Wholesale theft in the name of carbon

Joanne Nova writes –

Imagine a third world nation was mired in corruption so deeply that the ruling class were able to stealthily steal the rights to vast acreage of private property from landowners without paying any compensation.

Imagine that one of the victims of this injustice had approached every court of the land and had not even had his case heard, even after more than 200 attempts. In desperation, and with no other avenue available, having officially “lost the farm”, he starts a hunger strike, which has now gone for 28 days unbroken, threatening to starve to death if he has to.

Welcome to Australia — right on track for Third World Status.

Get ready to be shocked. This is an moving example of why “policy by accident” is a dangerous way to govern. In this case, innocuous feel-good laws end up crushing upstanding citizens. Peter Spencer is still alive (though he may only have 12 – 20 days to go) but how many other farming men were put through the environmental-ringer, and drowned themselves in brandy, picked up a gun, or crashed the car into the only tree near the road? None of these deaths would be recorded as victims of bureaucracy.

Peter Spencer bought a farm south of Canberra in the early 1980’s. In the mid 1990’s new laws rolled into action that prevented land clearing. That meant, even though the land belonged to him, Peter could no longer clear the regrowth. Eighty percent of what he paid for was effectively confiscated. He received nothing in return and there was no way out. He couldn’t sell the property — who would buy a piece of land they have no right to use?

But Peter still had a mortgage to pay, and no way of earning the money to do it. Recently, his last legal avenue was exhausted, and the sherriff gained a warrant to take the farm off him. That was the final straw…

Peter Spencer has issued the Prime Minister of Australia with a letter of his demands. He wants a Royal Commission and compensation for all the farmers who have lost the right to use their land.

Compensation would cost billions. But Kevin Rudd’s “stimulus package”  (spend-for-the-sake-of-spending), was 42 billion dollars big.

This is what happens when big government gets your money. It gives a “free” handout of $950 per tax-payer to randomly “stimulate the economy”, and uses the rest to build school halls, even in schools which already had a hall, or in schools which desperately needed a library.

The long story

ABC Radio National (Counterpoint) has one of the best descriptions of his story in the transcript of an interview with Michael Duffy. It’s clear that Spencer has been willing to try to work around the laws, and be creative about managing his property. After the land-clearing laws came into effect, Peter paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to set up ponds for trout fishing. But new water laws ended that too (and also without compensation). Tenaciously Peter then set up a fine-wool breeding program, but the bushfires of 2003 (that destroyed 500 homes in Canberra, and native forest near Peter) meant that hundreds of wild dogs were forced out of burnt areas. They over-ran his property, killing hundreds of sheep.

Spencer: Every one of my projects is destroyed, every one of my…it’s just disgraceful, Michael, I just feel sick. I was just thinking last night, I can remember going off to court, day after day, sometimes the last eight or nine weeks I would come back, spend one night [unclear], change all my files, back to Sydney again. I spent nearly five weeks there non-stop the last two months. And I’d watch sheep dying in the paddock and I couldn’t go round and shoot them because I had nobody left to help me. I had to let them die on their own, just kicking and struggling because they couldn’t stand up anymore, nothing to feed them with, it was just unbelievable.

Spencer points out that the land-grab by the Australian Government meant the nation met it’s Kyoto commitments, a target that would otherwise have been blown away. The carbon stored in confiscated land amounts to about  $10.7 billion in carbon credits. Probably the total value lost (with interest) from the productive use of that land would be many times higher.

The Australian has only covered this story as an attack Barnaby Joyce. The man who hasn’t eaten for four weeks, and who is a victim of a fascist government illegal action, doesn’t make a news story in his own right. (This spans both sides of politics). I can’t find a mention of the hunger-striking “Peter Spencer” in the Sydney Morning Herald, or in The Age. If you thought you were buying one of our major dailies because they would tell you all the news, think again.

A search of The Australian site over the last month reveals just the one mention of Peter Spencer within the piece on Barnaby Joyce, but 94 mentions of Tiger Woods. This is our national masthead?

If your property was stolen by a creeping cancerous form of government, and you are prepared to die for your rights, you might get a passing mention. But if you are a foreign sportsman who had … affairs (!), it’s front page news.

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  1. goKeepVotinForThem says

    Oh We are killing the mother earth!!!!! that´s why you have to give it back to us :s

    You can´t keep voting for them… In fact for no one

  2. Deplorable state of affairs!!
    In regards to the Carbon swindle, Lord Monckton (Famous Climate Change Sceptic)will be giving a lecture at:
    Grand Ballroom
    Sheraton on the Park
    5.30pm, 27th January 2010
    I urge all APP members to attend; it is only a $20 donation to attend, as two Engineers from QLD are bringing (and bankrolling) him out to do a speaking tour and so need to get back as much of their outlay as possible.
    LM's Lecture could prove invaluable to APP policy going forward, in its battle to win hearts and minds over Liebour

  3. Climategate investigated by – WTF? – the 'National Domestic Extremism' team

    the pommys have got their Domestic terrorism team on the case to find out who leaked ClimateGate emails.


  4. Once we take control, all personnel through government, previous government, Governor generals Lawyers, Judges etc, should be scrutinized for any corrupt activities, acts of treason, unjust civil and human right, Any right for that matter. Then with the remainder of Lawyers and Judges if any should be trialed and sued, jailed or anything relevant to there dealings. Barred from practicing any such ways again and made known to the public for there crimes.

    Australia the free country in 1900

  5. wow with all the hundreds of farmers out there affected they should also be named and there stories told it just may wake up the sleepy australian because boy cant he snore

  6. For all the research data on the land rights inherent in a title deed, the data on the Brigalow Corporation and the removal of the 1900 Constitution of the People of the Commonwealth, go to http://peopleofthecommonwealth.blogspot.com

    • Jesus H Christ on a popsicle stick, We might as well stop working andstop everything altogether. How can one person think he has the right to steal our property. Even the bank accounts, what a joke.

      To me it sounds like we are already a republic, going into communism. Lets fight, make guns, rebel, Civil war, first to get KRUDD gets his bank account lol

  7. Majority stretched to the limit it should read. My apologies

  8. People who get free handouts are as equally to blame. Obviously i do think people need a helping hand but the abusers are no better then the rich person they detest. Infact they take my hard earned money away to pay them, making it harder for me to become rich essentially.

    Government love all this Chaos, it divdes us all and makes them more powerful and richer, only they do it with corruption. Ironically KRUDD is meant to be right wing, for business and workers alike but he is as far left as all the rest and only takes care of the whinging minority. He doesn't care about the minority who are stretched to the limit, ultimately it will be his fall and all there falls. They can't get blood out of a stone. They can't keep themselves rich if noone can pay them, dumb pricks

  9. Low and middle income earners are going to be hit hard by Rudd's ETS. There is a misconception that low income earners will be compensated and will be better off but that can't be possible when you're just transferring money from one tax bracket to another and tranferring national wealth internationally. I can understand every Australians' concern. The hard working wealthy, the hard working middle class and the low income earners don't deserve this. As a nation, we must stop attacking the wealthy and expecting them at every turn to distribute their wealth. This is not helping our nation. Just because one is wealthy, doesn't mean that a socialist government has the right to come and take their money. This is very destructive for all Australians and undermines our ethics of reward for hard work. When a nation is economically strong, the entire population benefits from that, when it is weak, everyone loses. We need to cease the destructive mentality that a wealthy person who has strived in business and took risks and worked hard to build a good business and employ people must open their purse because a socialist government who has wasted so much taxpayers money has run out and needs more.

  10. I agree, I am actually a low income earner with a small business that hired 2 employees. Now, though i am deep s***. I always defended people , more or less abused by jealous people because that person was rich. In fact i used to say good luck them, they took the time, risk and saw an idea that could make them money. It is only when a rich organisation abuses you that sometimes they do abuse the people who made them rich by utilizing there services.

    If a rich person did the hard yards then i as the type of person i am, of course jealous cause i didn't think of it but also defend them for being rich because they made light of an opportunity. Personally though i think a GST across the board would see everyone pay fairly and everuones own choice to buy as they please whether for profit or liesure. It would also take the mentality of that rich person doesn't pay tax etc out of everyones minds. I was headed to becoming rich because that is my mentallity. I however was ripped off by a large muti million dollar corp which i see is not right. Can i do anything, no cause i am broke to fight in court.

    • Wise words Sandon. I am a middle income earner and I'm very appreciative of the good job I have. A lot of my family are in business and my dad was a cattle farmer when I was growing up. Most of my family are making a lot more money than me from their businesses but their whole life is consumed by work. They are very hard working people and are also raising children. In my opinion, these people and others who work this hard deserve to be making good money and I don't think it's right for the government to see them as a cash cow. I'd rather see small business making money than to see greedy corporations hauling money offshore. At least small business spends their money in Australia, which in turn strengthens our economy.

  11. an excellent updated news report on the genocide of whites in Africa can be found on http://www.rense.com
    and why isn't this on the mainstream media? Oh, of course, it's only whites being massacared, gang-raped to death, etc etc. And these are the savages, both Liberal and Labour (i'd mention the greens, but they are just too idiotic to take seriously) are bringing en-mass into Australia.

  12. We need to take our country back from corrupt politicians !!!!!!

  13. [youtube vheDsYQfF40



  14. Treason Rudd Treason

  15. What annoys me is that government assume that by bringing to Australia, people from other countries will boost our population. Well hows this for a theory Rudd. How bout you give back to Australia in the form of helping us become more wealthier and keeping families together, instead of destroying us, then maybe, just maybe we could afford to have more children ourselves and the national population may just on a par or better, rise to your so called higher population growth. Oh no that wouldn't make sense. It has never occurred to you that the wholesale destruction of families because they feel the pinch to every new cost in living, is the reason we do not want more children. It goes without saying that, maybe with a better system that Australia would be wealthier and more likely to have children ourselves, there by keeping our own culture and country men and women, relieving the crimes that we see today. I would bet my life that statistics of battered women, Crime, Rape, and every other statistic crap could very well be to do with the influctuation of other cultures.

  16. He doestn't have the ball though and would never think of his actual bosses (the People)

  17. we need a party for the plebs perhaps the Aussie defence league should become a political party

  18. But that wouldn't be seen as an argument, oh no they are saints and the statistics will always reflect on the good people, the one who were already here. I mean come on Rudd, If moslems are allowed to have 9 wives and 6000 children, then doesn;'t that assume that it would raise the claims of women being treated badly. How about since women in these culture are seen as pieces of s*** then so are there daughters so instantly we have more child abuse averages. Oh and then with racial tension because of there sadistic ways, it would surely rise as well. See us good Australians are sick of being sold out, with all the bulls*** statistics and criminal governments in there position for there own pocket. We aren't as brainless as you make out Rudd. In 200 years Australia became a distinct country throughout the world, you are intent on destroying this country in much less time.

  19. By the way, I see white Australians have been blamed for yet another attack and murder on an Indian student. I also see on the t.v. video footage of gangs attacking Indians, who are clearly not Anglo-Saxons, but of course that wasn't mentioned in the mainstream news.

    • Of course we should track these things and actually see WHO the perpetrators are in this latest stabbing….then make the media stress that no anglo-saxons were involved. But you are right, I asked my daughter in Melbourne about these attacks and she said that no anglos were involved. Of course the Indian press had a field day trying to paint white Australians as guilty of the crimes…….and therefore waycist! I for one am getting fed up with this sh*t – I remember some years back about an Aussie Christian and his two sons being burnt alive in their car by Hindu nationists. Nary a word from the Indian government, nor India's media eltie. Bunch of hypocrites if you ask me.

  20. You know what sucks this two party preferred basis s*** if i vote for the APP i want THEM to get in not LIB OR LAB because we can all agree both LIB and LAB are useless

  21. Another boat arrived today Nicholas – 78 this time. It's now close to 3 thousand in the last year – of course you and I, and all other PAYE taxpayers that will be paying for them for years to come, right into our graves. I wonder if the schmuck running this country realies that his grande` vision for a bigger Orstralia will sink us in a mountain infrastructure problems….not to mention the LACK of water! I have friends who tell me they know longer recognise the England they grew up in – pretty soon we will be in the same boat. The Australia we knew and loved is rapidly disappearing right before our eyes. The way things are going the West itself will be dragged down to third world levels. You only have to look at where America is heading, and Europe too. I see our muzzie fiends where at it again in Paris the other day. Torching thousands of cars to show their distain and discontent to the infidel French government. Sarkosy ought to unleash the hounds and wipe these ungrateful cockroaches out – either that or deport the lot back to Algeria!

    • Catty, Sarkosy was mainly elected because he promised to 'wash the filth into the gutter' and as soon as he was elected, betrayed the French by doing nothing, Indeed he married that useless baggage Carla Bruni who is a left winged socialist radical who sung (terribly) to Nelson Mandela at some white guilt love-in. He is an idiot, even my former French boss said as much.
      Before Sarkosy came there was a strong Nationalist party gaining power, then along he came and fooled the indigenous French into believing he'd be tough on immigration, but also fair, then did the opposite when elected. But of course, he's not actually French himself…is he?
      Much like the Greek Petro Gorgiou, he of the Liberals who liked to 'cross the floor' during Howard's term, whilst sneering at those who opposed 3rd world immigration through his half moon glasses, perched half way on his big nose.

      • Yeah I don't like Sarkozy either. Whenever opinion polls show a swing to the right he gets all populistic, but at the core he's the same as any so-called 'centre-right' (ie just slightly less leftist than the leftists) pollie the world over.

        Le Pen, now there's a Frenchman with some spine. They've got elections this year I believe, will be interesting to see how he does.

  22. Nicholas Folkes says

    It is truly amazing to see Rudd the Occult leader roam the world stage with intent to sell our sovereignty to the lowest bidder. He is our "worst" PM ever! QLD is now incorporated into the Brigalow Corporation and technically not a state of Australia under our Constitution. How dare he tinker with our Constitution and void so much by stealth. Doesn't matter whether it is the Heiner Affair, the Brigalow Corporation, Kyoto or Copenhagen he has one aim – destroy Australia.

    • You should have seen him here in Perth last year, signing 'autographs' (but only Asians were asking for them) he thinks he's some sort of celebrity/movie star.
      I haven't watched the news for a while, sick of all the bashings etc, too depressing, but I watched it last night and what do I see, now krudd the children's author! UUGGHH!

      • Thats what i was going to say, you beat me to the punchline. One thing i always noticed about Rudd was his ability to play the people, almost like he is under peer pressure. He is the typical, say yes to everything because he hasn't got the balls to say no. Thing is though this is our country, being in his position needs tact and a bit of steadfastness (if such a word). If dictators start there sales pitch, he needs to say "No sir Australia can do quite fine without any influence, we have done it since 1788 and have outgrown kost of our older counterparts. We are quite happy to live in peace and to help any country in distress but we must help our own people first. We do not adhere to any country's leader bullying us or using our money for there own benefit, unless it is for the welfare of the people. I will listen to your arguments but sir, ultimately, it is my fellow country men and women who have the final say. Thank you very much, i am outta here."

  23. Thats greed for ya. I bet with no money in existence, things would be very much different. I mean we would be more self sustaining, more equal. We could still have cars and things but run them on water. More of a bartering system where things were swapped etc.

    We have a long way to go before we get people to believe us the real peole who have no reason to lie. Unlike the crooked government.

  24. It just goes to show that farmers really are the backbone of the country. Probably because they don't eat because they can't. In another post i wrote how there is no small business help, just a waste of paper with wording that eventually while reading between the lines says no there isn't, just a fake front. Well that same leaflet also mentioned farmers relief. I guess, our tax dollars are wasted again because the farms are rebreached. Then a fire goes through and kills all the undergrowth anyway.

  25. Keeping hopes up to people to stay alive, just like assisted death, that is our right. They claim it will hurt family. Bulls***, you would have already disgust it. Usual argumnet is what if they find something. Then the hopes come via the media and then they die in absolute agony after spending hundred of thousands on medical.

    A tractor ran for twenty years on water so don't let them scare you that it is dangerous. You are carrying water and splitting it at the last second. People carry gas and there cars blow up, particullarly taxis. Fuel would probably explode also. There is evidence to suggest that recycling is of no benefit and is actually worse. This is because lets say for instance paper has to be melted down and remade. Where as trees now produced like crops only have to be made. The paper turns to dirt very quickly unlike we are told.

  26. Using water as fuel would mean a few minor changes such as water tolerant exhaust systems, the splitter and plastic fuel tanks which we already use as jerry cans. There goes there money, oh no, oh i guess BP would be a little pissed off. Don't they claim though, they make no money out of fuel, except one thing, how are they so big then?

    Another thing people aren't aware of is this. Some years ago a man without a license invented a machine, like a dialasys machine that cured aids, cancer and all sorts of things, the main ingredient was oxygen in the form of o4 or ozone. He was shut down with claims he wasn't licesned. Who gives a rats arse we are talking about peoples lives here. Everything is invented by average people. Anyway i guess the medical instution had something to do with that. I mean seriously can you sit there watch the bulls*** news tell us that they may have found a cure for cancer every couple years, just in time for the terminally ill to see as there time frame is usually no more then 5 years. Then never do we hear of it again.

  27. Everyone knows or should know that if you split water you have hydrogen (most explosive gas) and oxygen (needed to burn anything at all). People have invented engines or carburettors that split water and run much smoother, more powerful and then the exhaust emmisions are water. I could see global warming bulls*** stopped in its tracks but then where would they tax us. People are already up in arms about paying for water since it is our God given right to drink it.

    Oh and my theory whether true or not (would need a non corrupted scientist to prove otherwise) is this. Why wouldn't we send our sewerage to a super cleaner station in the centre of Australia. When released would travel through the streams and be further filtered. Would replenish areas in dire need of water. When the water evapourates would produce clouds that would produce rain heading towards the sea. Nature would filter the remainder through the water systems and out to see, creeks ponds dams etc.

  28. I bet most people don't know that we don't get the best quality meat here. It is sent to Japan. Not one piece. Rib and eye is very good but there is better, a friend of mine worked for an abitior.

    Everyday Australian have evrything sold out from under us. Leaves us with only our tax wealth, a dangerous senario. That why taxes become more and more. They pretend to lower it by raising the threshold and all these little schemes but then raise fuel tax, cigarette tax, claim that is for medical, i doubt it, more likely for there pockets. Alcohol tax and people believe ther little reasons why and get sucked in. No wonder they treat us so bad. We keep getting sucked into all the lies.

    Remember the mid year incentive $900 for evry Australian just about, what a crock. 1 weeks pay or should be at least. To make them feel better for taking $10 000 of each us in the same week. All these little powder ups so they can keep going with there bulls*** schemes.

  29. It makes sense to tell lies that Farmers are the backbone but are paid s*** to send our quality food to other countries to be packaged and then sold at ridiculous prices. I guess setting up some processing plants here mainly robotic to reduce costs but still employ some Australian, hence better then nothing is no sense at all for this ideology criminal government. Not to mention the handling by other countries, poor water, and all other factor that spread disease. Who's to say they get the s***s with us and can Anthrax and send it over.

  30. Try contacting Today Tonight – they love sinking their teeth into difficult/touchy issues. I think 60 minutes is still in hiatus until early February. Nicholas – I agree with everything you said. Krudd is busy signing us up to UN treatries which are slowly stripping us of our own sovereignty. Since Krudd has been in control we have had 60 boats rocking up to our shores……and that is not by accident. Abbott has vowed to turn the boats around – but I am not confident he will do that if he won office. Most opposition leaders have an uncanny knack of reneging on their policies once in power. Is it any wonder why the average Joe citizen is so disillusioned!

    • I know I am Catty. I've just this minute tried to get some exercise by going for a walk, and had to come home after just two blocks here in Perth. The nasty looks I'm recieving from black and brown faces is truely depressing. Had a f**king gutful of it. Just don't feel I belong here anymore. Why is it we just can't be with our own race of people? (OK I'm not techincally white, but I look like one and have lived my life as one.)
      Imagine the outrage and hysteria if hundreds of thousands of whites and aboriginals were to decend upon India or Africa? For Christ's sake this is out of control!

      • Nicholas Folkes says

        Mike, don't let those depressive third world types get to you mate. Inside their character these third world types know they have created nothing and are angry and also jealous at what we and our forefathers have created.

        Just look at Africa and India……..they have been around for a long time yet they huddle in their hopeless state, they know this. They will not admit their total failure in every thing they touch but we know the truth.

  31. I read the story of Peter Spencer and sat here in STUNNED silence as it is so hard to believe that this is happening TODAY and here in AUSTRALIA. It is so hard not knowing what, if anything I can do to make any of this different. Maybe Peter should get a boat and head for Christmas Island, throw away his Australian passport, pretend he doesn't know what they say and make demands on the Australian TAXPAYER. After all the money that this STUPID government wastes is not theirs. thats why they swan around the world telling ythemselves how great they are, it is not out of their pocket, it is at hard working Australians expense. It is about time that the Government in this country started listening to WHAT WE THE PEOPLE WANT not what they the kruddies, think we need. __Right now MR Peter Spencer needs our help, our respect for the stand he has taken, but don't let him die because of kreeps like krudd ruining the country.

  32. phillip wallbank says

    Words cant describe my discust of the rudd goverment and the im all right jack minded australians .please Peter Spencer come down and fight the fight australia needs you big time mate

  33. Nicholas Folkes says

    Peter Spencer is almost at the end of his tether. Rudd will never go and meet Peter as Rudd is a committed Socialist Republican. Rudd does not respect the Constituion, coomon law or the rights of Australians.

    You'd think that Abbott would go down and support and also highlight the stupidities of the binding Kyoto Protocol. This is just the beginning of Australian Sovereignty being ceded to the tinpot dictators of the UN. Now we have to fight this demonic ETS and also Copenhagen.

    In reply to Len's comments, I have contacted media outlets and many of my friends have too but there is a blanket of silence. Radio stations like 2GB, 2UE have been highlighting Peter's plight but as you have stated the TV stations have been silent. This is censorship and being enforced by Camberra quietly, it is a disgrace. Labor is possessed by the devil and will continue to ruin Australia yet so many Australian voters continue to vote for these devils.

    The Australian Protectionist Party is a proper political party but our reseources are limited – at the moment. We are close to seeking Federal registraion so pls. spreaed the good news about the Australian political alternative. We need more members esp. passionate Aussies willing to become candidates and activists.

    I suggest concerned Australians phone the TV stations to ask why Peter is being ignored? He needs unbiased TV coverage NOW.

  34. aussiehermit says

    Peter Spencer I salute you for your courage but why must you place your life in danger? I understand that you need to protest but unfortunately who cares? Barnaby Joyce, Alby Schultz and Phillip Costa, all sympathetic to Peter's plight, replies, Alby Schultz that it is a State matter and Phillip Costa that it is a Federal matter and Barnaby Joyce the only one with "balls" trying to help. Come on Prime Minister Rudd and the new State Premier do something! Peter Spencer is an Aussie not an illegal boat person, what about those people who burnt their boat and threatened to commit suicide and held the Government to ransom till they got what they wanted, all at the Australian taxpayers expense and here is a man standing up for his rights that were taken away from him and is lucky to get a mention even on Google, doesn't make the TV or main stream media, why not? Is there an agenda here to keep this man's plight away from the people? C'mon Aussies C'mon stand up and help this man, this is your country, unfortunately Aussies are too apathetic, she'll be right mate! Where is the Anzac spirit?

  35. What can we say???? Flabbergasted, shocked don't seem to do this case justice.

    Whre was the media coverage – it would have (still might be) Peter's saviour if the public know about this krudd infjustice.

    There are so many injustices being created by krudd and his left wing radicals.

    Come on Protectionists, are you a proper political party yet? Do you have the numbers to create one? If so, talk to the Media and get these issues on TV and in the big papers even if you are not a proper political party yet, get these issues on to Channel 9 and Channel 7 + the others.



    • pamphels, lets all scan there image and word it like this A5 fold with logo out. Are you sick of being discriminated because you are white. This country is becoming a communist we have evidence. Corruption by our representatives (rulers more like it)
      Where is our money going (why so much tax)
      Vote 1 Australian Protectionist Party we will stop this nonsense. Check out our website for full policy details. Australian Protectionist Party No.1(bold) FOR THE PEOPLE

      • Who cares if its illegal, we will be released once they get in. Who cares, people need to know. I can't see any newspaper doing the right thing. They feed there own pockets not us. Why would they want anything that helps an even playing field. I guess thats why the richest person in Australia before he died was owner of channel 9, you know who i am talking about.

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