Protectionist party protest new mosque in Newcastle


March 10, 2010

A plan to build a mosque and community centre at Elermore Vale has drawn criticism from a newly-formed political group.

The centre is designed to cater for the area’s growing Muslim population, and would replace a mosque at Wallsend.

NBN – Newcastle


  1. Devastating war in Syria with 60,000 loss of lives. Four million people displaced internally and 1 million displaced externally. The end of a civil war in Islamic majority Egypt and Libra. To this day the frequent murder of large numbers of Christians by Muslim in Nigeria. Is this the kind of Australia you want if Muslim communities are allowed to continue to grow in Australia?
    Show me where an Islamic dominated country allows for freedom for Christianity to prosper. Iran is in the process of eliminating the Christian Church, and the beleaguered Christian community in Syria faces the certain prospect of oppression if not destruction at the hands of Muslims. A dreadful tyranny hangs over the Christian community in Egypt at the hands of the Muslim majority. Yet Muslims in Australia cry discrimination or racism if they cannot get what they want in Australia.

  2. I make no apology nor do I wish to hide from the few comments I have made about Islam. I refuse to capitulate to the threats of Muslims. The time has come for Christians to respond in defense of hard won, easily lost freedoms we still have. Our capitulation must stop. For the sake of our future generations to remain free from domination and then slavery by Islam, Christians must confront Muslims and the world with the truth about their despicable murdering prophet, and their erroneous, deceiving holy book the Koran. When is the west going to wake up to the fact that the Koran proves that Islamic terrorism and radical Islam is very much part of true Islam? President Bush was wrong when he said that Osama bin Laden hijacked a great religion for his own objectives. Osama bin Laden was just following the dictates of the Koran.
    Many records of Mohammad’s life in Mecca show that in the beginning he chose to big name himself as an Old Testament prophet but no one accepted this and he was forced into exile. Then, again in his beginnings in Medina no one accepted him as an Old Testament prophet because the Jewish majority said that he repeatedly changed Old Testament stories to suit himself. After this, Mohammed’s evil nature began to blossom in Medina. He decided to make up his own religion, which condoned deceit and murder to achieve his goals.
    In the process of plundering many caravans carrying goods past Medina, Mohammed began to take a number of wives for himself the first of which was a 6 year girl. During these many plundering excursions, he murdered the caravan men, took their wives and daughters as sex slaves, and shared the loot and the women with his men. This made him popular with Pagan men. However, large numbers of them only began to accept him as their prophet after he redefined heaven as a God owned brothel where men who paid the door price of martyrdom could have far better sex than on earth with a host of virgins. Even to this day this promise is still taken seriously by hundreds of millions of Muslim men. After the allurement of this deceitful promise, Mohammad had enough men to fight with him to gain control of Medina and to slaughter thousands of Jews who opposed him. Multiple Muslim sources describe Mohammad personally presiding over the beheading of 500-900 of these Jewish men, and then sharing with his converts their possessions, and their wives and daughters who became their sex slaves. However, Mohammad made sure that all of the above atrocities were acceptable with his god because he wrote it into the Koran that way, even using female slaves for prostitution. Koran 24:33 refers to this, and how moralistic commands in the Koran often come with an “if”, “unless”, or “except” clause to allow for a way around them. Any wonder that moderate Muslims choose not to read the Koran! Repetitions make up 2/3 of its content. One fifth of it is incomprehensible, and 783 verses are incessant hell threats, which is one in every 7.9 verses. Until his death Mohammed altered, elaborated, and disavowed his pronouncements until there were 35 interpretations of 7 versions. Then 20 years after his death the Ottomans made their own Koran version and destroyed the rest. They even destroyed the two important originals kept by Mohammed’s widow, and Omar’s draft made in 634.
    Islam did not begin with Mohammed. Before Abraham left for the Promised Land his relatives worshipped a moon god idol. Then Judges 8:21 tell us that Israel’s enemies had moon god ornaments many centuries before Mohammed’s time. An early form of Islam was the religion of Mecca when Mohammed was born in 570 AD which included moon worship but it also had 360 other idols. Mohammed repackaged this religion into a monolithic form with one god called Allah and he destroyed the other idols. Yet, many of the acts of Islamic worship in Mecca today are vestiges of a pre-Mohammed time. The Islamic Allah is a moon god idol. The crescent moon adorns every Mosque today, and their calendar is based upon the moon’s motions.
    Mohammed led his followers out of pluralistic idolatry, but he designed a religion of rules called the five pillars of faith which every Muslim must obey to earn their salvation. This false road to eternal salvation of good works with its ultimate success or failure placed squarely on the shoulders of every Muslim is explained in the Koran in Surah 10:109. When you have to earn your own salvation, you can never be sure if you have done enough. However, the Koran promises a place in heaven with a host of virgins as a reward to any Muslim who dies in a jihad (holy war). This is a sure incentive for any suicide bomber. Islam’s history of wars and jihad in the name of Allah, even to this day, is proof that their five pillars of faith are little flickering candles or distracting religious decor on top of Islam’s primary pillar, which is jihad.
    Arab Muslims are descendants of Abraham via his son Ishmael. The Israelites descend from Abraham’s other son Isaac. Christians believe that they are spiritual descendants of Abraham through Jesus. Arab Muslims have been at war with the Jews and Christians from their beginnings. Gen. 16:12 is a vivid portrayal of the news events of these days about the descendants of Ishmael, “He (Ishmael) will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him.” If Islam is a peaceful religion, then why did Mohammed engage in 47 battles, and Islamic terrorists continuously kill thousands of innocent people in the name of Allah? Is peace encouraged when Islam does not allow freedom of religion and speech? Sure enough not all Muslims are evil villains and enemies of the rest of the world. There are very many moderate Muslims that should be commended for living on a far higher ethical level than there so-called prophet. They know that Islam does not advocate moderation, but they do not wish to harm non-Muslims. However, 4.6 million male students in Indonesia and 1 million in Pakistan who receive a 92% teaching agenda from the Koran become a recruiting basis for terrorism.
    Although Christians should be informed about Islam, they should not harbor any hatred toward Muslims. We should not seek God’s judgment upon them. Instead, we should be asking how we can get the gospel to them. Jude 22 (N.T.) tells us to hate sin but love the sinner. The Christian gospel is all about love. “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that who so ever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16) Whereas, there are 109 war verses of hate scattered throughout the Koran, which is one out of every 55 verses. One example is Sura 9:5 that says, “Fight and slay the pagans (non-Muslim) wherever ye find them, seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war.” These war verses not only give sanction to Mohammed’s 47 battles, but they are the reason why there will always be Muslims answering the call of the Koran against everyone who will not convert to Islam, and bow to world domination. Islam did not all of a sudden become violently radicalized in this century. Islamic armies followed Mohammad’s example for a 100 years after his death until all of the Middle East, North Africa, and Spain were controlled by Islam. In 1683, another Muslim army besieged Vienna and parts of the Balkans were captured. During this time, Muslim armies massacred thousands of Jews and Christians who while not resisting militarily would not convert to Islam, and whole sections of the population were taken into slavery.
    Some say that Christianity is no better than Islam in regard to violence. They remind us that after the 1st Christian Crusaders captured Jerusalem in 1099 AD more than 3000 Muslim inhabitants were slathered by the Crusaders. The Pope told them that they would be absolved of any sin associated with the crusades. This was only one of many false Christian teachings perpetuated by Catholicism. However, can it be said that any of those who were responsible for atrocities in the name of Christ were following Christian teaching found in the New Testament, certainly not! Therefore, you cannot blame Christianity because of them. The difference with Islam is that their violent ways such as jihad, is very consistent with the demands of the Sharia law (Islamic law), which is based on the Koran. It is a warrior code to conquer the world by violent means. It lays down jihad as one of the most basic religious duties of a Moslem, and clearly indicates it as physical warfare. It divides the world into two opposing domains, the House of Islam and the House of War. Any Islamic terrorist group can justify their atrocities by referring to Shari’a rules on jihad. They are obeying Islamic teaching, not way out Muslim fanatics.
    There may be 30% of Muslims who choose not to be involved in jihad, but more than half of these would support radical Islam financially. Until it gains dominance in western countries, Islam uses more subtle ways to gain its objectives. It introduces Shari law bit by bit. England already allows its Muslims to be judged by Sharia law. Food products such as meat that conform to Sharia law is now being sold in our supermarkets. This is part of a Muslim commitment to convert non-Muslim societies to Islam. Christian countries who think that they are showing tolerance to a mere religion by allowing Muslin immigration do not realize that they are opening the door to an ideology that intends to destroy by force their freedom and social structure. Muslims can never truthfully give allegiance at a naturalization ceremony because the Koran dictates that they obey its laws only. Maybe “Love your neighbor as yourself” should be interpreted in the light of protecting our Australian neighbors by not allowing Muslim migration. It could be possible for Islam to achieve its goal to dominate Australia by 2050 using immigration, large families, and conversions especially if Christianity continues to decline. Then they would be able to introduce Sharia law, which would persecute all those who will not convert to Islam.
    For more than a century social science departments in most colleges and universities in the western world have been exploited as tax funded anti-Christian brain washing schools for secular humanism. How does this equate to separation of religion and state? Secular humanists, agnostics, and atheists have assumed that if they could rid their world of Christianity, no other religion would take its place. This is a wrong assumption! There has always been another religion that is ready to jump into an empty space, and right now, that religion is Islam. By opposing Christianity, secular humanists, agnostics, and atheists are shooting themselves in the foot. If they succeed in making Christianity so weak that Islam is able to dominate western countries, they will lose their freedom to be secular humanists, agnostics, and atheists. In an Islam dominated country under sharia law their heads will roll into the gutter if they try to ridicule Islam like they have been doing to Christianity!

  3. Now the muslims are appealing the decision. All we have to do is bury a pig on the site & let them know about it. I'll chip in for the pig.

  4. Well its back on the agenda, Elenmore Vale purposed Mosque. Newcastle Muslim Association submitted a development application for a $6,6450,000 Mosque, Community hall, Funeral parlour, Morgue and multi storey car park for 300 cars.

    Then this article to explain who is actually running the Newcastle Muslim Association.

  5. there is already a mosque 5 minutes away in wallsend we dont need another one down the road if parking is a problem in wallsend buy a property and make it parking space we already have enough people in australia we dont need more to sit around home and get paid for it when we are out working hard and earning the money we deserve they have there own country so go live there i dont mean to sound racist but you have heaps of churches where you come from and you cant change people to be in your religion so dont make more churches in our country when there is already one 5 minutes away. you can just see it when people dont want them in your contry they will get into an argument and you can just see another war or even ANOTHER WORLD WAR

    • Being anti-Islam isn't racist Princess. Islam isn't a race, so don't let anyone brow beat you. They have plenty of Saudi Arabian and other money for mosques and they don't like to have to move too far. As they are supposed to pary five times per day (so they don't forget their brainwashing), they want a mosque every KM or so to make sure nobody has a reason not to go there for more brainwashing.

      In one country I read about in Europe, 40% of their welfare payments go to muslims immigrants who sit around breeding like flies and not working. Why would anyone encourage anyone to do that? We Western, civilised people are bloody stupid and need to wake up.

    • Not all Muslims are from overseas. Many are Australian converts.

  6. Not only do we need to protest about the mosque, we need to prevent Islamization of Australia at any level. Who will be Australia's Geert Wilders and speak on our behalf?

  7. This is ridiculous, I believe Australia should stop letting these Terrorist Attackers in the making into our country… You want Australia blown up let more of them come here.. One towel head with ten wifes and fifty children isn’t really what I call normal.. Needs to be stopped. Don’t allow a school being built near us for more of these idiot keep them in sydney

  8. say no to mosques in australia and no to muslims

  9. Professor you are completely wrong. The only violence that has occurred through immigration is that which is conducted by the first peoples of the country. They usually do things like the Nazis did through re-asserting "the nations" pride and crap like that. It exactly the same as the APP, as far as I'm seeing.
    Ypou take a small minority and then blame the entire community for its actions. With that same logic Hitler managed to kill millions of people, and with the same logic you will do the same.

    • To Dean, Crimson and Macca

      You are complete fools. You are being laughed at by your Muslim "brothers". Every time they see your "patriotic" comments, they rub their hands with glee…another couple of "converts" to our cause.

      More supporters of our Sharia way of life, beheadings, stoning, wife beatings and of course, terrorism…as even a fool can see that the majority of terrorist attacks are carried out by …er….Muslims!!! You evidently support this murderous hateful religion with your traitorous ramblings….I wish I had you guys in my platoon during the Vietnam war…then perhaps it was your fathers who were supplying the Viet Cong with cigarettes "to our comrades from your brothers of the Monash University" marked on the packet..

      You people and your ilk, make my stomach turn.

  10. Professor says

    Multi-culturalism is an experiment that has been tried throughout the ages, and it has been proven, via history, that is works for the more dominant, war-like and single minded race. In other works one culture eventually takes over another.
    This is not being ignorant, it’s the opposite. It’s using history to predict the future, and the future of Elermore Vale will be the same as the differing enclaves in Sydney and Melbourne, of ethnic cultures. This in itself is not a problem, but when it comes to a culture such as Islam that is totally different to that of secular western values.

    Do you want to live next to a family that all of the females have had their clitorus and vulva removed? Female Genital Mutilation is illegal here in Australia but it is not only continuing but increasing at an alarming rate.

    Those that want to find out more about these poor girls being sent overseas, in most cases, and sexually assaulted, and mutilated; head to a search engine and be ready to be horrified.

    Elermore Vale. Your next.

  11. I’m shocked that such small minded ignorant bigots are living in my community (E-Vale)

    and I don’t mean the muslims

  12. If people claim that if you migrate to Australia you must shed your old life, then why should we have allowed any religion here? Why not ban them all?

    2,000 years of Christian violence should have been a good enough reason.

    Or perhaps people have a problem with God?

    Guess which state has the most number of convicted criminals yet the one of the smallest populations of Muslims in Australia… coincidence?

    If the APP persists in pushing the anti-Muslim 'barrow then it will suffer the same fate as One Nation.



    • Yes, Crimson. Anyone who comes here as a refugee should shed the old life. If not, why become a refugee in a first place? Those who come here and not assimilate are not true refugees- they should be sent back. When I have arrived to Australia as a refugee, I begged to accept me, I wanted to become a part of a western world, freedom and democracy. I wanted to forget (shed) what was before – because it was horrible. People in question are not refugees- they came to conquer. I have heard other "refugees" loughing at people like you and Dean. They had fun fooling you. I know other refugees – real ones, they run away from their countries fully accepting the supremacy of western system.

      • Euro,

        The point i made was, you can not expect anyone arrival in Australia to suddenly shed thier past and traditions when those who populate Australia now largely chose not to do so. White Western Christians did not become Aboriginals upon arriving. The hypocracy of the assertion or demand that those who come here now become a version of us when we ourselves refused to become like those who were here before is not lost in the transaltion.

        There are many ethnic groups in Australia, some of which are European who flat out refuse to adopt to the Australian Culture for many reasons, the plain simple truth is that much of the Australian Culture is repugnant to even Europeans and much of Australia's Behavioural Culture would not even be tolerated in the US of A.

        it is safer to walk the streets of Tehran than Brisbane and people here and elsewhere bang on about how Islam is an inferior culture…



        • Re: Tehran. Yes, it is safer to walk the streets of TEHRAN than Brisbane, as long as one does not talk anything against ayatollah. Otherwise, one will be brutally tortured and killed in the nearest police station. I know the drill, believe me.

        • Re: multiculturalism. I am a devout multiculturalist AND support APP. What is multiculturalism? 1. I speak with the foreign accent and everyone is OK with that. 2. I exchange cooking recipes with my mates and we all enjoy this experience 3. I discuss culture, art and laws of different countries with my Aussie mates and we enjoy it 4. I do not watch footy and drink beer and all my mates are OK with that. 5. I am OK with people colour of skin – red, purple, black and even unfashionable white. 6. I am OK someone wearing headscarf or burka as long as it is not contrary to common security procedures THAT is multiculturalism. I am multiculturalist.

        • What is not a MULTICULTURALISM. 1. One group of people engage in well orchestrated effort to achieve majority in population and install repugnant medieval Sharia Law in Australia 2. One group of people demand separate toilets at La trobe university 3. One group of people demand building of their place of worship despite knowing that it would impede on rights of others in the area (value of houses, nuisance etc.) 4. One group of people produce most of the terrorists and when they get sentenced for that, claim that they are being prosecuted because of their religion. 5. One specific group of people teaches their children to despise infidels, live in enclaves and have allegiance to imam, not to Australia That is not multiculturalism. That is stealth conquest. I will fight that along with my Aussie mates.

          • 5, So they want seperate toilets? Big deal… Heck i’d like to have my own personal toilet everywhere i went considering the normal state of public toilets.

            As for religious observence, all religions place God before State especially Jews yet here you are not declaring that you will fight thier enclavist attitudes, why is that?

            I also know many Muslims who can speak better English than i can and remember all the verses to the National Anthem along with knowing how many points are on the Federation Star, where it is and why.

            Can you or your “Aussie Mates”?



          • You do not get it, do you? Who cares about Jews, they are not going to conquer Australia and establish kosher law or whatever they have there. It is Muslims that want Sharia for me and you. I conclude my discussion with you as it is pretty pointless. It is the same as I was talking about benefits of eating oranges and you would contradict me saying that Greenland's depositions on Nikel are rich.

          • Euro you are not making any sense, and when your comments are readable they are hypocritical.

            1 One group of people engage in well orchestrated effort to achieve majority in population and install repugnant medieval Sharia Law in Australia — Um….can you even give an example. They have only suggested it. It is the same as crazy fundementalist Chirstians arguing for homosexuals to become outcasts!

            2 One group of people demand separate toilets at La trobe university – who cares!!

            3 One group of people demand building of their place of worship despite knowing that it would impede on rights of others in the area — Well alright the n are you going to pull down every other 'place of worship'. By saying what you just did you are asserting that people should not be allowed to be religious depending on how they pray and which you prefer!

            4. One group of people produce most of the terrorists and when they get sentenced for that, claim that they are being prosecuted because of their religion. — Well, jack', how about WW1 or WW2 or Vietnam or Iraq War. I could easily say they were started by Christian people who used their religion as a support. How about medieval history also, it doesn't even compare to Islamic History of the same time – Inquisition killing hundreds of thousands!! All the terrorist attacks in the world haven't killed as many people as the Catholic Church did back then!!

            5. One specific group of people teaches their children to despise infidels, live in enclaves — Are you talking about extreme right wing Aussie groups like Pauline Hanson and even APP to an extent??!!!

          • Anyone else (except macca and crimson) think that I make no sense?

            Macca, you are intelligent, brilliant and well educated…ENEMY. Only enemy can defend the socio-political ideology that has a very definite goal of destroying the civilisation itself.

            You are especially good in planting the seed of doubt. I had a doubt too and went to check the facts to:

            Yes, I am convinced that One group of people engages in well orchestrated effort to achieve majority in population and install repugnant medieval Sharia Law in Australia and all over the world.
            Also, thank you for pointing out to my poor writing style and grammar. English is not my first language – I did not speak a word of English 10 years ago. I agree, I have to work on that.

  13. Macca , Muslims can build as many mosques as they want……………………….as long its in a Muslim country where they belong! . The majority of us don't want Muslims here so love Aussie and our way of life or leave!…. we didnt ask them to settle here. By the way can you build a Christian Church in Iran? …….. I rest my case.

  14. It's not freedom if the creation of the mosque is against the law, and if the citizens are concern with their way of life.

    Ill not ask you this question Macca since I do not believe that you would give an honest answer but is there any person out there that owns a house in a residential suburb, who would want ANY large building built next to their property. Or have their area turned into a meeting ground where traffic, congestion and parking are all stretched to the limit.

    Then we have the housing professionals in the area who have stated quite matter of factly that the property value of the HOMES within a 1 km radius WILL decrease dramatically as has been seen in Sydney and Melbourne suburbs where mosques have been built.

    I can see macca that you have no empathy towards the residents of Elermore Vale. That you are not concerned with their worries. As I am pretty sure you do not live their. But we at the APP are their for them and their concerns. To help them through this worrying time as much as we are able.

    • Exactly Nathan. I have heard that living next to a mosque can be no fun at all as Muslim worshippers have a tendency to worship in the street when the mosque is full. They'll also park their cars in the driveways of nearby residents. Access for residents to and from their homes can then become a problem on Fridays and Islamic feast days.

      • You are spot on, Black Knight.

        I was recently in Canberra and the Canberra Mosque (right at the foot of Parliment House incidently!) was swarming with our bearded brothers….and you should of seen the cars!!

        They were parked right on street corners, across driveways, on beautifully manicured Canberra lawns – everywhere!

        It was extremely inconvenient for other motorists as they could not get through; but was was worst was the fact that most of the worshippers (mainly men) were just walking straight out in front of motorist, as if the rd was a walkway and completely disrespecting and flouting the law and common sense.

        What a joke!!

        • Black Knight says

          Thanks for the confirmation, OzPatriot. Your example of Muslim traffic problems at the Canberra mosque is the clash of civilizations at its most basic. This kind of thing happens in other Western nations too, Moslems praying on public footpaths and traffic islands. As they are supremacists they believe it is their right. Challenge them and you'll have a fight on your hands.

          • Thats what i, along with the APP, hope to do.

            If you want to fight them please join us whenever you are able

  15. Its freedom and capitalism to create a Mosque. All you guys are so racist and discriminatory – there is no "moderate Muslim" – yeh sure mate, have you an 88 tattooed to your arm?

    • More then I can say for you who are merely taking the major party line of "Tough S***".

      Thank you macca you have just shown the good people out there exactly what Australia is up against, from within our own ranks.

    • Macca, APP is not a Hiterite party. What you don't seem to realize is that Islam is a religion, not a race. So, being against Islam is not racist in any way. It is just common sense given that the religion is hostile to Australian values and the Australian way of life.

  16. OZPatriot says

    I do not understand why we should even allow them to build mosques in this country.
    Every Australian needs to protest with passion against islamic growth of any kind.
    Lets show them that their kind are not welcome here.
    Do everything you can to stagnate and eradicate islam in all its forms; regardless of how 'moderate' they seem.
    Remember that the moderate ones are just biding their time until they are strong enough to subjugate.

  17. RomanGoddess says

    This is how they start their 'infiltration' – waving the olive branch which hides the knife they'll use to stab us in the back once they've bred themselves a new army…

    • Here! Here!

    • cheepenasty says


      Very well put.

      It makes you wonder if any of the moderate supporters of multiculturalism and islam (read the likes of Crimson) have seen the effects this type of policy has had on other nations..

      The proof is in the pudding, argue for tolerance all you want, however 40 years from now when our children are a minority in there own society this type of retoric will mean nothing.

      This topic is gaining monentum with secular australians (regardless of there background)it is simply becoming to hard to ignore!

      • With News articles like this:
        Where Muslims are being groomed by outside influences, one can assume that the Wahhabi sect that runs Newcastle Muslim Assc, if left unchecked and if this proposed Mosque is built. The area will see the beginnings of a terrorist factory. There are lots of other places in the outer suburbs of Newcastle to build. But after seeing the Elenmore Vale area and the close proximity to a very expensive housing residential area. One can speculate that these Muslims have designs on occupying the area in the long term.

  18. The new world must not entertain or bow to any god, but only to the people and the earth we live on. To keep this Greatest (G) Overall (O) Deception (D) ideal is blatant insanity and infectious to man and woman kind, period!

  19. True Blue says

    I feel like the small minority now, imagine when my children grow up and how they will feel, it breaks my heart!

    she's saying that to the camera but we all know what she really wants to say, but ya gotta smile and be nice or be labeled a rascist and crucified for it, just as Pauline Hanson was

  20. localyokel says

    People who move to this country should assimilate and not impose their culture and beliefs upon the rest of us. Wasn’t it the real reason to come here in the first place to START A NEW WAY OF LIFE? So why carry the OLD BAGGAGE?

    • For some of these people, of course, it is not so easy for them to give up their cultural "baggage". Hence we need an immigration programme that recognizes this and selects potential immigrants only on the basis of whether they can and will assimiliate.

  21. in 5 years australians will just be a small monority without any rights! stuff multiculterism! muslims are over taking!!!

    • localyokel says

      That's what the plan is. It's finally taken you this time to work that out? Australians already are the minority because their so called democratic voices and opinions are squashed by the multiculturalist concept of racism.

    • Yes, they are. Do something about it! Learn about the enemy and contact members of parliament, tell your friends. Don't give up without a fight.

  22. I wonder if the Nazi"s or the KKK were to build a place of worship in the area if she would be so welcoming? They bring food over, they are a great bunch of people! SO WERE THE TROJAN'S. She will be saying different things when they do something she doesn't like.

  23. No mosque, put a stop to muslim expansion. And remember, there is no such thing as a moderate muslim.

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