Mass Rally Against Immigrants and Islam

Clarification: This organisers of this rally are the Facebook group “Melbourne Action Against Immigration and Islam” and are not connected with the Australian Protectionist Party.

Date: Friday, April 9, 2010
Time:  1:30pm – 4:30pm
City/Town: Melbourne, Australia







Update: Muslims on the Muslim Village Forums promote violence against Australians exercising their democratic rights.

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  1. It sounds like some people here are more Muslim then the Muslim himself …not naming anyone in particular huh TO … Which begs the question, is there an agenda behind your pretended learned knowledge of the Qu’ran ( Koran to any day to day redneck) and the ideology behind said religion???

  2. Hey Macca,

    I agree to get rid of the trouble makers, but i don't agree to get rid of all immigrants. I myself is an immigrant in this country, i have never been unemployed since my 28 days arriving in Sydney 26 years ago. I never dislike anyone from this country till now! I believe those trouble maker should be sent back to where they came from, and see to them self what is really like to live in their own country. They came here to have a better life but they don't wanna live like an Australian, all they want is to build a big community for themselves as an Islam.

    I am proud to be an Australian and those idiots makes it look bad for all other immigrants, I really don't understand the issues about their prophets. NO GOD will tell their people to cause any violence or harm anybody, their just bunch of Islam idiots who believes that their better than GOD.

  3. Hi Devan,

    thanks for your response. No, certainly no personal attack against you or Muslims – the points that I make are well documented. I'm generally of the view that religions pretty much need to be revised such that the overriding message is on sensible behaviour and accountability.

    just to clarify, I didn't presume this "Muslims getting offended at Australians celebrating Christmas?" Presumably some are – but I don't know of any.

    I was more saying that government policy has been introduced for fear of offending Muslims even if there is no basis and it's prejudiced against non-Muslims – this type of culturally divisive policy is dangerous and is actually insulting to any thinking Muslims.

    I didn't imagine you would be getting anyone to leave – that was what we call tongue n' cheek.

    The critical thing as far as Australia is concerned at the moment is the numbers. Current levels of immigration are decimating our habitats, wildlife, standard of living and sending Australia bankrupt. There are many claims that this level of immigration benefits the people here, but these claims are serving a pro-growth agenda which essentially socialises the costs whilst privatising the profits. A balanced migration program that seeks to have emigration equivalent to immigration (including refugee intake) is in all of our interests – in fact, it would be sensible to cut Australia's immigration to little more than 30,000 for several years as this would ease a lot of stress on our infrastructure and allow us to start making some headway on many other issues. This would also means we are more able to accommodate humanitarian needs. A point worth noting that's often overlooked is that high immigration brings in a lot of consumers which increases our demand for foreign imports – this of course means we are having to sell more (usually of our mineral wealth) to service this growing debt – and this isn't even starting on the growing costs of trying to maintain services to an increasing population. Estimates range between 250k – 500k per migrant in infrastructure costs and the reality is we are falling increasing behind in this respect.

    The cultural aspect is important for reasons stated earlier. In India for instance, there's an ongoing battle between the Muslims, Hindus and Christians as to who can outbreed each other. An insane agenda for a country that is increasingly struggling to meet India's food production needs. We certainly don't want to import this kind of mentality as we are struggling with our current population size.

    Recently I read of a Muslim group which has decided to boycott elections in Australia. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking is counter-productive and certainly won't achieve anything sufficiently quickly enough to curb potential problems. Increasingly, Australians are realising that it makes no difference whether Liberal or Labour are in power – they serve the same masters. What we need instead is to vote them out of office in favour of groups who seek to reduce immigration to more sensible levels.

    well, it is a credit to you that you are looking at this. It is only through understanding that we can move forward.

    And if you really want to understand these things more in depth – have a look at Overloading Australia by Mark O'Connor and William Lines. It is right up there with any of most important books written.

    • thanks for discussing and the feedback. i really meant to reply soon, but it was extremely busy time at the workplace. i have read the book you mentioned and certainly agree that you have made sensible points. all things need regulation that control and immigration certainly needs it more than others. first you need to take care of your own welfare before you can help others.

      with regards to the environment, australia is a really DIY friendly country when it comes to setting up rainwater and greywater recycle systems. i would really encourage every household to get a system.

      i am just curious, why a high rise condominiums relatively uncommom here? they are the most elegant of structures, but do make economicla sense a small land area can house a lot of people. security will be good, and if its near the city, people will use less petrol getting to work.

      our discussions may not count for much, but like you believe, understanding and sharing opinions and ideas are always good beginnings.

      apologies if any of my earlier comments offended you.

      thank you.

  4. The Kuta kid says

    Lets see… 2 billion muslims. 1% is? 2 million? is my maths right. 2,000,000 nut case walking around this planet believing they are the messengers of allah. sanctioned by the rest of the brainwashed
    I also have read the koran. of which nearly all is about control and suppression of non-muslims.
    you duty mate is to convert us and if not convert us to islam kill us.
    don't give me any soft spoken i'm your friend cr**.
    By admitting you are and staying islamic you aid and abet condoning your fellow terrorists actions as you must.
    please.. go pi** in someone else's ear. not mine

    • The Kuta kid says

      My comment is aimed at devan.

    • Hey Kuta. So, let's see what happened here. A Muslim turned up on this site. He was polite. He did not attack, he did not insult, he wanted to talk openly with the posters here.

      So you swore at him.

      Which begs the question…if you can't accept a polite Muslim, who repeatedly states his agreement with many APP talking points what exactly does a Muslim have to do to be accepted by you? Save your life? Give you lot's of money? Deny his religion, and suddenly become white?

      While we're at it:

      "By admitting you are and staying islamic you aid and abet condoning your fellow terrorists actions as you must."

      So by belonging to a belief system, who has members that support terrorism, that person is held responsible for condoning and aiding terrorism, correct?

      [***Edit, text deleted: Personal attacks, especially those using falsehoods, are subject to deletion; same as applies to texts that include trolling, rudeness or spam.]

      I look forward to hearing your response!

      • The Kuta Kid says

        I do not think I swore at him. Swearing at someone is direct. If i call you a blinkered B@$*@#d. That is swearing at someone. To be polite I told him to go urinate in someone elses' ear. Didn't I? Hmm?

        What you think is that there are polite moderate muslims. Why don't you read "The Koran and The Kafir?"

        Ask if there is a war between the western world and Islam whose side would he be on? Ask if he is a pious muslim isn't it his duty to convert non-muslims to islam? if not successful then isn't it his duty to kill the non-muslim (eventually).

        You do not realize the danger. We are all targets. We may not be at war with islam but islam is at war with us. If you do not see that you are sadly bereft.

        Every non-muslim country that has let islam in has had nothing but strife and trouble. Have a look at Lebanon. That Country was once predominately Christian. In came islam. Now its mostly islam.

        Have a look at Ambon in Indonesia. That island was 100% Catholic. islam asked to – politely – join the community. Then, when the islamic numbers grew persecuted the original inhabitants bombing churches etc. sound familiar?

        England itself is being over-run.

        I can go on and on.

        I personally know ex-muslims that have been threatened with death. I witnessed the threat.

        So please. WAKE UP!

        We do not need islam here.

        as for your question: So by belonging to a belief system, who has members that support terrorism, that person is held responsible for condoning and aiding terrorism, correct?

        YES. That is what I believe. Otherwise why believe in a non-tolerant system that is based on war? why believe someone who is a war monger who killed anybody who did not agree with him.

        Why continue the practice?

        Why not denounce islam for the lying cheating doctrine it is? Answer: because he can't.

        islam is the religion of the devil. read what John the Baptist predicted in the old testament – which by the way islam professes to believe. That prophet even depicted the islamic symbles of these war mongerers.

        And Mr JM you say Which begs the question…if you can’t accept a polite Muslim, who repeatedly states his agreement with many APP talking points what exactly does a Muslim have to do to be accepted by you? Save your life? Give you lot’s of money? Deny his religion, and suddenly become white?

        Partly. Getting out of the religion is a good start. The rest of it is a little sarcastically snide. My wife is Asian and brown.

        I do not care if a man is green.

        just by saying that I can assume you have a bias towards anybody who is not white

        • The Kuta Kid says

          I must correct the above a little bit. islam is not a religion. it is a way of life. it controls you from the time you wake up until the time you go back to sleep.

          Up to 81% of the koran and the hadith are devoted to conquering ans enslaving non-believers.

          That does not sound religious to me

  5. Hello Terry,

    Now, we can all see that Nora is upset, but your declaration of a superior intellect, which you have confidently announced within this post, is (much like the majority of this group's socio-racial theories) blatantly insufficient. I understand that you hold a strong historical bias regarding Australia's Indigenous people, however, you must be corrected on the selective information that you have shared with us. It is true that many aboriginal communities, or as you put it, "tribes", were at a constant state of conflict, particularly in the South Western regions of NSW. Although, it must also be known by all who read this rebuttal, that fierce resistance from many of the “tribes” was experienced by the colonial settlers. Perhaps your local library has been severely under-funded.



  6. i am a new muslim migrant to this country. i don't know if i am devout muslim but i do what i can to follow my religious believes.

    first and foremost, i love this country. there is no other country like this and i do not wish to see change. if australia changes, then i wasted my time coming here.

    i do not drink because i am a muslim. its forbidden. many white australians i know don't drink, each for their own reasons.

    i pray five times a day because it is required in islam. it gives me discipline, calms my mind and stops me from thinking ill about others. many australian also pray frequently in their own way. some white australians i know only pray for others and never themselves. who cares what their religion is.

    muslims must fast during ramadan. when i was fasting, i thought of people who had to go hungry whether they were fasting or not. good deeds are important during the fasting month for muslims. I made a small donation to the salvation army.

    i could not find a mosque near my place. once when i was troubled and depressed, i went to sit in a church. people worship there, there vibes were good and peacefull. i dont know if i would have been thrown out if people knew i was a muslim, but i dont think so.

    i believe in certain aspects of the syariah law. for instance, there should be a western based trial for suspected rapist and peadeophiles. the accused should be allowed a lawyer, females should be allowed to testify, but if found guilty, the punishment should be the syariah punishment for rapist. islamic financials laws also make good sense.

    in islam women must cover themselves and remain modest. I don't mind my wife or my daughters wearing whatever they are comfortable with in in Australia. they are not going to be jailed. but they should be allowed to wear a simple headscarf if they wish. The burqa is outdated and ancient and should be put a dustbin. but if anyone wants to wear them for their religious beliefs(cant think why-it doesn't make one more religious or earn more points for heaven in Gods eye) then i don't think it right to stop them. i know of many stern australian fathers who want their daughters to cover up ( not wear a headscarf or a burqa!) when they leave the house. absolutely nothing wrong with that. many beautiful white australian women i know don't wear micro minis and have no wish to put their cleavage on display. good on them.

    there are lot lies about white people and christian people circulating in islamic countries. u guys will be amazed at some of the things that go around. all good lies have some elements of truth in them. similarly, there are a lot lies about muslims being spread here.

    many muslims hate westerners. seems that there a few australians who hate muslims in a similar fashion here.

    many muslims unfortunately cant live with other races. they cant seem to coexist. i am not a religious cleric, or scholar, but doesn't God try to show us all the time we need to coexist in a group? a rainbow, or light for that matter need SEVEN different spectrums to exist. sadly, from this forum, there area few australians who behaving in a similar fashion. luckily the islam haters are a minority in my neighbourhood. either that or they they are all really good actors.

    the prophet was a rapist, murderer and a peadophile? i dont 'know how to argue or respond. what do white australians who work as doctors, teachers, paramedics, volunteers in the salvation army or disaster rescue workers say when someone tells them about their forefathers being convicts and stealing aboriginal children from their parents? what are they supposed to feel? should they even bother? i really don't know.

    why cant we muslims keep our beliefs and way of life here? the jews and the orthodox christians, who have the same lineage of prophets ad our keep their beliefs. in the same note, our religion is old and ancient, and we muslims should be able to adept to a changing world and discard some of our traditional arab customs (arab customs and islamic beliefs are not the same)-like our attitude towards women and 'infidels'. there are no 'infidels' in Gods eyes.

    i do know some likes and dislikes of white australians. white australians are generally very relaxed, easy going people who hate all this clan/gang-related stabbing/suicide bombing sh**t/jihad rheotic bulls***t/lets bring syariah to australia/fighting on a weekend when everyone just wants to chill. i have absolutely no problems respecting that and i can easily do so while being a muslim.

    forgive my english, its been a huge effort for me. peace be upon you guys.

    • Devan, interesting comments and it's commendable that you've made an effort to understand.

      Perhaps this might help.

      What you are probably not seeing is how many immigrants have been rushed into Australia over the past decade and before then. Over the past 10 years, we've brought in 1.8 million people (nearly 10% of our population), and many of these from very different cultures.

      Around 70% of Australians are opposed to high-immigration (as you should be too for reasons I'll mention below) and Australians were not consulted on multiculturalism. As such, there is a lot of resentment which is increasingly ignored by our leaders and in particular big business.

      Immigrants are by and large ignorant of Australia's geography and assume because Australia is a big country that we can sustain a much larger population. But this is patently false: And many migrants particularly from the middle east and other areas of Asia have larger families than Australians do. Australians have seen that most of the world's problems are caused by overpopulation and no shortage of corruption. And while we are very generous in our foreign aid this does not mean that we willingly sacrifice our future and the future of our children for people who do not understand why the conditions in their countries are worse than in Australia and seek to flee their countries rather than work on the problems at home – wanting a better life is understandable, but destroying another country in the process is self-defeating. Overcrowding and overpopulation mean in the most basic sense a smaller slice of the available resources. In more extreme cases, this leads to all manner of problems including countries degenerating into tribal warfare with rape and murder common. If you consider your reasons for emigrating here, you would almost certainly realise some or all elements of this were a key in making this decision. And yet, by and large, immigrants are undermining the reason why they came here by continuing with the same cultural values that value large families. This is not true for all of course, but true for most.

      Australia currently (and I stress currently) provides safety and opportunity for the moment. But this is all changing and very rapidly as the rapid increase in population (often higher than our own number of births) continues to pull away from our ability to meet the growing infrastructure needs and a rapidly increasing import bill courtesy of increased demand for foreign goods. We are going broke very quickly. Howard disguised this by selling off our assets and our current government hasn't even bothered to try to disguise this. This all the while we are seeing farmland being paved over for more housing, roads, shopping malls and the very occasional hospital to accommodate more people with a decreasing ability to ensure our food security.

      On top of this, we are increasingly finding that in the bid for promoting multiculturalism, government departments are inciting divisiveness and segregation – indeed quashing the rights of Australians for fear of offending muslims – e.g. increasingly not being allowed to mention Christmas in schools and shopping centres while muslims are allowed to display whatever signs they like.

      You have also stated other important points which are worth further discussion for instance that many muslims hate westerners – this is hardly endearing and indeed, how can we tell who hates us and who would embrace and respect our culture as equivalent and equally valid to their own?

      In relation to laws – there is certainly room for improvement of our laws but this is not something to undertake lightly or rashly. I find it strange that muslims would want to come to Australia because of it's benefits and then seek to change Australia to more closely resemble where they've come from. But out of interest, what is it about your punishments that you feel are better? By what metrics do you establish superiority?

      It is perhaps worth your looking at some of the debates here: In particular, look at "if we continue to populate we will perish" and "the atheists are wrong". But by all means, don't limit yourself to these two.

      Australia is by and large secular and for very, very good reason. It is almost impossible to relate this to people who've come from countries where religion and state are intrinsically married. But this is a key difference that I think Muslims from non-democratic, non-secular countries would struggle with.

      As a final parting, bear in mind that it's governments backed by big business that are always about pro-growth, pro-populate. To a point, this is ok – there are certain levels of population which work well. But this pro-growth agenda will not be satiated, no matter how many people are brought here and no matter how much more demand can be eeked out. If you look at the Australian Protectionist Party's policies, you'll see a key one is to bring immigration into line with emigration i.e. a one in and one out basis. Indeed, the democrats and the stable population party also have a population policy which seeks to stablise our population at current levels – which are arguably to high for our capricious and fragile country, but it is clear that increasing our population will make all of our growing problems increasingly more difficult to solve. And this is another key issue. A single culture will struggle with scarcity and overcrowding, multiple cultures will most likely degenerate into tribal warfare as cultural differences become more pronounced and galvanising under stress.

      Oh, and if you can encourage the muslims that hate us to leave, that would be much appreciated 😉 I have muslim friends in the UK, and they would appear to be more like you. They have also expressed dismay at their once predominantly white street changing to a street filled with pakistani muslims – as he puts it, the same shit they tried to leave behind has followed them.

      • before i start, i do realise that you have made legitimate issues and you are not making personel attacks against me. i did try to answer your response as best as i can, as i feel something productive can be achieved by our discussions. please be patient with my english.

        i have read a bit and understand the seriousness of overcrowding and overpopulation. I got in through stringent controlled gates and I certainly dont want to see millions and millions of people flooding the country and consuming resources. then, things will, like you say, degenerate. Then I have to ask myself, why am I special and why should millions of others not stay. I dont have the answer. Maybe I am just lucky I got here. But I can do my part my by not screwing up this country. I try very much to conserve resources here and recycle my water ( a serious commodity here) and cut down my carbon emmisions. I really do. It may not be worth anything, but at least I am doing what I can. And I am far from a parasite here. I can improve more, but already my employers are happy with my work and the service I help them provide, both to australians and immigrants. I know for a fact that many Australian citizens are extremely happy with the service I provide. That must count for something….

        Perhaps you misunderstood me about the syariah law. I am perfectly happy with the laws and certainly do not wish to see the syariah implemented here.Why would I leave whatever I had behind, come all the way here and recreate it? If I wanted a country with the syariah law, there are plenty of places I could go to. I agree that the laws here are fair, everybody has a voice and everybody is given a fair chance to defend themselves. I said the punishment for certain henious crimes are fair under the syariah. Since you asked why, I shall try my best to answer. I have witnessed and been involved in helping two victims of a horrible crime in the past. This forum, or anywhere else for that matter is not the correct place to go into details. I saw the the perpetrator dealt with and felt it was fair. As you can see, it purely personel. I am probably the not the best person to ask for that reason. Because of what I have seen and been through I may feel that certain aspect of our laws are superior. I may be wrong, I dont know. I certainly am a big believer in the western aspects of justice. Anyways, matters of law are hardly of concern to me, I just need to keep myself on the right side of it wherever I am. In todays world of credit card debt and all this talk about globalisation, you may fin the islamic finance laws interesting. Unfortunately, its a yucky and boring topic to most.

        How can you tell which muslims hate you? I mentioned in an earlier note, there are about 1.5 billion muslims (conservative estimates) worlwide. How many are there in Australia? About 500,000? if 1 % of those were extremist , that would make about 5000. The numbers are large, but I am just guessing about the 1% figure. I honestly think, its less that 1%. A huge overwhelming majority here are well intergrated, happy people in the environment they live in. They have been too well educated in schools and TV and internet exposure to hold on to ancient, dusty beliefs. There are lot of Bosnian Muslims here who were war crime victims. Australia has given them a fresh start. Why would they have anything against Australians? There are Muslims here who dont agree with each and every aspect of Australian culture, but that hardly equates to hate. You dont agree with Islamic ideas, you dont want us flooding the country, but do you honestly hate all of us?

        Muslims getting offended at Australians celebrating Christmas? Why on earth? I just confirmed my place at my workplace party! Thats just being silly, sorry to say.

        I know there is a lot of bad rep about muslims at the moment, but most of us are not evil terrorist. We know that most white australians dont hate us. The paper and the internet make things look bigger that what they are.

        You want me to encourage those who dont like here to leave? Sorry friend, I am not exactly of of the pillars in my community for people to listen to me. And besides, they should know that themselves. Me? I like it here.

        You have made some interesting and intelligent, and your comment about Australia becoming overcrowded got me depressed. I read more on this issue and realised that our planet is in increasingly serious trouble. Many scientist postulate that we may already be too late.Sadly, thats the state the world is in, and I think we humans will never learn. I certainly will continue trying to change things in this aspect….

      • Gotta chase you up on this one line:

        "Around 70% of Australians are opposed to high-immigration"

        Where did you get that number from?

    • devan, that is a very heartfelt comment you have put up that requires a heartfelt and honest response.


      First of all, I don't believe that all Muslims are terrorists and nor do I hate any Muslims. I also believe that most Aussies would think that as well, however, having said that, it has to be recognized that while the Muslim is subject to Islam – which from my own research I believe to be a complete totalitarian system that encompasses the social, political and religious aspects of the Muslim's life – and faithfully adheres to the Qu'ran and the Sura, then I must, as must all those who are aware of the influence of Islam, consider those who carry out the functions of Islamic doctrine to be incompatible with Western culture and therefore the complete antithesis of what the West stands for.


      In short, I do not believe that a pious Muslim can maintain their allegience to Islam and to the Western country they now find themselves in as Islam does not recognize any other culture from the house of dar al harb.


      If you read the Qu'ran then you would know this.


      Therefore a pious Muslim will always, and in my humble opinion, remain a threat to the country he migrates to because he has no compunction under Islam to assimilate into his new country, in fact, Islam advises against assimilation and making friends with the Jew or the Christian.


      Again, if you are a pious Muslim and you read the Qu'ran then you would know this.


      Islam is not a religion as Christianity and Judaism is a religion, Islam is a complete social system which controls the Muslim's life from wake up to bedtime. Islam does not have a moral code handed down from God called the Ten Commandments. Islam has the sha'ria, which has been added to continuously since Islam's inception and differs from Islamic culture to Islamic culture. Islam's God is Allah, who is NOT the same God of the Christian and the Jew. Allah is often referred to by Muslims as the most merciful, but really, Allah is only merciful to the pious Muslim and to no other.


      Again, if you are a pious Muslim and you read the Qu'ran and adhere to the Sura, you would know this which then discounts your paragraph about being concerned as to why the Muslim finds it hard to assimilate.


      I am not a religious person as I believe that God did not mean for simple men to organize other simple men into organized religions which have been the cause of many wars throughout history. I believe that God dwells in us all and is there for when we need Him most. I also believe that God does not welcome mere mortals using Him to subject their religious dogma onto others.


      So, while I do not hate the Muslim, I do not like what Islam stands for and find that Islam has been a danger to the West and still remains so to this day!

      • Islam doesn't preach intolerance and violance against Christians and Jews. Otherwise, I have misunderstood the whole religion. Its just how you read the Quran and interpret the facts, I think. People have always been manipulating religion for their own belief's and benefits. I am a Muslim, with no quarrel against any non Muslims. I believe Its illogical for the whole world to become Muslims, it will never happen. And why should everyone become a Muslim anyway? Its just not some people's thing. Thats what I believe in. There are Muslims who are extremist and terrorist, but you must understand, there are nearly 2 billion of us. If one percents of muslims are off and 99% are normal, non violent people, that 1 % is still a large number. And honestly, barely 1% are into mischief, I think.

        • Terry Odgers says

          devan…you sound like a Muslim in name only and although you may pray five times per day do you really know who you pray to and why?

          If as you say, that only 1% of the Muslim population is into 'mischief,' then going on the estimated number of 2 Billion Muslims around the world today, that makes 20 million Muslims who are into 'mischief' and should be a subject of concern as Islam is the only religion that encourages the Jihad which more and more Muslims appear to want to take up.

          In my research of Islam I have come to the conclusion that there are no moderate Muslims as some would have us believe. There are only passive Muslims, who, like you, do not take Islam, or the Qu'ran too literally. My concern though, is that those who proudly proclaim their devotion to Islam do so as this makes them feel superior to that of other beliefs.

          And that should be a concern for every thinker who values their personal freedom, as Islam is not about personal freedom.

          Your English is fine and probably better than some people who have been born here, just needs a little polishing.

          And thank you for your reply.

          • thank you for your reply. sorry for my late reply, but i have really busy with work and time just flew.its a fair comment. my way of looking at things is you can be too much into your job or religion, footy team or anything in life. once you are too much into something with your heart soul, you become fanatical and develop tunnel vision, unable to see the big picture. the Prophet always preached moderation. Whether anyone understood what he meant or not was another thing.

            i really dont know to make myself clearly understood. let me try.

            Jehovah's witness do not accept blood, any kind of blood of all. but SOME of them have reread their scriptures, and reinterpreted in the contex of today's world. they may still not accept whole blood, but they are okay with their own stored blood, cell salvaged, human albumin and recombinant factors.

            the words in their Holy book is the same, the understanding is different.

            The Quran was written during a time and place when the world was divided in two. back then,if you were not a muslim, you were in the enemy camp.

            Infidels today are not Cristians, Jews, Hindus or Buddist. they are war mongers, people who are Godless and only worship oil and money and care nothing of their fellow man, or the environment. And many them are Muslims.

            No Muslim in their right mind will ever call mother Theresa and infidel.

            I agree with you that many Muslims will not agree with such things. Butwith education,a lot of us are changing and there is hope.

            I honestly believe that formal religion will come to end in years to come, certainly not in my life time, but it will happen. The lines between people and religion will become blur, and everybody wil pretty much be same. But we have some way to go.

            I am also not trying to preach Islam. I am more into how simlar than how different we all are…

            thank you for your compliments on my English.

  7. Good post.

    Sarah Hanson Young is a poster child for the left wing haters if I have ever seen one.That sour face is from years of hate and university brainwashing really what are our young people listening to these days is it hidden messages in the head banging music ? Something is brainwashing them the liberal left wing media is to obvious go to be something else!!! The crap they are teaching our young is criminal why did we fight WW1 and WW2 our diggers would be spinning in their graves.

    If the whites are exterminated ( I believe we are way to clever to let that happen ) they entire world would be one mass of uncontrollable turmoil.

    We have set up the modern civilized world they will bring it down and won't even know why!!!

  8. mike monroe says

    How many of you know that we are subsidising Africans to get their drivers licence? Apparently they can't speak English very well…so how are they supposed to obey street laws and signs? Another interesting article in "The West Australian' featured an African lady who told us all that 'Australia used to be a black country so that's why they feel they have a right to be here." She also showed us photographs of white people being 'racist' by sneering and spitting etc at blacks. These are the images displayed to black Africans before they come over here to invade. They have been told back in Africa that Australia is theirs and we are to be well…exterminated as we are not really welcomed here anymore. (After building the country and defending it during WW2)

    Seems whitey was good enough when the infrastructre needed to be built but now have become obsolete. One only needs to read the self loathing of white people in the "Letters to the editor" etc and the sheer hatred directed at us by ethnic writers to understand that probably, all is lost.

    I hope not, but don't hold out any hope for our people anymore, we are up against just too much. It does give me great pleasure in knowing that the likes of Sarah Hanson Young, Phillip Adams etc, will eventually feel the full sting of their delusions when the racial takeover occurs, or their families will. I've also noticed that Sarah Hanson Young also lives in an up-market mostly white suburb. Obviously this revolting looking witch with a face of granite hasn't had the experiance of living with diversity. If I ever come into money I'd buy all the properties around her and fill them with the most voilent ethnic gangs I could find. See how she likes it.

  9. I didn't realise how bad things are looking.

    If you haven't as yet, I'd encourage everyone to read two books:

    Overloading Australia – Mark O'Connor, William J. Lines

    22 Steps to Global Tyranny – Graham L. Strachan

    In Overloading Australia Mark and William look at several cases around the world where there is famine and/or internal wars and how overpopulation is the key underlying driver in more situations than can be counted. Coupled with often a large proportion of young men (lots of testosterone) and often differing religious belief systems – it's easy to see how it becomes about famine, religious ideology, but never about overpopulation – in no case that I've ever seen has the ABC or SBS ever mentioned overpopulation as a cause – it's always something else.

    Our pro multi-culturalism/record breaking immigration policies are being paid for by selling our assets off at an increasing rate and still not bringing down government debt (currently at 35% of GDP I believe and rising) why? Perhaps because going by the rough but reasonable estimate put together by William Bourke here has at last taken a stab at what each additional migrant costs in infrastructure – the lower end of the scale is around 260,000. Multiply this by our current immigration rate of over 180,000 per year gives a figure just shy of 50 billion a year just to foot the bill for our migrant intake.

    But it's much worse than this. The recent productivity commission report claimed that we need high immigration because of the current and future skills shortages. However, the report was commissioned with the imposed assumption of immigration levels of 200,000+. In other words, we need high immigration because we will have high immigration.

    With increased overcrowding, increasing cost of living, unaffordable housing and rapidly declining living conditions, our governments (at least since Frasier) have been bowing to the pro-growth lobbies demands been progressing us at break neck speed to a melting pot from which in the face of the looming oil crisis it's hard to envisage anything other than widespread anarchy as bad if not worse than seen in the UK – and there will be no respite.

    Having said all this, there is perhaps hope through parties such as the Australian Protectionist Party, Stable Population Party, Stop Population Growth now in providing a voice to the 70% of Australians who realise overpopulation is one of our current critical threats.

    I've suggested make mention of the APP.

    Please also vote against the sale of yet another asset to foreign hands here:

  10. Knightmare says

    Now are some of you people starting to wonder why our government disarmed the population ? Is it sinking in yet why they also try to muzzle the media ? And the political correctness that we must abide by ??? I don't remember being asked or voting for any of these things do you ???

    GOOD LUCK AUSTRALIA were going to need it.

    • The Kuta Kid says

      Yeah. Exactly my thoughts. Howard used the killings in Tas. as an excuse to call in all guns. I said then he is disarming us. Now what have we got to fight with?

      The only way is to vote in any political party and/or politician – not labor or liberal – that can see the danger.

      Just recently another mosque has been built near me. The minaret is higher than the surrounding buildings. A minaret may not seem like much but its a little bit more of Sharia Law encroaching on us all.

      I said b4. the koran is and the hadith are books on how to terrorise non muslims. any where from 30% – 80% of their religious teachings are on how to get victory on us all and take over our lives through islam.

      Every country in the world that has let islam into it has slowly but surely succumbed to islamic rule. Look at Lebanon.

      not the point in relation to your post. i get carried away by my anger.

      Listen up. We are not the only ones worried. there is a growing movement (underground) that are emailing each other all sorts of tasty bits on the current state of affairs. i have tried to post some of it on this site but the "moderators" removed it. it was so "hot"

      I think some of it comes through WikiLeaks obliquely.

      The politicians of Australia (all) are just as same as the lying and cheating dirty little muslims. a**eWipes. of. the. world.

      did you ever ask yourself how come they are still in power when the greater majority never voted for them?

    • The Kuta Kid says

      Our system is more bent than dogs back leg

  11. Fit in or f*** off.simple.Bludgers.

  12. mike monroe says

    It's not just Muslims we have to worry about. Look at what 'Christian" Africans do to a white family when they become the minority race…

    It's the school kids still in their uniforms which made me sick. We all know what would have happened, a flash attack, the wife and young daughter gang raped in front of the husband then taken into the store room and hanged.

    VERY GRAPHIC!!! And Just to let you all know, Isreal is planning on sending its unwanted AFricans here, IN THE TENS OF THOUSANDS WE ARE DOOMED IF THIS HAPPENS, MOST WILL BE MUSLIMS.

  13. I know you Muslims always lie, lie, lie, lie, lie and lie, both in your written and verbal proaganda towards non-Muslims, in order to spread Islam across the globe. This is actually commanded in the Quran to all Muslims to do to non-Muslims – lying (or Taqiyya). Check out the verses from the Quran regarding this practice for yourself here:
    The rule of thumb to all non-Muslims here is never believe what a devout Muslim tells you or recommend you to read.

    ….and here is an example of Muslims lying through their teeth:

    Only a twisted fake prophet (mu-ham-mad) could have created such twisted and immoral followers:

    If you "enjoy" watching this video below, then you can say that Muhammad was tolerant and benevolent. But that would also make you a psychopath just like him:

    This is what Islam apologists in the West must watch to open their "holier-than-thou" eyes:

  14. Crusader Gary says

    I am always amused at the news or the lack of it the media left feed us here in Australia.

    They will never tell you about freedom fighters standing up for freedom of speech.

    People like Geet Wilders or Elizabeth Sabaditsch who have been taken to court for telling the truth about Islam.

    Yet they have been welcomed in the U.S.A. England and many other country's in Europe as hero's.

    The only way to get the truth is the WEB with all the news as it really happens,then you will find out what a media black out we have with half truths, bias and left wing distortion.

    Try it and you will see for your self.

    • Warung Discussion says

      The Liberals and Labor want it to happen. Islam. Get riod of these two parties. Vote in Independents. Then everybody has to vote on which laws and what Australia will accept. Do NOT vote in the "bleeding hearts" or any of that ilk.

      We need laws that protect our way of life.

      IF someone breaks a law – parking tickets excepted – kick them out and the rest of the family goes too!

      Same should apply to racist speeches in mosques. DON'T give me religious freedom Crap! Open the mouth and preach "we are better than though" and get deported.

      You all know that some Cultures will not mix with us Europeans. Most people from sub-continents go back home – that they "escaped" from – and arrange for a wife without having had a relationship at all. Usually that "wife" is a first or second cousin.

      These are suggestions I hope someone will take note of.

      Geert Wilders is a hero.

      • Correct me if I'm wrong but in the last election there was a muslim candidate from the Independent for the Bansktown or Auburn area, and Muslim households were displaying his photo infront of their houses, way in advance of the election.

        • Warung Discussion says

          Yes. I read about that.

          I don't mean vote for Independents that support islam! No No.

          I think Liberals and Labor have got to be defeated otherwise they will keep right on standing on our heads. There is no succour to be had with these politicians who are receiving money from islam.

          Voting for people who stand for preserving our way of life. No mosques should be allowed at all. Islam must realise it is not compatible or wanted in Australia.

          • Absolutely true…there is hardly any difference between them anyway and they are too busy squabbling between themselves to notice what we are actually concerned about.

            I'd put Muslim Immigration near the top of our concerns. We really are incompatible with Muslim values.

            The mainstream media just does what it's told and loves a sensationalized story, but when it comes to the immigration of People from Muslim nations there is hardly a whimper. It's as if they're afraid to say anything, which is not representative of the thoughts and feeling of many, if not a majority (I'd be surprised if it wasn't)of Australians. We're concerned BIG-TIME about the rising tensions on this subject. You can clearly see how these two parties avoid the issue of immigration. There is great focus on the children who are in detention centres..and as usual, the children are used as political and bartering tools.They use the kid factor to get us to feel sorry or shift political sentiments. a big mistake on the part of political advisers and stylists.

            We KNOW it must be better, HAS TO BE better than the religious s***-holes they are running away from or they would not have loaded their own children onto boats and headed for our peaceful shores risking life and limb. the sad thing is, as soon as they are all safe and secure they will revert to the mindset they have been brainwashed with.

            A proper screening process and a 12 month deprogramming course BEFORE any applications would be advisable. I mean – our governments go to war without our consent, telling us, bombarding us for years with the stereotypical terrorist Islamic news. Telling us how dangerous and sneaky Islamic extremists are (do not forget the Bali Bombing) Brainwashing us into fearing them… then expect us to forget all that and welcome this primitive religion onto our shores? It won't matter if we vote Gillard out and end up with Abbot as they are fundamentally identical in my opinion. No, we need a strong new party that reflects the unspoken feelings of Australian people.

  15. VikingGoddess says

    Sixth generation Aussie who actually knows a bit about Islam, having been to some of your moslem countries and forced to wear that stinking rag which is called the headscarf, niqab would like to state that Mohammed was a paedophile. Because one of his wives was an under age 9 year old girl. Whom it is understood he actually consummated the marriage with, when he was three times her age! Hence paedophila became the norm throughout the Islamic world. Read the latest National Geographic magazine about child brides in Islamic countries and the horrific lives they lead and the injuries they sustain. Yes he was such a kind husband wasn't he! I don't think the Quran states though if she died from complications arising from the damage to her internal organs giving birth as the result of being married off at such as early age. This, amongst a whole plethora of misogynist practices in Islam makes it more of a manual for female genocide rather than a religion. What we saw in Afghanistan with the Taliban was the end product of that manual on female genocide!

    • Three times her age? Where did you get that from?

      That would only make him 27 years of age when he raped her.

      No, most of the accepted Islamic texts recorded that he was 54 years old when Aisha, the niece he married, was only 9 years old.

    • At the risk of bickering over technicalities, that wasn't actually uncommon at the time. The marriage was consummated after Aisha began menstruating, which would have been around the age that girls in medieval Europe were forced to consummate their own marriages (often with men older than their fathers.) Juliet would have been 13 when she committed suicide after she and Romeo were married and had sex. Also, Aisha died at the age of 65 and was a powerful key political figure long after her husband's death.

      Of course, nowadays, many Muslims just think it gives them an excuse to rape innocent girls…

  16. Google alerts brought me to this website. I am a Muslim happily living in Pakistan. My interaction with the Australians is restricted to my recent trip to Greece. Interestingly enough I found one non-racist Australian for every racist Australian.

    Seeing the hatred vented out here, I would like to offer you my new e-book for free through a coupon. Its about Muhammad's wives and would tell you how tolerant and benevolent Muhammad truly was and how kind and co-operative husband he was.

    You can view my e-book here
    Coupon code = PV88T (expires June on 8th)

    Peace be upon you!

    • Brendan says

      f*** off paki, we've had enough of muslims and personally i've had enough of you as well.
      I just wish the government would have the balls to blow up your people smuggler boats before they got here. solve that problem pretty fast.

      as for your coupon, shove it up your a*** and f*** off!!

      • Yeah – you tell em! I only wish every Aussie would vent their secret hatred of these people and then we would see them scramble like the vile vermin they are. Don't be afraid – let them know!

      • I…don't know whether to be amused or disgusted at your inarticulate, obnoxious, uncouth response to what was actually a rather polite message.

        …I'm going for a mixture of the two, though I'm leaning rather more towards the latter at the moment.

        As an Australian, I'm ashamed that you can't express your argument/retort in a manner more indicative of the sophistication of our great country. Your language is the sort of language I'd expect from someone on a people-smuggler boat, not someone raised in an English-speaking nation who should have better command of English.

    • Proudinfidel says

      Mohammed (piss be upon him) was a pedophile, gangster, torturer and murderer who kept sex slaves. Forget your Koran Islamic "great lie", it doesn't work anymore.It represents only 16% of the doctrine.

      The real Islam is in Hadith, Sira and Sharia.

      To understand Islam, you need only to understand Mohammed, the most evil man who ever walked the planet.

      To believe Mohammed was the perfect muslim (he who has submitted) makes you either a Meccan or Medinian, or if this is not intended as taqiyya, then you are a Kafir like the rest of us.

    • Yes Allya, I know Muhammad was an amazing God realized being. I learned of the beauty of the prophet through Khalil Gibran….i have every book he wrote. but a large group of the modern day Islamic fanatics have an agenda of hatred and violence and I for one don't want them here, I have Muslim friends who feel the same way, so you see it isn't racism, but a repulsion for fundamentalist religious groups that incorporate suicide into their 'godly' mission. It's not acceptable and we want our government to properly screen the illegal immigrants who want to live here. You aren't paying close attention. I'm not at all racist, i have friends from every nation in fact. That's not the Issue here.

    • mike monroe says

      Go to Hell you racist pig. We've seen the results of the shocking gang rapes of white women in Sweden and Norway, not to mention the horrific sexual and physical attacks YOUR PEOPLE do to white people in England and Europe. Of course you are happy in Pakistain…you are with your own kind. Just LEAVE US ALONE!!!!

      • mike monroe says

        And as for 'Googling' racist parties have a good look at your own poltical Muslims parties policies on white genocide they have planned for us. It is YOU who is the racist and the white race is awakening.

    • mike monroe says

      By the way idiot, (and you are for daring to come onto this site with your rubbish) young Australian girls back in 2001 were being abducted on their way home from work and gang raped by a group of Pakis, the horriffic time was referred to as the 'Sydney gang rapes." Our women were called 'Aussie pigs' and 'white sluts' as they were held down and voilated at gun point.

      So when it comes to 'whitey is a racist' JUST F***K OFF YOU STONE AGED SAVAGE.

    • Warung Discussion says

      Hello Aliya. Yours is a very eloquent message. Softly written and very polite.

      Know this then. islam and the west do not mix. We are free thinkers as God made us. muslims are not. All muslims are brain-washed.

      of course. you deny this. Why then do you believe differently? because you have never been educated properly. You were never given a choice of any other way but islam.

      We, in Australia, are given choices.

      the truth is

      muhammad was a war-monger who preached bigotry and hatred against anybody who did not believe him. He forced people to join islam and if not had them killed. your own history of islam tells you this. islam still adheres to this principle.

      islam teaches you that any other way is false.

      those Australians that you met who are not prejudiced do not understand the threat to their way of life. they think they are safe and that islam will in no way ever have much influence on them.

      ignorance is bliss.


      some of us know the danger

      you and your ilk, would and do, force islam onto us. we do not want it.

      it did, after all, come from muhammad. we do not care what you think or what his wives thought he was.

      realize that islam will be expelled from the western world in the end.

    • Some might be truly racists, but for the rest, to be concerned about a cult's teaching that tells their followers to kill rape and rob all non-Muslims until they surrender to Islam and accept muhammad as their prophet and allah is the only god, then it is not racist, but a justifiable concern for all non-Muslims. Do not say others are racist when Islam can not tolerate others for not converting to Islam. This is what people like you don't ever want to mention and thus got the media and western governments keeps thinking that Islam is a peaceful religion. Muhammad choped of between 600-900 heads and you think such a person can still create a peaceful Quran for his followers?

    • go watch this you might understand ia bit better

  17. I'm going to join the Nationalist Party of Australia. Mark my words, The Gillard government is dead in the water,

    I will not let these over-breeding sadistic excuses for humanity gain precedence. We can demand our government halt all islamic immigration to this land. we have the right to live without Sharia, Halal and other sickening Islamic traditions in our midst. They can keep their sadistic god of war and vengeance on their own shores. All Islamic immigrants should be made to do a 12 month de-programming course. The subjugation of women and torture of animals for 'holy' reasons is part of the illness attributed to religious fanaticism and Islamic nations are the main offenders these days. If we allow people with this kind of mindset into our country it will further weaken us as a nation. we just don't have enough policing available.

    • They only way you can get the government to halt all Muslim immigrations is if the whole of non-Muslim Australian population come together to protest to the government. And the only way this can happen is to educate non-Muslim Australians.

      The first step is probably to get people to read the book below. Buy one for your local library (if they dare to stock it). This book did certainly changed my view about this religious cult, because I, like most non-Mulslims did at one time bought into the lies of Muslim apologists. Not anymore! Please pass these links all over the the internet. The internet will expose the evil of Islam teachings towards the non-muslims in within one generation, when it was able to hide it for 1400 years.

      By the end of this century, Islam will be no more if we all do our bit to educate potential victims who might fall into their lies in cyberspace. If they want Jihad to force the entire Earth to become Islamized, we'll have Jihad to stop their take over. We have our weapons below and it is not through warfare but through the art of fighting without fighting – give them the truth on the internet, nothing more, nothing less:

  18. Well, i can tell you pretty straight out, the indigenous community doesn't want Muslim extremist immigrants here either. In fact, they are going through native Title right now and it would be best if our government halted all further islamic immigration until we have sorted out this historic event of the Indigenous peoples attaining rights to their own land. I have just returned from a remote Aboriginal community and you are not on their list of priorities…as if you care anyway. What's wrong with your own country again? Oh yeah! religious war! So you want to infect our country with it too? The way you have treated your women and aimals is a shame on humanity.

    Now, WHEN did you last actively support Native Title? Or protest the development of the gas plant in the Kimberleys? Never that's when.

    • Rozee, A voice with some common sense in this fairly heated debate. Good on you for getting the priorities right. People are forgetting that "Australians" have fought for this country , both black and white. When push comes to shove…we will unite and fight for our Land. It seems our Muslim wannabe's have no respect for us or our culture, they forget this is our home. Intolerance for OUR way of life will be their undoing. It takes a while for the Australian people to stir up….but when they do look out. Keep up the good work Rozee.

  19. You guys are all racist pigs and hypocrites!!! This land was STOLEN from aboriginals now you think you have the right to say who comes and goes. What they wear and what they believe. Look at what the white people have done to the community of Aboriginals – destroying their culture, stealing their children, taking their land.

    Its obvious your breed is lacking intelligence. At least our ancestors arent either convicts or thieves. (PS your wondering why im here – researching on idiots like you!)

    • Terry Odgers says

      Oh dear! There's a couple of big chips on those shoulders Nora! How about I answer your rant with a few facts which are available from any library.

      Fact 1. This land was not stolen from the Aborigines. There was no protest or armed resistance by the original inhabitants which led to the British constructing the term Terra Nullius. The Aborigines at the time consisted of tribes that warred with other and had done so for as long as the Dreamtime. The advent of the white man has allowed the aborigine and others who wish to progress in the world to do so. Would you rather the aborigine was forced to still live in the primitive state that they once did?

      Fact 2. This land we ALL live in, is called Australia. The Aborigine or the recent immigrants did not name this land. The white man has built this nation, not the Aborigine or the recent immigrants. The white man has taken a barren and dry land and has converted it into one of the worlds largest food producers and one of the most modern and wealthy nations on Earth. The white Australian therefore has as much a stake in this land as the traditional Australian Aborigine. Therefore we also get to choose who should come here!

      Fact 3. If the white man destroyed the aboriginal culture why does the federal government allocate billions of dollars each year to the aboriginal industry. And as for stealing aboriginal children, none were stolen as you have suggested, they were taken from dysfunctional families and placed into foster homes for a better life.

      Fact 4. There were more 'stolen' white kids taken from their dysfunctional homes than there were 'stolen' aboriginal children per head of population.

      Fact 5. The original First Fleeters were convicts, but following generations of settlers were not. Not every white Australian can lay claim to ancestors with a convict past.

      Fact 6. We do not consider ourselves to be racist, in fact, the term racist is a fairly modern term thought up by ideological idiots for people like you to throw around at people like us who happen to disagree, through knowing historical fact, with your view of the world. But, if you believe that protecting one's own kind is being racist, than I am happy to be called one. I hope this has helped your reseach!

    • Nora, you are a dumb *** muslim *** I take it then.

      I have a message for you and the rest of your backwards dumb arse muslim kin, F*** OFF!!!

      Australia used to be a country you could go anywhere and feel safe. Take your family anywhere and not have to worry about anyone. Now, for example, you go to Bankstown or Guilford and you can feel the muslims staring at you, making you feel uncomfortable and out of place, but hang on, this is our counrty!!! GET THE F*** OUT!!!

    • sarah2dads says

      Simple stuff nora ,you have yours, and we have ours, you cant have ours because we wont let you have it.And screaming racist, the leftard one word argument,nora nobody has anything against your race its your so called culture that we hate,and i do mean HATE.Just look what your filthy stinking murderous religion has done!all over the world death death and more f***ing death thats all a f***ing Islamist knows,when was the last time a muslim invented something for the greater good?what contributions have they made to this country?NONE NOTHING.But thats islam find a nice host and parasite it to death,WELL NOT F***ING HERE YOU DONT!!!

      • Sarah2dads…I hope you don't mind but I have posted your comment over at CrusaderRabbit for liberty blog. I think it's a great comment because I believe it is so representative of how the average Aussie now feels about the retrogressive ideology known as Islam. I also took it upon myself to edit it as well for better clarity.

      • Under other circumstances, I'd probably call you a racist and hate monger, but in this case I'm with you all the way; due to what I've learnt about the Quran. Every word you said is correct and true about followers of Islam. They didn't invent anything. The claimed they did in the past during their so called golden age, but that was from the terrorizing and conquering of non-Islamic Arabic civilizations and their inventions. Once any part of Arabia is Islamized, free thinking is forbidden. You don't question the barbaric commands and laws of the Quran and Sharia, respectively. Creativity and hence inventiveness suddenly stopped at that point onward.

        In the present day, some muslim countries are rich only because the West had found a use for the fossil fuel underneath them. Without the non-Muslims buying their oil reserve, Islam would have been extinct by now. Every litre of petrol you put into your car, helps them recruit suicide bombers in their jihad against every single non-Muslims. Everytime Western car manufacture turns down the adoption of petrol-free car engines, they are helping Islam to advance further into non-Muslim territory. Once the West discovers a reliable new energy source and a far cheaper way to produce an engine that will run it rather than the combustion engine, the Islamic countries will become a dustbin overnight. They will starved of Western money. The West could then leave them on their own and they can return to the dark ages, like what the Talibans did to their own country.

        The Quran is an evil book of total destruction. One might say it is far more oppressive, destructive, brutal and perverted than Communism has ever been. I've never heard of Communism encouraging pedophilia, yet Muhammad was a pedophile, mass murderer and a control freak, and all this was an example to all Muslims around the world. They emulates him, even to the extent of having a full set of ugly Islamic beard, (wonder how Indonesian Muslims can do that as a non-middle eastern muslim. but they try their best).

        Reputable Islamic texts documented Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, married his niece, Aisha, at 6 years of age and promised her parents he won't actually have sex with her until she turned 9, but he insisted he still wanted to sexually fondle her with his body before she turn 9 years old.

        How can any thinking, breathing "ape" that claims itself to be a human being can agree that this evil old man was a human being (Muhammad) was a human being, let alone took him as a prophet of some invented islamic god? If you say he was a prophet of Satan or the Anti-christ, I would agree, even though I'm not even religious, because all his actions and expectations of Muslims, as mentioned in his Quran, fits in exactly as what any Atheist would define as psychopathic and mentally deranged, or simply "evil" in religious terminology.

        Therefore, Muslims who defends this book of evil instructions (knowingly), calling for all Muslims to eradicate non-Muslims, is agreeing with Islamist Jihadist to murder, rape and rob from all non-Muslims on this planet, until the entire Earth is nothing but Islam only. Such Muslims are devout Muslims and are pure evil (or pure stupid, depends on your view).

        So please let others know about the truth of Islam from the links below. Muslims will never stop their Jihad until the last person on Earth is converted to Islam or get their head chopped off (literally) if they refuses:

        Expose the truth:


        • Thanks for the links. very informative! It makes more sense to me now, I can understand how sneaky this religion is. Absolutely no respect for others spiritual freedom.
          I think i despise this religion even more than Catholicism ( my background ) I would like to see the building of any more mosques banned in Australia. I have friends who come from Muslim backgrounds who do not practice the faith. They just have their own spiritual life, as i do.

    • Youve gotta be kidding Nora…..I seem to remember reading that your boss was a raider/pillager/thief/killer. Went from one city to the other…which he burned down…meccca & medina ring a bell.? Then climbed the ladder by marrying another wife up the social scale…sounds like a real nice bloke. Have no doubt or fear…we're researching you too.!! Have you noticed that the argument is about your kind coming here….not the other way round.
      Si vis pacem, para bellum…if your smart enough to read latin…translate this….or go away.!

    • Nora, it's important not to confuse resentment/protectionism with racism. Australians (including Aborigines) are losing their land and future even if there are those that for whatever reason don't realise it. And as for racist comments, how is your language e.g. "racist pigs" any better? But I encourage your input in the spirit of healthy debate. After all if we can't debate this openly, then we have censorship. Letting people say what they want to say in the way they want to say it is generally far more conducive to moving forward than PC censorship.

      It is worth bearing in mind that the history of the Aborigines in Australia is fluid rather than set in stone; one could say that about much of history as new evidence is uncovered and/or new techniques are developed. New evidence is regularly coming to light for instance, of races earlier than the aborigines that were displaced by the aborigines and that it is arguable that there wasn't actually a stolen generation….
      In the end it really doesn't matter in this respect, we have more important things to attend.

      While I don't support Islam in any way, I do think muslims are all too often tarred with the same brush but I also think those coming to Australia who genuinely want to fit in do not understand why they need to leave a lot of their old beliefs behind if they are to truly appreciate western culture – unfortunately, many if not most are victimised by their inability to give up Islam altogether and as such, end up attracting the same existence they had in their home country.

      Multiculturalism it needs to be said is simply a mechanism big business uses to create a mono-culture of consumers – on the other hand, government policy exacerbates the integration problem by pigeon-holing ethnic groups and giving ground where none is needed nor asked by those genuinely in favour of true cultural diversity e.g. singing merry Christmas or saying the lord's prayer in schools. The government at the behest of big business plays to the minority groups who demand absolute acceptance of their ideologies no matter how irrational.

      There are zealots and fundamentalists in all walks of life and for this reason, it is reasonable for Australians to seek to tailor it's migration program to culturally compatible people to minimise the unrest particularly given the instability Australia is entering in to. By and large, this is people who come from similar cultural backgrounds. I also am baffled by those who want every country to look the same or even worse, have western cities looking exactly the same as any Asian or middle-eastern city. How is that an expression of cultural diversity? London for instance is no longer a western city and there is something inherently sad about this.

      I have some Muslim friends in the UK who have said they left their country Pakistan to escape the lunacy in their country. When they got on the plane all they felt was relief at leaving the fundamentalism behind – the wife took off her hijab thinking she'd not have to wear it in her new home. Within a year, the street they'd moved to went from a predominantly white happy neighborhood to a neighborhood of predominantly Muslim pakistanis and the vibe of the street was lost in a wave of new immigrants. In his words, the s**t they'd tried to get away from followed them (he does swear). They now have the same cr*p they'd tried to leave behind. He has a son and worries for him as any parent would.

      Lastly, at the end of the say, Australia is a dry arid country with decreasing farmland and water resources and subsequently uncertain food security. Many government commissioned studies have put the upper limit of a sustainable population at 23 million even though the governments collectively ignore these reports in favour of the pro-growth agenda. We are just about there. We won't see the effect immediately because it takes time for the cumulative interest to make itself felt. But if we continue this mad population growth dash, we will quickly exceed 23 million and things will quickly start to go down hill.

      If Australia is to avoid the tribal in-fighting that is seen in all places where there is overpopulation and disparate ideologies, then it is in everyone's interest to ensure cultural compatibility and population stabilisation. It isn't like we have a choice and the people here understand this. Perhaps this might provide some insight as to why we're getting truly angry.

  20. tom brown says

    Hi Darrin how come Ive never heard of your party?You need more exposure,and a bit more polish in front of the press.Great idea you get my full support but in light of recent developments,I dont think a seat in one of the houses will do much. Start small see if you can knock off milne or rhiannon,a lot more realistic and a better base to build from,{the press will do the pauline hanson tapdance on you otherwise}and your spot on about unity,how ever most aussies vote for what they think will be good for them personaly with nary a thought for Australia.I think all out war with Islam is just round the corner,and I cant wait! kind regaeds tom

    • Mate, the media is pretty fickle in who and what it writes about. All we can do is keep getting out there about the issues that are important.

  21. I agree wholeheartedly with banning absolutely muslim immigration and I'd like to see the refugee problem solved by the government detaching itself from the UN charter on refugees. Most refugees at present are muslims.

    When you see what is happening in Britain and other European countries, I'm astonished that the Federal Government thinks our muslims won't turn into the same sort of violent, female raping lot that they are overseas as soon as their numbers increase a little. Islam is quite clearly the problem in most countries with violence and trouble.

    They are so stupid; they come here to escape violence and what is essentially Islamic nonsense and then when they get here, they want to implement it. A bit like shooting yourself in the foot.

    As for regulated immigration of non-muslims, I don't have a problem. Immigration has been good for Australia in many ways and many immigrants have and are making a worthwhile contribution. We just need to select better quality immigrants; no criminals, no muslims, people who can read and write English and who have a reasonably good education.

    I can't make it to the rally, but I hope your rally brings home some sense to the fools who are ruining instead of running our country.

    • I agree with darkhorse. Muslim immigration & people from countries who's beliefs & culture is in direct opposition to ours should not be allowed. For centuries italian,greek,english,irish,scottish,german,polish,french,etc etc etc have all come to live, work & raise their families here in Aus. Never before has anyone caused as much problem's as the muslim population & that of the african population. These people will never be part of the Australian culture or community because They Dont Want To be! They oppose our way of life, they look down their noses at us & they demand their culture & ideals be implemented at the cost to our Aussie culture & life. Australia is fast becoming a nation of tribes, this country must not conform or pander to immigrants and their own agenda's. This is Aus a western,christian values, english speaking country & unless we want it to become a nation of tribes we best do something about it & do it NOW!

      • There are far more non-Muslims in Australia than all Muslims put together yet we can't even get the government to stop Muslim immigration? I value human rights and because I value the preservation of human rights, this becomes the very reason I am opposed to the immigration of Muslims into Australia, because Islam will wipe out human rights and replace it with their inhumane Sharia law.

        Human rights activists MUST know the harm of Islam to humanity and human rights itself before attacking people that opposes Muslim immigration into Western countries. Muslim will destroy human rights wherever they go. The only law they respect is the inhumane sharia law of the quran.

        Expose the truth now from ex-Muslims! :


        • Warung Discussion says

          WHAT can we do about it! How can we stop the islamics of taking over?

          England is in real trouble now. Australia will follow. I am so Frightened/scared. BUT fight i will.

          We need a Geert wilders to rally around.

          The govt will lie to us about what they are really doing. They will tell us they are on our side all the time importing more and more ignorant bigots.

  22. Get these inbred,welfare rorting arseholes out of this country NOW! I was born & grew up in the Bankstown area, & to see how it has degenerated in the last 50 years is absolutely apalling. To see these bludging leeches milling around on the steps of Centrelink is enough to make your blood boil. My family refuse to shop at Bankstown any more as we definately feel in the minority. When an introduced species becomes a pest in the host country the government normally introduces a cull. Food for thought!

    • Yes Brett i agree. living in the playford area in Adelaide our centrelink office is full of them, mainly african. Yet they get out of the best cars which one would hardly afford being a refugee or a welfare recepient. They all know each other, they come in wearing their gold & fine clothes hugging & laughing with each other and they talk so loud. They are arrogant and rude. Why are they givin welfare when it is obvious they are not in need? It is a kick in the guts to struggling Aussies when these people who r givin so much take advantage especially when aussie people r suffering. You should see how many SAHT homes are tenanted by africans & muslims in this playford area, its a bloody disgrace.I for one am sick of it.

  23. Ive grown up in Sydney and in my years Ive found the muslims, arabs, and lebs to be nothing but a plague, a disgusting and truely backwards group of idiots.

    They want nothing to do with ACTUAL Australians and hate anyone who isn't one of them.

    The government MUST act now and get them out of this country if they want to protect the Australian way of life. I don't care if they line them up in the streets and shoot them or just send them back to their piece of crap country they came from, but they have to go. If the government wont act then we as a nation MUST act and we have to do it NOW!!!!

    The Crunalla riots I believe were a very good step in the right direction. Aussies finally speaking up and saying what we all think. The only problem was it didnt continue. That was a mistake.

    Europe is now finding out what this muslim problem is doing to them. The abuse in their schools to their kids brain washing them to hate everyone else. Their communities where in their own country they fear to go because of the muslims. And you think its not happening here?? WAKE UP AUSTRALIA!!!!

    People may say Im racist, but if wanting a country free of a backwards religion, free of people who rape our women and then believe it was the womans fault, free of fearing to enter a town or suburb because of them, free of not worrying if your daughter, girlfriend, wife ect will be ok catching a cab or walking home after a couple of drinks ect, then racist I am, and I tell you, Im dam proud of it!!

  24. bloody European disguised as Aussie!! Go back to Europe where you belong. There you will get many fellow racist to help you out!! but Australia is not a place for racism. In fact you are digging your own grave doing this!! Laws will get you by your ear and leave you to rot in the prison. So do us a fovour and book your ticket in a hurry to Europe.

    • Warung Discussion says

      Ms Wisdom. For what? for telling the truth? We are out to save our country from racists like you. We are reacting to your attitude towards our way of life. This is not racist.

      besides where in the Western World would we go without running into bigoted people of your ilk?

      You with your attitude are the trouble-maker, not us or me.

      Obviously you cannot see past your brain-washed nose.

      it is you who do not belong here and we want to help you re-settle.

    • You are the racist go back to your ancestoral homeplace if you don't like Australia. Creep

    • My grandfather was captured in Fascist Italy by the Brits and sent to a POW camp in Australia during the second world war. That's how our family got here….stolen generation all over again. I oppose Islamic immigration because I can see with my own eyes how backward this religion is. I've seen the Sharia law stoning of women videos and the torture of animals in the Halal tradition. Primitive stuff.

      They are not interested in assimilating into the Australian way of life, but love to benefit from our social services and lifestyle? Stop ALL ISLAMIC immigration immediately. They are dangerous people, with brutality in their blood. Running from their own countries to Australia and bringing the religious fanaticism that DESTROYED their own lands with them.

    • Hey wisdom…If being called a "racist" is what it takes to get rid of illiterate, ignorant, parasitic, inbred, women hating *** like you, then I think a few hundred thousand true aussies will cop that name. Our Government may be weak and bend over for you, but our people are not…. ***

  25. The Kuta Kid says

    Hey Dave! You have expressed all our sentimentalities. Besides shootin' the bastards lets think about a solution to our problems.

    !. Clean up the laws holding our Police from achieving creditable outcomes.

    2. Get our Police to WORK for a living. Think about it. Where are the police when they are needed and how long is the response time?

    3. Pass laws AND enforce those laws to protect Australians from religious hatred.

    4. Vote in THIS political party.

    Anybody else think of ways towards positive change?

    • Police do work for a living, there's just not enough of them and it's not worth being one of them. The courts is where it needs a shake up, do-gooder judges need to be given the boot and tougher sentences need to be handed down.

      • I agree. There are plently of good cops, one female cop told me last year that they can't protect the public anymore, especially if they are white, because of left winged mongrels who make up these stupid race hate laws, which don't protect white people.

  26. The Realist says

    It is interesting to note that a radio personality, Eddie McGuire, is being castigated for referring to Western Sydney as the "Land of the Felafel". He has been called a rascist and an Islamophobe. For making a joke about an item of food.

    No one is allowed to say anything that reflects badly on Islam. You can make jokes about Tasmania, South Australia and New Zealand, but not Western Sydney. Islam cannot be criticised, investigated or called to account. Or made fun of.

    There is a website dedicated to this Muslim issue. Sadly one is not allowed to express opinions or defend ones self from attack by any of the sacred cows that haunt the forums there, so the site itself is of limited use. The general opinion on that site is that we are in danger of a Muslim takeover of Australia one day.

    Got some news people. Its already happened. The way things have been allowed to develop by the imbeciles Rudd and Gillard and the traitor Howard, these desert nomad barbrians are being set up as an untouchable ruling class over the rest of us. And all anyone is going to do about it is talk and make posting rules for discussion forums.

    So I suggest that it would be a good idea to seek out moderate Muslims who are more in tune with Western culture. At least that way you might be owned by a half decent one when the Aussie flag gets changed to a red, white and blue crescent.

    • No one can say anything against muslims,the koran, their prophet or their food. Enough is enough.

      Muslims are intolerant,racist and demand all believe in their allah. Well the prophet was a child molester, the koran contradicts itself & declares violence against anyone not muslim. It is a primitive,violent,fanatical cult & it needs to be put in its place. If muslims want sharia & all the other primitive idealology that goes with it then they need to stay in their homeland's where nothing else matters but their precious islam. They do not need to go to other countries where democracy & freedom prevail. I say they have a bloody cheek to push their views especially in western countries.

      • Proudinfidel says

        Firstly being islamaphobic is not silly when they REALLY wish to convert, tax or kill you.

        You cannot be racist against Islam because it is not a race.

        You cannot even be a bigot against Islam because it is not a religion.

        Islam is nothing more than a global political cult intent on world domination by violence, treachery, deceit and robbery.

        The best thing that could ever happen for humankind is the annihilation of this cult and all who believe in it.

        Understand-there is no moderate Islam, there is only Islam.

        Here's an idea. Why don't we insist that all refugees going forward are genuine persecuted people, like Christians, Hindus, Jews and Buddhists in Malaysia and Egypt? We should swap these useless sponging muslims out for genuine refugees on a one for one basis.

      • No, the prophet Muhammad wasn't a child molester. He was a pedophile and an incest, according to widely accepted Islamic texts. At 54 years of age, he married his niece, Aisha, who was 6 years of age. He assurred her parents that he won't consummate the marriage until she turns nine (ie, he won't use his gential part to pentrate her until she turn nine, but he was allowed to sexually play her in anyway he liked, except penetration before nine).

        Islam is a cult invented by a criminal and the world has left it too long that it has taken on a blaphemous act of calling itself a religion and expects governments around the world to recognize it as such, whilst working to destroy all governments around the world in order to establish the inhumane Islamic sharia form of government on Earth.

        Given that non-Islamic governments around the world today have little knowledge of what attributes a religion should have, then the future of humanity has a big problem. This is a cult, not a religion.

        Western governments are basically unknowingly in the process of handing Muslims the entire planet Earth. When this process of Islamization of all western countries is completed, those who won't convert to Islam will become "dhimmi" (ie, second class citizens, who are forced to pay heavy tax which Muslims don't need to, in order that they'll give you some rights to live. Otherwise you are killed), and your life as a non-muslim will be half the value of a muslim if you pay the heavy tax ad a "dhimmi". Basically a slave to Muslims. Hence Islamization is the goal of all Muslims because it is the command of the quran.

        By that time, those refusing to convert to Islam should probably flee to China or may be Cuba, where the governments will never Muslims to run their country. Yeah, by that time you'd better off be living in a communist country than an islamic country. The West is being taken over thanks to human rights activists not understanding the purpose of Islam and governments that don't care about protecting democracy.

  27. The hardest thing with a movement like this is to actually get people to say publicly what they say behind closed doors.

    My partner is French and we had this conversation a few days ago about fighting for our values and from first hand accounts she paints a pretty bleak future for OZ if we keep allowing Islam to take over our country like it has hers

  28. I am not against immigration per se I think that Chinese thai and Viets have been a good thing for Australia. I am against The Islamification of Australia though they are against everything that this country stands for and that my grand fathers fought for.

    I spent a year living in the east of London and witnessed first hand the destruction of a once great nation by the over saturation of people from middle eastern and Muslim background.

    I am ready to take a stand with other young Australians against this I know I may lose some friends and be called a racist but I'm not going to stand back and do nothing about it.

    We are a tollerant nation but Islam is not a tollerant.

  29. WOW how awesome to see how many people feel the same way i do!!!

    Now I pose the question what are WE going to do about it ?

    I don't thin time is on ours side how do we get the meaasge across to the pin heads in power?

    Im all ears guys lets do less talking an do more action ! send em all back home bloody muslims those usless africans an of course the mulititude of indians in Syde for expamle who are taking over our city …….

  30. Please see the letter posted to PM Julia Gillard on The author says anyone can use it, part of it or preferably create their own.

    The more we harrass the politicians, the more they will realise that there really is a problem with Islam … it's not in someone's imagination.

    • That's a good letter Dark Horse, but it will be going to the wrong person. Gillard is a committed communist who would love nothing better than to be rid of the 'old guard' and to brainwash the children she cries crocodile tears over through her brand of socialist education.

      She also sees Islam as a useful ally against the rest of us!

      • Agree – Gillard has communist values – do some research. By the way, has anyone been travelling on the trains lately. I must be the only white person in the entire train. I'm sick to death of it. We should take em all out to Christmas Island *** for all I care. I'm tired of seeing women dressed in black from head to toe with slits for vision following behind their filthy, hairy husbands. I would rather die than bow down to any one of them or let them touch me. They are evil, they shouldn't be here, they need TO GO NOW!

  31. It is incorrect to call boat people "illegal immigrants", they are in fact refugees. Thanks to the Australian Government being a signatory to the UN Charter on Refugees, when these people arrive, we have to process them as refugees and if genuine, give them a place to stay.

    Rather than abuse the refugees, who are simply accepting what we are stupid enough to offer, we need to lobby politicians in the Federal sphere to cancel our agreement with the United Nations and not take any further refugees.

    The problem we have at present of course is that 90% of the people claiming refugees are muslims. Their Islamic religion and totalitarian system of law and governance is completely incompatible with our free, democratic, secular society. Thus, they will NEVER fit into Australian society. More than that, they will do everything they can to take over and make Australia an Islamic caliphate … they have already commenced. Their holy book, written by their pedophile so-called prophet Muhammed commands them to install Islamic governance wherever possible. To do that, they are allowed to kill, lie, cheat and do anything else to further the will of Allah. They do not recognise our law, only the law of their false god Allah.

    Australia at present has a relatively low number of muslims. As it increases, trouble will also increase as their silent jihad attempts to turn us into muslims and install their Sharia law etc.

    If we don't nip this in the bud now, in five years, it will be much more difficult. Spread the word; demand that our politicians tackle this issue by outlawing Sharia law and preferably not identifying Islam as a religion. If they did that, we would not get caught up in the anti-discrimination legislation that has made a rod for our backs. We need to band together on this and rid the country of this rotten evil.

    • spot on

    • True about the silent Jihad attempts and sharia law…They are using our own laws against us – for example: to set up their own separate family law! Sharia divorce is something I’ve been hearing about. Is it true?
      The trouble with governments and the way they go about their business is that those that are given the responsibility of governance are over-paid bureaucrats (Muslim and non-Muslim alike) and relate to each other on an elite socio-political level. They bear no resemblance to the interactions the people on the street have to endure. Rich Muslims live in big houses in nice leafy suburbs – just like the rich non-Muslims. Their kids go to the same elite schools. They live in their own prestigious reality. They get together at conventions and political meetings and are essentially on the same payroll. If our ‘decision makers’ had to live in a community troubled by a clash of cultural and religious values, they would understand what we are talking about. This is not like the previous waves of refugees and immigrants to Australia. There is always going to be a bit of difficulty in the beginning as there is an initial lack of communication and understanding.
      With this latest issue of Muslim immigration however, there is a sense of real danger – we have been told and shown time and time again by the media and our governments of the danger attributed to Islamic fundamentalist groups. How then do they screen those who wish to enter our country? We need to know what goes on. Especially after our dumb subservient government went to war in Iraq at the behest of Bush and his ‘weapons of mass destruction’ agenda. We are allies with a Nation that has blown these peoples to smithereens! Of course there is a resentment toward us we do not understand. It’s like cultural chalk and cheese with the added history of military bloodshed.

  32. the ringer from the says

    why are the Greens like traffic lights?

    beacause they went from Red to green.

  33. Cameron McNeill says

    I am SICK of immigrants!

    I grew up in the country music capital of Australia as a gay man where the vast majority of the town is white. I recieved little to no problems with the issue of my sexuality.

    Now that I'm in Sydney immigrants are telling me that who I am is wrong, after they invited themselves into the place where I've belonged all my life.

    • Anybody who experiences immigrants trying to preach their religious propaganda to eliminate our countries freedom should take photo (use mobile phone), print then send photo and anonymous letter explaining their demands to ASIO, Aust Federal Police and USA intelligence.

      • One has to wonder why Bob Brown is encouraging more Muslims into Australia when he is gay himself, is he a traitor to his own sexuality? More gay people need to speak out over this issue and support this party or One Nation. What consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes is nobody's business.

        given the shocking upbringing I was given if a nice male of female couple had adopted me as a child and given me a decent start in life I would have jumped at the chance. There are good and bad people of all sexualities and considering how much our race is under peril we should all be sticking together in this Holocuast of our race of people by liars and traitors who have deemed fit they will exteriminate their own race of people. I have just come back from working on a mine site where the majority were white Aussies, I didn't want to come back to Perth. No sooner than I got home and went to the shops I was surrounded by loud mouthed immigrants screaming on thier mobile phones in their foreign languages. I have been so happy this last week, now feel depressed again.

  34. Just thought you'd all like to know what Muslims have planned for us when thanks to our wonderful politicans we become the minority race in our homelands…THIS SHOULD BE SHOWN ON ALL NATIONAL PROGRAMMES…FROM THE WORDS AND ACTIONS OF MUSLIMS THEMSELVES…WARNING IT'S GRAPHIC AND VERY DEPRESSING.;

  35. bill briant says

    When is there going to be an anti/Islam rally in Sydney? yet I am not against all immigrants we are all human beings Yet Islam is not good and true!and Historically is not founded in truth.

  36. Greetings fellow Australians, I'm an Australian who's pride is strained at what we've become; Where did it go wrong? when did it start? and how do we put our goddamn foot down now. We were a proud country, as kids we had wide open spaces, fireworks, a bit of innocent fun with firearms if you were lucky to come from the bush. Back when I was a kid, whenever we went shooting out west the adults would always be a bit cooked on bundy before the early AM hunting expiditian IN the 4WD. No accidents ever occured in the years that were spent in these memorable, fun times that I now look back on fondly. Why is then today that I now as an Australian have to fight for the right to have a firearm, to be able to teach my children the joys and skills associated with shooting, wether it be target or otherwise. Why is it we can control feral animals with firearms, but to even mention feral human control is just not on the board. Australia has become soft to the core, All humane and no human. We cop high fuel prices, high living costs, s*** educational facilities, rights that we once took for granted being stripped away in sheets, police can't even kick a young wanker in the ass that deserves it, workers rights, Now days it seems that the suit at the desk that does his hair 14 times a day, chats on the phone a bit, has some lunch and tells stories of how good he is, can be worth more than the AUSTRALIAN farmer that works his ass off to keep his farm and feed his children plus try and make his country produce something of its own that isn't goddamn housing. Buck up Australia, lose those slouching shoulders and stand up for what is yours!! Can you imagine what the old bushrangers that helped shape our culture and gestured a helping hand to their mates to the end would say, Oh how ashamed they'd be. And the diggers that fought and sacrificed their own lives and wellbeing to protect a way of life that we simply handed in with our guns and rights. We alone have the power to change our way of life and we are the only ones that can do it. If we were all to join hands and band together for one day for a common goal we could shift mountains. It is common knowledge that a government that keeps the population trying to get ahead, keeps control. We never win, only them. Bring in these f@#ken immigrants in droves, stick them all together so that the newbies learn all the tricks of how to not have to lift a finger now that the Aussie government is looking after you. Get rid of them however and when ever you see fit, how dare they sneak over our borders bringing their bulls*** and then complain about the conditions. Go home, we don't want you. I grew up with greeks and Italians; and a lot were first generation Australians, though these were a people that worked hard and really earned their place here in this once great land, not like the towelhead fanatics that beleive we owe them all a home cause they f@#ked theirs. Lebanese; well look at how much respect they have for our laws and culture, sure they make great kebabs but they sell drugs to our kids, steal our cars, sell them back to us and sell more drugs to our kids! One of the proudest moments as an Australian that I can recently remember was the numerous and indirectly provoked attacks on the lebanese poulation in Sydney some years ago. Come on Australia, lets see if we can keep a little bit of dignity, stand tall now and lets tell them how we feel- Only we can do it now.

    • A stirring post Dave. Lets hope our Party can come up with a few more ideas and protests against this cancer called "Illegal Immigration".

      I for one wear my APP shirt whenever I can, but we need more support here in Perth where certain places have become a "no go" zone even during daylight hours, due to these s***heads and their gangs.

      There was a brutal riot and stabbing in our northern suburbs the other night…yes you guessed it Bloody Tamil Tigers fighting other Muslim Sri Lankans over some ethnic hatred or other!!! Why the hell should we keep putting up with this s***…Perth, 40 years ago used to be a fantastic place to live but now its dangerous, bloody expensive and run by bleeding hearts.

  37. Don't become like Europe swamped by immigrunts and Britain is worse some schools in major city's like London, Birmingham have no white kids which means that local area has no white people multiculturism is a failed experiment wake up Australians defend your country go after the Traitors at the top for it is they that are the problem.

    Good news on the Geert front the tide is turning.

  38. well we are being bent over and ** ** ** ** in our own country by our own government as they are letting it all happen, Is it political correctness? nieve politicians? corrupt politicians? I think its just weak politicians we need hard liners like geert wilders who have of fear reprisal but they dont let it stop them from exposing the cult of islam for what it realy is & running against it, I wish i had studied law or politics at uni etc, Id have a good go at shutting the gates on these intolerant 3rd world standard archaic war mongering primitive pigs, They have no place in western & european countries, Multiculturalism will be the end of us, Its basic f***ing logic where we are headed, WAKE UP GOVERNMENT your destroying AUSTRALIA!! & f*** kristina keneally off she outlawed the banning of the burqa, radical muslims are rejoicing at the fact they have another puppet tomanipulate… check youtube channel ISCIAE to see what plans muslims have for us here in Australia look at his Shariah in Oz vids, Then join my channel its youtube account ISCIAEIBRAHIMCONLON a channel dedicated to shutting this muslim pig down

  39. What I don't understand is that all cultures in Australia are encouraged to retain their traditions and ethnicity but when Australians try to preserve their traditional way of life and beliefs, in our own country,for the sake of our children, we are labelled racists. They call our country a democracy but I can't see the equality to the common people of Australia when Muslims are allowed to enforce their third world beliefs and way of life onto us and our way of life. It's scary stuff and all Australians should be very concerned.

    • Its not just plaque proportions in Australia with muslims…Most countries have been "infected" with muslims.Australia already has one in government…Thats it,they now have their foot in the door of this magnificent country!!Australia will not be a nice place to live …5 more years will see us down the tube with the invasion of all trouble makers being let in by an incompetent government.

  40. Gareth Connors says

    Go you good things, wish I was in OZ right now.

  41. Hey I agree – lets get rid of all the immigrants and refugees – ALL of them. Lets start with the British of the first colonial expeditions then work our way through the Europeans and Asians. Then once half the country if gone we can concentrate on the other half. Once we've got rid of all the fugees and immigrants, all we'll have is a population of a few thousand inhabitants. These people will be the true settlers of this land and its true owners – THE ABORIGINALS. They are the first and only 'natives' of this land – I'm a 7th generation Aussie I know this is the truth.

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