem with a skills shortage. Why on earth are Labor and Liberal Governments not being more proactive in this area? Why aren't they keeping tabs on those people, migrants and others, who are on unemployment benefits long term? Why aren't these people being forced into study and/or apprenticeships?

    Australia doesn't need to import skilled migrants from overseas. We have enough of a pool of potential skilled people here. They just need to be forced to get off their arses and make something worthwhile of themselves instead of sitting back thinking that this country and it's taxpayers owe them a living.

    I noted in the Daily Telegraph this morning a story about a 15 year old girl who was grabbed by two black African men at Parramatta Mall on Sunday at 2 in the morning and sexually assaulted. I bet the two culprits have little or no education and don't hold down a job. There is a clear connection between rates of unemployment and crime.

    I'd like to see people like these two Africans deported immediately. They come over here and are given a safe place to live and destroy someone else's life by their actions. They don't deserve the sanctuary Australia offers anymore.

    The number of Islanders, black Africans, Arabs and others (including Aussies)I see each week who are under 45 roaming around the streets obviously without jobs from Monday to Friday is a disgrace. If we are not careful Australia will in sink under the sheer weight of it's welfare obligations and we will be facing a similar fate to Greece.

    Whilst on the subject of people helping themselves,when is this country going to wake up and put a cap on population growth?

    It's all very well saying we need to reduce our carbon footprint but I don't see the Labor government or the Greens (surprise, surprise), looking at Australia's optimal population carrying capacity. No one apart from a handful of academics and Dick Smith are looking at putting a limit on population growth, on how many people can come into this country and how many children people can give birth to. Every human leaves a carbon footprint. More humans = more urban density = the need for more industry = more pollution! You can't address the issue of reducing carbon emissions without also looking at human population levels.

    Peter Costello and the Howard government brought in the Baby Bonus to address revenue concerns over Australia's ability to fund it's pension and welfare obligations in the future. But is was based on an economic model that is flawed. It assumes that each child born out of the baby bonus will go on to become a taxpayer of the future. In reality this is not going to happen.

    Look at all the people on unemployment benefits and those on disability benefits who are rorting the system. Look at the Muslim and Islander couples having more than 5 kids and the number of working age Islanders and Muslims who aren't working. The girls are just getting themselves married off early and having kids themselves, perpetuating the problem.

    Australia is a large country but most of it is arid and uninhabitable. Anyone who has flown over this country and has a smattering of knowledge on geography and science knows this to be a fact. We simply cannot support a huge population.

    If the government were serious about reducing carbon dioxide emissions and improving the standard of living for all Australians, there would be a limit on how many kids people can have. A 2 child per couple limit so the population remains static would be a good start. The baby bonus would only be paid for the first child and would not be paid a second time to people who remarry and have kids to another partner.

    It is time for Australia and her political leaders to have a long hard and critical look at the direction this country is heading in. Hindsight is all very well but hindsight comes after the damage is already done! It is far better to plan adequately for the future whilst you have options available for change.

    We desperately need leaders who have foresight. True statesmen with this country's best interest and future at heart. Not more of the same tired bunch of politicians that get trotted out each election…. Populists, socialists and ex trade union leaders that will say and do anything to be elected apart from making the much needed hard decisions this country needs for its very survival. Politicians that once elected concern themselves only with retaining their seat at all costs so as to protect their future parliamentary pension and perks.

    It's high time Australians stood up for Australia and started demanding more from their politicians!

    • RomanGoddess says

      More like it's high time Australian TAXPAYERS put their foot down & stopped their "EMPLOYEES" (the Government) from giving our taxes to NON-AUSTRALIANS. I object most strenuously to my taxes being sent offshore as 'foreign aid'. And then we don't have money in the kitty for our OWN natural disasters, so Government dips into taxpayers' pockets AGAIN.

      I'm sick of being the cash-cow for every third-world s***ter in the world. Will someone have the B***S to run for parliament with the first intention of RECOVERING OUR NATIONAL IDENTITY, and telling the United Nations to take a flying f**k at the moon?

      Good idea with population control, but really – just stop the illiterate, the stupid and the poor from breeding – they breed cos they don't have anything else to do with themselves, thanks to the government HANDING OUT MONEY FOR NOTHING. Drop the 'baby bonus' – give them free contraceptives instead. Can't feed em, don't breed 'em. And stop sending aid to the third world – the reason they are dying of starvation is because THERE ARE TOO MANY OF THEM. Let natural selection do its job – humans are a parasite on this planet, but they won't let us CULL the useless…

      • RomanGoddess,I loved your post,but I don't think they pay the baby bonus in South Sudan! Like you said,they breed because they have nothing better to do.And they get our aid money because they're too bloody stupid to look after themselves. You know how it is…..

        • RomanGoddess says

          Hey VIV – I was talking about the 'cultural enrichment' which has flooded OUR shore *** …stop THEM first! At least stop ENCOURAGING them with cash! better still, send them BACK – now their country is 'free', I reckon it's OUR COUNTRY'S TURN TO BE FREE – of Sudanese!

  5. Christopher King says

    I agree with all the comments made here,the reason they (refugee's)say they came here was to flee the fighting, well the fighting is over so go back and build your new county, they need you so please go home. If our great country was in a civil crisis I would never desert her and flee to another country. I give my life to my country and would gladly put it on the line to protect it.

  6. Ray Cullen says

    If the new country of South Sudan has any minerals or oil deposits how long will it be before the Money Power sharks move in to rape the place just as they're doing here in Australia with Foreign Corporations reaping the benefits and profits from mining operations in this country!

  7. Alan Webb says

    My thoughts exactly. Now that home is safe, go home.

    The war is over,(apparently) so as you stated, go back and help build the new nation. Some must have some skills learnt here, therefore it now becomes their duty to return.

    Is it possible that someone in the govt will even dare mention this plain fact to their political "leaders"?

    Alan webb

  8. Gareth Connors says

    So, South Sudan has been saved from 'Cultural Enrichment' Lucky them.

    Good ole OZ however has still to feel the intense pleasure this would bring.

    In the UK 'Cultural Enrichment' is said soon to be delivered to every non muslem by enema.

    I am sure Bob would appreciate the irony of this.

    I suggest that the OZ flag colours be changed to reflect symbolicaly the virtues of it's current leadership

    To wit; RED,BROWN,GREEN and PINK.

    Gareth Connors

  9. give them five bucks and make sure they dont come back.

    • Save Australia says

      Nice thought.

      But I'm sure they are very happy with what Centrelink is paying them already, thanks very much.

      I wonder what the unemployment rate of Sudanese "refugees" in Australia is?

      I've heard anecdotal evidence that it is very high, but it would good to know the exact rate.

      Anyway, what Sudanese would want to go back to the Sudan when they can stay here in the "land of milk and honey"?

      • That's right why would they want to return when they are given baby bonuses here, welfare payments, Department of Housing accomodation and without ever having had to pay any taxes, it is a great country Australia.

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