Rudd government stealing private property from Australian farmers

This the story of Peter Spencer, who is holding a hunger strike against the Rudd government who have used the states to steal farm land without compensation ( in order to create ‘carbon sinks’)  thus circumnavigating such provisions in the Australian constitution –

Peter Spencer is demanding the Australian government pay fair compensation to him and all Australian property-holders whose property rights were taken without compensation pursuant to the Kyoto Protocol. He also demands a Royal Commission into the way governments acquired those property rights, because it seems to have been deliberately intended to, and did, subvert the constitutional protection against the unjust acquisition of property.

Why is Spencer directing his fire at the Federal government, since it was the State government, through the Native Vegetation Act (NVA) that passed the laws restricting farmers use-rights? The answer is because the Federal government moved the States for, benefited from, and paid them to make these unjust acquisitions.

The Commonwealth decided to meet its Kyoto Protocol targets to reduce so-called greenhouse gas emissions by restricting farmers’ land use across Australia. Farmers made an easy target compared to power stations or other emitters.

Under the Australian Constitution, if the Commonwealth wants to acquire a person’s property, it must do so on ‘just terms’, i.e. pay fair compensation. Since land-use rights form part of the equity of a property, the taking of those rights, and vesting the control and benefit of them in government bodies, is in effect a compulsory acquisition of property rights.

Quadrant online.

Read the entire article to get the full picture.  In a Daily Telegraph article, the government is claiming that stealing land is in the national interest and it will not compromise policies in the threat of violence or self-harm, yet they happily  compromised government policies to let invaders into Australia when they commit violence or threats of self-harm.

Australian farmers are the first victims in Rudd and Wong’s global warming crusade to destroy Australia, it won’t be long before their ideologically driven zealotry will start to hurt more and more Australians.  And for what? False science that has become an article of faith in the new socialist religion.  Make no mistake, the Rudd government is the worst government in this country’s history and frankly there no salvation coming from the opposition.  Join the Australian Protectionist Party, help us achieve federal registration and be part of the fight to save Australia.

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  1. Our school systemdoes not teach us the right terminology, we only get laymans terms. Therefore we must hire a lawyer that costs our house our car and our life, to be able to contest anything, ridiculous. If we don't win we are screwed and we have to have faith in our lawyer that they know how to speak this bulls*** terminology, that really is the same as i speak. Discrimination, they can't be held accountable either, more discrimination. They make it up as they go. If we were computers we would hold a football stadium full of literature on the laws they make up. They expect us to know all these laws and go about our day also. They tell us what to do, they must be gods, more like idiots

  2. Sounds familiar does't it. So my ex can keep my children away from me and when she does, i have to pay for those extra days. What, no way. If she keeps my kids away, then, what she doesn't get anything done for this crime.

    What you want me to pay thousands to contest her in court. "No they are my children, i don't have to fight for them, they are mine too not yours or anyone elses.

    Spending thousands of my childrens inheritance is best interests for the child, what planet do you come from. Venus but hang on i was born in the love of planet venus so so did i, i never heard of that bulls*** law before. HYPOCRITES, LIARS, GOVERNMENT MENTALLITY

  3. On another note about kids

    A cop can't go and get your children from your ex if she hold them from you. However if you go and get them yourself, it is kidnapping. "No it's not, they are my kids"

    Its taking children against thier will. " No its not, so what your telling me is, if i put my kids to bed at 7.30pm, its against there will.

    If i stop my child from riding her bike in the dark, its against her will.

    You people have some wierd ideologies. Hows this, by getting into my private life you are going against my will so stay the hell out of my life.

  4. Yep, thats what i say, they have a compulsary schooling system that teaches us s***, we then spen half our working life in school to be able to do the top jobs. I do remember in primary school, our year 7 teacher got us guys to build a fence around the year one sand pit. He guided us and that fence still stands today. Only a little fence but still he was teaching us something. He was a great teacher, i always remember, He trained our football team to win every game by far including the premiership. He also trained us to win the cricket finals. He also chased some guy who entered the girls toilets. He was a real teacher. Not just in there for money.


  5. PP, on a different subject here, I think our education system needs an overhaul. A child goes to school for 10-12 years and in that time learns things which he or she could have learnt in 6 years or very likely a lot less than 6 years. I've read about some schools in Russia, around the Gelendzhik area where children are learning up to year 10 maths and 3 languages in their first year of school. Of course the curriculum is vastly different to the western world. These children are also the most happy, joyous and spiritually enlightened children on this earth. The schools are not aligned with any denomination or religion. They simply read scripture from many spiritual teachings including the Bible and there is no priest telling them how it should be interpreted. Infact, the children just read scripture and discuss it in their own way. Often there is not even a teacher in the room. The older pupils have also taken responsibility for building the buildings of the school which are of fine craftsmanship. I think our children can do so much better if we just have faith in their abilities and let them create.

  6. I mean we are not children ourselves and can surely prohibit our own children from infecting there minds with internet rubbish. Or maybe we can teach them better, whatever we do is meant to be freedom. taking the internet of us is like taking a toy from a child who was bad. Remeber suffering in school, not being able to go to lunch until a kid would own up to something bad that had happened. That is what this sensorship is about, control. We have a right to freedom of speech and freedom of information.

  7. This is just a campaign to disrupt everyones lives because it gives them the idea of more power and money. We agree to help battered women and children, of course we do but the lies these organisations tell, to get more power and money is undeniable now. That is one minority. Another is racism against minorities of course, another is saying parents can't determine how to look after our own children but can the idiots who control us do better, i beg to differ. Another is the wage gap, another global warming, another is the UN apparently peace keepers, they are corrupt and all they are for is world reform to be under there control. Another is terrorists. Yes they are around but why, they are rebelling injustices. Everybody now knows that the attack on 9/11 were terrorist and that is what started the iraq war. It was used to start the Iraq war because of the control over oil, just like the gulf war in the early 90's in Iraq of course. Buy back schemes to replace with dams and different things are just more confusion tools to create havoc.

  8. They need to play the game though. Get in and slowly remove funding for corruption. If it is done straight away, there will be conflict because there are many areas of government that are corrupt. They will not want to part with there corrupt dollars so will most likely retaliate in violent ways. Or like left wing has done for years, slyly. Australian government are now 20% of our population. A force that big with power over military, while they also took our guns. You figure it out.

  9. Occasionally they produce a scandal within thier own organisation just so we think they are legit. They aren't by far. People are broken into different little groups protesting for that group. This is there agenda, because it seperates us all and keeps our mind focused on one thing. Really though all these little groups are in the same catergory, control. If all these little groups who have been victimised, discriminated against, abused, and whatever other means of vile treatment done to them were to suddenly work out we all need each other to counteract this corruption then they would be removed very quickly. They know this now so there next bulls*** agenda is to impose sensorship laws on the net so we don't talk to each other or find out more. It isn't in the best interests of the children, nothing has been thus far.

  10. Now that is my mother, who i still love because she is my mum. Nothing can stop me from telling the truth though and if i am going to ridicule feminists, i have to ridicule her for her ideology also. Basically she never makes sense and willargue because she is right no matter what. It doesn't matter if i was 3 years old and couldn't defend myself, she won't take any responsibility for the torture that happened to me and neither will a government who claimed to be in my best interests. I wan't to sue for all i can for that bogus slogan.

  11. Government for you, please wake up, and tell evryone. Look up all the sites you can and see how it is told by everyday people. I even saw a feminist site wher a feminist ridicules a boy for protecting the pride of his mum but says great another neanderthal taught by his mother, Great language (which wasn't disgraceful), you bumbling baboon. Can you see the ideology in that. She is pro women, she sconds a boy for protecting his mum, ridicule him for his debate and then calls him names. She started it by ridiculing his mum in a public arena. Thats how feminism works. My mum was one. Never wanted us kids abused us, has not worked a day in her life for 57 years and still to this day cries poor and wishes she had money. Has so much talent like you wouldn't believe in work that wouldn't require that much but would have made her money, instead she won't do it. She wont try and will always cry the victim game.

  12. Incidently feminism has tried to get men to be more feminine over the years. Now we are more in love with our kids just like they wanted. Not like our predecessors, our dads. No we are more like mums now so why wouldn't we be very, arggrrr, words just can't describe.

  13. The oldest rule of nature is men as fathers and husbands are the protectors, they violated our children and now we must help our kids. I really do think that this is the wrong move by left wing government. Now they know we are angry. Krudd the knob has said about a rollback after 25 years of trying to get things changed, that is definately going to mess it up.

  14. This means more tax from us. Since government are so powerful now, there demands are getting worse because noone can compete with them. We then have less money, less freedom, more disruption and more anger. You should not be surprised why feminism is not a very good ideology to support. I could tell you many things that just do not make sense to a sesible person. I could say that we as fathers never cared to much except a few complaints about government but when they started taking our children with not a shred of factual evidence they really made us angry.

  15. He then becomes a statistic of being the abuser when in fact he didn't do anything. This is where statistics are absolute rubbish. Statistics are not even as accurate as are probability. The public hear this and then get enraged and you guessed it. How about a man whos ex wife rang him and said your son is on the street come and get him, i don't want him any longer. He quits his job, gets his son only to need shelter. There are no shelters for men with kids. In best interests of children i see thats for real. The reason i mention all of this is because this is a government scheme. How can anyone believe that so many dads are all bad. It is absolutely mad. This has caused families to fall apart and then children become bad and what does this do. It gives government more money, more power and more control. People believe that something needs to be done about all these bad fathers so they support government and so on. More government are needed to control the more crime from children, so more government control.

  16. The reason i mentioned the Japanese is because, in my searches, i also came across a japanese site that had Japanese father feeling exactly the same way. Then i realised, this is a world epidemic. Women are made believe that men shouldn't be with his child or have any say and then once that happens, she says he never has contact with them. Is this just absurd. With so many fathers in distress, why has there not been something done. They try to fix the Child Support but Krudd want to reverse it, that will be war, trust me. Well why do i not see my children. Because unless i spend thousands, they are not mine. Money i don't have and if i did, wouldn't it be in the best interests of my child. Anyway, just another multi billion dollar corrupt business created by the government. Divide and Rule. Imagine a whole world of angry men coming together, 2012 eat your heart out. Then look at the children in society angry and doing bad things. Maybe having no dad in there life has something to do with that. Look at the statistics about all this and believe what you want but like i said before, they are grossly distorted (corruption) by the media.

  17. I decided to start looking up everything i could on the internet. This is where i found millions of dads worldwide in great distress because they can't even see there littlies and give them a Christmas present. Then on top of that, they are driven into great financial stress with all the demands, let alone trying to work while you are so depressed. Then being label as a wife beater by government ads. How low do we feel for doing nothing. Our manhood taken from us because we can't even pull a chair out for our lady out of respect for her.

  18. As you can imagine i am deeply upset that i was so excited to have children. I fell in love the day they were born and played with them and taught them. It goes without saying that i am very angry, depressed and every emotion you can think of. Who other then a feminist government would have the right to steal a child and then they apologize to Aboriginals for the stolen generation, which we had nothing to do with let alone even knew of. They steal mine and everyone elses kids everyday causing mass turmoil.

  19. Oh and if you want to see how Japan was ruled and still ruled. I mean come on, the poor Japanese of today are just normal people. I mean i am not trying to defend them but it takes a lot of brainwashing to convince someone to be a suicide pilot. Thats government for you. The reason i mention Japan is because i am a father who hasn't seen my kids for a year now. I love those girls like you would not believe. I work with children and have all the necessary cards to do so. I am not violent but i wouldn't expect anyone to believe me. What did i do wrong that my own flesh and blood can be taken away. Noone has that right, there is no incriminating evidence or even any court case. There is nothing, no accusations against me, anything.

  20. There plan is getting foiled. Sensorship, my butt, We as parents can't make our own discision and protect our own children. They are treating us like slaves and children ourselves. That is definately the begginings of a communist regime. All the minorities who think they have rights now, will eventually have none when left wing finalise there stunt. Don't believe me then just sit back and wait. All the communication about our rights in every aspect of our lives is going. I mentioned things here nothing to do with the actual post in the hope that people will start to put 2 and 2 together and realise that it isn't just one thing it is a whole lot of things. First it was guns, remember back in the 90's. Everything is said to be for our benefit and safety, any moron could see that nothing under this ideology has ever gotten better and infact more disruptive. Is that what our culture is about? Not from what i remember.

  21. That is just absurd. Why can't we hold the door open for people as a gesture of curtousy because it is sexist apparently. Of course this has been drummed into our minds as a bad thing for 40 years now. A man who used to tip his hat just like the Japanese bow, is sexist apparently. When are people not just us but all of us going to wake up that we have been jooped. I mean even now they wish to sensor the internet for best interests of children, what a load of rubbish. Its to stop us from communicating as we are doing because more of us are finding out the real truth and it can't be that millions of us world wide are coming to the same conclusion.

  22. No she was legit, he was corrupt. A judge who i am meant to call sir. Not until you are worth it. You are not a God, you are a human being for Gods sake. I want to give you one more phrase that says feminism is not right. How many times have you heard the phrase when God made men she was only joking or something to that affect. Have you ever heard a feminist relate Satan to a woman, no i didn't think so. Our beliefs whether true or not always refered both as he. None of us ever thought anything about it though. That is just a simple thing to the way they think. It instantly claims that we are trying to ridicule them but the truth is that we as boys were taught that in school. How can they expect people to know any different. What does it matter anyway. How is it that now you can't even call someone Dear because it is classed as sexist.

  23. If you have evr tried each, tell me which made you feel the worst. I bet it aint Marijuana. Government use media to drum into our heads things that seem to be so true when really they are not. They will use the old trick of pain and suffering. Look how much pain we are in now though. There rhetoric has done nothing to fix problems, even though, it seems they are trying. No they aren't. They are trying for more money, more power and world reform. Communist. We need toget western government back in control, if we don't they do not even know what they are ultimately going to do to themselves. I am just an average person but i can tell you ever since a judge told me that an Affit Davit was illegal to hand to him, when a solicitor told me to, i knew it was corruption. I was 19. Why is she a solictor if she gives me illegal papers.

  24. The oldest trick in the book, Divide and Rule. When i mention the word feminist, i am not against all women, feminists are, trust me. In fact i believe in real equality, not ridiculous requests, i mean men aren't women and vise versa. We both do need different help but ultimately it isn't us who are against each other. Type in your Google search Angry Harry and read Why government love Feminists, he explains very much more clearly. Read that book suppressed inventions because global warming could have been nearly resolved if government, were't such hypocrites. Denying people who invent things because they had no licence is absurd. How do we think thing were invented in the first place. Regulations are just another control. Remember Angry Harry-Why government love Feminism, trust me it isn't anything about women. Its about man haters and left wing government. It makes sense very much sense. Suppressed Inventions and other discoveries. Conspiracy is a government made up word to stop people believing. Look at drugs. Marijuana is said to be a vile drug. It doesn't make government money because it grows wild. Alcohol however creates violence, which makes money.

  25. That person who said about the verandah being damaged. This is the tactics of such people. Read a book called Suppressed Invention and other discoveries, there is one certain way that the enviroment would be helped in a massive way but government will not allow it because of the loss of money. The tactics used are very similar but trust me what happened in your case is only a scare, they will go further, much further. Just getting into government is not enough. If political parties such as the Australian Protectionist Party are ever elected, we as the people are going to have to trust them. It will take time to change everything. I am dead certain there will be villians who will do things to stop them. Even while in top spot. This is much bigger then you think. All those things i mentioned are to seperate us all.

  26. All men are seen as abusers. Apparently in a non discriminative, non sexist, In best interests of the child Australia, it is ok for government to promote, violence against women, Australia says NO. Shouldn't it be Violence against any person, Australia says NO. Instantly in a sneaky fashion, the feminist government says that Australian men beat women. Now we have a fatherless society because it doesn't matter how good of a dad you are, you are lucky if you ever get to see your child. Any good woman without any vindictiveness, would see this. Hence a corrupt law system raking in millions in the best interests of our children. Are children now out of control. Government ideologies, that is why. It is ok for a father to be left on the streets hungry and still folk out money. Our poor children. As i said in another post about global warming.

  27. I have a rather remarkable synosis of a fathers right person from the UK that explains in great detail about this. For instance disharmony which is what we all have now is what government want. Disharmony creates bigger government, which mean more control and wealth. We have been blinded with false statistics guaranteed. Not many of us are bad people but we are portrayed that way with media fed rubbish, for instance, take long hard look at all the men in your life, a really hard look and dismissing any disagreements, can you say that you know many child abusers or wife beaters. Can you, without exaggeration say that the women you know are as equally bad or not. I personally believe that most men are decent people, I don't deny abuse, or think it is right but how far is abuse. Calling someone a name, is that sexual abuse or violence. Hopw absurd when , maybe it was in retalliation, non physical. Lets look at it.

    • Everyone has heard of Dennis Ferguson, a man who molested children. He has been trying to relocate in different parts of the country to everyones disgust. I put it ot you like this. Since everyone is so disgusted and do not want him in there neighbourhood , would that not suggest that most people likely 99% of people are not child abusers. They don't want him near there children. Media however, claim that there are that many abusers out there, except for government though, take a look at DOC's, they let a little boy, be tortured and finally death, they took him from his parents. This to me suggests that feminism control is killing us all. Which man love there wife or girlfriend and there children, I bet most of us.

  28. All the costs involved have impacted on evry Australian. Not to mention every other ideology. Since government own more then 20% now the are out to control. Any sort of redeeming will have to be done slowly or retaliation by these criminals is going to destroy us all. Australia if we vote for the right group of people will have to support them in every way possible until we gain our communities back by dislodging the corrupt organisations slowly but surely. Then to our concern we will have to teach other western governments to be as wise or as we know it we will still suffer. Imagine Australia as the only free country. We would have to defend our shore but as you guessed our military is not big or powerful enough. Make certain that this will happen. We need to talk with the world but encourage the peoples government bodies to promote themselves at all costs. The predictions about 2012 are surely coming true, only it may not be that soon, take my word for it, we have been lied to on many occasions about everything. It is only now when our children are being eroded from our lives tthat we are wondering what is going on.

  29. Minority control is destroying us. Left wing government are gaining power and imposing all there laws. Taking all our money and denying our rights. Corrupting courts and everything they can. They hide steal and lie and the masses believe them. Noone is safe and from all the study i have done for many years on this subject, there is nothing left for us now. I am certain, that even if a peoples government regain power that there will still be death and destruction because of there maliscious evil ways. Can you tell when noone is able to have a fair trial. Evidence is not truth and the absurdities of unjust demands is apparent. I am sure that any leader (should be rep) is corrupted as soon as he is elected. Feminism is becoming the worst minority in history. It has lead to western government becoming ruthless because of the destruction of the family unit and family values.


      • Unfortunately, i agree because 20% power over the rest of the country plus the minority they protect, everyday victimized person of thier lies and propaganda does not stand much a chance now. It is convincing the very people who were once free but now brainwashed to retreat back to reality for us to have a chance. They took our guns, do we hire the services of the underground who really have known all along that this was happening, hence there rebellion towards law. Rebellion towards corrupt laws i should have said.

  30. I prefer the term 'Political madness' myself. Just look at Australia's own 'guru' of political correctness, Phillip Adams, he has nothing nice to say aout his own race of people, unless they are from the far left and refuses to acknowledge race hate crimes are being comitted against whites. He also sends out threatening letters to people that disagree with him, a real NAZI!

  31. For instance a man comes home, lays on the couch after a hard day, he is stabbed in the abdomen by his wife, then he is taken away and put in jail. She gets off scot free for this crime. When i heard about stabbing i was told anything above your pelvis was manslaughter or attempted.

  32. These are all lies to get people on the defensive, ultimately being against each other, causing disharmony. You have just got to look at all the bitter disputes and unjust treatment to see this. I could go into how the wage gap is a whole bunch of untruths so women are seen as less fortunate. Hence women get on the defensive that somehow they are being abused, while it is men who do it. Most mendo nothing like that and don't you think we want equality. It is illegal to not pay everyone the same in the same position. This wage gap is just grossly distorted statistics. This causes people to fight. Let me tell you this, when a business has to pay an employee more because a feminist group says so, then ultimately that business needs more money from somewhere. Up goes the cost of there product. More money in the end does not mean a thing. What happens when it is food. Have you noticed much more expensive food is compared to 2 years ago. People need to wake up and really make a judgement and never listen to media rubbish, it is affecting your minds.

  33. Peter Spencer's SHAMEFUL AND SICKENING TREATMENT is connected with this subversive POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.
    It was developed at the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt, Germany, which was founded in 1923 and came to be known as the "Frankfurt School." It was a group of thinkers who pulled together to find a solution to the biggest problem facing the implementers of communism in Russia.

    The problem? Why wasn't communism spreading?

    Their answer? Because Western Civilization was in its way.

    What was the problem with Western Civilization? Its belief in the individual, that an individual could develop valid ideas. At the root of communism was the theory that all valid ideas come from the effect of the social group of the masses. The individual is nothing.

    And they believed that the only way for communism to advance was to help (or force, if necessary) Western Civilization to destroy itself. How to do that? Undermine its foundations by chipping away at the rights of those annoying individuals.

    One way to do that? Change their speech and thought patterns by spreading the idea that vocalizing your beliefs is disrespectful to others and must be avoided to make up for past inequities and injustices.

    And call it something that sounds positive: "Political Correctness."

    Inspired by the brand new communist technique, Mao, in the 1930s, wrote an article on the "correct" handling of contradictions among the people. "Sensitive training" – sound familiar? – and speech codes were born.

    In 1935, after Hitler came to power, the Frankfurt School moved to New York City, where they continued their work by translating Marxism from economic to cultural terms using Sigmund Freud's psychological conditioning mechanisms to get Americans to buy into Political Correctness. In 1941, they moved to California to spread their wings.

    But Political Correctness remains just what it was intended to be: a sophisticated and dangerous form of censorship and oppression, imposed upon the citizenry with the ultimate goal of manipulating, brainwashing and destroying our society.

  34. millstoneridge says

    A NSW family retired on a small holding in 2 portions, being environmentally conscious and prepared to keep the land natural because of eagle eyries. Minerals were found on the property, right at the access between both properties and the owner was expected allow ongoing truck access through his main acreage, and to forego his right to enter the second property. Local council passed the miner’s DA before any financial negotiations had begun, and the owners were told to agree or the Warden’s Court would decide for them. The Warden’s Court is specifically for mining issues.

    We have a portion of creek through our property, where a rock bar has become exposed and is spearing the water into soft soil on our boundary, causing very considerable erosion. We discussed blowing a small channel through the rock bar in order to return the creek to its original path and were told by the Lachlan Catchment Management officials that the “creek had the right to do whatever it wanted.” These were the same men, from the same government organization, who entered into a scheme with our opposite neighbour to fence off the creek to a distance of 40 metres from the watercourse, on our land without any discussion with us whatsoever. Needless to say, these gentlemen were informed of the rules of trespass.

    Peter Spencer, a Cooma NSW farmer. Environmentally sensitive land, he spent many years developing a plan for it, and was refused. Began a fish farm with eco-tourism in mind, the rules were changed and he lost that business. Began farming sheep in conjunction with the University of New England, the disastrous alpine bushfires and wild dogs destroyed that enterprise. He was then told he could not access federal drought funding as he was not viable. He is now suing the Federal Government for $10.5billion in carbon credit income.

    This is breaking my heart.

  35. gareth connors says

    Australians voted for Krudd because Howard and co were past their use by date. Now we have have to live with it. I am living in the UK pro tem and have become a life member of the BNP.
    My message is this. Get behind a strong nationalist party and get rid of (by fair means or foul) all the left wing or religiously motivated pricks that seem to gravitate to political power as a matter of birth right. Get rid of multiculturalism and PC. Get active. Get off your arse and TAKE ACTION! Otherwise quit whinging and cop it sweet.

  36. Unfortunately, the Kyoto protocol is the precursor to the Lisbon Treaty that Kevin Rudd is DESPERATE to sign Australia up to. It is totally undemocratic. It is unlike any other treaty that we have seen as it is IRREVERSIBLE and gives the European Union ultimate say in all our domestic matters including the disposal and dispersal of Australias precious resources. Thus Kevin Rudd's intense involvement with China, who in a recently released news article have stated that they now consider Australia to be part of Asia. WE ARE NOT PART OF ASIA!
    If this happens, the European Union will have ultimate control over EVERYTHING that happens in this country. That is what Kevin Rudd is moving toward. Please look it up for yourselves. It is socialism/communism. It really is that serious.

    On 19th November 2009, Herman Van Rompuy was appointed (undemocratically-not elected) as the first official president of the European Union. In his acceptance speech he openly announces that with the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty and the agreement at the Copenhagen summit (which didn't happen) would mark the beginning of the NEW WORLD ORDER or ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. This is what Kevin Rudd is really pushing for. The ETS is a lie and is part of the CON to sign Australia over through the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.
    At midnight on the 1st of December 2009, England ceded its sovereignty to the European Union and is no longer an independent nation but a state of the European Government.
    Gordon Brown had promised a referendum to give the people a vote on the matter but instead signed the Lisbon Treaty without doing so. The queen also signed.
    As a consequence, the queen no longer holds the power of monarchy but that of a government official. WHY HAVEN'T WE BEEN TOLD ANY OF THIS? WHY HASN'T THE GOVERNOR GENERAL ADDRESSED THE NATION AS SHE HAS BEEN APPOINTED AS LIASON BETWEEN THE QUEEN AND AUSTRALIANS?
    What does this mean for Australia? What does the Commonwealth now represent? How does England's transfer of authority from the monarchy to the European Union impact Australia's constitution and relationship with England or the European Union? Who is in control?


  37. Darrin Hodges says

    I wonder if even my residential property is safe from Rudd and Wong, is my backyard next?

    • If Anna Bligh can forcibly take land off the Mary Valley residents for a Dam (stopped only through the intervention of Peter Garret) Krudd can do the same. Nobody is safe from forced requisition of land by this government, or any other government. Anybody who thinks they actually own the land they buy is lving in noddy land.

    • millstoneridge says

      No it's not safe, refer to the 'Brigalow Corporation" in QLD and similar entities apparently exist in all states.

      Exerpt from website… below

      1 QLD fellow – prosecuted by an officer of the State for cutting native tea tree to feed his starving livestock in this time of severe drought. The Warrant to Enter executed by the public officials of this State was not for his property but was for a property approximately 17 kilometres away. The District court Judge stated that the fellow had purchased the property in the 1980's, in fact he had never owned that property. Cost of remediation – $350,000.

      1 QLD fellow – prosecuted by an officer of the State for repairing severe erosion on a watercourse on his property by filling the degraded areas in with dead and dying black wattle and other vegetation and weeds which were of no value to the livestock as a food source. He then covered the vegetation with soil and replanted the areas with pasture grass. Fine – $27,559.25

      1 QLD couple in their 60’s – long-term Lychee farmers, using regulation low-voltage electricity structures to deter common fruit bats. Obeying all necessary legislation. A University lecturer, with a fondness for bats, complains to the Environmental Defenders Office EDO, who institute legal proceedings. The farm was raided by police, who went through every cupboard and drawer in the house, including the families underwear drawers, ostensibly searching for paperwork and dead bats. The bat protection was removed, destroyed and within 1 week the entire orchard and farming enterprise had been destroyed by bats. The couple have had no income for 4 years are unable to access govt financial support while the case is ongoing.

      1 QLD fellow who dug a huge dam on his property with the view of supplying water free to a nearby retirement village in exchange for future accommodation. Department of Lands Q have refused him the right to fill the dam, and are pumping the water out when necessary.

      1 QLD lady in her late 60’s – Mrs Burns – who wanted to develop 23 acres and sell it off in order to build a home for her retirement. All land around her had been developed with the exception of a parcel that had a restricted animal order over it – for the Mahogany Sugar Glider. Her land had been checked previously and was not included. At this time, she was refused the right to develop in case the animals wanted to visit her land. Judge White of the Planning and Environment Court in Cairns stated – : I just find this astounding. Soviet Russia would be proud of these laws." Yet he upheld them.

      1 Warwick couple – applied for permission to extend decking and received it. They notified council who did not come to check it. 12 months later, council contacted them wanting to know who gave them permission to build. Demanded it be pulled down. The couple protested, police came with a warrant, the owner was arrested, now faces $125,000 fine and/or 5 years in jail. After high level complaints about the police treatment, the couple have had their computers bugged, they have been followed and returned home to find an attempt had been made to destroy the decking, with drill holes, piers knocked askew and etc. They received 3 different copies of the same court transcript none of which matched their witnesses versions.

      1 QLD lady – bought 18 acres and received council permission to move a house to the land, providing she put a veranda around it. She moved the house, lodged a DA for the veranda. Since Christmas 2006, she has alternately been refused the DA and yet is received threats from the council re not having the veranda finished. Her land is adjacent to a large development in which her local council has an involvement, she finds gates left open, tyre shredding devices in her driveway etc. She believes she is being forced off her land.

      1 72 year old QLD gentleman who entered a contract with a major telecommunication company for a connection. Ongoing problems – he spoke to staff in the office asking for compensation for his travelling costs and was arrested. Upon being asked whether he was guilty or not guilty, he replied guilty with mitigating circumstances. The judge replied she was not interested in his defence.

      A NSW farming family cleared land adjacent to the protected Gwydir Wetlands. Their land was not protected and they had all necessary departmental permission. The Wilderness Society flew over the land taking photos and the EDO began legal proceedings. Both that farm and a property they owned in QLD were raided and all farming operations on both properties were forcibly closed down. This story is still being used by the media and the Wilderness Society to point the finger at farmers re land clearing, even though the government themselves agreed this family had been given permission. Yet that family are now having to legally battle this issue, trying to recover their rights to farm. Please note, the aerial photographs were digital, which is illegal to use in court.

  38. Yes, I beleive krudd's Laiebor government is the worst one Australia's had yet! Although only in my early 40's, one reaches a point when one can tell by a person's voice, the tone one uses and body language to sum people up. I never liked him, even when he wasn't leader of the opposition, appearing on that p.c. early morning show, 'Sunrise' just didn't trust the guy and was horrified that so many Aussies voted for the prick.
    Off topic, but nearly got attacked this morning 29/12 by a drug crazed African whilst walking to the train station this morning. Had to pull my knife that I'm now forced to carry for protection on the savage. THANK YOU SO MUCH KRUDD AND THIS IS WHY I'M PROMOTIN THE APP AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE YOU LEFT WINGED TURD!

    • Its called a little thing called WORKCHOICES ! that is what lead to liberals election defeat.

      • Jacka, that's gone mate. It's dead. Move on. Workchoices is not even an issue anymore. You need to update yourself. Keep an eye on the economy, national and state debt, the ETS wealth transfer, the lack of border protection and other important issues. I can't believe you think Workchoices was the biggest threat facing our nation. You obviously got sucked in by the ALP/ union/ media propaganda which made it out as the biggest threat to our way of life. If you think it was the worst thing our nation has faced then you must live under a rock. Get over it man. Stop wasting your time on ridiculous, trivial issues and tackle some of the big boys stuff. It's time to stop doing pee pees in your nappy.

  39. Great work at getting this brave man’s efforts out to the wider community here. The lack of response to his plea by KRudd is a fine example of where our PM’s loyalties lie and put lie to his claim at election time that he intends to govern “for all Australians”.

    You have to wonder why the media haven’t picked up on Mr. Spencer’s efforts around the country, when they are quite happy to give air time to a fellow sitting in a gum tree outside his house in protest against the council wanting to cut it down, but this fellow puts his health, his very life on the line to represent the interests of the men and women who put food on our table and the media shut him out.

    They should hang their heads in shame and if Mr. Spencer’s health fails or he should lose his life, they share the culpability.

    Get the word out, Australians need to know what this man is doing for all of us!

    • Does anyone expect the contorlled media to report the truth anymore? This is why I don't watch the news or buy their crappy anti-white racist newspapers anymore.
      I'd rather tune into the BNP website or this one to get the real truth.

  40. This is just the beginning – the carbon trader carpet baggers are already in countries like New Guinea and South America, coercing people to sell their trees to them. This ETS crap was never designed to save this planet – it is was designed to make MONEY for greedy governments, business and wealthy individuals. The masses (meaning us) will be bearing the full cost of their plan. The farmers will be sacrified on the alter of Mammon. It's time we said ENOUGH to people like Krudd and his ilk….and if Tony Abbott has half a brain he will get right behind this farmer and make it an election issue!

    • Catty if Abbot had any brains he'd win the election full stop just on the immigration/invasion catatrosphe alone!

      Hope you had a good Christmas, mike x

      • Hi there Mike – Yep, we had a good Christmas with the entire family – along with my brother-in-law's extensive Irish Catholic family! He is one of 10 kids – that was the good ole' days when Christians were actually breeding! Now the Christian faith is in decline. How did we fall so far, so fast??

        • Technology ! We want our fancy car our big home our plasma tvs etc etc and to do this we cannot afford to have kids. thats the simple reason we want too much.

  41. millstoneridge says
  42. millstoneridge says

    Thank you so much for responding quickly to this Darrin. ALL Australian farmers are being affected by non-existent global warming scams as part of the push for the new world order. We have 200 acrea and under KRUDD's ETS we cannot claim any of it as carbon credits unless the trees are hand planted after 1992. My argument is that as we have not cleared the regrowth and have left the older regrowth there, they are ALL hand planted.

    We need to do something NOW to get this poor man down. It is not rocket science he is going to DIE if something isn't done. Maybe we should relocate him to a leaky boat off Ashmore Reef to get a response from KRUDD and Krew??

    Thanks again, please we need to help him NOW! KRUDD is going to have blood on his hands with this one.

    • Global warming exists but taking land from farmers is not the way to fix the problem. The only way we are ever going to fix global warming is if we start investing money into green energy sources such as solar, wind and tidal. etc etc not to mention the jobs investing in such technologies that will be created.

  43. Barnaby Joyce is right – Krudd and his carbon trading smurfs are more interested in helping dictators like Mugabe than our own farmers. The problem with Joyce now is that he has thrown in his lot with the Liberals – thus losing his independance to speak out against these sort of bullying tactics. Abbott is already restraining Barnaby in what he can and cannot say – the maverick won't like his new poltical cage, I can warrant you that.

    Nicholas – was that you on the thread on the recent attempt at blowing up that US plane? If it was – sterling stuff mate. You will see mine there too. Finally, a British newspaper is giving everybody a chance t say their piece on the untouchable Islamic religion, and the activities of it's members.

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