Proposed mosque in Elermore Vale is a huge concern for local residents

Report from an APP member:

On or around the 28th of February this year it was announced that the Newcastle Muslim association had bought a parcel of land 2.4 acres for 1.3 million dollars at Elermore Vale.

This Mosque would be a large development and would make drastic changes to the area, such as traffic problems and the influx of Islamic worshipers who would not necessarily culturally mix well with the locals.

As it was an area that I had worked in as a tradesman, and also knowing people in the area that I grew up with and remained friends with, I was concerned about the impact on the area. I approached friends and shop owners and was not surprised to hear that they disagreed with the development and knew what the outcome would be in the future of local business.

I also made contact with a local business owner who has his premises directly across the road from the purposed Mosque. This gentleman told me that his concerns were so serious that he had started a petition and was seeking several avenues of legal advice.

APP members letterbox dropped APP leaflets in the area and we were approached by numbers of residents as we letterbox dropped, inquiring with concern about the proposed mosque.

The APP Hunter Valley convener also made the local TV news in an interview highlighting the announcement of the proposed Mosque and spoke about parking and traffic issues and the fact that the area would change demographically with the influx of Islamic worshipers wanting to move into the area to be close to the proposed Mosque.

In the last two months, the Newcastle Muslim Association lodged a DA submission of their proposed Mosque (with a price of $6,645,000), which frankly was completely out of proportion with the existing usage of the area.

Residents had big concerns with both parking and traffic. To further compound problems and the concerns of the residents, the proposed Mosque is to have a funeral parlour, morgue, community hall, double storey car park (to hold some 300 cars) as part of the development, and of course the Mosque itself. It would be the only one of its size outside of Sydney Mosques.

Their DA submission was lodged on the 25th of August, and within 5 days the local Newcastle City council members were inundated with numerous submissions of complaint from local residents and shop owners. So many in fact, that it was proposed by the councilors to have a question time on Saturday morning, 4th September 2010, which went for over an hour and there was not one resident there that supported the proposed Mosque. This meeting was attended by some 100-150 residents, who fired a barrage of question at the only two councilors to turn up. Other councilors who were elected to this ward failed to turn up without explanation, which makes one wonder whether this matter to them is a foregone conclusion.

The two councilors who did attend tried to fob off the people by saying that a development over a certain price goes to a state government appointed board of three independent people that would judge the DA on its merits. Also at the meeting, one councilor said he was looking forward to such a big influx of Muslims into the area and the construction of the Mosque, thereby not relieving the fears of the concerned residents.

The only concession that residents achieved from the councillors was that they would change to a two week extension for objection time to the DA submission which means APP will now have more time to highlight this issue with local residents, in the media and on the internet.

Also after making inquiries and looking over previous news articles I found out that in 2007 the Newcastle Muslim Association board was replaced by a younger more radical group with links to the Arab Wahhabi group.

“Up to 150 university students from Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Egypt who follow the fundamentalist Wahabbism ideology were central to the overthrow at the weekend of the executive board of the Newcastle Muslim Association.”

“Radical international university students are posing a greater security threat than hardline sheiks by spreading extremist messages at Australian mosques and prayer halls.The former chairman of John Howard’s Islamic reference board, Ameer Ali, said some international students needed to be stopped from poisoning the minds of local Muslims. “The danger here is that universities are becoming the hotbeds for fundamentalist views among students,” he told The Australian”.

Now that the pieces are falling into place about who the Newcastle Muslim Association is run by and their intentions. It has been said that this proposed Mosque will be the epicenter of all Mosques in the New South Wales region.

This matter is of utmost concern and I urge fellow patriots and APP members to support local residents and shop owners of Elermore Vale – and to assist our campaign to halt the building of this mosque.


  1. The application has been turned down on the very grounds that I raised namely; 30 car space is too many for the street in this area. Traffic concerns was the main point of failure that produced the result.

    So No Mosque for Elemore Vale at present

  2. Seriously Concerned says

    I appreciated the comment made by Ray Cullen in regards to the “Lima Agreement” signed by the Whitlam government in 1975…so what developments have transpired with the proposed mosque in Elermore Vale??

    I too was born in Newcastle, lived in Mayfield & Adamstown Heights.I don't feel I am racist but when people come to our country and don't respect our way of life then yes I feel like saying go back to where you came from

    In regards to different faiths/ religions people don't understand that Muslim is the ONLY one faith with a mission to OVERTHROW and turn everyone to MUSLIM, that's the big difference!!

    As they said in their rally in Sydney this year they have the largest oil fields,& other products that put them in a powerful position.They don't care for our democracy,our freedom of speech or our civil rights.

    Think seriously who you vote for at the next election!!

  3. geronimo says

    some guy from the article mentioned ( posted this:

    Strong grounds for appeal under Section 123 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act if this gets approved by the JRPP.

    Staff recommendation for approval is both against the objectives of the current zone, and inconsistent with the draft LEP that prohibits the use and should be given determinitive weight. They say it themselves on page 9 – extract staff report:

    iv) NLEP 2003 – The development does not meet the zone objectives under the

    Newcastle Local Environmental Plan 2003. That the development is of a regional

    scale and inappropriate within the local residential area plus the size of the

    congregation has been underestimated based on the size of the facility proposed.

    The proposal includes sporting uses and outdoor terrace area which would be

    prohibited within the residential zone as recreation areas/recreation facility and as a

    restaurant respectively.

    v) Draft LEP 2011 – The submitted proposal will be prohibited under the draft zoning (ie

    R2 – Low Density Residential and should not be allowed under saving provisions

    within the Draft LEP. That the development should not be approved considering that

    the Draft LEP 2011 will be gazetted within three months

  4. geronimo says

    How's this going guys?

    Looking at the comments here
    there's no shortage of opposition.

  5. Every country they go to turns to s*** eventually.Only 9% of refugees could find a full time job after 5 years,gives em plenty of time to pray at the mosk.

  6. In Spain a proposed mosque building project was cancelled because some locals buried a couple of dead pigs on the block of land, took photos of it and sent them to the local newspaper.

    This ad-hoc initiative was in response to decisions made by their local government that had ignored all comments, questions and concerns. Well done!

    Ideas, anyone?

  7. It is faulse guys, do not believe this APP, it is not a huge concern at all. I live in Elermore Vale. Like I said, stay away from us, live your life in Sydney. You do not have any clue of what is going on in Newcastle.

  8. I read, that a traffic study was about to be done. I certainly hope it isn't done during school holidays, which would give a very misleading result, as we are all aware of the increased volume of traffic, once school goes back.

    Why do we have Council elections, then take such important decisions away from the people who are elected to represent us. certainly NOT Democracy at work, is it ?

  9. Concerned undecided says

    Just a quikie , wasn't this preposed mosque at mayfield?.

  10. Wreckingboy says


    I want higher Tax's

    I want more boat people

    I don't want a say

    I want higher wage's and more perk's

    I want higher electricity price'

    I want more corruption

    I want a tax on the air we breath

    I don't want equeal right's

    I want all the refuge's to get more than australian's

    I don't want to work

    I want more free money

    Vote labour you wombat's

    As long as you believe in this government can one of you idiot's pay my bill's

    Yer right VOTE for the dick head's that call them self's labour.

    Hold your head's in shame if think this is the best it will get

    While I wait to for an intelligent reply, from a labour voter that belive's in throwing money at a problem will make it go away .

    Please pay my bills for if you do believe

    Your vote for labour and your commitment to pay all extra's.


    One well and truly shafted voter

    Wrecking boy

    • Concerned undecided says

      I like the Cut of your jib . I can only derive that not only you've seen the light ,

      But the whole grid has come on line. You sir speak in a way ,



      • Labor is a great party, and what about this mosque, it is just a cultural diversity!!!

        You guys, aren't living in Elermore Vale, I do! So then keep busy with your job, if you have a job and stay away there in Sydney. Cheers

        • wreckingboy says

          Your a fool if you think labor's doing a good job, it's no wonder this country is going south. It's easy to see jurks like you caused this.

          Why dont you just sell your soul and be done with it.

        • The River Styx says

          We dare not let down our guard though. They will find other sneaky ways of doing it. I went to Uni in Newcastle and still have lots of friends in the area. Novacastrians are absolutely livered about it. Comment is so often shut down.

          The road there is a dangerous one. Schools and Shopping centres etc. The road is curvy and quite dangerous in parts and with hoons like Muslims driving around the area, (as we see daily in Sydney)it will be hell on earth for the locals. And of course then we have the gun control problem – there is no control as we see in Sydney too, but the criminals can get access to them at anytime.

          Newcastle is no different and drug lords are making headway there too and Nelson Bay has long been known as a place to deliver these goods by sea. Yes indeed, there are problems ahead of Newcastle that will be revealed as time goes by. I doubt Waratah Area Command can handle it when they could not handle my problem with a Muslim. Only one lady there who had worked in Lakemba, truly understood how bad it gets to be abused by a muslim man and she was jeered at behind her back by her male workmates. Disgusting. Female police are the backbone of the force these days. At least they have an understanding of females being abused and so on and there will be a lot more of this as the Muslims move in and the hospital will need to cater for more care for little girls who have been badly cut by using razor blades for FGM on their baby daughters. It is all coming Newcastle. They will try to woo you with food and loving kindness, but it is all taqiyya. be careful.

  11. Wreckingboy says

    Well , well all you bloody labor voters have bought this upon yourselfs.

    If you don't want this to happen, vote liberal.It was the labor party and all the nut's that run it let all these loser's in. For all those with short memories who's letting all the boat people in, all these unemployed no hoper's are here to bleed the country dry. Good luck to all that

    Vote for more tax's and more boat's , take a stand.

    • Terry Odgers says

      Actually wreckingboy, both sides of politics have been permitting ever increasing numbers of those who do not fit in to enter this land. If we had one side of politics that truly represented how the average Australian voter feels, then there would be no need for the APP!

      • Concerned undecided says

        Yer right,one guess you vote , labor.As long back as I remember, I can't recall

        Any other prime mistister that opened the gate's to paradise , that wasn't in some way connected to the labor party. Please tell me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it

        Little Johnny that closed them , and rud the dud that opened them. Thank's to

        Ju-liar they not only stay open but ,I heard that they are now being fast tracked to the main land, oh hello , hello ,can I see even more mosque's coming, hey more import's more place's they need pray. I can hear it no now, praise ala for he your god now. Wake up idot's, call me racist but I love my country, and would never think of selling out for , not genuin refuges , but the future dole collecter's. So do we praise ala , or say no bloody way this my home.If you wish to praise your god , kindly do it your country.


        Wrecking boy

        • Thank you – finally someone with a brain who actually recalls the facts! Labor are a bunch of moronic white dogs. I always notice more filthy muslims on the trains, in the city, everywhere as soon as Labor is in power. DO NOT VOTE LABOR if you VALUE YOUR FREEDOM IN THIS COUNTRY!!!!

  12. Bottom line: If we can't build churches and walk around in boob tube's in their country, they shouldn't be allowed to build mosque's in our country!

    • Concerned undecided says

      Dear , Aussie gal , luv your reply,want to hear more,spill your thought's onto the key board.I totally agree, when in rome ,well you know the rest. I allways thought pick a s*** government and you get s*** results.The proof is in our moment ,it might only be

      Me ,but labor has pissed all our money up agais't the wall, and now the kitty is empty, only one thing to do, raise more money, let's tax the air we breath, and make more money, the wall get's wetter as time go's on. This mosque is one perfect example ,the door's of our future are slowly closing . Our goverent is not only selling me out ,the good people that live and have family's in this beauteful suburb. As long as corrupt ,council , and goverenment run the country , my dear voter's kiss your ass good bye, and say hello to higher price's and bow to your new life ala!


      Wrecking boy

  13. I just finished watching

    and I'd have to say that I believe in the right to voice the opinions of your religion, of which I am Anglo-Saxon and as far as my family tree shows, we paid our way to be here.

    However, when you're preaching for education of the Australian people, Education of "Lazy Muslims, Oppressed Muslims" in amongst others, the text you insert into your video should preach education not death to non-believers. While watching, I wasn't sure if he's talking about education via mutialation, stoning of 'non-believers' and people who commit adultery, public shaming and mauling of women, regression of civil liberties and basic rights or reverting to a communistic ideal. I'm not sure. What I do know is we of Australia believe in education through understanding, training acknowledgement and for those who choose to, faith in the chosen subject. Scientific factual evidence may also help for those who need it.

    A simple question for anyone unsure of the message contained in that video is this;

    Q: If I'm not a 'believer', when I commit a crime against the muslim ideals would I?

    a. have a fair trial

    b. as with the spanish inquisition, be counted as guilty before proven otherwise

    c. be stoned for being a ‘non-believer’ before the trial OR

    d. be forced to leave the country and join the other infidels

    My next question aside from the above is this;

    From 1939 to 1945, was my grandfather and his friends (our forefathers) fighting, and dying, in a World War to;

    a. Protect Australia from invasion by external force

    b. Protect Australia from a internal invasion and a domestic uprising of hatred

    c. Protect the Australian way of life including our civil liberties that we've been evolving to for 200 years. Including the right to have a voice FOR or AGAINST regardless of personal status

    d. Die in a foreign country, thousands of miles from their family to allow their grandchildren and great grandchildren to sell or allow thier govt. representatives to sell, Australian assets to hate-filled immigrants (not all immigrants) for their explicit purpose of recruiting more hate-filled recruits.

    In my opinion I also believe that once upon a time many centuries ago, Christianity was on the receiving end of what muslims receive today. Maybe if they accepted an alternative view, even for a moment, they might learn from our history what we have learnt from 2000 years of death, in the name of faith and religion.

    • Concerned undecided says

      I believe in what your saying , but answer me this do I have any right's in a is Islamic

      Run regime. Wake up you ,give em all why don't you hav a mosque. Next to you.

      Just let me guess you vote labor. Aha ha ha !

  14. This is going to ruin this city.

    I ran away from Sydney to get away from this.

    And Now I see it on my own front home doorstep.

    This is disgusting behavior Australia and it should not be tolerated.

    This is going to lead Australia deeper into losing its sovereignty and towards the New world order.

  15. Ozzy Patriot says

    Great article! Australians should all rally together to ban these hatemongers. The next step is to remove all the churches and synagogues and buddhist (possibly the worst) temples from the country. They all spread lies and hate and pit our society against itself.

    Please think of the children who are not old enough to see through the propaganda and just accept the hateful ideology.

    Councils aren't listening, just want to fill their coffers with profits (prophets?). Just like the new anglican church being built at Hurstville – NO ONE WANTS YOU!

    No room in Oz for Muslims, Christians, Jews or Buddhists!

    • I disagree with the banning of all and any religions. Everybody in Australia should be able to practice their faith without persecution. That's Democracy.

      What I object to is how Islam is hijacked blatantly here in Australia with no regard for our society's values by fire brand clerics (absolute Nut jobs).

      The relevancy in this matter is that a proposed Mosque is far to big a development for such a small suburb. The Muslims that are controlling the proposed Mosque didn't liaison with the locals so they could have been more consultative about the whole proposal, which smacks of arrogance to the community.

      The NMA are about to join this small community in a big way with the numbers in the hundreds for daily prays.

      Aussies have a saying "Fare Go Mate" But they have just as equal a saying "Don't have a lend of me".

      I find the latter applies to this situation.

      • Ozzy Patriot says

        Absolutely Pat. Well put. Despite my personal reservations about religion (which to be fair is mainly due to the nut jobs – like this mob, or the lunatic Fred Nile), the congestion and physical impact on the community is the primary concern.

        I would appreciate support in the getting the new Anglican Church in Hurstville banned for this very reason!

        Keep up the good work!

        • Ozzy Patriot.

          Fred Nile is not a lunatic. He's just not mainstream. Of course the media don't help. Like Pauline Hanson he is only given media coverage in order to denigrate him in the eyes of the public. Don't believe everything that you see on TV.

    • Don't you think that getting rid of all religions in Australia is a little extreme? You must be a militant atheist. It is the atheists who have been leading this country astray for decades. I think you'd be hard pressed to separate Christianity from Australian culture. Perhaps it is you who is out of step.

    • Ozzy Patriot.

      P.S. What's wrong with Buddhists? Why are they the worst? They are so peaceful and quietistic that you hardly know they're around.

    • Hey genius, check this out.

      You do realise getting rid of all religion from Australia is the most stupidest thing I've ever seen. Pull your head out mate.

  16. To be honest the Australian public are pissing me off, they moan and bitch about this horrible invasion but don't seem interested in supporting this party, still I always wear my APP teeshirt whenever possible and tell people about it. Maybee they will wake up when forced to see Aussie body parts strewn across rubble from some building blown up. Muslim numbers are climbing rapidly here in Perth and its always when they become numerous when they attack the population to make them become submissive. I lost a friend in 9/11 and althoug did not know them personally, 2 people from my work died in the Bali bombings, now Gillard is giving Indonesia $300 million in funding for Islamic schools there, as reported in todays Perth paper. Incredible these left winged traitors, can't look after our own but will give millions to others who not only hate us, but wish our extermination. White people raving on about how wonderful this multiculturalism is, is about as sensible as Jews in Nazi Germany investing in gas shares.

  17. According to the head cleric at the mosque and i'll quote " There is not negotiations to be had , We who are of Islam are correct in all we do as we are guided by the profhet ( forever be he praised BS BS BS BS ) those who oppose this are the enemy of Islam and we know how they shall be rewarded , It is our duty to get this Mosque built by any means , by force if needed, are you with God or with the Infidel"

    thats the mans words

    peacefull eh ?

    those supporting this need to realise they dont care about you except for how much taxes you give the government so they can live for free of the 23 listed names on the mosque development all are on welfare , so how do they afford this ?? thats right we pay for it regardless

    regardless of the extra traffic , regardless of the blockages when they come out to pray in the streets ( all mosques now do this as a demonstration of who's in charge)

    the placecant take it but do they care? no as they will do what they want and kaffirs like us dont count

    multiculturalism as its best

    • Jack Zee,

      I like your quote from the head cleric and it provides some nice ammo to a debate on this matter, however, without a source it's invalid. Do you have a source from where you read/heard this quote? Please let me know so I can use it!


  18. BanTheNinjaOutfits says


    I grew up in Newcastle and my family came from a country which runs by Muslims, biggest reason why they moved to Australia, particularly Newcastle, as it is very western like, was to find peace. Being Roman Catholics, there were no future nor freedom of speech, constant discriminations. I mean, who the hell does to to their own people just because we're non-muslims??? After decades living in Newcastle, i consider this proposal as one of the biggest NIGHTMARE!!! They are taking over Australia, come on goverment, dont you realise this problem?????

    Sorry to sound very extremist but 9/11 and Bali Bombings have made me the way i am. What a sick religion. Enough said.

    • Nick Folkes says

      The Christians of the middle east are in perpetual suffering due to Islam. Former Christian countries with sizable Jewish populations have been forced out yet our western Govts. and the Vatican turn a blind eye – it is sickening.

      Our "Government" support the Islamic invasion. The Labor party and Greens will never wake up, the party is over.

      It is time for Australians to realise that our administration is corrupt, deceitful and against our way of life. We have had so much change forced upon us, the only way to resist is to become invloved in the APP.

  19. The DA of the proposed Mosque is unrealistic for both the block of ground and coming and going traffic.

    The Newcastle Muslim Assc, they have approached this matter without any consultation with the residents of Elermore Vale.

    Tolerance should be a two way street, I think because of the lack of consultation and the blatant attempt to introduce such a large development shows that there is no consideration for the residents of Elermore Vale.

    That is what a majority of Elermore Vale residents I have spoken too are upset about.

  20. Grahame6thgen says

    Sorry i missed the 'D' in GONDAWANNALAND.

  21. I Lived in Elermore Vale for seventeen years. I went to the local primary school and I worked at the local shops.

    Elermore Vale is a tiny suburb with one tiny shopping centre and one heavily congested main road. This road just happens to be the one the Mosque is proposed for.

    I'm not against the Mosque I am against the Development. Croudace Road cannot with stand another 300 or so cars on it.

    Build the Mosque in a suburb that is less established and that has the potential to provide adequate infrastructure to the muslims who attend the Mosque.

    Elermore Vale has no religious buildings as far as I know. Wallsend is one street away and there is already a Mosque there in the same street as an Anglican church and other religious buildings.

  22. Hello guyes,

    There is no concern to build a mosque in Newcastle at all. You are not living here with us to know wether those muslims are good or bad??? So please keep away from our beautiful Newcastle multicultural nice place. You guys, live with your hateress away from us. We heard alot about your crap in Sydney and Melbourne, but noway that you spread this in here. A mosque? Why not? Since there are lot of churchs and synagogs in here lol. Even this Masonic secret lodge. Oh my God, you guys, you are so retarded from the civilization. Wake up for your bill of rights. We australians should concentrate on our bill of rights, not on other people culture… Wake up for your right. With regards, Al

    • Al,

      First of all, please speak English.

      Secondly, if you have been exposed to what a mosque can do to a suburb you would not have this attitude.

      We must protect Australia and its identity, not open it up to the hate and intolerence espoused by islam.

      Go and educate yourself about islam and learn the truth.

      • BanTheNinjaOutfits says

        hahahahahaha at the "please speak english"


        WE HAVE Churches and Temples everywhere and no one protests on it because those religions dont teach us to hate other people with different religions nor tell us that we would go to heaven if we blow up people!!!! Or here is the best; Have multiple wives.. oh wait; Women is not the same class as men..

    • 'Hello guyes, (sic) There is no concern to build a mosque in Newcastle at all.'

      Really Al?

      Why not visit the Shaft Tavern in Elermore Vale and speak to some of the patrons who also live in the area and learn.

      Or better still, visit one of the many shopping centres like Charlestown Square, Jesmond, Kotara and Glendale and watch the looks and listen to the comments that the walking tents raise.

      And Al, why do we need a Bill of Rights?

    • Nick Folkes says


      The proposed Saudi funded mosque at Elermore Vale represents real concern for the residents of Elermore Vale. The residents are informed and unanimously oppose this structure of conquest unlike misguided and ill informed fools like you. The radicals who will attend this congregation will turn Newcastle into a multicultural toilet. Newcastle has escaped the mess of cultural enrichness at the moment and Novocastrians would be wise to see what has happened in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. It is not a pretty picture; high crime, high welfare dependency, anti-social behaviour and gang activity.

      "retarded from the civilisation", you better go back to Kindy and pick up on your grammar. You have proven your point that you are indeed "retarded"

      "Wake up for your bill of rights". You are a retarded pinko anarcho-liberal. A bill of rights means nothing for actual rights. The Soviet Union had a bill of rights but did that stop the Stalinists from murdering tens of millions of innocent people?

      I have woken up to one of my rights and that is to oppose this mosque on local, social and cultural reasons.

  23. To understand what is happening in Australia and why one must go back several decades in our history.

    In 1975 Gough Whitlam signed the "Lima Agreement" (downloadable) this agreement gives the Agenda for what has happened to our county since.Along with a long list of Multilateral Agreements and Treaties with organisations such as the World Trade Organisation,World Bank,International Monetary Fund and the United Nations. The Millennium Declaration signed in 2000 handed Australia's Sovereignty and the Governance of the Australian people over to the U.N. plus Agenda 21 all signed by a procession of Australian Governments.

    One demand made by the UN is "Multiculturalism" with the removal of Immigration Caps.This has allowed the huge influx of migrants from the Third World including Islamics who have an agenda as well to move in to a country and eventually take over by stealth.We are witnessing this happening before our eyes now and our Government allows it to happen.

    • Thanks Ray, i've been wondering how a government purportedly representing Australians could allow the influx of not only non-integratibles but Aussie haters to immigrate. I've long been aware of the anti-white filth of political correctness, but your definition of the U.N. meddling is at last a definitive response. It should be headline news.

  24. Glenda Clifford says

    On Friday I woke up to loudspeaker chants of Allah Akbar in the local inner city Melbourne park across the road from me. I immediately rang the Council, the Police and a news network. I don't know what the gathering was about but I never want to see them or hear them again. It was the morning of another Australian soldier's funeral, the day after a middle eastern squad NSW police member had been shot in the head, and the eve of the 9/11 anniversary. Make noise people. There are enough of these brainwashed, dysfunctional misfits in our society already. Let every level of Government know your thoughts. They only respond to problems if they know about them.

  25. Jilly Cooper says

    Hang on to your hats Newcastel, kick them out now, or you will be sorry. They will terrorise you and your children. Keep them out.

  26. I guess we could all protest and carry on but it seems that the newcastle council wants there pocket lined. T he easy way to stop this is to slaughter a dozen pigs on the site, no mosk!!!

    • Is their an online petition against this terrorist breeding hut? Newcastle is a nice still "australian" part of nsw it isnt tainted as such like sydney unfortunatley is..

      These muslims know they arent wanted but their arrogance assures they dont mind intruding.

      3rd world people make for 3rd world communities. Check out shariah in 0z videos on youtube by the user isciae its enough to make you sick they have their agenda set on our government & us. i think peace means war in arabic..nothing peaceful about them

      • Mick,

        Councils and government do not accept online petitions.

        Write directly to the council and make appointments to see them in a bid to voice your concerns.

        Its about time these bastards in gov started looking after their own.

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