Penny Wong agrees with APP on marriage

Wong backs Labor’s anti-gay marriage stance

Openly gay Minister for Climate Change Penny Wong says she agrees with her party’s opposition to same-sex marriage.

‘‘On the issue of marriage I think the reality is there is a cultural, religious, historical view around that which we have to respect,’’ she told Network Ten today.

‘‘The party’s position is very clear that this is an institution that is between a man and a woman.’’

Senator Wong said she respected Labor’s view of marriage as an institution between a man and a woman.

Sydney Morning Herald.

APP have been subjected to a torrent of abuse and hatred over our stand on the institution of marriage, now the bigots can take it up with Penny Wong instead.


  1. Why am I discriminated against for not agreeing with same sex marriage? I’m a bigot a homophobe a evil person yer right! Penny the single minded way you and your idiotic party is carrying on with is one of the worst types of discrimination yourself and all who support you should be ashamed of your behaviour. Marriage is something reserved for a man and a woman who’s overall intention is raise a family all other reasons are secondary to the family unit and commitment requirement.From your view it seams it should be based on a couple of humans who love each other… That’s it? Oh yes the children issue would want to have to talk about that one in public to much, And you already have the same rights as any hetro couple incase your not up to date with your parties previous wheeling and dealings. However I couldn’t stand firmer on marriage equality i wish my wife let me watch more of what I want on TV rather unfair at the moment, I actually think most relationships should reflect equality even homosexual ones And screw what other governments around the world have done it definitely shouldn’t be influencing what happens in Australia our country is very different even to our closest Nz!Bring on the vote miss Wong and you’ll finally get to find out just how many bigots plague our country most of them will be gay!!

  2. All Labor party MPS and members are not allowed to disagree with there leaders.True socialism at work.

  3. That's funny because the Rudd/Gillard government actually made it easier for 'gay' people to be recognized as a couple. They only slightly fell short of legalizing 'gay marriage'.

  4. Wong's orientation is not as inscrutable as she thinks. The world knows of her sexual orientation, which until recently, and through most of history was, and in most cultures is, regarded as a perversion. Her current stance lacks conviction, but like her view on climate, is not her view at all, but merely the best way to keep a sinecure. In any case, she can never utter an independent thought. If the sinecure ever requires an occupant with a capacity for thought, she will lose it. She is the Minister for Climate Change because of her inability to do anything but mindlessly parrot the catchphrases her betters programme into her memory bank.

  5. OzPatriot says

    Remember this is acting of the Labor kind; a ploy to gain support by the ugly lefty lesbo.

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