It’s official: power prices to rocket under Rudd’s ETS

Working families across Australia can now confidently expect massive increases in their household and business power bills as a result of the Rudd Government’s proposed Emissions Trading Scheme, Senator Ron Boswell said today.

Senator Boswell was commenting on the decision today of the New South Wales Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal to increase power prices in NSW by up to 64% over the next three years, citing the Government’s proposed ETS as the major influence on their decision.

Household power bills will increase by between $577 and $918 a year by 2013 in NSW according to IPART.

Senator Boswell predicted IPART’s reasoning would ultimately apply across the country, and power prices in all states and territories would rise significantly over time because of the ETS.

He said the National Party’s opposition to an ETS was based in part on recognition that such big hits on family budgets were inevitable, while the scheme would have near zero impact on global emissions.

“Australians will pay through the nose simply so the Prime Minister and his Climate Change Minister can enjoy the warm inner glow of being politically correct climate change fanatics on the national and world stage,” Senator Boswell said.

“The IPART decision confirms they are prepared to let Australian families suffer so they can be seen to be sensitive to the issue for the sake of their own egos.

“These increases will ricochet through the economy, increasing costs and prices across the board. It won’t just be power bills that go up.

“Meanwhile, what Australia does on climate change, given we produce only around 1% of greenhouse gas emissions, is globally meaningless.”

Senator Boswell said the Government should kill the ETS today.

Nationals’ leader Warren Truss also issued a media release on this issue. Read “Turn out the lights, Australia” here.


  1. APP, the Labor government are now working on plans for internet censorship. This is something which you need to attack vigorously as this is a direct attack on “Freedom of Speech” and I believe the most important issue in the news now. Find out which parties or MP’s oppose it and swing your support behind them to stop this attack on “Freedom”. This is serious and must be stopped. It is the responsibility of parents and individuals to install their own internet filters if they wish to have one, not a government.

  2. When are people going to stop thinking that the labor party are for the working man.They are like the others in it for the money.Not in it for the people.

  3. Paul Toohey says

    I started a thread about this months ago and no one was interested in commenting about it. We Aussie are to slow of the mark with kruddie and his sly actions and underlying agendas. It's about time to wake and smell the roses. This government is into damage control on their fiscal inept management of the country and to claw back their ineptness they are hell bent on making the taxpayer pay for their mistakes.

    There is a plethora of issues that are inter twined in the big tax on everything, I presumes that he and his rock star mates can pull them themselves of of the abyss by squeezing more money out of the poor old tax payer!

  4. RomanGoddess says

    Which is why we intend to move to the country and set up our own solar and wind-power generators. Get off the grid and really stuff the Government's revenue raising exercises! They'll only use those extra taxes to accommodate more "asylum seekers"anyway…

    We wouldn't NEED an ETS if the third world would stop overpopulating the planet. Whoever says human expansion is not responsible for global warming has their head up their arse. OF COURSE humans are responsible! Breeding means feeding. Feeding means destruction of forests to clear land for food growing. No forests = no carbon filters. How about putting contraceptives in the water supplies and letting natural attrition take its course in the third world? If we'd stop saving their sorry arses, they wouldn't keep breeding out of control. Let them sink or swim on their own, but make sure they can't build boats to come here!

  5. Can we trust Krudd? check this out

  6. Krudd has lost the plot in conjunction with his bleeding heart leftist mates. He is just trying to make a good impression on the world stage. I think his ultimate ambition is to secure a cushy position in the UN after we kick him out in the next election at the expence of Australian tax payers. The guy cant even roll out an insulation program without it turning into a disaster let alone revamp the health system or set up a fair ETS. Time to go Krudd and good riddance you spineless worm!.

  7. localyokel says

    Australian householders consume 9% of Australia’s energy. Where is Rudd’s political correctness? This is just another elaborate government SCAM that Australians have been copping since the 80s. Through guilt and fear mongering, have we been convinced this will help save the planet from global warming? For years I have been cutting back with all utilities but bills have still continued to increase. Privatization was supposed to have made utilities competitive and cheaper. That was the SCAM used by governments back then. This is such a wealthy country with all the resources it has. Australia exports all those resources globally by companies that consume most of Australia’s energy. It’s those companies that should be footing the bill instead of the Aussie battlers.

  8. Power bills will rise, land rights will continue to be grabbed, health will continue to be in crisis while in the hands of unskilled politicians who have become our masters. It's time to turn the tide of political corruption – read the book at

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