Banning cattle exports – Does the government have mad cow disease?

The decision by the Labor government to stop the export of live cattle to Indonesia is yet another example of the type of politicians who are hell-bent on destroying Australia.

With hundreds of millions of dollars of trade being put at risk, with so many Australian jobs being put at risk, one has to wonder whether the politicians of the major parties really understand how much work it is to build up a business and operate one successfully?

Ongoing business contracts and farming operations, which involve the transport logistics of moving livestock hundreds of miles, are not the sort of things that can easily survive the stop/start demands of interfering governments.

When Indonesian businesses turn to other countries to get their cattle, who will compensate the Australian farmers for the resulting years of loss of contract caused by the government? No-one, that’s who. Once again, our farmers are being destroyed by inept politicians. Governments need to start realizing that businesses can be precarious operations that can be destroyed by over-regulation and badly thought-out government interference.

The federal government should have fixed up this situation long ago before stepping in and ruining Australian businesses. This is the sort of thing that Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd should have been looking after, rather than swanning around the world, at the taxpayers’ expense, in his efforts to “prove” himself as some kind of special diplomat (he has proved himself to be “special”, but not in the way he thinks he is).

Liberal-Labor governments have ruined many other farmers in the past, with their push to have them all run onto the world economy’s “level playing field”; except that there is no such level playing field, it is just a globalist myth. With the guns of Liberal-Labor at their back, prodding them forward, our farmers instead found themselves stuck out in the middle of an economic killing field, where they were slaughtered.

Opening up our national agricultural markets to international competition, in what became a free-for-all globalist feeding frenzy, resulted in hundreds, if not thousands, of acres of fruit trees being plowed back into the ground. After all, how many of our local farmers could compete with countries that pay their workers just a few dollars a week?

If we wanted to establish them again, how many years would it take to re-grow an orange orchard? This kind of economic vandalism is not something that can easily bounce back from the effects of the stop/start theories of ivory-tower economists with their theoretical models of economic units that make widgets and can just swap from making one kind of “widget” to another.

The same applies to other Australian industries, from small to big. When our supermarket shelves were flooded with matches made in Asia and elsewhere, the Bryant and May company ended up closing down their match-making factory (in Richmond, Melbourne). And it wasn’t all that long ago that our supermarket shelves stocked Australian-made light globes, but (even before the change to the new types of globes) then the cheap Asian imports flooded in and now the Australian globes have disappeared. All of the associated manufacturing jobs disappeared too. Is it any wonder, with the demise of our manufacturing industries (caused by Liberal-Labor), that we have such a big unemployment problem?

Such industries are hard to re-establish. It is not as simple as swapping from making tables to making bookcases (although even doing that can be economically and organizationally traumatic for a factory); these industries require huge amounts of expertise, technology, and human investment.

Our light globe and match factories are not “in competition” with foreign factories – they have been destroyed! Their expertise has effectively been lost, scattered to the four winds, when their workforce was thrown onto the economic scrapheap; and without an operating factory, the expertise of the workforce has long since fallen behind, not being updated in the newer technological processes that such factories always deal with. The expertise, the machines, the technology; we lost the lot. Such losses are catastrophic!

It is high time that the federal government institutes some moderate tariff protections for our industries, to protect them from the worst ravages of cheap foreign imports, before our nation’s economy is damaged beyond repair.

Australia is worth protecting.


  1. Save Australia says

    Some socialist types seem to think that businesses just pop up out of nowhere and jobs become available as if by magic.

    Some of them seem to be intent on bringing businesses down by demanding more and more from them.

    And they give little thought to the risk and struggle behind every business; with them in charge, the damage can be immense.

  2. What an insult to the cattle workers and owners to say there is $3,ooo,ooo and maybe an extra $5,ooo,ooo if all goes to plan. How is it that this country can give $50,000,000 plus to places like Indonesia of the Australian Taxpayers money and when something goes uptilter here at home they offer Australian Taxpayers PEANUTS…………… This does not make any sense to me what is really going on in this country???

  3. Hi everyone

    I do agree with most issues raised by APP however over the banning of live meat exports I dissagree, it's just plain bloody cruel and extremely inhumane. Our farmers are sufferring over this, and many may other government blunders, and I wholeheartedly agree that they should be fully compensated. We Australian taxpayers hand out 540 million dollars in foreign aid to our lovely Indonesian neighbours so I think that our farmers should be compensated using this money until the Indo government gets off its collective arse and does something about its cruelty issues.

    Regards Allan

    • Save Australia says

      I think that the key point of the article in that regard is
      "The federal government should have fixed up this situation long ago before stepping in and ruining Australian businesses."

      Rather than killing off the whole multi-million dollar industry, they should have seriously negotiated with Indonesia to clean up their act re. cattle. Or work out which abattoirs are compliant and sell only to them and encourage more to do the same. Or whatever – they have millions of dollars and heaps of experienced diplomats and public servants to work this stuff out. It is what they are paid to do.

      They should fix it, not destroy more Australian jobs.

      It seems that Labor's answer to everything is to either tax it or to destroy jobs.

      No wonder our manufacturing industries have been killed off (thanks to the pathetic Liberals too).

  4. ringer from the west says

    Well well the penny has finally dropped with the Australian public they might wake up and see all the jobs that have gone over seas 1 ship building 2 the pork industies 3 tobacco 4 woolen mill industries 5 footware 6 now the cattle industry. just a small list. Advance Australia. But not with Gillard and the Queen of Tasmania and the rest of the w***ers

  5. Ray Cullen says

    Having spent most of my life in the meat industry the last 25yrs as a Commonwealth Meat Inspector in Queensland.It was the Australian Government at the time, late 1980s early 1990s that was complicit in destroying the Export meat industry as we knew it. Following the United Nations agenda allowing foreign takeovers where in Queensland alone the US Conagra took over 12-14 export meat processing plants to ultimately shut down all bar three,destroying thousands of jobs along the way.Forcing the cattlemen of the north to seek alternative markets. The Australian Government was complicit in destroying the Pork Industry! Our industries destroyed under the guise of "Free Trade" which is really Globalisation all part of the United Nations agenda.Today's Government is following that same Agenda dancing to the tune of the UN i.e.Live cattle trade stopped, Carbon Tax = U Ns Global Tax.

  6. The Australian people voted for Liebor. They got the Rainbow Government.

    Gillard = Red then Brown = Green and Pink.

    As an expat hoping to return and currently a life member of the BNP I am appalled.The UK is a Basket Case due to leftwing government shameful mis-government. And now a coalition that is gutless, self destructive and will likely see the end of the UK's credibility.

    Howards only real mistake was introducing the ridiculous firearm laws in Australia other than that he was at least on track to stem the flow of muzzies into the country.

    Time to wake up.


  7. As a vegetarian and animal lover I do not think that cattle should be slaughtered Halal style. Of all the reports that have been published by the MSM I have read any which reveal that the animal has to be conscious to hear the Isslamic prayer while it is being cruelly killed.

  8. As an Australian who has lived in Indonesia for over 2 years, I have witnessed first hand their treatment and attitude of animals on a daily basis. As a 90+% Muslim country unfortunately religion plays a major part in the way the country is governed.
    In regards to the Halal killings, the Indonesians (and other Muslims countries) do not feel any compassion towards any animal nor feel that they have a soul or feel pain. The children are encouraged to dance and rejoice at the sight of an animal dying under the name of Allah during the sharia law slaughter.
    What I’m trying to say is that this has been going on from the 7th century and nothing the Australian government do or say will change anything. By stopping the live cattle imports it shows that we don’t agree with their ways however they will continue the mistreatment of animals forever. The country doesn’t even have any laws passsed for their protection. No animal mistreatment is illegal.
    It is the Islam religion that is stopping the development of this country and her people. A sickening disease that is apparant to all who are lucky not to be Islamified.

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