Australians will not find political salvation in Tony Abbott

While the conservative establishment has been lauding Abbott’s ascension to the leadership of the Liberal party, it is always prudent to remember a little about what Abbot stands for, including the prominent and shady role he played in the downfall of Pauline Hanson and One Nation.

On Climate Change

A lot of people it seems have mistaken Abbott’s position of opposing Rudd’s ETS for being a so-called ‘climate skeptic’ himself, but nothing could be further from the truth.  In the SMH, Paul Sheehan jumps to defend Abbott from the charge of ‘climate change denier’ by quoting from Abbott’s own book (released July 2009):

“Natural science has undeniably shown us that global warming is man-made and real. But just as undeniable is the economic science, which makes it clear that a narrow focus on reducing carbon emissions could leave future generations lumbered with major costs, without major cuts in temperatures.”

Sheehan goes on to say “This proves that Abbott is not a climate change denier but a emissions trading sceptic, a big difference.” Abbott has promised that “We will have a strong and effective climate change policy. It just won’t be this ETS at this time.”  In other words, he doesn’t like the way Kevin Rudd wants to screw Australia, he wants to screw Australia the Tony Abbott way instead.

On Multiculturalism

Back in early 2006 Abbott made a quip in federal parliament in relation to ethnic branch stacking by the ALP, asking “Are there any Australians left in the Labor party?” Although he quickly retracted the statement, the issue was later given over-emphasis by the media and created the vague impressions that Abbott was not in favour of multiculturalism.  The following are Abbott in his own words on multiculturalism:

Health Minister TONY ABBOTT has again defended multiculturalism .. saying it’s a good thing .. and the Australian way should not be imposed on other cultures.
Abbott defends multiculturalism after race comments / AAP, 03-01-2006

“Look, I’m a supporter of multiculturalism. I think multiculturalism is a very good thing as a way of encouraging newcomers to this country to become contributing members of Australian society sooner rather than later. And multiculturalism is about recognising people from different countries and cultures as part of our extended Australian family. It’s not about imposing Australian-ness tests on them. It’s about allowing them to join the team, so to speak, in their own way and at their own pace.”
Abbott backs multiculturalism / Lateline, 28-02-2006

Health Minister Tony Abbott has warned against ostracising or “shouting down” hardline Muslims, saying it would be a mistake to dismiss those advocating sharia law as “un-Australian”.

Multiculturalism has been of great benefit to Australia, Mr Abbott said.

“By stressing respect, it (multiculturalism) aims to foster the kind of dialogue that diminishes the potential for conflict,” Mr Abbott said.
Don’t ostracise hardline Muslims: Abbott / SMH, 27-02-2009

The Lowy Institute for International Policy had this to say about Abbott’s book Battlelines:

So far, the most attractive argument in the book is not in the short foreign policy passage, but the section on multiculturalism. Abbott admits that, in the 1980s, he overestimated the threat multiculturalism posed to Australia’s national identity, and he has come to see that he ‘underestimated the gravitational pull of the Australian way of life. I was too defensive about Western values that have turned out to have near-universal appeal.’
Tony Abbott’s Battlelines / Lowy Institute for International Policy, 06-08-2009

On the ABC’s ‘Q and A’ program on the topic of the controversy surrounding the rejection of an Islamic school in Camden, Tony Abbott said:

“Look, there is no doubt some people who want to protect their own and feel a bit hostile to that which they think is different. I mean that’s not a particularly rare phenomenon but I think very few Australians are actively racist.  Whatever initial instinct that most Australians or many Australians might have, I think over time the great thing about our culture is that it is inclusive.  It’s unthinkable that the gentlemen up the back would say ‘we don’t want Catholics coming into our suburbs….once upon a time they might have, you see we’ve got over that and I mean over time hopefully we’ll get over this other thing.”
Q and A / ABC, 29-05-2009

So in essence Tony Abbott believes that Islam is just like Christianity or Judaism, and that Muslims who want to implement Shari’a do not represent a problem for Australian and indeed, we should not even criticise Muslims who do wish to implement Shari’a law in Australia. Clearly Abbott is just another Establishment figure who believes the same destructive nonsense, that the answer to solving the problems created by multiculturalism is to give us even more multiculturalism.

Even worse, his attitude of not requiring migrants, particularly Muslims, to even adopt the Australian way of life is the very attitude that has allowed the creation of ethnic enclaves; and such enclaves are the breeding ground for Islamic terrorism.  It seems as far as Abbott and those like him are concerned, no price is too high in facilitating the Islamic/Third World colonisation of Australia and those Australians who have suffered from the resulting gang-rapes and violent crimes are simply the cost of doing business in a multicultural state.

On One Nation

In what has to be one of the greatest travesties of Australian politics, Abbott – at the behest of the Howard government – formed a group in 1998 known as “Australians for honest politics” with a $100,000 slush fund for the purpose of destroying One Nation.  It is difficult to conceive of a greater insult to the Australian people than the creation of a covert group of Establishment figures for the purposes of subverting our democracy and destroying a political party that represented Australians.  Tony Abbott played a pivotal role in the downfall of One Nation.  To understand how untrustworthy Abbott is in representing the will of the Australian people, read through the following transcript of him being interviewed by Kerry O’Brien on the ABC’s 7.30 Report; his evasions and blatant dishonesty speaks for itself:

KERRY O’BRIEN: Tony Abbott, when you established the slush fund to get Pauline Hanson politically, you called it Australians for Honest Politics.

Was that some kind of a joke, a bad joke?

TONY ABBOTT: Of course it wasn’t and it wasn’t a slush fund.

KERRY O’BRIEN: We know you established that fund to use Terry Sharples as a stalking horse in 1998.

TONY ABBOTT: No, that’s not right.



KERRY O’BRIEN: But it’s not the first time you talked about money with Terry Sharples?

TONY ABBOTT: Well, I promised that Terry Sharples would not be out of pocket.


Well, just on this issue, let’s briefly flash back to the interview you did with Tony Jones on ‘Four Corners’ which went to air on August 10.

You did that interview, I’m told, on July 31, ’98, where you denied any knowledge of any sort of fund for Terry Sharples.

We’ll just have a quick look

TONY JONES: So there was never any question of any party funds?

TONY ABBOTT: Absolutely not.

TONY JONES: Or other funds from any other source?

TONY ABBOTT: Absolutely not.

TONY JONES: Being offered to Terry Sharples?

TONY ABBOTT: Absolutely not.

KERRY O’BRIEN: And you’re saying now that wasn’t a lie — not just Liberal Party funds but any other funds?

TONY ABBOTT: I had promised that he wouldn’t be out of pocket, but there’s a difference between telling someone he won’t be out of pocket and telling someone that you’re going to have to pay him money.
7:30 Report / ABC, 27/08/2003

It should be clear then that Tony Abbott and the liberal establishment he represents have absolutely no interest in what ordinary Australians think or want for the future of their country.  They are only interested in pushing their own agendas and, like flowing water, will find the simplest and quickest way to get there. This is why Malcolm Turnbull once considered joining the Labor party but instead joined the Liberal party, because it offered to him the path of least resistance; it is also why Brendon Nelson suddenly retired, only to take up a diplomatic post for the Rudd government, and why Peter Costello is now employed by the Rudd government to run the so called Future Fund. In short, none of these people can be trusted, none of the major parties can be trusted to put the interests of the Australian people first.


  1. William says

    We recently received the following from the Liberal Party regarding Global Warming……


    Further information on this “Simon Birmingham”…….

    You will notice that his qualifications are Master of BUSINESS administration.

    Clearly, he & the Liberal Party consider that this global warming HOAX is all about Business aka MONEY, AND NOTHING TO DO WITH science!!!

    —– Original Message —–

    From: Birmingham, Simon (Senator)

    To: undisclosed-recipients:

    Sent: Wednesday, May 05, 2010 12:15 PM

    Subject: RE: ETS

    Thank you for your email(s) regarding the Rudd Government’s proposed emissions trading scheme, or so-called Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS), and please accept my apology for both the delay in responding to you and for the standardised nature of this response, due to the unprecedented volume of correspondence generated by the ETS debate.

    While debate has been more focused on the matter of Australia’s policy response to the stated threats of climate change than the veracity or otherwise of the science, I nevertheless appreciate you bringing your views to my attention.

    I don’t believe that the IPCC errors and apologies that have come to my attention totally change the overall scientific case surrounding climate change, particularly where they relate to claimed impacts as opposed to underlying causes of climate change. That is not to say that there is not valid debate, but simply that I believe the overall balance still favours a precautionary approach.

    The Coalition is committed to responsible action on climate change, with Leader Tony Abbott having announced a direct action policy that will allow Australia to reduce emissions without the imposition of the Rudd Government’s expensive, new tax-churning regime and its financial burden on Australian businesses and households.

    While our policy measures will reduce Australia’s carbon footprint, I also hope that those who question or reject out-of-hand the notion of human-induced warming will nevertheless be supportive of direct actions with demonstrable ‘win win’ benefits, for example to soil quality and agricultural production.

    I hope this information is of some assistance to you, and thank you again for taking the time to contact me.

    Yours sincerely,

    Simon Birmingham

    Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Action

  2. This article is very saddening. I had hoped Tony Abbott wasn't so far gone along the politically correct route. But if he could say

    "he ‘underestimated the gravitational pull of the Australian way of life. I was too defensive about Western values that have turned out to have near-universal appeal’,

    then he has either sold out in order to gain some part of the swinging 10% that decides who form government, or he is oblivious to reality.

    I was also disappointed when he sat on the fence in regards to anthropogenic global warming, rather than come down against it. Instead all he did was banter around the childish 'great big tax' mantra to criticise the ETS.

    Still, I think Abbott would be less dangerous than Krudd. The migrants he brings in are more likely to be taxpayers, rather than refugee malcontents; he probably will restrict the damage a Krudd ETS would do to the economy; and he won't be an Obama croney,at least not to the extent Krudd is. He also likes sex.

    Still, if Peter Costello had stayed on, he would have been the best the major parties have to offer.

  3. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the fantastic work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  4. This is slightly off the subject but interesting though.__My sister inn law volunteers for the Salvation Army store in Clarkson here in Perth. The other day a group of African women and several kids came into the store looking for clothing ( you know the old suits and colorful shirts they like ) Upon receiving the few dollars for the kindly donated clothes we sometimes drop off in the clothing bin, she notices a pram with an infant in it full of clothes that were stolen of the shelves while she was distracted by another woman in the group. Upon questioning the theft she was threatened with violence and told " we have a right to take what we want you white bitch" Nice to see they really appreciate or generosity. In future I will throw my old clothes in the rubbish rather than give it to them. Its a shame it has come to this as i am sure some Aussie battlers could do with them.

  5. Colin – The Sri Lankan High Commissioner was on ABC Lateline telling Tony Jones at these people are NOT asylum seekers – they are in effect ECONOMIC refugees seeking a better life in the West. They were well dressed, had money to pay people smugglers, owned mobile phones, and they were getting their directions from CANADIAN Tamils on how to screw us over!! These bastards are well informed by refugee advocates and their army of lawyers!! Don’t think for a second that KRUDD doesn’t know these things – he is merely paving the way for his plumb UN job after his days of being PM to this country are finished. After his reign is finished as PM, he and his tubby wife will leave this country for ‘better’ opportunities – and what makes me sick to the pit of my stomach is that the dumb sheeple can’t see the wood through the trees!

  6. Today, 23/12/09, read in "The Australian" that 30 young Afghan asylum seekers have been transferred to Melbourne as Christmas Island faces overcrowding. On the same day, we also have another broken promise by Rudd. He promised an extra 500 sworn officers into the Australian Federal Police and he has failed once again to deliver. Then we hear that he's severely strained Australia's relationship with Indonesia, obviously by having mixed signals. They don't know where Rudd stands and neither do the Australian people. It seems that Rudd has failed to deliver on every promise or responsibility he was charged with. We are a nation without a rudder. Australia needs a new PM.

  7. The 64th boat has arrived at Christmas Island as Rudd barely acknowledges it's arrival. Under Howards border protection there were zero illegal arrivals in 2002/03 and 2004/05. Christmas Island was designed to hold 800 people and is currently holding in excess of 1500 detainees. There has now been over 2700 illegal immigrants arrive by boat since the Rudd government fiddled with the previous governments policies and the PM doesn't seem to really care. You can also read in "The Australian" 22/12/09 how the Sri Lankans are warning Australia to stop taking refugees. How much clearer can you get? The Sri Lankan government is telling Rudd to "stop taking refugees". Is that too complicated to understand?

  8. Quote from John: ” How could this woman, with so much information at her disposal, support such an evil, corrupt, murderous gang of criminals.”

    It was the same with Madeline Albright when she said that 500,000 dead Iraqi children was ‘worth it’ – an ‘unfortunate’ by product of years a punitive sanctions against the Saddam regime. Don’t worry………these ghouls sleep like babies. Doesn’t faze them one little bit. Obammy will be no different.

    • I see her as a very nasty, cruel and power hungry dictator with no concept of love, compassion or respect for her own countrymen or the citizens of other nations. Africa is rich in natural resources and quite possibly one of the wealthiest nations on the planet and here we are in the western world handing money over to them, while their own regime squanders Africa's wealth. I can't understand how we can condemn Iraq and their regime, yet we turn a blind eye to the slaughter and corruption in Africa when it seems to be far worse and far more cruel. I think the Iraqi's are far more respectful of each other than what they are given credit for. In my opinion, the western world would be more justified in sending in our military to selectively bring down Africa's government. Maybe the French Foreign Legion will go directly to the problem one day- the government. This will save thousands of civilian lives. Thanks for your reply Catty.

      • Perhaps Africa should be recolonized as Africans don't seem to be able to run their own countries. The Chinese are already moving into Africa and one wonders what the final result of that will be.

  9. Dave – It is the CATHOLIC CHURCH who is sponsoring the arrival of these Africans!!! They have their charity arm CARITAS over in Africa doing ‘good works’. Well – they should have kept their ‘good works’ over in Africa – not bloody import the problems that these people are going to bring us!! I have stopped donating money to Africa a long time ago – I worked out pretty quickly that we are supporting intrenched corruption and exacerbating the problems of poverty and hunger in that sorry continent.

    • Catty, you might remember a few years ago, Hilary Clinton in Africa, praising the government for their successful transition to independence. I thought to myself that she has either been hiding under a rock for the last ten years or she really has no problem with the bloodthirsty ANC running the country. How could any decent, compassionate, humane person possibly endorse the killing and corruption of such a regime. How could this woman, with so much information at her disposal, support such an evil, corrupt, murderous gang of criminals.

    • DAVE THE POM says

      Send erm lots of condoms

    • DAVE THE POM says

      Sorry ,previous comment was a bit flippant .Does any one actually know the quoters ,#5 destiny mag mentions a figure of 1 mill over the next 3 years ,thats roughly 5% increase in our population .Where if any is the disclosure of these policys ,why are we not being told ,I dont remember kevi campaining about this ,stealthy ratbags the lot of erm, .Thems that promote it never live in it .Wonder what could be gleaned by a phone call to the imigration dept ,might try that ,will keep u posted . Anything Xmas being vandalised in Melb tonight , oh the utopia of enrichment

    • Yes, this makes me laugh (or cry more like it!)
      Why does the Catholic Church not help Australians or British, or even Europeans who are doing it tough?
      All you see them doing is creating missions in africa, cambodia blah blah blah.
      Charity begins at home, or at least with those that are of the same or similar cultural and ethnic background as ourselves.
      It makes me so angry to think that there are Australians in need and all they are interested in is looking after someone elses' problem!
      I no longer donate to all these 'starving millions in africa, sth esat asia blah blah blah'. If i know the money will stay here and help Australians, i am happy to help i.e. Salvos, bush fire appeal.
      unless the gov decides to spend my money overseas, none of these basket case countries will get a cent from me – they can all starve and go to hell if they cant help themselves.

  10. Rudd lied through his teeth when he said that no special deals were done for the 78 Tamils – if he can LIE so easily about that – imagine the LIES he is going tol tell us when he gets back home from that taxpayer funded Climate Change waffle-fest!!

    48,000 'delegates' went to that giantic party – so imagine the $$$$, the CO2 emissions, and the sheer WASTE that these grubs generated while big noting themselves on the world stage…….achieving VERY little and SCREWING us over in the process!! Not happy Jan…..!!!!!!

  11. Rudd has already negotiated with these scamming 3rd worlders.
    This has set a dangerous precedent in regards to the image and 'soft touch' approach Australia has to this problem.
    Lets be absolutely honest; most of these people are form the 3rd world, but they are in no way, shape or form to be mislabelled as refugees:
    1. They are not poor, unfortunate refugees with nothing;
    2. They have money as they would not even be able to pay there way here, even on the makeshift crafts they arrive on;
    3. They have mobile phones, are dressed well and speak English (it is well documented that they used their phones to call authorities and the media)
    They are bogus, asylum-seeking scroungers and should have been arrested in Indonesia.
    They know that Rudd and his party's policies are a 'soft touch' and will exploit it for all its worth – queue jumping, citizenship, housing etc payed for by every Australian taxpayer, in return for votes for the Liebour party

  12. Darrin Hodges says

    As for numbers, we're not far off, thanks for your efforts euro.

  13. The 63rd boat load of illegal immigrants arrived on the 16th Dec. which takes the official figure to 2795 asylum seekers in total since Rudd relaxed Howard's border protection policies. At the same time, Australia has also granted refugee status to the 78 illegal immigrants onboard the Oceanic Viking and Rudd is now working to resettle them in Australia.

    • DAVE THE POM says

      Whell we all knew they would ,what bothers me more is the legal fast breeding african muslims pouring in , a mate of mine in Pearth works for St Vinies and they have the contract for setting up the basics ie white goods household goods etc and setting them up in a dwelling [state housing ],,bucket loads of them ,MIKE is well aware of this ,youre youngsters ,BIG wait to get any where near near public housing .A bit like labour in the UK ,rubbing you nose in multiculti , well at the end of the day it produces a lot of cheap labour ,rudd the dud considerinng a south east asian version of the EU , WE REALLY NEED TO GET IT OUT THERE DAVE MERRY XMAS

  14. Nicholas Folkes says


    "Hi Catty, I do wish there was a mainstream party that the APP could attach itself to, we need the APP so badly before its too late and combined, could wipe the floor with rudd's face"…..The APP does not want to attach itself with any other Australian political parties. We are a stand alone party with our own principles and soon to be released policies. We will align ourselves with other like minded parties or independents heading into the next Federal election and also NSW local elections. We need our members to sign up more Patriots so we are able to register way before the next Federal election. I understand and also share the concerns of good people like you Mike and others but we are in the process of building a true Australian alternative. This will take time but rest assured we will be ready to rumble for the next Federal election.

    • Hi Nicholas,
      1. I have checked the law- APP does not have to be registered. The only advantages APP would have for being registered with AEC is APPs abbreviation and reimbursement for electoral expenses.

    • continued..
      2. Here is the ACT re: can person be a memeber of 2 parties:
      (2A) Two or more parties cannot rely on the same member for the purpose of qualifying or continuing to qualify as an eligible political party. The following provisions apply accordingly:

      (a) a member who is relied on by 2 or more parties may nominate the party entitled to rely on the member, but if a party is not nominated after the Commission has given the member at least 30 days to do so, the member is not entitled to be relied on by any of those parties;

      (b) the members on whom a registered party relies may be changed at any time by an amendment of the Register of Political Parties;

      (c) the registration of a party is not to be cancelled because of this subsection unless the Commission has taken action to determine whether the party should be deregistered because of paragraph 137(1)(a), (b) or (c).

      (3) Upon receipt of an application for the registration of a political party, the Commission shall deal with the application in accordance with this Part and determine whether the party can be registered.

    • 3. I have been running my own "show" to drive more traffic to APP over the last 3 weeks. Hope you will get 500 members soon.

      Why not display the membership counter at the front page ? The counter would say: "Australia needs protection- your protection" or something like that. It is a very honest move which would prompt people to join.
      Also, I have asked a few times to install "Donate" button. Why not?

    • Thanks Nicholas for the reply, it does give one hope there are people like you around who will stand up for us before the real Holocaust begins.

  15. 11 December 2009 JP Langbroek: The Prime Minister has said he is confident Queensland will not default on its record $85 billion debt. The challenge for Mr Rudd now, is to release the debt repayment plan of the Queensland Government or force Premier Bligh to release that plan.
    At no stage have Bligh and Labor released the details of any strategy to repay the $85 billion state debt. If Australia or Queensland got to a stage where they did default, that would be a colossal disaster. Mr Rudd has said that it is erratic and ill-considered for the federal Coalition to warn that the states could default on debt. If that is the case, then Mr Rudd must release what he understands to be a fully costed debt repayment plan from his home state of Queensland. Mr Rudd knows that Labor have a problem with debt and he’s asking Queenslanders to take his word for it that Bligh and Labor have a plan to pay off Queensland’s $85 billion debt. Well let’s see that plan.

    • Colin, Isn't it just sad that the unions have been funding this Labor government for decades and now they are all screaming at Bligh because she's selling off QLD's assets. The individual worker has always been better off under conservative government. Lower cost of living, more job opportunities, lower interest rates and the list goes on. A strong economy brings with it so many other wonderful opportunities and benefits. I really think it's time that unions advocate a strong economy because that way they are ensuring the best for themselves and their families and ensuring far greater job security. I also wonder why the unions aren't protesting against Rudd's ETS when it is evident that it will take jobs and wealth offshore and raise the cost of living. Unions are so harsh with conservative government but go all soft when it comes to Labor.

      • Colin, The problem is that the individual workers didn't know that the state was plunging into debt until a couple of years ago. Either the union bosses didn't know or they conveniently decided not to pass the information onto the workers, the latter being the most likely. While Labor was promising 100,000 new jobs in QLD at the last state election, Springborg was saying that he would only promise 10,000 new jobs. At the time, I thought Springborg was an idiot but I can see now that he was the only one telling the truth. He said that even 10,000 new jobs would be difficult. Unfortunately, people don't like the truth. I fell into that category. I won't be making that mistake again. I think union officials need to portray the facts regardless of which party is in government. I agree too that if the people vote in a conservative government, unions should respect the people's choice. They can't have double standards.

  16. I was reading an article a few weeks ago and can't remember the author but he was one of the world's leading economists and he was saying that with the total amount of money that the US spends on its military in one year, the entire western world could build enough renewable energy plants to never again have a need to use coal or nuclear energy. He was also saying that nuclear waste takes approximately 10,000 years, yes that's right, ten thousand years to be rendered harmless. Even by burying it, with ground movement it will still leach out. The international masters are going to do anything to lead us to believe that we have no alternative. The whole myth that solar/ wind/ tidal energy can't provide enough base load power is simply a myth. Of course, it would be a project which would likely take 20 years to complete but why not start. Nature can give us everything we need. Why not use nature's help?

    • DAVE THE POM says

      Dead right Vladislav ,if you presented the same scenario as an individual you would be diagnosed as a barking schizoprhrenic , the BNP at the mo has a page about the afhganistan oil pipe line and what that lot is really all about , wave power could be VERY effective ,especialy on the west coast and solar in the centre , sorry mate but it all seems to be about monopolsing utilities ,[water being the new gold,desalination etc ] the globalists just want control , monsanto whants control over the worlds food production .What about pushing a bit of YOGA for a bit of all round health and mind improvement ,keep us away from those dangerous doctors , thats another industry too MERRY XMAS DAVE

  17. I hope Liberals do win the next election and when things don't improve , will give this party more ammunition as well as some breathing space! As for the Greens, well, I was walking down our main street in my suburb in the weekend and along he came…tee shirt spouting 'Vote for the Greens' bearefooted, skinny as Kate Moss in her anorexic days, strung out on something given the way he was stumbling around, lined wasted face, grey grizzelled hair reaching towards his shoulders, wearing an artist's beret. I wish I had my mobile on me, the video would have been halarious.
    But seriously, I hope the APP will come into its own, I'm doing my bit over Christmas printing out leaflets and posting them. Just my bit for my adopted country that I would die for….and given the way things are going, that is a real possibility. All I want though, is to be buried with my grandparents back in NZ

  18. Some people have mentioned how race is left out of the debate. For example, Filipinos are Christian and speak English. That’s great, but the instinctual inclination of people to select the same race as marriage partners means Filipinos will generally remain a separate group, not intermarrying with Euro-Australians and so always somewhat disconnected in a way Italians, Greeks or any other European group isn’t.
    It’s much easier for Europeans of all kinds to mix socially and sexually. Happylanders call this Racism. Common sense calls it Tribal Instinct.

  19. Comments from Barnaby Joyce aimed at Wayne Swan: "Currently, so the Australian people know, the debt they owe, to a range of countries such as China, the good people of Japan and the Middle East and everyone in between, amounts to $115.71 billion dollars." " I will bet you London to a brick that this debt is only going to go in one direction under the Labor Government and that is up." "There’s one thing that is absolutely certain, I will not be taking any lead, whatsoever, from a crowd who have taken us from having tens of billions of dollars in the bank, to debt up to our eyeballs, with more dogs tied up around town than Bernie Madoff."

    • Barnaby Joyce on Copenhagen,23739,…

    • Hi Colin – I have a lot of respect for Barnaby Joyce. At least the man isn't afraid of telling the Australian people the truth as he sees it. The Labour pollies love to paint Joyce as an unsophisicated country hick who acts like a loose cannon. But Joyce is no fool – my only concern for Joyce is now that he is on the front bench he will be expected to temper his language somewhat – that will take away his independence to speak his mind on moral issues that effect us all. I love Barnaby's quirky style – he ads colour to an otherwise bland political landscape.

      • Hi Catty, I do wish there was a mainstream party that the APP could attach itself to, we need the APP so badly before its too late and combined, could wipe the floor with rudd's face ( I am now never going to use capitals for his name, just a small protest)
        I saw that video you posted up of the advance of Islam, truely depressing. Sometimes watching these really get me down and I feel there is no hope. Was talking to an elderly Italian lady at the bus stop, she dropped her groceries and I picked them up for her, lovely, lovely people. She told me when they arrived all those years ago Australia was so perfect but now, ruined.

  20. Another week under Rudd’s failed border protection regime and another 174 unauthorised arrivals have pushed Christmas Island’s detention centre to its breaking point. “In the last 7 days, 4 boats carrying 174 asylum seekers have been intercepted in Australian waters,” said Mr Keenan.
    “That’s more than half the total number of unauthorised arrivals in the 5 years before the Rudd Labor Government was elected.” “This is now the 62nd boat to arrive since Labor softened our border protection system in August last year, bringing the number of arrivals in that period to over 2700,” Mr Keenan said.

    • Colin, You may have also heard that Rudd and his human services minister Chris Bowen are starting a "National Database" with 'virtual' national identity cards. What sort of data will they be collecting? Who will have access to this data? Why are they being so quiet? It can't be for the benefit of Australians. They can't possibly say that it is a national security issue because if they cared about national security then they would stop the 2700 illegal immigrants from setting foot onto Australian soil and bring back mandatory sentencing. They are also putting a ban on a selection of websites which they deem to be threatening. The problem is, where does all of theis censorship stop?

  21. Multiculturalism……………How often we hear this word today. I am not against people from other countries or cultures sharing this great country. We would still be eating bully beef and damper every day if we didn't have immigrants who brought some great food ideas with them. as well as other great ideas. I want to have an immigration system where people are allowed to move here, the RIGHT WAY FOR THE RIGHT REASON. The true refugees are still in their country unable to afford the boat come down to "krudd's kountry". I would like to think that Tony Abbott could do something about this mess but I doubt it. We need a Prime Minister who will listen to the majority not the minority and act on what the people want not what he/she thinks we need.

  22. DAVE THE POM says

    Whent over to Warrnamboole sw vic last weekend ,every body spoke english, neat , Lorne seems to have had atouch of the tar brush dumped on them, no public housing there then ,have a look at yank but doesnt loose anything in the translation

  23. DAVE THE POM says

    Hi folks I just feel the need to say something here ,been reading a few comments on this site & want to say that i am not a prude & niether are any of my family , we can all cuss as good as anybody ,Iknow people are angry but im sorry it does not excuse the use of M effer & the C word ,maybe im old fashioned but if you want to appeal to middle australia you need to slow up a bit ,im surprised the mediators allow it .Ive been on the piss at partys & when the C word comes in the women are like ticks leaving a dying dog ,they dont like it .Im not trying to be pro BNP but they edit it out MERRY XMAS TO ALL DAVE

    • You're right, Dave, there is no place for that language on this sight and the administrators should probably omit it.
      I believ this sight is for open ended and intelligent discussion, for the benefit of our great country.
      Well said, mate, and a Merry Christmas to you.

  24. Nicholas Folkes says

    "I think at Parra leagues club you will find out that Philappino ladies are pro christian and speak very good English they do assimilate in to our society well"……..speaking English is good and respecting Christianity is also good but this does not mean these Filipino women will asimilate into Australian society. Assimilation is way more than just speaking English and believing in God. I used to go to Parra Leagues year ago when most of the workers were Australian. Filipinos and other third worlders do stick together and have their own divisive agnedas at play. We should not accept large numbers of migrants esp. the ones from the third world and Muslim countries.

    Many of these workers come in under temporary Visa 457. Once here they accumulate points to gain reisdency then push for 'family reunion' so their family members can come here too. It is a scam! and is helping to send Australia broke. For the short sightedness of cheap wages, these migrants become a negative on the purse of the Australian taxpapers very quickly.

    Australia has reached saturation when it come to racial and cultural diversity. Marmin, many American and Brits had the same attitude as you regarding migrants from very different lands. i.e. they would assimilate into society but this has not been the case. Mexicans are Christians and Chinese speak good English but have they assimilated into being 'American'?

    We need to reduce immigration dramatically to protect the taxpayers of this nation.

  25. Nicholas Folkes says

    "Health Minister TONY ABBOTT has again defended multiculturalism .. saying it’s a good thing .. and the Australian way should not be imposed on other cultures"……….so he supports multiculturalism, what a diappointment. The great white Saviour of the Liberals is not Conservative or pro-Australian at all even though many think so. "it's a good thing", what's good about welfare abuse, what's good about foreign crime, what's good about shootings, stabbings, drug deals etc, what's good about racial, social and economic decline? I suggest he should vacate his nice home on the North Beaches and move to Lakemba for 6 months. What would his feelings about mc be after a dose of reality?

    • You are absolutely right, Nicholas.
      Lakemba is a shining (but horrible) example of what can happen with multiculturalism.
      Tony Abbott wouldnt last more than a week!
      As i have stated before, to have a muslim minority in Lakemba is immigration, when Lakemba becomes muslim town, that is COLONISATION.
      When the Italians all settled in Leichhardt, they didnt create an enclave where Austalians and other Europeans didnt want to go, they created an area visited by 1000's who WANT to go and enjoy what that culure has to offer. This is enrichment
      Tell me, when was the last time you heard someone say, 'went to Lakemba the other night for a fantastic meal, with a wonderful atmosphere, where we enjoyed a fantastic bottle of wine with friends' You wont, because they are alien to us. They dont drink, they dress their women like Post Boxes and they create areas that do not encourage or foster the Australian way of life. This is not enrichment, but regression; an eroding of our Anglo-European culture.
      You are also correct re crime – when was the last time you heard about crime in Leichhardt as opposed to Sth Western Syd? Enough said, Nicholas, some good points, mate.

  26. I think at Parra leagues club you will find out that Philappino ladies are pro christian and speak very good English they do assimilate in to our society well.
    I did meet one of their soldiers who showed me 2 bullet wounds and bayonet wounds from fighting Malaysian muslims before migrating herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre.

  27. Abott will tow the line and welcome those that are not right for this country.
    I admit he would be a much better choice than Dudd, but yes, he is of the old guard and will not want to preserve our Australian character.
    The APP must act (with our help of course!) to preserve our Anglo-European character.
    If we do need immigration because of the declining birthrates and the effect this will have on the economy, then we must make and effort to invite those of Western European descent.
    As i have sad before, the idiots in Canberra insist on inviting those who are completely incompatible with the Australian character and lifestyle(muslims, africans, indians and sri lankans & especially the chinese), ban them and you will preserve our character, invite them in and our character will regress.

    • Oz Patriot – There are many of the above that bring great benefits to our country – where our governments have gone wrong is by not INSISTIMG they adapt to the host country's character. Instead we have fallen to pandering & providing for their cultures over ours! I find the original arrivals fairly grateful – but many of the second generation are full of bitterness and resentment because they don't fit in – they are in conflict with the origins of their parents, and at times their parents values, and their new home, which is secular and progressive. The Leb youths are a classic example of what I mean. I fear the same will occur with the African arrivals. They are like fish out of water in this environment and they will find resentment not only from whites – but other races too. It's already happening with aboriginals – they can't stand the African blacks.

      • Catty – you are certainly correct in stating that the Europeans were greatful for the chance of a new life. Quite a sensible and decent way of looking at it.
        Immigration can be beneficial when those that are invited integrate and contribute to our civic ideals, values and customs.
        We are not here to house, feed & clothe 3rd worlders and be colonised.
        Its a situation of chalk and cheese with some of them.

        • I disagree to an extent with the people who say "it doesn't matter where they're from as long as they fit in" (that's not targeted at anyone here, just generally speaking), I definitely favour Anglo European immigration over all else. I don't mind a minority of other ethnic groups as I can handle it if I don't see 98% plus white people when walking the streets, but it should stay just that, a distinct minority (which it's becoming less and less of as each year goes by). I think that racial aspect to it is a tricky thing to deal with. Parties like the BNP deny that race has anything to do with it, which in some ways hurts their credibility a bit (let's face it, anyone honest would acknowledge race plays a part), but makes them just that bit more palatable to the wider public. To come out with a race-realist argument puts all the cards on the table I suppose, but I don't think the wider public are ready to hear it that undiluted just yet. I guess the former is playing the game of politics a bit better and probably the way to go for now.

          On European immigration, problem is their birth rates are worse than ours. For every European that comes to Australia they have to be replaced by an immigrant, and there's a fair chance by a Muslim. Not our problem one might say, sure, but looking at the bigger picture, it's no long-term solution.

          • Barry – This is what awaits us if we don't stop our politicans. I would like to hear what you have to say on the subject. As I see it the West (as we know it) will fall within 30-40 years. Given that Indonesia is the largest muslim country on earth, what do you think our chances will be to survive the coming onslaught? Take note on Russia, it's bloody frightening.

            [youtube PliODvEGuxI&feature=player_embedded


          • Yeah, it is frightening. As much as I am against Islam, I think it's important to not forget the root cause, which is 3rd-world immigration and multiculturalism. I find too many conservatives draw the line at Islam. But yeah Islam definitely is the most insidious symptom of it all.

            As for Indonesia, yeah, scary. I remember immediately after the 9/11 attacks seeing footage of Muslims running through the streets in Indonesia shouting "Jihad!" – it's obvious to me they're ready to go any time. Indonesia has a bit of a history, too, of scheming to take Australia.

            Nothing to do with Islam, but I think China is a significant threat too, but that's better left for another discussion I suppose.

    • Oz Patriot, the problem is that Saxons have a birth rate of approx. 1.6 per couple whereas the Islamics have approx. 9 per couple and on top of that we are the only culture who has an extensive abortion regime. In Australia, 80,000 abortions per year. Even the European nations can't supply the number of Saxons we would need because they too have a declining Saxon population and an extensive abortion program. Saxons are declining mate and the only way we can preserve our people is to put a stop to abortion. We simply can't be sustained with our abortion rate in place. It is impossible. You would have more success trying to turn back the tide. Saxon birth rate: 1.6, Islamic birth rate: 9. Simple mathematics mate.

      • I guess the baby bonus wont help us as much as it will help the muslims!
        Not that this goes far, but you know what i mean!

        • I have stated this for years, the lowest breeding race importing the fastest, aggressive races will sign up to their Holocaust, which the white children of today will have to cope with

  28. Darrin Hodges says

    Neither Rudd nor Abbot, neither Liberal or Labor has the interests of Australians at heart.

    • Well Darrin – unless we break the two party system we have in the West the future is bleak – both have the same policies when it comes to mass immigration. The only difference is that the Liberal Party brings them in at a slower pace.

  29. The article listed above "Australians will not find salvation in Tony Abbott". What, do you think we will find salvation in Kevin Rudd? I'm no expert on politics but is it really possible that anyone could do worse than Rudd? He's not for the worker, he's not for small business, he's not for industry, he's not for the family even though he claims he's everything to everyone. I don't even think Kevin knows who he's for. He's a bit like the QLD premier in as much as he loves to don the hard hat for a photo snap and then he's off on a plane to some exotic location. I don't think it would be possible for Abbott to do any worse. He's not a PM with a love for Australia.

    • The last PM that had any real love for this country was probably Bob Menzies – Howard a close second . The rest are in it for the perks and global contacts they can garner while in office. Tony Abbott is a deep thinker – he MAY become more in the way of substance over time – especially on important issues like the direction that this country is taking under Rudd & his ex-union hacks. Only time will tell……

      As a previous poster on this site said: If the APP is to have any chance of becoming a credible force on the political stage they must AVOID being a one issue party and make the party multi-racial….not to be confused with multi-cultural. Just remember, renegade pollie Bob Katter is a decendant of Afghan camel drivers that came to Oz in the 1850's. These people can be more loyal than WASP's.

  30. The above words are from John Howard very passionately defending Ms Hanson. Of course in an election campaign he has his attention focused on winning but the be man enough to come out and say that the media was unfair to her is very courageous and endearing. I think that takes substance, strength of character and integrity to defend a woman who was disendorsed by his own party and given such a tough time by the media. I think this an era gone by.

    • Darrin Hodges says

      Considering that Abbott did what he did with Howard's imprimatur, its a bit rich for him to come out now with crocodile tears.

  31. “Former PM John Howard says media unfair to Hanson” ABC Aug. 5th 2009
    Ms Hanson, elected as the independent MP for the Queensland seat of Oxley in 1996 after the Liberals disendorsed her as their candidate for her views on race and immigration, was “misunderstood” by the media.
    “I think the media trivialised and therefore did a disservice to our long-term national interest in suggesting that Pauline Hanson was all about racism and nothing else,” he said.
    “Sure, there were some remarks she made that were quite objectionable, especially her suggestion that our country was being flooded with Asians.
    “I think she displayed a misunderstanding of the extent of, as a group, Aboriginal disadvantage in this country.
    “But I think there was a lot more to what was occurring then and I think many in the media failed to understand that she was articulating a sense of dispossession and a sense of being left behind felt by a section of the Australian community, and a sense that the values of this country were being changed without the country being consulted.”

    • "But I think there was a lot more to what was occurring then and I think many in the media failed to understand that she was articulating a sense of dispossession and a sense of being left behind felt by a section of the Australian community, and a sense that the values of this country were being changed without the country being consulted."

      As always, Howard is a very astute politican – the same phenomena is occuring in the UK. Large sections of ordinary Britons feel a sense of dispossesion – changing their country without being consulted. However, under Howard there has been a campaign of bringing in Africans (particulary Sudanese/Somali) and others of the muslim persausion………..again, without consultation. How did we become so weak in not challenging what our PUBLIC SERVANTS were doing right under our noses???

  32. Part 4 (had to break it up – sorry!)
    These Europen migrants had to work their backsides off to pay for English lessons and did their absolute best to become AUSTRALIAN! Besides, these migrants came from countries that were not too disimilar to Britain by way of cultural, traditional and civic customs.
    Whether the do-gooders, apologists and PC mongerers like it or not, this IS an Anglo-European country and should be preserved as such.

    • this IS an Anglo-European country and should be preserved as such.

      At the rate we are going that is fast becoming a fading hope Oz Patriot. This multi-culti program is being fast tracked right throughout the entire West – and if we don't halt what is going on RIGHT NOW, we can kiss Australia (as we know it tut ta) along with the rest of the West. The question we should be asking ourselves is WHO is behind this, and WHY?

      On the subject of Abbott – he will prositute himself like any other politican in order to attain the highest office in the land. But having said that – in the absence of a crebile alternative to Krudd many people will vote for him. I would rather slash my wrists than vote for the Greens, so I would probably vote for Abbott or an Independent if APP isn't up and running by the next election.

  33. Part3__What gets me livid, is the way these new migrants (mainly muslims, africans & sri lankans) are treated with the utmost care and sensitivity. My local club, Parramatta Leagues, is now funding a mainly muslims and philipino 'women's association', by providing language lessons and swimming equipment for better integration into Australian society. I was disgusted and appalled to see that my local leagues club were doing this.__The point i am trying to make is that why are these new migrants, completely incompatible with our way of life (not Christian and not of European descent) get all of this speacial treatment? When the Italians, Greeks and Germans were asked to come here – they were not funded and treated in a special manner

  34. Part 2
    It will be come just like England, where they invite them here in by their 100's of 1000's and then feed, clothe and shelter them in return for citizenship votes.

  35. Abbott will want to be seen doing and saying the the right thing to secure the golden vote.
    If this means pandering to muslims, africans and whoever else they want to open the floodgates to, he will do it.

    • DAVE THE POM says

      Absolutely they are just all self serving tarts , pennie wong gets up my nose big time , she wouldnt know if her arse was on fire , I was down at lake entrance a couple of weeks ago ,islands ,spits & beaches formed by falling sea levels 5k yeaars ago ,scrape marks in the Kimberly from glacier activity ,its all about pandering to big bizz

  36. PP, Barnaby Joyce has had another great episode of speaking his mind, 12/12/09, saying there should be a ban on Chinese government owned investment in Australia. He also hit another great truth that the US could default on its debts, triggering an economic "Armageddon". See today's "Australian" headlines. Get in on the action PP and get behind Barnaby and also get some recognition for yourselves. Keep an eye on this bloke as he's like a loose cannon, you never know when he'll go off. This is 'freedom of speech' at its best. We must support it in our nation as it becomes more rare. It's not far right or extreme, it's just common sense. As he said, the extremists are in Copenhagen.

  37. PP, hold the government to account, not the opposition. Have one clear message and promote it relentlessly. Concentrate your resources to get one MP or senator in parliament and that will give the recognition you need to go further the next time. Attempt to have a representative in all three levels of government, local, state and federal. Just concentrate on one now though. It’s very positive that you give credit to some MP’s and senators when they speak out. Get your megaphone and praise their courage to speak out and see if you can also get some free publicity from supporting them on particular issues. Barnaby Joyce, Kevin Andrews, Cory Bernadi and Nick Minchin would be good to follow. Find some in state government also to praise and criticize. Hit hard on state government debt, especially QLD and NSW. Doing a fantastic job PP.

  38. In my opinion, Abbott is simply using political strategy in his approach. He is attempting not to become discredited by the media by saying things which could see him out of politics once and for all. Sure, he could go and say he dislikes ethnic cultures coming into Australia but where will that put him? Just take a look at where Hanson is today. In modern politics, one needs to say things in a way that you get to keep your job while still getting a subtle message out. PP will also need to use some strategy. Get your message out but don't become fodder for the media to discredit you. I think Tony is doing the best he can in a very difficult position. PP, you will likely be in that position one day. The media will try to trap you and you will need to be very diligent in what you say. Not an easy balance. Both Abbott and Barnaby Joyce are very good at it.

    • Christopher says

      I'm afraid that strategy of appeasement and self-censorship is not what people are awaiting. For much too long political correctness compromised our rights to call things as they are. I think that sweeping victory at next election in Europe, US or in Australia will get candidate who will show courage to speak his mind.

      • I know what you are saying Christopher and you hit the nail on the head. I wouldn't call Abbott politically correct though. Certainly not up until now anyway. I do agree that he must continue to speak the truth first and political strategy second. I just would not like to see the media rip him to pieces like they have done to others. If they set their sights on him then he's gone and he's the only hope we have between the two major parties for Australians to have a leader who will have his say and who has a sense of direction. We need to support people who are courageous enough to speak out.

      • I think that sweeping victory at next election in Europe, US or in Australia will get candidate who will show courage to speak his mind.

        Well – we had one – she was called Pauline Hanson. The next one will have to be more sophisicated than Hanson because the vultures will be circling to tear them to shreds…..just like they did with Nick Griffin on the BBC. Yes, Griffin (to his credit) has tranformed the BNP, but he clearly struggles when put on the spot in shows like this. He should have REFUSED to go on that show unless their was balance on the panel & audience. Like those for immigration and those against. That clearly didn't happen. The whole thing was a stacked lynch mob trying to portray him as a bigotted buffoon. Darrin Hodges should take notes……I saw him on Q&A, and he nearly fell for the same trap. These people have Darrin pegged – and probably watch this site too. Just keepin` it real and telling it the way I see it.

  39. Christopher says

    I have a problem with so call "leaders". In sovereign democratic country there should be less leaders and more representatives. Leaders are attributed mostly to totalitarian regimes like Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, China or North Korea. There was and still is cult of personality of the leaders. In Australia we need only peoples who represent will of majority. They think we are so stupid that we need a leader and big government to take care of our lives. Same apply to political parties. Any party exist because of specific political ideology and policy. Members who identify with this ideology can choose representative whose role is to promote such point of view in political arena. Instead they voting in "leader" who mostly demand obedience to his own agenda very often conflicting with party ideology. That is why as long as we have "leaders" we can't have democracy. Our vote on personality of the leader will always get us closer to totalitarian regime.


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