Welcome to Penrith, Australia’s new ‘Third World welcome zone’

Image courtesy of Garry McArthur

In June 2008 Penrith council proudly declared the Penrith LGA would become a “refugee welcome zone”. In 2010 the council is building upon this by their decision1 to allow household rubbish to fester in ‘slop buckets’ and overfilled bins2 by only collecting rubbish twice a month. It appears Penrith council is determined to turn Penrith into a ‘third world welcome zone.’

On his web page, Mayor Kevin Crameri states that he

…is particularly committed to good communication with the community and making the City as attractive as possible as a place to live, work, visit and invest in3.

Has Mayor Crameri walked around ‘his’ city lately? Has he observed the unsightly piles of refuse on the curbside or breathed in the ungodly stench of maggot infested rubbish? The decision by Penrith council to halve rubbish collection not only means it has effectively doubled its rates, but also poses a dangerous health risk for Penrith residents and their families.

Residents are already reporting a visible increase in pests such as blowflies and rats. These pests are responsible for the spread diseases such as leptospirosis, hantavirus disease, plague, rabies, salmonella, shigella, campylobacter, toxoplasma.

A study reported in the “African Journal of Biotechnology4” on the spread of Salmonella by common household flies in Nigeria found that poor waste management can increase the risk of the spread of such disease and concluded that

Good environmental sanitation practises and measures must be adopted to control house flies.

Now if a third-world nation like Nigeria can recognise the importance of safe waste management, why can’t Penrith council?

Since rubbish gets removed twice a week from the Penrith Council itself, perhaps residents can leave their excess waste on the council’s front doorstep! Maybe then they’ll start ‘communicating!’

1. “There’s a big stink in Penrith (and why it’s coming to a rubbish bin near you)”, Daily Telegraph.
2. “Still no flies on Penrith Council as bins continue to stink”, Daily Telegraph.
3. Councillor Kevin Crameri OAM – Mayor, Penrith council.
4. “Isolation of Salmonella and Shigella species from
house flies (Musca domestica l.) in Uturu, Nigeria”, African Journals Online.

Feel free to download and print out this leaflet to distribute in your area.


  1. Paul Toohey says

    I think I live a sheltered life in Newcastle, I don’t see and feel here the impact so much of the “Great Experiment” multiculturalism.
    However last week I travelled to Sydney’s west for a day and night meeting. My friends took me to a supermarket and the virtuosity of immigrants in the area was breathtaking.
    Its becoming more and more prevalent that multiculturalism and immigration are overwhelming our big cities infrastructure. I ponder with the notion that the powers to be have realised this and have no idea how to take steps to adjust to such a large influx of immigrants.
    Some of the comments in this area are a bit overboard when one suggests to “give them a bullet” or deport them, There here to stay.
    The only resolution is to accept the fact that Multiculturalism coupled with immigration has failed and that the root of the problem “immigration” should be ceased.

  2. michael mazur says

    Roman Goddess has the sentiments right, but i'll go further, the Australian Navy is being used as an escort service by a vassal govt which is in the thrall of the State of Israel, which itself is the enforcement arm of the globalising private central banksters' NWO for when all nations have been made borderless and defenceless internally and externally.

    Which explains my reference to the Australian Navy being reduced to the status of a escort service rather than as arm of a robust and impregnable system of defence against the advance parties of invaders, as indeed are these boat loads of south Asians who really are the Trojan Horses of the present day, who as we know, brought no gift at all but destruction to the city which thought them a gift from afar.

  3. These articles are great. Keep them coming, and lets have the guts to get the TRUTH out there!

  4. No doubt that idito calling us 'racist' on the subject of APP shirts would say it was 'waycist' to deport such an 'enricher' such as this turd and condem us to hell for saying he should be gone.

  5. WTF??? hell with deporting – just shoot the prick! Bullets are the cheapest option for useless turd-world wastoids…

  6. Christopher says

    Why this is not first page national news story??
    Inside local Altona Laverton Mail newspaper on page 10 there is an article: "Family wants son's killer deported".

    …" ST. Albans residents Heather McDonald and Keith Broadbent want the man who murdered their son to be deported immediately. TURKISH citizen MEHMET INCE shot Ian Broadbent in the head in Bondoora in December 1997.
    Ince was than aged 19. He had been in Australia for just two years and already had a string of offences to his name.
    After serving 10 years for the murder of Ian Broadbent, Ince was supposed to be deported back to Turkey, but he has since used many legal avenues available to him. " This man, who to my knowledge has never worked a day in his life, never paid a cent of taxes in Australia and in not Australian citizen, has been wasting taxpayer dollars because he gets legal aid to fund his appeals." Ms McDonald said. Ince has been at the Maribyrnong Detention Center since his release from jail in 2007. He has appealed his deportation at least four times. Ms McDonald and Mr Broadbent, along with many family and friends, held protest outside the centre earlier this month, fighting to get Ince sent back home. " We wanted people to be aware that this guy is still living in Australia, still here, despite murdering our son, even though he has been found to have bad character" Ms McDonald said During his first two years in Australia, Ince committed more than 30 offences. His last -ditch appeal to stay in country was unsuccessful last November. An Immigration Department spokesman confirmed Ince was being held at Maribyrnong. "His ongoing detention is considered appropriate due to the serious nature of his crimes and he will remain there until he is removed from Australia'.
    How appropriate is to waste more our money on this muslim idiot? Capital punishment should be reinstated in cases like this. It would not only serve better justice but would save a lot of tax-payer money as well. PC correct government is failing its people again. I think APP members should contact Broadbent's family offering any help.

  7. Darrin Hodges says

    Thanks for the information Christopher, this is a truly appalling case.

  8. Christopher says

    In cases like this I think that APP party must always show itself publicly as a alternative party with a difference. Party who care about victims of multicultural hell created by establishment. APP should organize own protests at Maribyrnong and demand not only deportation of murderer but all tax-payer money spend on his appeals to be refunded. Lawyers from Legal Aid should never represent such cases. This is scandal by itself. I think action like this could be warm received not only by Broadbent family but welcome by many potential supporters within ordinary people. Just doing nothing is not an option. I know that I would join such protest.

  9. It is not Global Warming, it is Global WARNING, and it could be coming to your area next! Penrith residents should bare arms kick out the idiots RUINING their city and get some real people to do the job.

  10. People of Penrith – refuse (hehe) en masse to pay your rates when they’re due! When the council can no longer pay for their lazy staff, maybe you can all get together and vote in someone who WILL do what they’re paid to do! In the meantime, pile your rubbish on the house frontage of all those ‘welcome’ third-world idiots – they won’t mind! In fact, it will make them feel right at home! Swap one toilet for another!

  11. I believe that this council decision is infulenced by the fanatical followers of the Church Of Al Gore.

    These INCIDIOUS LUNATICS view human beings as parasites on the Earth and believe that the population needs to be drastically cut, BY ANY MEANS.

    I guess DISEASE works as as good as any!

  12. its not rascist to make white people look bad , its only rascist to make other races look bad

  13. Home smelly home.

  14. cause that would be rascist mike but iagree with you .
    . As the programme regulary deal with sexual issues, why not a voilent Muslim gang rape of a white Sydney girl, and the effects it would have on her and her family and on the public feelings on this Multicultural genocide that is our dissapearing race around the world.

  15. Howard was funded and blackmailed by Murdoch and Soros, In order to disarm the public from automatic firearms.

  16. If only people woke up to the New World Order agenda and educate themselves, as everything will make sense.
    Its no Conspiracy theory people!!….its been declassified, by the UN, etc, even by our government.
    Educate yourselves NOW!

  17. John Vincent says

    I live in the Blacktown area and am worried Blacktown may do the same thing it is wrong . Maybe this is why the flies are so bad this year i put out fly traps last year hardly any flies this year its a 200 gram of dead flies a week

  18. Not to mention the racket they make out of green waste at the tips. Rubbish is a business in itself. Government will do anything to create business for itself and take from us ants. They will be sorry.

  19. And if the people litter you will be fined

    I think war is in our midst.

  20. Yes, heard about that today.
    Charging the same rates and cutting the service, literally, in half!

  21. watch channel seven 'Home and Away' on Monday night. A middle eastern man is going to be persecuted by guess what? A gang of white rednecks! Wow! Who would have guessed?
    How about the so called entertainment industry show some gumption and show reality for a change, not some trumpt up anti-white racist propaganda. As the programme regulary deal with sexual issues, why not a voilent Muslim gang rape of a white Sydney girl, and the effects it would have on her and her family and on the public feelings on this Multicultural genocide that is our dissapearing race around the world.

    • Dont forget the show pizza featuring middle eastern men who constantly glamorise bashing poor victims for fun. Where is the media in this case of political correctness, opps sorry I forgot our laws dont apply to them.

  22. not a good thing to read about or hear about

  23. Gareth Connors says

    I only left OZ six months ago for the UK. Since then I have become a life member of the BNP due to my absolute gobsmacked state at seeing what has happened in my mother land.
    Now it seems my adopted country Australia is going down the same road as the UK.
    Make no mistake. This is a global problem with the Bilderbergers running the global agenda.
    My operational credo is this Proposition 1. There is no cause worth killing for. Proposition 2. There is no cause worth dying for. Proposition 3. If forced to choose, choose proposition 1.
    The West is under seige.
    Australians, remember where you buried your guns after Howards attempt to disarm you, you are going to need them.

    • RomanGoddess says

      I'll take option 4 – "If there is something worth killing for, go for it!" – let's start that offshore by getting the navy to blow the refo trash outa the water before they arrive in Australian waters! Video tape it & send it to Al Jazeera to broadcast the "Australian Welcome" they'll receive if they keep thinking to overwhelm us with their human detritis!

  24. Nicholas Folkes says

    Welcome to the third world. Now that we have an ever increasing third world population I guess it would only be time before services start to suffer. As Penrith is now a "refugee zone" they have reduced services so the illegals feel at home living in rubbish.

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