“We’re not gonna take this!” rally

Are you mad as hell at what the Rudd government and the incompetent state Labor governments are doing to this great country?

Smokers: Tired of being used as a cash-cow and feeling like a second class citizen in your own country?

Electricity price hikes: IPART chairman Jim Cox said people may die this winter because they cannot afford to run a heater. Now Keneally has signed off on the rises, she has effectively signed a death warrant for somebody’s pop or nan.

Home insulation farce: Millions of dollars wasted, young workers killed, homes destroyed, thousands now living in potential fire traps and an industry ruined thanks to Garrett incompetency. He should of stuck to singing.

Anti-biker laws: An example of lawmaking by kneejerk. These so called anti-biker laws have the potential to go much further and deny Australians one of the most fundamental freedoms: the right to associate with whomever they choose.

Refugee invasion: Since Rudd has weakened Australia’s border protection, a flood of invaders and pirates has attempted to enter Australia. Rudd has lost control of our borders.

Land investment: Changes to the land investment system means foreigners can own and ‘warehouse’ large slabs of land, thus contributing to the housing shortage and denying Aussies a chance to own their own home.

Save our flag: Those feckless republican rodents who are gnawing away at our heritage by wanting to replace the national flag. A flag many Australians will be saluting on ANZAC day in memory of those who fought and died under its colours.

Islam: Concerned about a Mosque or Islamic school being built in your area? Concerned that the state can now dictate who can and cannot sell your property to?

This list goes on and on, but one thing is for certain, I’m as mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this any more! Join us on the 6th of June and send a loud and clear message to the incompetent fools in Canberra who ruining this country.

We’ll be having a number of speakers covering a range of topics, so come along, bring your friends!

Contact Darrin on 0431 739 260 or Nick on 0417 679 972.

Where: Sydney
When: June 6, 2PM.


  1. Hello APP, I have posted a few blogs at the Lavartus Prodeo blog recently criticizing this government on several specific points. On all occasions none of my blogs were published. I was criticizing the Rudd government on the mining tax but I figure that it must be a socialist blog with very tight censorship rules. My words were very well chosen and there was no foul language or offensive statements. I think it is just a socialist blog which promotes socialist agenda and it's dis-heartening that they don't value the essence of 'freedom of speech'. I am very conservative in my writing and never use offensive words and I'm surprised that they keep on refusing to post my concerns. I hope other blog websites don't censor material which is above board. I have given a lot of talks in my time and have always attempted to put forward a good debate with well chosen content and I thought I was contributing in a good way to a particular issue. Obviously I was wrong. Anyway APP, just thought I would share my story seem I stumbled across your website.

    • "Larvatus Prodeo is an Australian group blog which discusses politics, sociology, culture, life, religion and science from a left of centre perspective".

      There's your explanation: Left of centre (which really means extreme left).

      Like all good leftists, they already know everything, so 'debate' basically consists of insular self-congratulation and calling rightwingers names.

  2. Time to quit accepting the self serving political spin and call a bloody spade a spade. For too long now Australians have had to eat the lies of politicians about how we are racist and should accept every foreigner that needs our help. What about the global epidemic of over population that is eating up every precioius resource by the second? and how major NEGATIVE changes to this country dont even need to be studied but can be percieved in a heart beat. What of the many homeless and hungry on our own streets? And alot of those are 4th and 5th Gen Aussies; what about them?

    Its time to put your membership in for this Political party and get some realists in parliment, because the fools in there now have become clearly detached from what is really happening.

  3. On Antony Greens election blog he is predicting that the Labor Party will increase their majority at the 2010 federal election to 88 seats, which would be a 29 seat majority for the ALP. That's very sad.

  4. Did you know:

    * Every Member of Parliament is an equal, including the prime minister. The prime minister has no more power than any other Member of Parliament.

    *The leader of a political party only has extra power in the party, not in the parliament.

    * A prime minister or premier has 'no' power to direct their party colleagues 'how to vote' in parliament.

    *When you hear a prime minister or premier say, "I'm allowing a conscience vote on a particular issue", they are pretending that they have power over their party colleagues in parliament. Every MP can vote how they like despite what a prime minister, premier or political leader says.

    * An MP can be kicked out of a 'party' but they can't be kicked out of parliament as they were elected 'by the people'. Only their electorate has the power to kick them out of parliament.

    Every MP is a representative of their electorate and is obliged to vote in accordance with the 'will of their electorate'.

    So, the next time you hear a Labor premier or prime minister dictating to their party colleagues how they have to vote in parliament, remember that they have no power to tell that MP what to do. We have heard this Labor prime minister and all of the Labor premiers saying that they will allow a 'conscience vote' on particular issues when all MP's can cast a conscience vote whenever they feel like it regardless of what their 'leader' says.

    Labor MP's stick together like Araldite and very seldom break party ranks when voting in parliament. Even though they are free to do so and also obliged to do so, it almost never happens.

    This destructive force must be broken up as this is not how our Westminster system of government was supposed to operate. We've had wall-to-wall state Labor governments for decades now and at this point they are also dominating our federal parliament by 23 seats (or thereabouts) also. The only non-Labor government in Australia now is the Liberal held Western Australia.

    Democracy has been lost as there is a domination of one party across the nation and that is not a good position for any nation to be in.

  5. One thing I'm getting pissed at is all the anti-white racist trash on television and the movies coming from America and England, christ enough already.

    • You'll love the new Australian movie "Animal Kingdom", about your typical suburban white family of psychopathic multiple murderers!

      Seems the only way to see "Aussies" in the movies these days is if they're blowing people away for no apparent reason. Ah, suburbia.

  6. ex-Digger says

    5 Sri-Lankan ex Asylum seekers arrested in Perth for credit card skimming and EFTPOS machine thefts across several suburbs……Australia should immediately DEPORT these thieving trash back to the s***holes they came from.

    • Vladimir says

      Ex-Digger, old friend, Even the Sri Lankan government warned the Australian government that many of these illegal immigrants were a security threat to Australia. Then ASIO recommended that they be deported also, but this ridiculous Labor government dismissed all warnings and gave them residency in the Australian suburbs anyway. I think that after six months they can apply for permanant residency too, which is probably about now. My heart goes out to all diggers, young and old, who know first hand the sadness of war and who have an awareness far greater than these traitors in Canberra. We must get rid of this government at this election. We are almost at a point of no return. It is disgusting and is far from a democratic institution. They have totally disregarded the Australian people. This "IS" the worst government this nation has ever had.

  7. Vladimir says

    This government are now housing illegal immigrants in motels in the Australian suburbs. The "International Palms Motel" in the Brisbane suburb of Boondall is now home to illegal immigrants. This is also Wayne Swan's electorate of Lilley. He didn't even make the people in his electorate aware that this was happening when he's their representative in parliament. This is an extraordinary breach of his 'duty of care' to the people he represents. Labor's immigration minister Chris Evans also said he makes no apology for this decision. Who in the hell do they think they are, dictating to the people who put them there to represent them? It won't be long and they'll be dictating like Mao Tse Tung. Too late, it's already happening.

  8. I am in Perth but if I was in Sydney I would come along and support it.

    I wonder if the leftist loonies and other do gooders will be in attendance to shout " racist , white trash " and other uneducated taunts at those who have had enough of this political BS!?.

  9. localyokel says

    Unfortunately I cannot attend the rally but fully support those who can. The direction that Australia is heading is disastrous. Both Lib/Lab parties have sold out to corporate greed and the almighty $$$$$$$$$$.

    Politicians from both parties do not live in a real world and cannot relate to ordinary Australians.

    These are people who have always led privileged lives from the cradle to the grave. How can Australia expect them to relate to what we want and need?

    • lisa mickey says

      AMEN !!! I am standing with you Aussie !!

      we feel your pain here in the USA !

      Our Federal Liberal Gov. has only a couple jobs , one is to secure the border , As you probably know they are doing a swell job of that !

      the Mexicans are taking OVER.. they don't want citizenship, they want US out of THEIR country !

      don't even talk about the Muslims ! Michigan is pretty much all Muslim now. One state down.. 49 to go .

      Most Americans are fed up as YOU all are !

      we're MAD as Hell.. NO one with a brain elected the idiot we have now !! The current socialist regime is Destroying AMERICA !

      What is happen?? this is World Wide !!

  10. Nicholas Folkes says

    The location for "Mad as Hell" protest will be held in front of Sydney Town Hall on George Street, opposite Woolworths.

    Good on you Jon Boy for liberating yourself and coming to the realisation that we, the Australian people need to protest and let the Govt. know we are not happy with their total mismangement, failures, lies and un-Australian behaviour.

    We elect Pollies to represent us but they sadly do not. The Pollies should be representing the hard working people of Australia but instead they have turned us into slaves. We deserve a whole lot better then the current punch of misfits and liars.

    Look forward to the protest, meeting new members and supporters and catching up with existing members and supporters. I have never met such such passiontae people in my life since joining APP. Activism is infectious!

  11. Jon Boy, I totally agree with you , as I have a lot of young men and women asking me what can they do to stop this,as they are saying that it seems that the government wish to get rid of true australians the ones that beleive in freedom and that gives a person a fair go. No matter where you come from.

  12. The quote is a reference to the movie 'Network' (and possibly the Twisted Sister song).

    The newsman says 'gonna' as do most of the people who subsequently shout the same words out their windows: "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore".

    Can you imagine a crowd of protesters chanting "We are as mad as hell, and we are not going to take it anymore".

    I'm sure Mrs Stimpleton from the ladies' charm school would approve, but real people just don't speak like that.

    And yes, more details required if you expect people to make plans to attend.

  13. I will not be able to go to Sydney for your rally but would like to support you. Could we have a petition using names on an email? I am not sure how this is done but I get emails asking me to add my name on emails for saving whales and other projects.

    • Maybe we could get a petition going and Display all the names in support on a board at the protest or something just thinking

  14. I totally agree with your comment regarding the use of this word and other lazy language.

  15. Australia has been ruined by wall-to-wall state Labor governments which have plunged every state economy in this nation into heavy debt. 25 Years ago Queensland had zero state debt under the National Party government and they kept it in surplus until Labor came to power in the early 90's. Since then, especially over the last 15 years under Beattie and Bligh, Queensland now has in the vicinity of $75 billion in debt. The situation is similar in NSW also. I think if the unions can hold the government to account on debt they will in turn save our way of life and save our assets. When debt gets so out of control there is only one option and that is to flog off assets. It's the same as owning a house. If you can't pay your mortgage, the bank will foreclose. While unions have been so focused on better work conditions and more pay, the Labor governments have successfully diverted their attention away from the consequences of heavy debt.

  16. What this Announcement states, I must say these things are starting to worry me, I am someone that would normal sit on the fence and look as the crowd would walk by. But with the things that have been happening I'll be handing out fence palings to the crowd and charging the front,

    So I will PASS, EMAIL, POST, SHARE, TELL everyone about this. but some more info would be good.

    Where, { Sydney is a hell of a big place}

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