Oh, God, please, stop him, someone stop him – Michael Kroger on Rudd

Former Victorian Liberal Party president Michael Kroger was on ABC1’s Lateline Friday, with presenter Leigh Sales and AWU national secretary Paul Howes. Sales asked Kroger if it is hypocritical of the opposition to attack Kevin Rudd over his ETS backflip:


This man believes in nothing. Absolutely nothing. He’s a fraud as a prime minister. And, I’ll tell you what staggers me: it staggers me that people in the Labor Party are still prepared to work with him as leader. He changes policies every day. As Paul Kelly said, this is a man without beliefs, without a narrative. What does he stand for? Nothing. Nothing.

… Well, what I think is that Kevin Rudd – the last thing the Australian public needs is Kevin Rudd being let loose on the tax system. I mean, he’s made a total hash of everything he’s touched. To let him loose now on the tax system, oh, God, please, stop him, someone stop him.

Watch the full interview, read the transcript.

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  1. Today is not starting out well. I have just read the local paper and it seems to be more and more about the rights of Muslims, the burka, the way Australians speak to them, how one is being given a second chance by ASIO because he spent time in G'Bay prison and on it goes.

    Then I read the above comments……………….

    This country needs a politican with the balls to say NO and mean it, a politican who really knows what WE the PEOPLE want not what they think we want. A politican who is AUSTRALIAN at heart one who understands how tough it is to make a dollar and keep it. How the cost of everything keeps going up and wages stay the same. it is the people's money they are throwing at these so called refugees, boat people, free loaders, trouble makers and whatever adjective I have missed. I am for immigration but "THE RIGHT WAY FOR THE RIGHT REASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's get Australia back on the right track, STOP THE BOATS, send the bleeding hearts and their mouths and money to the country the boats are coming from to do their "good Deeds", I don't care. Charity begins at home, what about our "refugees"???

    We don't need a RECESSION we are having a RUDDCESSION.

  2. Talking to people at work the whites hate him, but the 3rd world immigrants just LOVE him…nothing else needs to be said really.

    I had the horrible sight of this fat pudgey prick signing autographs like some movie star outside a hotel here in Perth. The only ones crowding around his left winged halo were people of Asian and African appearance asking for his autograph, I hope one of them uses it for identity theft.

  3. I found this interesting web site that shows what Krudd the Dudd has achived while in Government.

    An example……Pledged to Reduce consultancies by $112 million = Actually …..increase to $800 million (6354 consultancies)

    National Broadband Network (from $4b, to $7b to $43 billion) – Experts are now saying it will cost in the region of $20,000 PER CONNECTION


  4. The idea of denying the dole to anyone because of age is very harsh. It will mean that those who are genuinely in need will go home, and may make difficult demands on their families who may well be suffering economic disadvantage themselves.

    Instead, the government should implement restrictions based on how long applicants have lived and paid taxes in Australia, and monitor how they conduct jobsearches stringently. Rules like this are supposed to be in force, but there are many loopholes. The proposed law is just another Rudd spin in a dramatic bid to win back the middle ground, along with his regressive tax on smoking.

    Kroger spoke fromm the heart in his interview with Sales. Even the ALPBC is beginning to question Krudd’s economic competence. Tonight, it was pointed out on Lateline that the 100 megabyte download rate was effectively useless as there were few if any applications that required such speed for efficient delivery.

    Krudd’s computers for school students has proved ineffective because schools cannot accommodate or service the computers. Another less touted reason is student abuse of the computers.

    Krudd’s centralised health care scheme looks like a bid to siphon state funds to the Commonwealth. He hopes to tax miners to the point where Cape Lambert is cancelling a $400 million project. He has spent off the surplus built up by Howard and Costello, and plunged the Commonwealth into deficit, which may well prove to be a structural one without austerity measures only a Coalition government can right.

    So of course Kreger is right to be worried.

  5. Well Krudd and his leftist loonies can rely on votes from the Muslim population and third world immigrants seeing they have looked after them so well. I wonder if Krudd will get the illegal assylum ( welfare seekers ) out of detention in time for them to vote in the upcomming election?. The lybour party is known for stacking immigrants in election areas in danger of loosing to the opposition.

    Krudd the Dudd! ……. time to go and good riddance you prick.

  6. Well Krudd and his leftist loonies can rely on votes from the Muslum population and third world immagrents seeing they have looked after them so well. I wonder if Krudd will get the ilegal assumlm ( welfere seekers ) out of detention in time for them to vote also.

  7. localyokel says

    Rudd's silver tongue and the Liberals' workplace changes, got him in.

    Australians should never forget what the Liberal party are capable of. Pure evil. These elitists would have us all working for a bowl of rice.

    I would sooner have an incompetent government instead of one that panders to GREED.

    Both political parties have continually failed their electorates since the 70s. They have become dependent on corporate greed pulling their strings. That is why they are failing Australians.

    They no longer have to prove or do a thing to get elected. They have no political competition. Australians have the majority vote and have the power to change this monopoly.

    Vote for political parties whose ideology is not purely Capitalist. We need democratic policies exclusive to Australians' needs.

  8. Kroger hit the nail on the head. Every day some policy gets changed or shelved. How did this guy ever convince his party tolet him lead? Didn't they have internal meetings to discuss what his actual inclinations were?

    Now he's going to tax to death the only part of the economy still working! That'll encourage investment. Doh!

    And a 25% hike in cigarette tax overnight!

    Were these policies put to the voters at the last election? Where's the damn mandate, bitch!

    Clueless, utterly clueless.

  9. Sgt. KoranFlusher says

    We need to get the media to wake up in order to get the average Aussie to understand what has being going on. That's the tough part. We've been lied to for so long by everyone that we are losing the true knowledge of who we are. The press are against true Aussies and the true Aussie spirit because they believe in the lies of Karl Marx. The press is supposed to watch the government. They don't. It will be very difficult to save Australia without major communication networks. Therefore, for the time being we are back to basics with word of mouth, speaking up at every opportunity and forming groups and debating opponents and educating each other. Force the media to listen to us though popular demand. They will have to cover us or their true colours will show through to all Australians. Either way, they will be done. Sorry for the rant, but I'm not sitting quiet while fools rule over me.

  10. Rudd is as phoney as a two bob watch – his motives are based on aspiring to the heights of the Fabian society's theories of a one world government. Foolish Aussies saw him as Prince Charming but he has poven to be the Black Prince of Australia. Both Liberal and Labor have stolen our democratic rights, made our judiciary subjective to legislation against the people. Time to wake up Aussie, read the book at http://www.aussieswannakiss.com and sign the petition to stop political parties destroying this great country.

  11. Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

  12. Hi All, Mr Kroger touched on Gough Whitlam…I hope one remembers that it was the Labor party who began the repeal of the White Australia Policy.

    Don't get me wrong I am all for migration by people who have skills, but not by the boatload. Whitlam opened many doors for Australia as was said, but he stuffed up the economy exactly as Mr Rudd and his cohorts are doing now. I just wished that the average "Australian" would open their eyes and see that.

  13. I have no love for Rudd but on the resource rent tax on mining super profits he's right. Considering that foreigners control our mining industry and the growing ownership and influence of the Chinese communist dictatorship in our resources sector and therefore on our country, this tax might slow the loss of sovereignty that's been going on for the last several years. The boom has been great for the greedy bastards who run our mining sector and their share holders (mostly foreigners) and their overpaid employees but not for the rest of us. You only have to look at the rise in homelessness in WA, the rise in crime and public disorder, the increasing traffic congestion, the overpriced property, the worsening environment, the deterioration of the health and education systems resulting from the unsustainable rise in immigration to see the consequences of the boom in WA for most people. Anything which slows this madness down is welcome as far as I'm concerned. If this tax does it then bring it on.

  14. Nicholas Folkes says

    Michael Kroger was absolutely brilliant on Lateline.

    Personally I do not believe the polls at all. I find polls to be selective and have a large margin of error. I don't believe Krudd is ahead in the polls.

    Is it to much to ask for a National Leader who genuinely cares aout Australians, the economy and our way of life? The Australian public is asking the same as previously; we want a Leader who has Australia and its interests at heart.

    Clearly Rudd does not care about the 'everyday' Aussie is the street so let's give him an election defeat so he can take off to the UN and hang out with fellow crooks. As Kroger said, "OH, Pls. will somebody stop him".

  15. Millstoneridge says

    What is it going to take to get rid of this incompetent, ignorant, rude PM?

  16. Sharon says

    Chairman Krudd has to go!He has no idea what he's doing!

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