30 able-bodied persons needed at Peter’s farm this Saturday 20th February 2010

Great News: Agmates “people power” paves the Way for Peter to get back into his Farm to get his personal belongings and machinery off.

This is an incredible story. Just got off the phone from Peter Spencer. Spoke to him this morning and he was very down and demoralized. He had been promised that he would be allowed back into his farm this week to get his remaining personal belongs, his personal papers and his clothes from the house. He had just spoken to the sheriff and his access had been refused.

He was so angry because he was told on Friday that this would be allowed, but the people responsible had changed their minds and he would now have to apply through the courts for access, something that would cost more money he does not have and take two weeks.

During the day Peter and Alastair have gone from despondent to just plain angry at the injustice of it all.

Peter told me:

“We called the Police … we told them that if we did not get access for a day to take all of my remaining personal possessions off the property, we will post the story to Agmates, we would get 100 Agmates people to the farm on Friday and blockade the farm.

We would have every major media outlet in the country there and we’ll be telling that you have taken possession of my farm, and now you are stealing my private possessions.”

Amazingly Peter said that he just had a call from his lawyer. They have a notice saying that he himself will not be permitted to re-enter the property – but up to 30 of his duly authorized representatives will be allowed to enter the property between the hours of 7am and 5pm to remove his personal belongings and his plant and machinery.

He must notify them of the names of the 30 people who are to be given access by 4pm tomorrow”

You should have heard Peter – he was so fired up and excited. I said “great to have you back.”

OK – so we need 30 people who can come the the property Saturday and help get all of the stuff off the place. We need trucks, utes, anything that can carry stuff. A crane truck would be great if anyone has access to one or would be prepared to hire one. But we need the names of those 30 by 4pm tomorrow. Only the names Peter forwards will be allowed onto the property.

If you can’t make it – Please

1. Call someone who you think might be able to and explain what is happening and ask them to be one of the 30.

2. If you can afford it – Offer to pay someone a days wages to be there on your behalf.

3. Donate towards the cost of a crane truck or a Furniture Van.

We must have the names of those who can make it by 4pm NSW time tomorrow,

Please email this to anyone you know and ask them to email it on.

This is our last chance to get Peters gear off. He plans to sell it all to raise money to fund the “Tower of Hope” fighting fund. So every item we can get off is money in the bank to fund our “People Power ” movement.

Contact me by way of leaving you name below or people who are not members can call me on 0428 966819

Tower Of Hope Fighting Fund Account Details for Donations:

Bank – CBA
BSB – 064415
Ac# – 10161350

This is a beautiful and unexpected outcome – Lets make it happen.

Agmates – Peter Spencer hunger strike


  1. hellow a few weeks ago i sent a email to bob brown and asked him to give me a break down on how many muslims are on wellfare and how many rapes they are responsible for it seems strange that i havent had a reply or anythig from them could some one ask why this is so as the fall over them selves to protect them even when they attack us in owr own countrey .
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  2. Labor – enemy of business & farmers. Not content to strip the poor bastard of his right to earn a living from his land, they then sink the boot in and deny him right of access to his own personal belongings. We are heading for a police state……….and the dumb sheeple are oblivious to the freight train headed our way. Take note of the so called forced 'sustainability report' slapped on private homes and rental assests before sale – all done with NO consultation with the public! Forced council amalgamations in Queensland. Sales of public assets – again with no consultation. Removing the rights of aboriginals to manage their own land in Cape York, under the guise of Wild Rivers legislation. This country is going down the crapper in more ways than one.

  3. Nicholas Folkes says

    Despicable Labor Party directives to the Coppers.

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