Bob Brown won’t tolerate a free and open debate about Muslim immigration

Mark Henderson writes

It seems as if the Australian Greens and their leader Bob Brown are now the arbiters of what we can and can’t debate when it comes to public policy in Australia.

Opposition backbench MP and former immigration minister Kevin Andrews make this quite reasonable point about the lack of integration of Muslim communities:

“To have a concentration of one ethnic or one particular group that remains in an enclave for a long period of time is not good,” the Liberal backbencher told Macquarie Radio Network today.

“You should be able to talk about it … it’s ridiculous if you can’t talk about any subject,” he said.

“When a subject becomes politically incorrect to talk about, then it ends up with a backlash.”

The reaction from the Greens leader is so predictable:

“We are seeing a far right, pretty disgusting point of view.”

But as Greg Sheridan points out in The Australian today, there are issues regarding Muslim immigration:

“It is extremely difficult to talk honestly about Muslim immigration. All generalisations about it are subject to countless exceptions. Muslims are very different from each other. Most are reasonably successful.

“But a much bigger minority end up with social, political, extremist or other problems resulting from a lack of integration than is the case with any other cohort of immigrants in Western societies. A lack of honest discussion about this results in bad policy.”

The next time you feel the urge to engage in a public policy debate, check with Comrade Bob if it is okay first.


  1. The River Styx says

    Anyhow, Bob Brown has gone now. Where now the Greens?

  2. mad-aussie says

    Bob Brown, the Greens and the Labor Party should all be charged with treason for helping to destroy our Aussie way of life.

  3. geronimo says

    It is appalling that we have a system whereby our government acts contrary to the wishes of it's people.

    I felt Ron Paul's speech at CPAC in 2011 was something everyone should hear and governments (as they currently stand) should witness:

  4. How have the Greens got so much power? They are a totally pathetic excuse for a party. And let's not forget their 'fuhrer' Bob Brown, an absolute traitor to our country by everything he stands for. Maybe we can introduce islam law for one day, let them have their way with good old Bob and then go back fighting our way to get rid of islam and third world immigrants to protect what is pure and free.

    • The Greens have so much power because they have the current 'Government' by the balls. With them and the independants threatening to withdraw their support if they don't get what the want, the Labor Government has simply become a face for the Greens and independants stupid decisions.

  5. Bob brown and the Greens have had their 15 minutes of fame…back to saving the forests they will go – which is what they do best. We need them in that sense, but letting them out into the main political arena was a big mistake. Bob Katter has had an overwhelming response to his newly launched Australia Party and with good reason. No doubt he will eventually reveal the parties stance on immigration and I think it will compliment what is emerging, as an Australian majority of opinion.

  6. The scrap iron was being sold to Japan before the war.

  7. Bob Brown is a dictator like our PM. Who does he think he is, this is suppose to be a free country, why can't we have a debate on the subject of muslims?

  8. Paul Polight says

    Hi, great site and good debate you have going here. I spend a lot of time on a different website called Don't Cop it and they have a good thread going

    I don't want to hijack this great debate, but rather add to it. There are a dozen or more threads there on multiculturalism, racism, Islam, Muslims and so on, all of which threaten our way of life.

    The thing I have learned whilst I hop from blog to blog is that you can soon find the serious ones (like this one) that really cares about the issues and are not just trying to score points for following the crowd with current headlines.

    Bob Brown is a goose and his views on open debate are totally inappropriate, we should be able to discuss any topic, there are no taboos no protected subjects.

    Islam is a poison that will infect our children and kill us all, why shouldn't we talk about ways to fight this evil? We would talk about killing spiders ifbthey suddenly started to threaten our survival, why not these slow, silent and certain death of freedom at the hands of Sharai law???

    Freedom of speech is a right of our species, it transcends politics, Bob Brown, pull your head in and start living for the future and get out of the past!

  9. Sorry I meant to say I love your post Tony, well put mate.

  10. I feel I am discriminated against because I am white and Christian, when will it stop, that we are always at fault. The govt. is really quick to blame Aussies all the time, they never look after us poor buggies struggling here, they have to look good to the rest of the world, which infact do not give a dam about Australia, we are a pin prick on the map to other countries, so all you fat cats start looking after your own backyards, like us Aussies for a change. Stop the bloody boats, we can't afford this any longer.

    • Warung Discussion says

      I think that not only do they have to "keeping up appearances" also that the Govt. is scared of what will happen if they go along with the general population of Australia. They quake in their boots at the thought of stirring up Islam.

      Freedom of religion hey?! crap!

      Once we have changed to cleaner alternative fuels then there will be no more need for the middle east oil. I can't wait.

      Just think of it. Oil not needed. Bliss!

      The ramifications of which? the middle east economies go to hell.! Along with islam. To survive they – islam – have only got one chance. Take over!

      Then there is China.

      Why is China building up such a big army? why build Aircraft Carriers?

      We got big problems on the horizon.

      History is repeating itself.

  11. We need another Cronulla style riot here in Australia. Maybe in a predominately Muslim suburb like Lakemba or Auburn. All you need is a few thousand angry White kids and trash the place. I am sick and tired of these bloodsuckers. I cannot tell you how many times a friend of mine has told me that they have been harassed by Muslim men just walking down the street and the cops do nothing about it, it's an absolute joke. We need to show them whose boss!

  12. I wonder what Bob Brown will do when he's being murdered for his homosexuality? Will he come calling for us to help him?

  13. Also the boy misses out twice. He misses out on his dad and now his children. That is the way i feel now. That is why i feel like topping myself as you put it because basically my whole life since i was born has been damaged. What kind of a life is that and to keep it going.

    I have though because i have been strong and they are only part of the problem i have faced. You could say i am very angry about a lot of things so i am in for the fight for justice type mood. I oppose Feminism but not women in general. i love women. I oppose racism and all the ism's. They are a mask for the lie being told.

  14. Yes don't worry, i can say my problems aren't really racial as yet because it hasn't hit in this area but from times gone by, i still know it is there. Discrimination etc etc always seems to revert back to us Australians and has done for a long time now. My interests are more with children and how many fathers are accused of abuse and all sorts of claims just like these racial claims. I know i have done nothing but love my children and did everything i could for them to have a better life then i did as a child.

    I haven't seen them in a year and there is no evidence of anything towrds me just a bitter mum, although, i would never would want my kids to lose her, if that makes sense. She gets away with it hough because of disrimination within the law.

    I am fighting for that as such so have looked for all parties that suit the cause, where i came across this site also. In the end we are all fighting for the same thing freedom and protection. I am sure if The protectionists are fighting for better racial treatment, they would also fight for better family treatment. All the thing we want go hand in hand, also go hand in hand with true equality, not some far left agenda.

  15. People suck up the minority s*** because they say thing like poor little oh thats terrible etc. They can't see they are in fact the ones discriminated against. Look at it like this my mum was an abuser of children, ironically she can not see her grandchildren so she is now being the abused. I try to tell feminists this. One day there boy will meet a girl, she will then keep his children away from him and the mother of the boy will miss out on her grandchild. She once fought to stop his father seeing him and now misses out on her grandchildren for the same stupid thing. Your mention of child abuse, is exact, it is ok for those people to abuse and say the child wouldn't understand but i remember bad things from when i was 3, it has affected me pretty badly. Not only that then, i guess a child wouldn't understand a person taking drugs or a person looking at porn etc. That is how they work, they will always defend the minority no matter what wrong they have committed. In the end even if there were real statistics, they would still be false.

  16. Maybe Felix should join this political movement, since he has ideas.

    • Great post, Sandon! You are right, it is not us who are racists. "Protect" denotes "defend" against some hostile thing or action. I see the main and the most important objective of this movement is de-vilification of the very act of protectionism or protection (or 'defence', best regards to jacka457).
      Why APP does not have 500 members but has thousands of supporters (see site stats)? The reason is that mass media has labeled such movements as neo-Nazi a priori. (It is on my list to write to The Australian and ask on what basis they called BNP neo-Nazi. I sifted through their material and got impression that they are people who cherish memory of those who fought Nazis in WWII?)

    • Continued….
      People must feel that it is not "criminal" or "racist" to talk about threats to our society such as proliferation of sharia law etc..
      The warfare for this country is most of all are "lawfare" and "Publicityfare". So far, it has been used against us by enemies e.g. conviction of Alan Jones
      Felix was not that wrong. The enemies beat us in Court, in responce we talk about it with mates over BBQ . Very poor performance, indeed. Felix is just bitter because it looks like we are losing the war. I would disagree, though.
      I will give you another example in a moment.

    • Continued…
      There is a link to an article on islamist monitor

      Have a look at the picture n8 from the top, where a little child holds a placard calling for extermination of one particular ethnic group of people. Please, disregard, the ethnicity of the protestors and the people who are called to be exterminated. What do you see? Crime 1: child abuse. It is illegal to make 6 years old to involved in any in any promotion of violence. Did any one call child protection services? Crime n 2: Incitement of violence. Anyone called Attorney-General office? Crime 3: rally to support Hamas. It is a crime in Australia to support Hamas – listed terrorist organization. Anyone called police, ASIO, attorney-general, minister for citizenship?
      NO. why? TBC

      • Follow up to the post above regarding

        I have just reported the about the photo of a child holding the placard: Jews did not learn and need another "swastika" to child protection services.

        The responce was: 1. It happened too long ago to do anything. 2. Child has not likely sustained any psychological injury from being made to hold this placard because child is too young to understand. 3. Carrying placards like that is not what we do in a multicultural society. 4. You should call the police.

        No further comment.

    • Continued…
      why no one has called anywhere. Reasons are: if you call police and it becomes known to these people -your car will be torched, house ridden with bullets, face bruised and you are taken to Court for racism after all. If, God forbid, you are not citizen by birth – you'll be stripped off citizenship. If you run your own business – your tax file will be audited. etc. etc. etc.
      These are the same reasons APP has not reached 500 members but has thousands supporters.
      God bless you and good luck with whatever you do to sort this out. My keywords are "lawfare" and "PRfare" – we have to win there first.

  17. In defence, i would kill if my wife, daughter, mum or any woman were raped by anyone. In that case i would apparently break the law. In conclusion, if we can manage to set us on the right track in a sensible way then obviously i would be all for it. However for the moment it just seems with the corruption we face, we will never get a chance, so war is starting to become the only thing left. Ironically going to war is an act of grace. Being a vigilanti, cleaning up criminals is seen a criminallity itself. I however have been in contact with a few people, who have indeed gotten the right track of exposing corruption and taking to court the right people.

  18. Actually Euro, i was being sacastic to Felix, Of course it makes me angry and some evil thought go through good peoples minds but in all it was a sacastic attack on Felix above. He says that us Aussies never stand up and do anything about it, being the past polititian he is i wanted to see his view. Thing is when we do, do something about it we get knocked down for no reason but left wing ideology. We are then classed as the criminal and the real criminal goes free. I don't want to see violence in this country anymore then anybody else. Apparently though it is ok for some imigrant to gang bash other people and to rape our gracious women.

  19. They have some very good tactics, that could help people like myself who were grossly treated as children, in the best interests of children. I imagine those poor womens lives, the look of terror in there eyes while thugs destroy her reputation and then they are still treated as humans. I look at the terror in a mans eyes when 30 thugs bash him. I looked on a website the other day after reading about the Swedish women too scared to walk around with blonde hair. Some of those women are no more then 50 kilo. Imagine a big black african man 80 to 100 kilo also wielding a knife, attacking her, and there isn''t a thing she can do. Time and time again this just keeps happening and our government still wishes to spread the lies through media that we are the racists, thereby discriminating and slandering all us Australians, especially us men and people suck this s*** up like gossip on a midday show. They have abused us all and to this day have not paid for it. It is about time they did in mass.

  20. have a look at and see what is happening to whites over there in Africa, if whites were doing this the mainstream media would be all over this over here! With screams of boycotting and sanctions by the white far left "African Crisis"
    Hear horrible stories of white kids being picked up and swung around and having their heads smashed open on concrete walls in front of their parents. How come krudd isn't bringing these whites out here as refugees? Oh that's right, wrong skin colour.

  21. So what are your ideas, we are all ears since you fought for so many years but i have never heard of you, then what do you propose. Since your ideas have been so great. I guess our ideas are not ideas but attempts for support.

    The only idea that i have seen of any use is Revolution ie Civil war. Our voice is never heard and if it was it would be distorted and reversed to make us out to be the neanderthal raping mohabi bulldust warriors of the desert. Oh and racists of course. Vigilanti Gangs with baseball bats waiting in silence in areas of concern just waiting like those rapists do and then pounce. Attack full force and wipe out those wastes of this great Australian space. As soon as they attack one of our fellow countrypeople, we surprise them with an all out assault, then the victim will stand up for us and we will be heroes, s*** forgot about the media.

    I guess it was us who raped her and some big d*** african and with his pants down and some beheading wife beater and child abusing salami i mean islami came to her rescue.

    We are all ears

    • Sandon. Your will to uphold freedom in this country is admirable. I am afraid, I disagree with you on methods though. It is my opinion that enemies of this country want patriotic movements to become violent vigilante groups to utilise the benefits of victim status. The "job" can be done by a perfectly legal talk, action in the court of law or administrative tribunal, active and followed up opinion polls and lots of awareness rising talks. Look at the Law of this country – everything what is needed to get read of scum with revolting political ideology is there. It just never been enforced. How many criminals of foreign origin were stripped of citizenship and sent back to the s***holes they came from? TBC

    • Continued…
      Look up into Citizenship Act 2007. It says that person must pledge:
      (a)by pledging loyalty to Australia and its people; and
      (b)by sharing their democratic beliefs; and
      (c)by respecting their rights and liberties; and
      (d)by upholding and obeying the laws of Australia.
      So anyone who preached contrary commits an offence as per section 50 of the Act and can be stripped of citizenship under section 34 of the Act. You would have questions then, why people who preach supremacy of their "religios" laws are not punished? What about the "aussie women are like uncovered meat" guy? How many points out of 4 point above he broke -all of them. It takes one case to go through the court to start many and the time is coming. Conclusion: I gave you just one example how the "job" can be done within perfectly legal boundaries.

  22. I tell you what lets start a vigilanty gang, oh s*** they took our guns. Lets approach the bikies for advise and help, tell them to forget there own disagreements, join together, join us and off to war we go. Hey Felix are you going to join us or will you still be one of those bumbling polititians that wants everyone to fight while you rake in the dollars. Oh and you sell the idea to us but hide from us.

  23. All I see is Aussies ranting and raving. When will you do something about it. I was a former treasurer of Australians Against Further Immigration, and a former President of Australia First in NSW. All I got was ranting an raving, back biting, but no action, from people who profess the sames ideas as you an me.

    After 1999, I gave up. I learned that the Australian people are so stupid. They get what they deserve. Please tell me different.


    • Because the far left have become so powerful, lives and careers are ruined. Remember when Aussies fought back against the Lebs in Cronella? And whose faces were splashed across the front pages of the papers with the words 'shame etc' the Lebs for their rapes, bashings, murders, stabbings?
      We are our own worst enemy, read Phillip Adams comments in 'The Australian', this prick has built a profitable career on running down his own race and refuses to acknowledge race hate crimes are being commited against us.
      Thing is, we are a dissapearing race of people, simple as that and we are now outnumbered even here in OZ.

    • Felix, I agree with you that there is a lot of ranting and raving, of which I contribute in no small part. But I would think though that you (having been politically active), as much as anyone, would appreciate how difficult it is for a political party that goes against the grain of the mainstream to have some success in its early stages. Once you've broken through that barrier and have mainstream media access it's a different story. I'd also say I'd imagine that usually in politics, very few people are willing to take on a very active role (at least initially), even less a leadership role. Most people are happy to gripe, and when someone else sets something up and puts in the hard yards all they have to do is go in on election day and tick the right box, they do.

      What do you propose people do, to approach this from a more constructive perspective? I think distributing leaflets in the neighbourhood is something several posters here have taken on..talking to the friend/family circle, being that 'go-to' person for those in those circles who want to talk politics is also something I'm sure most what else is there? Writing letters to local rags, calling in to radio stations? I'm sure that's being done.

      A lot of people are stupid, I'll definitely give you that, but to be fair it's not just Aussies. The fact that they're being manipulated by a particular agenda at the moment, though, says to me it can't be impossible to switch the agenda (I know the word 'manipulated' carries a negative connotation but when people don't feel enough conviction to have a viewpoint of their own, they're going to be manipulated by one side or another). That becoming a reality is some time away though. What I am pretty sure of though, is a nationalist movement will come about sometime – even if it's not soon, it'll happen eventually, through necessity. Whether it's the APP who takes that on or another movement remains to be seen, but for now from most of what I've seen I think the APP is worth getting behind. I hope eventually they become a little more transparent than they are at present, I think people will eventually want to get to know some personalities within the party better, but I'm sure that will come about sometime.

      • People are doing things mate, its not that easy you of all people should know that. I started the ADL and we are growing and now have a lot of active members. I fear that peaceful protest simply won't do a thing. I don't want it to turn into a political party because lets face it peoples trust in their governments is at an all time low.

    • People are doing things mate, its not that easy you of all people should know that. I started the ADL and we are growing and now have a lot of active members. I fear that peaceful protest simply won't do a thing. I don't want it to turn into a political party because lets face it peoples trust in their governments is at an all time low.

    • Hi Felix. First of all, thank you for your effort in the past. Please, do not give up. We are not ranting and raving here. Everyone (almost) is doing some "job" apart from blogging here. Schokadelic is distributing leaflets, Mike is risking his life going around dangerous neighbourhoods and talking to people, rising awareness. I run my bit driving traffic here and rising awareness. Black Knight is doing some great work in identity forum. Join in! And we are not even organised. We do it on our own accord for our own money. Simple steps are: 1. enter 2-3 blogs a day posting some short info and a link to this site. 2. drive people the same way to "evidence support sites": and (has subtle links back to protectionist website works well) 3. donate some money to those sites or look at the ads there- this is an important support. See how you feel about it in a few days- I bet, good.

    • Felix, it's about time you realized that these discussions ARE DOING SOMETHING.

      We are establishing that we are here, we are in a agreement and we are many. By sharing our ideals and views we are creating a voice, and that my friend is doing plenty.

  24. If changes to wages involving pregnancy and maternity leave affected me, i would have also gone broke just by paying a wage for the lady and a wage for an employee to fill her position. In fact both wages would have been more then i made per hour by far. How does that become fair. The system is made to see these small businesses fail. I hope we all go bust and then we will see where the work in this country actually is.

    • Another thing about my grandparents is that my grandmother was entitle to a war veterans gold card but the crap she had to go through with that nearly killed her too. My exes mum was suffering from terminal cancer. Her legs were so bad that she could harly walk needing a walking frame. She was not allowed a disability sign for her car so she could park closer to the shops. She decided to not even bother in the end and my ex looked after her. She wasn't entitle to a carers pension either. My exes mum died a year after asking for this disability sticker. What a joke

      • Another thing that p***es me off is the new government bulls*** is mediation for parents. Pay child support you still pay full tax on the amount you give. Then your taxable income is the same so you have to pay a fee also for mediation. A parenting pension, however is not taxable income so the other parent doesn't pay this fee. Income splitting should be madatory since one income is for 2 people and that would mean child support is also income split. Also since you are providing for other people ie children then it should be split for them too. Ie 2 parents + 2 children is 4 incomes.

        • If a single person earns $20 000 per year and pays $5000 tax that person has $15 000 to spend. If A couple with 2 children, 1 earning $20 000 per year, they pay $5000 tax, that leaves $3750 each and mark my words, a child would most likely cost more then either adult. This extra stress causes families to break down. It also puts them way below the poverty line, which is another discussion for debate. Things are designed to divide us all. Divide and rule. Divide and rule. Divide and rule

  25. None for me, doesn't matter about my food. Then it claims if you aren't eligle for help some other rubbish, appeal or something. I mean, come on, why do ihave to go hungry and be kicked out on the street when i slaved my guts out for years but poor little Aboriginals or Imigrants and whoever else are just given these freeloads when i bet there situation is probably the same if not less. Now that is discrimination. Oh and so much for my white employees. Oh and at a couple times i hired women also. If they were Aboriginal and applied for the job i would have given them a go. My job needed a working with children card so that was my stipulation. Is that classed as discrimination, me asking for that though? Surely not, the government imposed it into law to have one so i guess, if they never had one they couldn't work for me, simple.

  26. Back to my current situation- I went into Centrelink with a young friend who needed to put his form in. I decided i might as well see if i can get any help so i looked on the info board. There were leaflets for Are you an imigrant, Are you an abused mother, Are you pregnant, Are you having difficulty. etc. I thought the difficulty one maybe of use and also one that said, Are you a small business in financial distress. I grab that one as well. The difficulty one was to do with housing and food or something after leaving a violent relationship, from memory. So off to the small business one which i am. Ok my small business is going to be bankrupt, maybe this would bide some time to rebuild. Of course i only get help with wages for employees who are of Aboriginal or Torres strait decendant.

  27. 1. White Australia are racists but Muslims bashing a white child and schools with only 2 white kids are not racist apparently
    2 Our schooling system as we all know must not teach our kids the right way. Which has been another concern not listen to by our so called government.

    At some point we have to really make a stance at this rot and come together as one. I really do think the media are abused, portraying Australians as nearly the worse people in history with all these accusations of racists, sexist, abusers, poor academically, drinkers, child abusers.

    We have been crying out for our chance in higher education and a better schooling system but do we get the chance, NO, it is given to foriegners. I think evryday Australian should look around them and really see if any of this rubbish is true and not listen to media portraying another section of the country, afterall if you are not in that area, how do you really know the truth. Look at all the homeless and elderly that live in pure rotten conditions. My grandfather died in a smelly dump of a nursing home. This man lead his batallion to capture a Japanese camp. Obviously that war wasn't nice to the Japanese or Australians but who started it.

  28. All the media hype erodes our voice in the form of reverse psycology. It happens with every little agenda and it is time we woke up and saw what actually happens. I mean come on, can anyone honestly tell me and all other good dads that all men are abusers but systematically we are seen in that context with all those little reverse psycology ads and other rubbish. It is ironic how a white child was bashed at school by a bunch of Muslims and then in todays paper, It is said a bunch of kids as many as 5000 have racist remarks on facebook about Muslims. Then they degrade ther spelling also. I assume we have 2 messages from this (read between the lines).

  29. I cannot believe what those s***s from Islam4UK are going to do!

  30. Some are brilliant at what they do. There history though is racist. I went to tafe struggled of course with money. Only last year paid the extra income as i had to pay it back. Anyway we had a Sri-Lankan teacher. He was brilliant but one day a couple students didn't turn up. Apparently they had seen an old man run over by a bus. The teacher said they should have turned up, i see this sort of thing everyday in my country. Well, we all stood up and said you aint in your country. Who really is racist?

  31. Government of course not our average people. I myself am facing a terrible time after being ripped off by a multi million dollar company after 8 years of total loyalty. Not only that it is my small business that hired 2 people, they are also affected. I am in deep s*** after working long hours for the past 20 years, building my little business from nothing. That may not be an achievement to many but to me after my abusive childhood because of best interests of the child, i did well. I also wasn't given any help to further my education in a higher field. I also study myself things like viruses and venoms and have this natural instinct for crime seens, picking up little bits of evidence. IE i see into things more then most. Footprints, tampering etc. I was never given the opportunity to better myself as a forensic scientist but other people do, other country people of course. How often do we ring and it is an Indian on the phone. Not discriminating of course but it just seems our jobs keep going overseas.


    Danish police shoot a Somali muslim who broke into the house of the guy who drew those infamous Mohammed cartoons. Bloke had a knife on him and the obvious intent to kill.

    Oh but of course he only represents 0.001% of muslims and the peaceful ones as usual are outraged, so as usual, the only thing we need to be doing is making sure we water down our own culture further so as to make these people feel more welcome in our societies.

    • Good on the police, hope they do it again. I mean, i remmeber a violent armed robber over here a few years ago. He constantly escape prison with garbage trucks etc. Police caught him entering a bus and shot him dead. Conspiracy said, they were sick of him being so violent and escaping so they shot him in the head not the leg as usual. The police maintained it was because he pointed a gun at them or had intent, even if the gun was fake or something like that. Well where there is violent scum abusing us all, i hope they rot in hell.

  33. When the right people get into government, i think Australia should seriously consider better protection ie atomic. More missiles. Robots and computer guided fly machines, everything. Make no mistake we will be the last left of the free world. Encourage our top scientists to invent missiles to guide such bomb back to where they have come. Strategic placement of weapond for launch throughout Australia. We are under armed and we know this. It is ashame but we need it now. We need our new laws changed and corruption gone now so we can help our western allies. I knew we should have just sent a bomb and taken the whole area out. Insane bastards.

  34. I’ll call it winterval when mohammad comes back from the dead and admits to being a pedophile.

  35. We are becoming more like Muslim England all the bloody time. I knew this would f**ken happen. Those bloody Muslims promised never to interfear with our lives if we let them in and they have done everything but. Of course this would never have happened had we politicans with testicles, rather than overweight ones with man-bags.

  36. Did you see this?

    Also, there is an opinion poll at asking re: renaming Christmas into Winterval.
    We are directed by Muslims to call Christmas Winterval to become more "inclusive". I suggest that from now on during the Christmas (I may be allowed to use this word for the last time) we all greet our friends: "Due to demands of Muslim community we wish you a happy Winterval." I will do it this carol at the church and I will send e-mails to all on my list. I urge everyone to follow this particular demand by Muslim community. If someone will not be happy with that – the link to APP site will be provided at the bottom of my e-mails. And, dear friends, Merry Christmas to you no matter what!

    • That is ridiculous. I mean what about the chinese who have been here for years. The idiots probably don't celebrate Christmas anyway. If they want a day then they should call it there own day. If you look at a calendar with world days or your country days, I bet there is mention of all the minority days. Like National Aborigional Day etc. How dare they discriminate and take our Childrens day away. I say out because I am not Christian but i celebrate Christmas. I also say our because it won't be too long before they use that pollitical correct (incorrect) s*** over here

  37. I feel the same way Jack, my grandad fought the Japs against invasion, thank god he is dead. Why did they even bother when it has all been given away anyhow?
    One interesting point someone made on the BNP website; "England should have sued for peace before the last world war, Adolf would never have allowed this to happen to the white race.'
    Points for and against that argument I guess.
    I just don't see why as it was OUR forebearers who made and built this country, why it just should be handed over to the Muslims and Africans who didn't lift a finger, why should THEY inherit it?

    • they shouldn't and won't simple as that mate.

      • rottweiller says

        Have you seen 'Saga's" (she's German) version 'Ode to a dying race" video? Yu can see it on the BNP website, but will have to search through their video archieve, very beautiful and moving.

        • Will find it and watch it mate thanks

        • Rotty – She's actually Swedish. Can't say I like her. She's a neo-Nazi and I stay away from all Nazi trash. I suggest you do the same.

          • Rottweiller says

            I just like the song, that's all. I've heard some of her other work and wasn't impressed, too loud and not really into that kind of music, but in this one video she does shine and belts out the words with a real Celtic sound and the words really do ring true.
            But cheers for the advice.
            BK have you heard what is happening in Sweden? I got shocked when I saw on the BNP website that Sweden is now the gang rape captial of Europe, (Muslim Africans) and Swedish girls are having to resort to dying their hair dark to try and escape detection. They showed one picture of a Swedish girl, 18, her nose was completely smashed flat and her face just a mess. The article went on to say that the AFricans are 'using gross voilence' when they gang rape.
            I know I'm not totally white, although I live my life as one, (I only go dark in the summer) but speaking as one, I must say, we are really pathetic for putting up with this!!
            Have a good week everyone, yr friend mike

  38. Bob Brown is your typical Left wing idiot. Who the hell does he think he is to tell us what we can and cannot do. I will tell you all this now the moment Muslims start arking up i will be out their protesting. You have seen how they behave, how they protest, deceive and lie. Lets not give them the chance to do what they have done to the Netherlands and the UK.

    • The Bob Brown's of this world don't have to live amongst them – I suggest we settle the next batch of muslim refugees next door to Bob – or better still, how about we get the muslims to build their next Islamic school or Mosque in Bob's tranquil neighbourhood! And btw – did anybody ever tell Bob that he would last 5 seconds if muslims ever got the upper hand in this country with Sharia Law. They hang gays Bob!

  39. I've only been to Australia once (about 8 years ago) but everything you say here has echoes in Britain.

    [1] Fake political parties. It costs money to set up parties; however, anyone with a lot of money – by most peoples' standard – can fund a party. Our so-called 'Green Party' is chaired by a silly, lightweight woman with no technical grasp of energy and resources, and no population policy. We have a party called 'UKIP' (United Kingdom Independence Party) supposedly with the policy of elaving the EU, which is well-funded, but of course does nothing. It's purely there to soak up votes hch the BNP could get.
    [2] Local papers controlled by big money – the 'West Australian' sounds like the type of paper which hasn't existed in Britain for years. If you read the BNP site you'll see there is a movement, not incredibly big, telling people not to buy newspapers, and to boycott people who advertise in them. There is a long-term decline here, of course partly fuelled by Internet as an alternative, and partly by economic depression. There are some examples where this works: Liverpool people don't buy the 'Sun' (redtop tabloid Murdoch, I think – aimed at the proles) despite its match to the average Liverpool person, because they had an insulting article about a football disaster years ago.
    [3] I don't know if ABC is a state stooge, like the BBC in Britain; I would guess it is. The BBC has had a policy for years of telling lies about black/ Muslim violent crime in Britain, and also about Jewish frauds. They are extraordinarily shameless about it, possibly a side effect of getting money compulsorily screwed from the citizens. There is quite a movement not to pay the 'licence fee' but I don't know any accurate figures- the BBC obviously will not publish them.
    [4] Rented politicians. Both MPs (Members of Parliament) and MEPs (ditto, but European) over here have had disclosures of expenses fiddles of varying severity; and the main parties are backed by money, much of it foreign or Jewish.
    [5] Anti-free speech laws and officially-tolerated anti-free speech violence exist here, just as I presume they do in Australia. I would guess one reason the APP doesn't have a huge membership is real or potential threats of violence, which the police will not act on. We have a state-funded quango ['Quasi- autonomous non-governmental organisation' – ie tax eating thing nominally but not really independent] the 'Equalities and Human Rights Commission' which does nothing about tens of thousands of obviously racist Jewish, black, Asian, Somali, Pakistan etc etc groups for housing, language, 'culture', translation, advice.
    [6] Lawyers and officials cashing in on, and deliberately distorting, laws, notably the 'asylum laws' – in Britain this is a huge 'industry'. The legal aid system is skewed of course against the native whites.

    I wish you people good luck – and I would hope many people, even those who don't agree with you, would support your right to put your views, have them debated, and so on, without threats and without the blustering garbage of the third rate. And I believe Murdoch – though it may have been froe his time – supported war crimes in Vietnam – why not extradite Murdoch to Vietnam – after all, it's an international world – to stand trial?

  40. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww – flattery will get you everywhere!! lol lol lol

    Euro – In regards to Revisionist, I have been blogging long enough to see the hidden agenda here. The tactics are always the same, they trot out the same tired old conspiracy theories. They play right into the hands of people like Ahmadinejad, who I might add invited people like Revisionist to a Holocaust deniers convention in Tehran. It also bemirches the memory of people like Neda Soltan who died fighting that rat faced weasel. Giving succour to clowns like him make decent people's lives a living hell. Yes, their are decent individual muslims, but currently their pitful voices are being drowned out by hate spewing Imams, Clerics and Islamist leaders hell bent on destroying Western Civilisation and installing Islam as the penultimate religion on this planet. In short: It's the Jihad Stupid………..not the Jews!

    • Agree. Thank you, Lyn. Let's not spend time on Revisionist. He is right in one thing – whatever he says – it is nothing to do with immigration to Australia. We have real work to do here.

      Now, about real work. Dear friends, I would like to propose a discussion thread on where to go from now? (If APP moderator reads this, I have a favour to ask -could we have such thread separated as publication for convinience of the bloggers, please.)

      When I say, where to now, I mean do we all just join APP and do our best promoting APP program? For me, personally, it would mean: "go into enemy territory and do something, we do not know what, with what means and what are the tactical goals but in the end we suppose to win the war." (Sorry for military analogy)


    • continued…
      We need critical apprisal of: What is to be achieved and how?
      Achieved in what time frames?
      Why APP does not have enough members to get registered? Is there a problem of being too exclusive? Is there a problem of a poor PR?
      Is there poor financial support base?
      Is there reluctance to join APP openly?
      How to overcome that?
      (the answers are -YES) I have only scetches of the solutions. The serious discussion is needed urgently.

      This discussion will be vital to APP. It will attract friends and foes alike. We will welcome first ones and we will learn from second ones.

  41. Thank you for your kind and wise words, Lyn. I admire your wisdom. I must admit, I fricked out because nutters with some radical, conspiracy theory type of ideas are the biggest threat to the movement. It wil be them who will get questioned by jornos first of all and public opinion will be formed based on thir crazy ranting. It is a rule of PR – jornos will target those mebers of the movement who are most likely to stuff up the interview. Good interviews do not sell. (remembering you being a nurse, I mean PR as Public Relations, not per rectum examination)
    We can discuss things and convince people to defend this country from the biggest threat ever. But there is no chance to convince someone who 'hates'.

    • Hi euro, that guy is English and he's on the BNP website a lot. I don't know why he went and said what he did about the Jews, please don't go euro, I enjoy reading your comments too!
      It wasn't Jews who hi-jacked those planes and killed my friend Andrew Knox on 9/11 and it wasn't Jews who gang-raped those girls in Sydney.
      It was a Jewish woman though (my first friend's mother) who took me in and gave me love when my own drunken left winged mother didn't want me (along with my white grandparents, hers, so I ignore what people say about them)
      Keep up the good work euro, we need people like you on here.
      All the best Mike

      • mike, Jews were unquestionably behind 9/11. Check it out.

        • Yeah rrrrrrrrright – if that is the case they must also be responsible for London, Madrid, Bali, Mumbai, Beslan, the Moscow Theatre massacre, and Fort Hood, and the beheading of Christian schoolgirls in Indonesia. Gimme a break – take some time out of your busy schedule and watch this:

          The Third Jihad.

          It's people like you that encourage genocide of an entire people. And as much as I dispise the muslim faith and what it turns people into I wouldn't advocate genocide. People like David Irving and David Duke make me sick. Jews and Christians may not universally love one another, but whether we like it or not we share a common bond thu Bibical history. We embrace the Old Testament and share common values…..unlike our muslim 'friends' who are the decendants of the slave woman, Hagar the Eyptian, who bore a son to Abraham. God forwarned that this boy would settle in the East and rule through the sword. Nothing has changed – Mohammmed merely carried on where Hagar's son left off.

        • I've heard those tapes the flight attendents made after the hi-jackings, stop your rubbish please. Why are you doing this?
          I doubt if any Msulim would carry out an attack like that ordered by Jews, it's just too ridiculous to debate this anymore.
          Perhaps you should come to OZ and talk to those girls in Sydney who were gang-raped and tell them their attackers were Jews?

          • mke seems to be a fake clone of 'mike'.

          • Please, don't touch Mike. Have you missed on your dose of Zyprexa this week? Ask your doctor to do the IM depot. It will ensure you have no perceptual disturbances and restores your insight.

            On another topic. There are persons (probably paid by those in opposition to movements like APP) who deliberately dissiminate radical and incredible ideas around. This is , usually, done to distruct attention and form negative public opinion about the movement.

            Just imagine, how media would grill APP soon: "Some of the people associated with your moveents say this and that…"
            How one replies to that during press conference? -Reply: 'Those people are not us and do not represent our views".
            This is a very weak responce, which attracts another question: "But obviously, looking at your discussion boards, your movement attracts people with radical ideas…"
            Such Press conference will be a massacre (especially 12 months before elections).

          • Look again – that's mke, not mike. MKE not MIKE.

          • mke has same IP as mike. Must of typed his name wrong when making a comment.

            End of story 🙂

      • my white grandparents bought me up i didn't mean it to sound like they agreed with her, I miss them everyday, not a day goes by when I don't wish I could have them back just for 5 minutes to tell them how much they meant to me, I always felt safe when I was with them. Nan was from Scotland. It was my dark-skinned grandparents who didn't bother with me after my father left.

  42. 4. For the benefit of others. The old wisdom says: "Turning away from your natural allies is the road to defeat" Jews are natural allies of APP like movements. Firstly. even though some small number of orthodox Jews have some similarities with Muslims- they do not have agenda to conquer the world and convert or kill. They will be always in small minority.
    Why do you thing the most successful protectionist in Europe – Geert Wilder is so much allied with Israel? And why some right wing groups with anti-Jewish agenda are in a ditch (still)? No mistery there, no global Jewish plot is responsible – those groups just turned away from potencial friends right in the arms of their enemies.

    There are few good guys here on this blog- guys with real protectionist agendas. (hello Black Knight, mike, Lyn, Robert, jaxxen – my respects) But lately there are some schitzos appeared. Also, I have noticed some Liberal PR people working under cover. I do not mind them much though.
    I will see how APP is doing over the next few months- but for now I am out of here. I will not fight along with people like Revisionist -it'd be a road to defeat.

    • Euro – Please don't leave. Internet groups like this NEED people like us to speak out more than ever. It's bad enough that the print press has been hijacked by the socialist left wing PC ghouls. We have to accept that from time to time we are going to get people like Revisionist stalking the boards. It's incumbent of us to refute his message …but only ONCE. I find that if people like Revisionist fail to find fertile ground they generally move on. Also, when people join the board they can clearly see that APP does NOT endorse contributors comments. The APP forum board is a free speech area, and as such we do, from time to time, have to put up with people like Revisionist. Besides, if he gets too heavy with the Jewish conspiracy theory stuff we can always report the abuse to the APP moderators. For now I am willing to IGNORE his long winded anti-semitic rants.

      Hang in there Euro – people like you are valued on this board.

      • Actually Lyn I thought that there was a lot in Revisionist's comment that made sense, though I do draw the line at what I would call conspiracy theories. Revisionist should be given a chance to air his views and have them refuted, if necessary and if possible. The Jews are not like us, they are the original foreigner. They have their own agenda and we should be aware that it may not necessarily coincide with the needs of us Aussies.

        As for Euro, well I do hope he sticks around. He's seems like a top bloke and the APP needs people like him. Things will certainly be less intersting with him gone.

        • Thank you , Black Knight. If I left, I would miss your posts – always steady, well balanced and evidenced.

          As re: Jews. Again, simple rule of strategic political thinking should apply – get closer to natural allies. 'Get closer' does not mean deal with them. Alliance can be in a form of mutual 'non-aggression pact'. We may not like each other, but we do not fight or talk bad about each other.
          I believe that Israel was fighting the war for us for a long time. I appreciate that.

          • Thank you for your kind words, Euro. I must admit I do try. It is nice to be appreciated.

            Well, I wouldn't suggest anyone fight the Jews but I think we should be realistic about them and just act appropriately. We should also not hesitate to call a spade a spade when necessary. Truth is our best ally.

            As for Israel its existence has probably caused more harm than good. Israel is fighting for itself, not us. Its existence in the Middle East is what has awakened the beast of Islam. I feel that if the Palestinian issue could be settled then there would be one less reason for Muslims to fight a jihad against the West.

          • In 1938-39 UK and France were afraid to "upset" Hitler by intervening in annexation of Chechoslovakia and Poland. Did it help?
            Middle East was not awakened by existence of Israel. The awakening happened at the time of first massacres by Mohammed in 6 A.D. Middle East was enabled to wage the conquest in 20th century because of oil-trade derived funding become available. That certainly coinsided with the existence of Israel – very lawful existence, although I am not big expert in international law- I have only general Law degree.

          • continued…

            Those who nurture the idea of pan-Islamic state are interested in Australia for two reasons:
            1. Resources
            2. Land

            Should Israel never exist or all Jews were successfully gassed by Nazis, it would change nothing. Jihad does not need any more reasons than it had in 6th century A.D.

            N.B. Japanese wanted Australia for the same reason.

        • "Actually Lyn I thought that there was a lot in Revisionist's comment that made sense"

          Black Knight – which bits???? ; – )
          From my experience with people like Revisionist (especially if they are intelligent) they always throw in other comments which may have a broad appeal to forum members. But their true agenda is always Jew bashing. Let's see how long Revisionist can last without mentioning the evil Joooooooos!!!

          • The parts of Revisionist's comment with which I tended to agree were: 1) Whites are important, 2) Jews are similar to Muslims, 3) Muslims are important. After that he launched into an attack on Jews and that's where he lost me. But, having said that, not all parts of his attack on Jews are necessarily incorrect. Do you want me to elaborate? My views on the Jews would probably have me labelled "anti-semite" but it is like the word "racist", isn't it? A means of stopping people from making fair and valid criticism.

  43. I'm in England, and have only just found your site. Good luck to you. I favour honest debate especially on contentious issues (e.g. Australians in Vietnam might be an interesting topic).

    Can I be allowed briefly to comment on whites, Jews, and Muslims?

    Briefly – whites are important because of their creative history; almost everything in the modern world was made by whites. There is some sign of this changing; but not much. This of course includes various downsides.

    Jews and Muslims have a very similar outlook, though most people don't seem to know this. They have (1) their own language and alphabet; (2) their own holy books – though the Quran is of course tiny compared with Jewish stuff; (3) tribal outlook – outsiders being goyim and kuffars; (4) explicit hate rules against other groups, including violence and killing; (5) genital mutilation, ritual slaughter of animals, food prohibitions etc.; (6) opposition to contraception; (70 unequal treatment of women.
    The main difference imho is the attitude to conversion; Islam permits this and has hitherto grown hugely. As a side-effect, they have adopted for example Janissaries – kidnapped boys who fought viciously for their masters, and slavery notably in Africa.

    .Therefore Muslims are important because of numbers: Indonesia, much of Nigeria, the whole of north Africa, Egypt, Sudan have populations increasing as fast as human popualtions ever have. This is the result of western medicine and food and technology – without these their death rate would be huge and of course this may happen in future. There's an oil issue – but imho this could have been taken care of militarily; in fact, it's odd that it hasn't been.

    Thirdly, Jews are important not through creativity or numbers, but mostly through fraud, violence and corruption. The Nobel Prize argument is defective because many of these prizes are phoney (I don't have space to go into this here). In the 20th century to the present; the continuance of the first World War until much of Europe collapsed, mass murder in the USSR, the mythology of the second World War, the myth of the 'Holocaust', and many other events including 9/11 and many large-scale frauds were all Jewish or 'Zionist'. The cornering of the USSR's assets by Jews before it 'fell', and the condition of south Africa, with mineral wealth as far as I know in Jewish hands, while both blacks and whites are left to flounder, both show the same pattern. The media issue is fairly well-known, of course. The immigration issue is less well known – Kevin MacDonald is the leading proponent that I know of. To this day, charities in the UK which are Jewish-specific exceed black, Asian, Bengali, Sudanese etc etc etc other racist charities.

    We therefore have a three-cornered fight. So far Muslims and Jews have allied against whites. There are signs this may be changing (e.g. Melanie Phillips in Britain believes herself Jewish and writes against 'Londonistan'). There are possible alliances, maybe temporary, against Muslims – there's a lot of anti-Muslim propaganda,including in the US Jews dressed up as Muslims pretending they are Jihadists. There are a few websites (e.g. Radio Islam) which regard Jews as the common enemy.

    There are local things – such as the presence of Israel, planted in Arab territory. There are also plenty of jokers in the pack: can I mention (1) Jews aren't Jews at all, but the product of conversions of Khazars; their naturla home therefore seems to be somewhere in the Caspian Sea area, nowhere near Israel. (2) The paper money issue may become more well-known; there may be a movement to nationalise money supply, to save huge interest payments. (3) Nuclear weapons may be a phoney – this is a new line of thought to me, but check on Youtube for clear evidence that early newsreels of atom tests are faked. This would shift the balance to 'conventional' weapons.

    Please don't be naive about all this! To plan a strategy needs a clear view of what's been happening.

    • 1. Just for your info. Being native of the area of Khazars (I have a Don cossack ancestry), I know "a bit' about the topic via studies and verbal traditions in the family. I can tell you that you need to check your facts.
      Khazar's khan invited representatives of three main religions somewhere around 10 AD, and choose Judaism. If you claim that Jews were product of conversion of Khazars – who converted them. During the building of Volga-Don canal, the capital of Khazars was deliberately flooded – my grandpa worked there then.

      2. Jewish-Muslim alliance? ???
      3. You say Holocost never happened? 6 million people burned in the chimneys? Not holocost? Are you saying that my uncles and grandfathers lied to me when they told me about concentration camps they liberated while fighting the Nazis? Revise better- revisionist.


    • Revisionist obviously follows the David Irving line – pity really. He seems a rather intelligent bloke. Revisionist – you need to take a good hard look how Hitler & the Mufti of Jerusalem worked together in annilating the Jews. The pact was that Hitler would take 'care' of them in Europe and the Muslims would take care of them in the Middle East. Also Hitler incorporated a middle eastern unit in his miltiary.

      As far as I am concerned we face the same enemy – ISLAM and it's growing hordes!

    • You say a lot of interesting things, Resistence, that I would in part agree but you start to lose me when you say that the Holocaust was a myth. I don't think it is a good idea to blame the Jews for all the problems in the world. Others have had a hand in it too.

      As for Melanie Phillips I wouldn't trust her. I have read her book Londonistan which is excellent and should be read by everyone here but I did think that it did contain a couple of conceptual errors. The problem with Phillips is that she only became allerted to the dangers of Islam when she noticed that her beloved Israel was being attacked by fellow Britons.

      The bottom line is YOU CAN'T TRUST THE JEWS but on the ground it is Muslims that are the bigger danger. They are the ones who are increasng in numbers in the West and who are seeking to impose their hegemony upon us.

      Hope to hear from you again.

    • [ONE] @ euro —
      1. The Khazar conversion happened after Islam had been invented; not '10 AD'. I can't be bothered to look up the date: 700 AD or so. The conversion was top down: it was the trend at the time to have a state religion and as you correctly state the Khan had a sort of 'beauty contest' and chose Judaism. The details are vague. I'd guess a few literary minded Khazars were selected to be 'rabbis'. If there was a city, it probably was much later as the Khazars were nomads originally.
      2. Yes, Jewish-Muslim alliance. Jews have pushed the immigration line, partly so they didn't feel like an exposed minority. It sounds an insane policy, and only their intense self-absorption can have led them to it. In the USA it was a Jewish-Catholic alliance. Jews pushed it, Muslims invaded.
      3. The holocaust is a fraud and was made up as a propaganda effort mainly by the USSR. The allies went along with it – mainly because they are, as now, cowardly sh*ts. I've known this so long I forget there are people unaware of it. Check it out. Concentration camps existed, and in fact were the safest places to be until the end of the war when Germany was collapsing. It has **nothing to do** with immigration into Australia. Don't get sidetracked.

      [TWP] @ Lyn
      The stuff about the Mufti is true, but only of the most marginal importance. Zionist Jews colluded with Hitler to get out of Germany. And so on. Again, it's got **nothing to do** with immigartion into Australia. Don't get sidetracked. Look on youtube, 'rerevisionist' has put up videos of Irving talking, just a few weeks ago. Absorbing talk lasting over an hour.

      [THREE] Black Knight –
      Thanks for saying nice things. I repeat the holocaust, certainly as popularly presented, is a myth. There may have been and probably were machine gunnings on the eastern front. But compared with Jewsih mass murder activity in the USSR it's a small matter. You say Muslims are a bigger danger; but Jewish activity (inlcuding 9/11 – don't know if you've checked that out) has so far been far more devastating than Islam.

      [FOUR] @ Euro and Lyn
      A political party isn't an educational group. You must have millions of Aussies who believe the stuff the media feed them. It's therefore difficult to know what's best. The comment above on three-cornered fight is so that you yourself see what's going on. The effort of teaching millions of people in the teeth of lies is something else, and of course all your political parties have lied to you, just as the British and European ones have. It's irritating because a few TV programmes could clear up the issues in a week or two.

  44. dave the pom says

    Some good reading above , I live in a very multi culti street ,viet, chinese macedonian etc etc , all battlers, none of them mix or associate with the muzzies , they know what they are about .Where im going with this is a very broad spectrum of people would support a party that would promote some protection from the inevitable . We need to get this site out there ( a bumper sticker around here would attract a bricking very quickly) What about www. protectionist. net . stickers on a few traffick light poles ,particularly in the less enriched areas ,while we are still in the majority .On an identity forum I read a question , where are the australians?? take a walk on any major st in any major city & you will see where they are not dave

    • The BNP has a similar attitude. Long established immigrants may well support the BNP. The point is, the earlier arrivals find the country in its best shape. The more that come in, the worse it gets. So there must come a point where nobody wants more – and in between, there's a point where everyone can see what's happening. I don't the voting situation in Australia, though. In the UK the deliberate policy is to hand out votes like confetti, which is why many people believe immigration was to get votes for the Labur Party here. Another theory is the cheap labour idea – but it's only cheap if employers offload all the extra costs onto the taxpayer. Another theory is the traffickers' profit idea – traffickers make money which people ar willing to pay to get the extra assets of the destination country – traffickers make money at the expense of the host country, in other words. And another theory is the idea that landlords, people owning a fair amount of housing, make money, assming the incomers get 'benefits'. It needs some sort of rational analysis – spreadsheet? Set theory/ Venn diagrams? Accounting profit and loss? — Ther must be some way to present these theories!

  45. Can we get some new videos up please? How about poaching some of the BNP website (the true face of Multiculturalism would be good) or how about some high profile anti-white racist attack, there's at least one happening every day here in Perth, sadly mostly by Abos and this party did state after all, that it was here to represent Australians of European descent, which there is not ONE organisation in this country that does so, although it seems every other bloody race is represented…and paid by us through our taxes, that's what makes me so sick.

  46. As a white person I have to agree with Black Knight – most successful whites are too self absorbed to have children…and if they do, it is to acquire the 'pigeon pair', but no more. Worse still, affluent women are putting off having children until their late thirties and early forties only to find out they can't have them. Little do they realise that their eggs are 40 years old too! Eggs start to deteriorate from the early twenties on. Those whites that are breeding are usually in the lower socio-economic group and even then they are only in it for the money, little realising that the Baby bomus and parental allowance does not pay for the raising of a child to adulthood. It is merely a suppliment, not a regular income stream. We only have ourselves to blame. We are not producing enough, those that we do usually end up having abortions because it is an 'inconvenience'… worst, a lifestyle choice. Meanwhile our muzzie pals are breeding like bunnies………..and using OUR welfare system to brilliant effect to achieve their aims. Maybe we deserve what is coming to us….but will the world be a better place without us? I seriously doubt it.

    • We deserve the society we live in with the governments we elect that's all I can say as far the Muslim and African invasion of Australia goes full steam ahead. As for whites being too lazy to breed, well considering the planet is too overpopulated one would think that a lower breeding race would be welcomed by the likes of Greens Bob Brown, but obviously not.

  47. One of the reasons whites are not breeding anymore is because they can't afford to. Cheap state housing is only given now to Abos and immigrants and with a white couple both having to work to simply keep a roof over one's head, well there you have it. Add to all the extra welfare Abos and immigrants get above whites (which ironically WE pay or in OUR taxes) and you have a race of people funding their own extinction.
    Add to the fact that these other races refuse to practice contraception for religious or cultural practices (or invasion purposes) and of course they breed themselves out of a place to live, therefore along comes a wally like KRudd and an entire country is laid bare for the overbreeders.
    But yes, we are headed for extinction ,simply because we gave into left winged fanatacisim and their failed multicultural experiment with only a whimper instead of a roar.
    We only have ourselves to blame.

    • I don't buy for a minute the line that Whites can't afford to have more children. Whites are some of the wealthiest people in this country and they are also the most self-indulgent. They want to have it all: two cars, overseas trips, huge mansions, the big TV etc. They could afford to have more children but instead they sacrifice children for lifestyle.

      As for Aborigines, well good luck to them. At least they're showing more spirit than white folks.

      • The problem i have seen when giving Aboriginals a public housing home is that they simply do not look after it, people should realize it is not a right to have a public housing home it is a privilege. Now i am not saying it is ONLY Aboriginals trashing homes many whites and other people trash them too but it just seems to be predominantly Aboriginals not looking after them.

        Whites COULD have more kids but that would mean they wouldn't be able to have a plasma screen in multiple rooms or a boat. We want our technological gadgets and we sacrifice having a large family to do so.

        • In a recent article in the West Australian, some kids were working up to seventy hours a week (school included) to finance their tech appetite. I personally have a lot of gadgets but unlike others i am prepared to look around get a few quotes in order to get the cheapest price possible i am also prepared to be patient and wait for prices to go down.

          • I can't say that I have much of a tech habit at all, except for this computer. To me all these gadgets are just more junk that we are filling our lives up with. Many of us are just working for junk. I would rather read a book for an idea or have a conversation with a friend than interact with junk.

        • I am afraid the story of Aboriginals trashing homes is an old one.

    • Yes. The internationalist view was set out by e.g. Bertrand Russell in 1948 Reith Lectures. His idea was there should be competition between states, but there should be a monopoly of armed force. In this way there could be no wars; but also competition should still remain, so there could be a Darwinian-ish evolution so that superior ways of life could emerge.

      I don't think anyone predicted the effect of cheap travel. It's not just that politicians opened up borders; there had to be cheap travel, too. For most of human history, people had great difficulty moving far; this of course must be how races differentiated. Now millions of people assume they can move – on new roads, or from airports or ferries – and that's another factor.

  48. Part 2
    Mugabe is an outright racist dog when it comes to whites. Never mind that they were the engine room of the Zimbabwean economy. Ever since the flight of whites the entire country has sunk into a hellhole. South Africa is following suit. So, if they think by ridding the planet of whites is going to solve their problems they can think again. Once we are no longer they will turn on each other. Maybe it's for the best……….the planet is f*cked anyway. I give it 200 years at the most. We are heading for a animal & plant extinction rate not witnessed since the Dinosaur period. All that will be left is for humanity to turn on each other for survival.

    • i expect this defeatism will turn out to not apply – though none of us will ever know, of course. Maybe it's just another anti-white stratagem? All that's needed is some better policy on energy, and population control and things could be as good as they are ever likely to be. If people who wrote about doom really believed what they say, there'd be no point writing it, said Joan obinson (economist) in the 1960s. Bear in mind how much power the media have to shape peoples' beliefs….

  49. Then again, there is no excuse for voting for someone like Kevin Rudd in the first place so Australia has only itslef to blame.
    From titans to suicidal lemmings indeed! One thing we CANNOT blame the Muslims for, they have been completley honest with their intentions, from clerics preaching hatred towards us, to the gangs who have made our lives such misery, they have stated in words and actions that they consider us infidels to be wiped out and with Australia's racial vilification laws not protecting whites and the media blaming us for every concieved wrong on the planet (as the Jews were blamed by the controlled media in Europe before the war) we are now facing a Holocaust never imagined by our grandparents.

    • Mike.

      You can't blame Kevin Rudd for all the faults in Australia today. He has not yet been in power two years. When it comes to blaming those responsible for the present state that Australia is in, try these guys: Howard, Keating, Hawke, Fraser, Gough, Holt.

      • I'm not blaming Rudd for ALL the faults in Oz and I've never said that, although I'v enoticed you always seem to defend him, however one cannot deny that during his short two years he has flooded this country rapidly, that psycho he's elected as immigration minister never comes under flak either…even when Rudd admited 'He doesn't know what Chris Evans does." Hmmm, a prime minister who doesn't know what his immigration minister is up to? Gimme a break.

        • Having known Rudd personally I believe that he is a decent man so I am probably sensitive to what I perceive to be unfair criticisms of him. I know that he has increased the immigration numbers but in two years one could hardly say that he has flooded the country. The country is already flooded and that was done by his predecessors. Where have you been for the last ten or twenty years? And that's not a rhetorical question. Perhaps you are just too young to remember what it was like back then.

          • Hi black knight, sorry if I offended you, but I can only go on by what has happened to Perth in the last two years under a Rudd federal government, but as I have stated before I hold Howard responsible too, both labour and liberal are as bad as one another thats why I'm on this site.
            As for my hating Rudd, I never liked him even before he became leader of Labour, just something I don't trust about the guy. I never even thought he'd become leader and ws dismayed when he did.

  50. O knew someone killed in the 9/11 attacks, his name was Andrew Knox, an Australian engineer I believe. I also saw the many scenes of Muslims celebrating at the images of the jumpers, Andrew's last words from the roof of Tower One was; "I can't breathe anymore' to his flate mate in New York
    The Caucasian race is the lowest breeding race in the world, this has been confirmed by such magainzes as 'Time' and even some left wing journos have even acknowledged this fact. So why oh why, have our 'leaders' deliberately bought in our countries two of the most agressive and rapidly reproducing races into our lands? One can only think it is to wipe us out through sheer racial numbers.

    • It was Malcolm Fraser who first let in large numbers of Muslim Lebanese. Apparently the idea was to develop an ethnic support base like Labor had. Perhaps that half answers your question.

      • I read in the papers it was Paul Keating? Even when ASIO told him not to as they were too unstable. Maybe I got it wrong but I definately remember that segment.

        • Hi Mike.

          I'll stand by what I said about Fraser. As far as I know he brought the Lebanese Muslims here in the wake of the Lebanese war. Perhaps you're thinking of Keating's personal intervention to allow Sheik Hilaly to stay. That being said I have just checked in four books for the source of my information and have been unable to find what I am sure I read. When I locate it I'll let you know.

  51. Unfortunately the white race is heading for extinction. Let's face some harsh realities. We are not breeding, and too many are inter-marrying into other races. Scientists are predicting that the blond gene will be gone within 200 years. There will come a day when the white race will be appreciated for what it bought to humanity. But until then we will be denegrated and hounded by our non white counterparts. They have learned to use the racism card to great effect. Never mind that they are some of the most racist people on this planet. The Rwandan massacres were racism inspired. The Saudi's see themselves as the pure followers of Allah and dislike other muslims – especially Pakistani's and Indonesians. They treat them like dirt when working in the Kingdom.

    • Nicholas Folkes says

      Lyn, the white race is not heading for extinction. We are just being outbreed at the moment but we do have longer life expectancy than others. Even nations like Japan, Singapore and HK have lower birth rates that the West. Sooner or later the welfare state will crumble as tax receipts are not enough to support the third world drongos sucking us dry. Famine is also just around the corner for the thrid world, food production is peaking and popultation growth is outstripping food supply.

      • Yet Krudd keeps bringing them in by the thousands. Forget the boat people – they are visible. What about the ones that fly in and deliberately overstay their visas and declare asylum. They made up 90% of the so called refugee intake. Krudd wants a BIG Australia….never mind that we are flat out supporting the population we have already got. No damned water, no decent infrastructure, or services. Everything is under strain……including our so called Defence Services. It's a pathetic sick joke………pretty soon we won't even be able to support our own food security. Our government & companies, in their infinite wisdom, are allowing the flood of cheap foreign food imports, while we export our best high grade food to overseas markets. Is it any wonder why our kids are growing FATTER by the day?

  52. when African/ Muslims go on another gang raping splurge, the likes of Bob Brown and Phillip Adams should be made to sit with the victim whilst being interviewed, and when, not if, these Africans go on the same kind of car burning rampages of the kind we see in Europe, the likes of Brown and Adams should be forced to go and help the police calm down the situation. They should also be forced to live amongst these people for the exact same period of time they wish to force them upon oursleves and they should be made to use public transport in those heavily multicultural areas to get to work and home safely everyday, Bob will like that, him being a greenie and all.
    If however, they are not prepared to experiance any of the above as that of which they have forced upon us, then they are not fit to hold office nor power as how can one vote for a person who is so willing to change the racial makeup of Australia and never fail through the usage of media to tell us how good it is, if they are not willing to undergo 'the experiment'…this total life-altering regime themselves and prove their point?

  53. Oh, and btw – I forgot the Beslan school massacre – the most hidieous cowardly low down act of all. But then again, what would you expect from the members of this filthy religion. These are the same people that butcher teachers for daring to teach girls,bury women alive for wanting to marry a man of their own choice. Allah's lust for endless blood is indeed insatiable.

    • Dear Lynette. Your posts make so much sense!

      There is an active polling site to express your views –
      You can vote on various topics and also submit your questions for future polls.
      The results of the polls will be sent to politicians and they will be asked to comment on it. Their responses will be published on that site. We can press on for the issues we are concerned about there.

  54. Continued:

    And it is going to get a LOT LOT worse before our pompous, niave, self absorbed politicans and lofty intellectuals (like David Marr & co) realise that the barbarians ARE already at the gate!!!!!
    For those wishing to know what muslims are up to in this country go here:

  55. Continued:

    Our braindead pollies think Islam is some exotic benign misunderstood religion. The fact is Islam is a TOTAL way of life – with NO room for the 'the other'. Their convert or die mantra has not changed in 1400 years when their 'prophet' Mohammad slaughtered & butchered his way across the middle east in building his religion. Islam is a fascist enitity with similar goals to the Nazis. Total domination and subjugation of the human race on this earth.

    Let's catologue some of ' the relgion of peace's' achievements to date:
    Russian theatre massacre
    5,000 year old Ancient Buddha Statues blown up in Afghanistan
    Saudi Schoolgirls prevented from leaving their burning dormitory because they weren't wearing face coverings
    Indonesian Christian schoolgirls beheaded
    Christians slaughtered in Sudan/Somalia
    Honour killings across the Muslim world and the West itself
    Acid and Kerosene attacks on muslim women
    Beheadings of Western civilans (like Daniel Pearl)
    Fort Hood Massacre.
    The list is never ending…….

  56. Continued:

    The reason why muslims refuse to integrate into mainstream Australia is because they dispise 'the other' (meaning anyone who is non muslim) For the moment they are willing to tolerate the intolerable. Living amongst the Infidel is seen as burden to bear for the sake of Allah.

    Our politicans have willingly imported a Trojan horse into our country. That goes exactly the same for England, Europe, Canada and the USA. Once they become confident that their numbers are sufficient they will attack the very host countries that took them in. Think it won't happen? Europe is set to fall to Islam within 30 years. The same is probably right for all western countries unless we stop the rot. In Europe they are breeding faster than infigenous populations. In England they are concentrating in certain cities, thus pushing out original inhabitants. They are planning to do the same here, in places like Sydney and Melbourne. Over time, left unchallenged they will achieve their goals.

  57. You have NO idea what is coming down the pike for us in regards to Islam – for those that cherish this country, they should get their hands on a book called The Clash of Civilisations by Samuel Huntington. Make no mistake – muslims that live in this country are just biding their time. The fanatical Islamist is willing to kill – the so-called moderate muslim is willing to be patient. aim of the two is exactly the same…..and that is to install Islam as the only religion on this planet. What the average Australian joe doesn't realise is that there are two distinct arms in Islam.
    1. The political arm
    2. The religious arm

    The political arm aims to restore The Caliphate.
    The religious arm aims spread the religion by persausion at first. Then they will use intimidation, threats and ultimately outright violence.

  58. dave the pom says

    How do u know 100% what is true, I read that from one of the aust identity forums .I can tell u about my cousin who works in the taxi industry in Brighton on the south coast in uk ,been very much overun by muzzies openly saying this will all be ours soon ,this is first hand . A taxi driver in northern uk was found dead in the boot of his car ,apparently he was voicing a bit of an opinion on how the industry was being taken over ,no media follow up .If only half of what Tim Priest says is true (why would he make it up), they are agressive, thats the culture they come from ,the average copper would no doubt have been intimedated by some situations they would have found themselves in ,they are law enforcers not S.A.S. & I think this is the only approach these a,holes would understand dave

  59. dave the pom says

    Well by the looks of it ultimately resettled here ,within a couple of months , It boils down to rudd showing hes caring side in India & trying to smooth over the racial bashings that have been going on .From what i have been able to work out it is not anglo or euros doing these assaults ,no descriptions given in the media AGAIN. GOOGLE THE RISE OF MIDDLE EASTERN CRIME IN AUSTRALIA By an ex nsw detective named Tim Priest . SCARY BLOODY STUFF

    • Now, I have read that article by Tim Priest on Middle Eastern crime and accepted it at face value but Mike Carlton, formerly of radio station 2UE, has said that some of the incidents in Priest's article never happened. Altho' Carton's a leftie he may well be right so that article perhaps should be taken with a grain of salt.

  60. Hi Black Night and Dave. Glad to see you here.
    Read the article (link below) re: Aussie kids being bullied for not following Islamic rules at school.

    • That's a pretty frightening story, Euro. I would hate to be that Greek-Aussie kid. That school probably has heaps of Muslims in it. Can you imagine what those Muslim kids are gonna be like in 10 years time? Let's just say that they are not going to be too friendly to us.

      • That is right Black Night. That why we are here. But we must be smart and learn about their tactics. E.g. The bullies claimed that they , actually, were verbally abused by the kid. The assaulted kid is epmpatically denies any verbal assault against Muslim religion. But who is going to believe him? How cunning and sofisticated (probably coached at home) those bullies are.

  61. dave the pom says

    Im sorry I think I get a bit in front of myself & read between my own lines ,a bit new to this commenting capper ,key pad skills are woe full 1 finger 1 hand

  62. dave the pom says

    the rudd govt

  63. dave the pom says

    Is anybody else having trouble with the new format on the BNP web site ,red writing on blue background ,I just cant read it dave

  64. dave the pom says

    Well i thnk we all knew they would buckle ,a sri lankan diplomat was seen on a news channel saying they are economic & not genuine , one of their spokesmen has previously been deported from Canada for being an illegal & being involved in some kind of agitation ,a globe trotting sponger. Barnaby Joyce had the right idea on ACA the other night ,off the boat now or it sails to colombo in 48 hours, pc Tracy tried to put him in his place ( he seems to have a bit of spine the ol Barnaby , can we get him on ourside).I cant help wondering about the timing of this .rudd the dudds over in India doing a bit of brown nosing to ensure the future of the lucrative education industry ( of the 8 major unis in this country up to 46% of places are taken up by overseas students) . While our kids cant afford the hex fees, China & Indias nouveau riche have no problem ,how many people are aware that when these students pass with flying colours they can apply for residency, then ctizenship & everything that that entails (family reunioun etc) One generation from now all the high end white collar positions will be taken up by asians . Not to mention the dead wood coming in the other door .Good on ya kevin from Queensland u show em how well we embrace your multi culti utopia ,its all just brown nosing on the world stage , this party has to get up & NOW WAKE UP AUSTRALIA dave

  65. I see in the news (yahoo internet) that a Labour MP wants to close the door to immigration from New Zealand and restrict Australian couples to just two children each.
    The article went on to say, 'This would enable Australia to increase it's refugee intake"
    Charming. I can just bet these Muslims practacing polygamy must be rubbing their hands in glee at such statements. Especially the kinds of refugees KRudd and co are bringing into here in Perth, one Sudenese woman on the news recently had 16 children…guess who is paying for their upkeep?
    What did we do to deserve these self loathing, geocidal imbeciles in power?

    • Hi Mike, glad to see you are back. Thank you for the pointing to the article.
      One of the bloggers on that article wrote:
      "proud.muslim88 5 minutes ago Report Abuse
      Hey Amee, Islam will be the future of Australia. Soon we mulims will control the world. Australia will be a muslim country and will follow The Holy Quran's rule. Islam is peace. Islam is Great. Allahuakber.
      Of course, we do not have any threat of Islamisation of this country whatsoever!

      • That's when one puts up THIS WEBSITE'S email on those blogs! lol

        But of course, yes, Islam's the religion of peace and I'm sure those gang rape vicitms in Sydney agree also. Very sad we've been pushed down like this, but we only have ourselves to blame for bowing down to political correctness and that horrible, mis-used and over-used word…'Racsit' (but only if you're white of course)

        • The term "racist" has been used so often and just to shut people up that it no longer has any meaning. As I say, "These days we are all racists". When people say that I am a racist because of my views, I just accept it and tell them that, okay, I am. After we get past that hurdle I then explain Australian nationalism to them. But of course I am not really a racist. I don't put any people down because of their race. If fact many foreign races I admire, it's just that I don't want them ALL here.

    • Nicholas Folkes says

      Yeah mate, genocide alright. We definitely do not need more third world refugees even if they are genuine. These displaced people should go to other muslim and asian countries, we have done enough. Nice to know a Sudanese potato had 16 kids, all on our pay checks. We should put these non performing assets next to the urban white do-gooders and chardonnay set – see how those wankers like it?

    • Mike.

      So, who is this half-witted Labor MP?

  66. dave the pom says

    Dont be so hard on yourself nicholas . What i see is many many thousands of down to earth aussies that are aware but dont know where to look , if they find this site they need to read us as people who are concerned abuot the direction our country is taking .If what they read is bickering & masses of explitives they will just think we are bunch of red necks , let the multi culti libs have theyre say & dont re act if they attack you personaly they just show theselves for what they are . David cameron in the uk (conservitive leader) recently made an appology to the gay community for some thing margaret thatcher said back in the 70s so wooing the gay vote .Dont scare of people who could be on our side . The gay vote is 2.5 % of the population of the uk(ok i can hear it pommie lands full of poofs aint it good we can take the piss ) But they dont like what were up against either .Bob browns sexuality should not be brought into it regards islamification He is just a multi culti lib who just does not live in it and is blinkerd as to what is going on .NIMBY is the phrase NOT IN MY BACK YARD .KEEP .GETTING IT OUT THERE

    • Yes, Dave, you are right. For me Bob Brown's sexuality is neither here nor there; that's his business. For me I don't want no quarrel with Gays and I don't think the APP should either. The APP should decide whether it is going to be a conservative party or a nationalist party. Whether we like it or not Gays are always going to be part of the Australian community and they do vote.

  67. Nicholas Folkes says

    Few typos there, should read "good site but the author is a bit of a wanker"

  68. In regards to the belief that it is two late for us here down under either help by telling more and more people to ‘think’ about what is going to happen to their children, or look up the laws on sucession.

  69. dave the pom says

    Yep dead right true aussie ,giert wilders is a good speaker, apparantly theres a bit of getting their heads together dutch, swedish ,austrian,,french ,uk & i think denmark . To get a bit more say in the eu I heard something the other day , rudd saying something about looking at a south eastasian union modeled on the eu . God help us .I wonder if that would go to referendum. I found this site on bnp jolly glad i did goodnight folks 38 deg on my back verandah in melb today & im abit cream crackered

  70. dave the pom says

    No im not BK but was 6 weeks ago .Got into some pretty heavy dialouge with my brother who lives in a non enriched area on the south coast , he has not got any idea of the levity of it all, he is a totaly PC blinkered NIMBY .The last txt contact i had with him was just after BNP BBC question time .In summary hes last txt to me was griffin is a racsist & if i support his policies then i am too (not that QT was about policy but about avery worried ruling elite doing character assasination) I guess it depends on where your at ,if he lost his job & a gypo colony set up on the paddock next to him & the young blokes were leering his daughter ,pushing drugs etc he would have a different opinion . I think MIKE & IRIS say it all .dave PS im 57 & migrated in 1971 ,thats 38 years & i dearly love this country but uk really worries me at the mo who knows what it could descend into because they will not roll over

  71. iris baker says

    Kevin Rudd will be the ruination of Australia if he keeps going the way he is on immigration, why did'nt he leave the Howard government stance on illegal immigrants, we should also be looking at the kind of legal immigrants we are letting in, I have been to the UK and I was horrified at what I saw on the streets, it seemed as though I could have been anywhere in the middle east , anywhere but the UK, the politcians do not live in any of those areas were they all are, the politicians are so far removed from the reality of it all, so for them its out of sight out of mind and Australia is excactly the same, I fear for my country not so much for me for as a grandmother I am concerned of what kind of a country will we have for my grandchildren and their children, we should all be expressing how we feel to Rudd himself,also there is an American journilist named Ralph Peters get onto his website he says it like it is.

    • Hi Iris and welcome to 'our small but growing family!'
      I'm only in my early 40's and I can see the Holocaust comming our way. But until we stop electing rich bored millionaires who want to play 'leader' (who themselves don't live in these awful Multicultural areas…and if they do, have the money for the security to be able to do so),and vote in REAL Australian people into power, the deliberate extinction of our race will continue unabated.
      As well as the boat invaders, we should be also looking at who Chris Evans is letting in by plane and invitation. Already we are swamped here in Perth with Sudenese, some of them having up to 10-16 children! How the Hell can any Australian couple compete with that? And to think we pay for them to get priority housing etc. We are indeed the suicidal race.

  72. I've ntoiced it too, from kids programmes to advertising, enspoucing the great 'multiculturalsim' experiment. But talk to anyone (as I do) at my age 40, and they hate it, but talk to a young white person -35 and they think that 'diversity is wonderful' as told to me by a young white female working at a takeaway when I asked her how she felt about Muslims and Africans colonizing Perth. Then less than five minutes later a white woman my age, 40, told me how much she and her friends hated it but was resigned to their fate cause no-one represented them.
    Personally, I think it is already too late but one can only try. Don't forget white left winged traitors have been in power for over 30 years and have done irreversable damage already.

    • It is interesting that you do your own surveys, Mike. It is a good way to gauge public opinion.

      Perhaps that white female worker won't like diversity so much after she's been gang-raped by five or six African Muslims on her way home from work. And she'd better not expect any help or sympathy from the Multiculturalists, they'd probably blame her for inciting the rape!

      • Hi and thanks for the comment. Personally I don't blame the young woman, she has been brainwashed by the 'great unwashed' for so many years that she thinks it's normal, just as she would beleive only white people are racist.
        As for the gang rapes that will start here, yes that thought crossed my mind, but unfortuneatly these young kids will just have to learn at their own peril until the situation becomes so bad that a party like the APP will become elected. Until then, expect plenty of left wingers to demonise the party. I do hope that the BNP will win one day in England as it will set the standard or similar for western countries to follow

        • True Aussie says

          I think the PVV in Holland is the party that will break the drought first but whichever nationalist party does it will legitimise nationalism in the minds of many who are hesitant to vote for a party such as the BNP.
          I guess more in Australia are aware of the BNP simply because of our strong historical ties with them and the fact that they speak English.
          I have herd that the BNP gets tens of thousands of hits from Aussies and that a large portion of One Nations support cane from British migrants. Does anybody know if the APP is having any luck getting a link to this site on the BNP website?

          • I go on the BNP website a bit and post a message to the Brits over there to tell any of their friends and family living here to check out this site. Also on yahoo sometimes they have a comment section regarding news events. I make the comment that one deserves the society with the leaders we elect and I give this site's address

  73. dave the pom says


  74. dave the pom says

    thanks for that black knight . googled i think it does actually go there .has anybody else picked up on FROM TITANS TO LEMMINGS

  75. dave the pom says

    I know i am probably a bit off topic here but if u find a relevent ,interesting web site then post it & post it again when u see new visitors appearing, education & the truth is the only real weapons we have & can help stop the dark clouds of the PC machine from blinkering us .Its absolutely everywhere ,in dramas ,cooking shows ,media . Jamie oliver has just allowed himself to be used to espouse the wonders of the multi culti experience on the basis his great great grand father was from somalia (no mention of where the other 15/16ths of him comes from ) Funny how all the proponents of this social experiment dont ACTUALLY LIVE IN IT i know he doesnt ,hes been recruited as a pc muppet , sorry puppett. weve got to get it out there before its to late, If any of you feel enclined do post a bit of down under support to the BNP, they really are in the front line at the mo & if britain & europe go under no one will stand in isolation.remember whats only a few hundred ks north of darwin dave

  76. dave the pom says

    Channel 9 news just last week reported serious home invasion in melb ,father repeatadly stabbed , screwdrivers & knives ,wife & 2 kids terrorised ,no discription given of the three perpatrators ,smacks of a bit of media PC to me , B et there would have been photo fits if it had been caucasians .Take a look at www , to see how the media will progressivly dumb us down .Contains an interesting article on global warming & how it is being politisised . visited lovely lakes entrance over melb cup w/end ,raymond island & sanbars all created by falling sea levels 5k or so years ago ,there is nothing new on this planet except the invasion of western society which we are passively suppose to condone & enjoy the enrichment that this will offer us !!!!! well all ive got to say to that is BOL***KS

    • For our readers the actual link is:

      • Nicholas Folkes says

        Good stite but the suthor is a bit of a wanker.
        He said, "Personally I want a party that embraces and works in the best interests of ALL the population of this country by pursuing the policies it believes will achieve that end. The British people are a very fair minded people and this fact (far more than any of the others I shall come to) will commit the BNP permanently to the political wilderness"……………."ALL"….totally impossible as the left and minorities use political correctness to quieten debate. This bloke doesn't understand the link between minorities, Marxism and PC? If the BNP is "committed to the wilderness" who else will represent white Brits? Trevor Philips? The BNP is crucial for British pride and advancement!

    • Nicholas Folkes says

      G'day Dave,

      Typical of the media in protecting the ferals of society. Like you said, "if it had been Caucasians" their profile would be plastered all over the media channels. We know the truth and an increasing number of Aussies are also starting to wake up and realise that multiculturalism has produced nothing but trouble. The only solution is to get involved with APP, become a member and get politically active.

  77. Administator can you take away my angry comments? We shouldn't be having a go at each other and that includes myself. We are after all on this site to stop the genocide comming…well trying to anyway.

    • True Aussie says

      Yes I think some of the arguments occurring on here are not helpful, particularly when there are potential members browsing this site. The Australian Identity forum is the perfect place to vent your steam 🙂

  78. Nicholas Folkes says


    We need you to attend a APP rally against Rudd and his soft stance on border protection. These boat people are not 'genuine refugees' but illegal criminals who have paid other criminals to gain illegal entry into Australia. DEPORT RUDD!

    WHEN: 12.30 – MONDAY, 16TH NOVEMBER 09



    We need to get out onto the streets and reclaim this great country. Come and join us in the resistance against evil PM Rudd.

  79. just seen on yahoo news KRudd wants to expand oz's population to 35 million. What gives him this right and just who is he going to bring into this country? He should be reminded he works for us not the other way around the arrogant s***.
    One would have thought BoB Brown would have been screamng his head off over this…considering the amount of resorces that would use, but I guess he's smacking his lips in anticipation for other reasons.

    • Mike, they will likely be from China and the surrounding Asian region. China has just signed new contracts for gas and resources etc. The problem with Rudd is that there is more to his plan than just trading. Sure, it's great that China buys our resources but it should stay as a simple business transaction. We give them resources and they pay us. Retain mutual respect and keep it as business.

  80. Speaking of ''racist' I'd like to see a permanent section devoted to race hate crimes being comitted against European Australians, we definately do not have a voice here as not one media outlet has the courage to report these crimes. It would give people an outlet to express their anger at the lying media. With enough exposure some pressure could be bought against certain individual outlets that scream about white racism on a daily basis, 'The West Australian' is a classic example of this, especially given the horrific bashing death of Bill Rowe in front of his family on Christams day 2007. The Aboriginal youth got just 4 years and will be out…probably soon.

    • The West Australian. Is that a Murdoch-owned newspaper?

      • No. The major shareholder is Kerry Stokes. Up until a few months ago "The West Australian" was reasonably independent. Then a big power play by Stokes. He took over and immediately sacked the editor-in-chief. beware the power of media owners.

      • No, but Kerry Stokes is chairman…and a PERSONAL friend of…Kevin Rudd!

        • And yes, before he became chairman 'The West' was pretty balanced as far a media goes. But now…EVERY F******g DAY there is an article by some b-grade journalist about 'wicked white racsim' usually against Aboriginies.
          I sent them an e-mail and said their newspaper had turned to s*** and I wouldn't be buying it anymore.

  81. One has to wonder with the Islamification of England and Europe why such 'intelligent' men and women who apparently feel the need to enter politics would allow the same thing here?
    The word 'racist' is just a word and although it is used as a weapon by those too unintelligent to engage in rational conversation, it can only hurt one if one allows it to.

    • Nicholas Folkes says

      Well said Mike. It is just a word "racist" and it is used by those who do not want to engage in rational debate. Bob Brown is a fruitcake, remember all those years ago when he had that Intl. campaign to abolish 'sodomy' laws in Tassie? Bob the Turd would prefer to bypass Australian decision making and instead use an Intl. platform to ridicule us. Did you see that episode on Q&A when Darrin Hodges gave it to Bob the Turd? Darrin rightly pointed out that if Bob were living in Iran he'd be stoned for being a poof yet Bob chooses to mingle with muslims who basically hate him and would put him to death if we we're living under Sharia law.

  82. Guys, read this… . I cannot believe it is true.

    • True Aussie says

      Disturbing reading, I have an enormous amount of respect for Geert Wilders. Currently opinion polls in the Netherlands indicate that he may very well become the next PM. If a western government can get elected on an anti-islamic platform hopefully it can set off a chain reaction.

      I salute you Geert Wilders.

      • Yes, Geert's a hero. You'd have to wonder what kind of life he leads given that he is under 24 hour police protection.

        • 24 hour police protection! Does it mean that people concerned with Islamification must go into "legal undeground"? Legal undeground means that we are not to do anything illegal but have to be underground for own security. How serious is the treat? What guys from APP think? Are they afraid of being waked? Is the danger associated with being a nationalist deters people from joining the APP?__And thank you guys for enlightening discussion. Finally, no one argues and calls people names and no use of offensive language is noted too. (Although, at times I feel like letting the steam out)__In one of the earlier posts on another article Black Night asked: "Shouldn't we be on the same side and not arguing?" [quote may not be precise] – the phrase of historical importance was that.

    • Euro. You bet it's true. Weren't you aware? A good place to keep up to date on the threat of Islam is Australia is going in the same way as Europe, we are just a little further behind, that's all.

      • Thank you, Black Knight. I was not aware it was that bad. What country are we going to leave to our kids? Or, may be we will still leave through what Europe experiences right now? I do not mind people of any ethnicity or religion as long as they are not trying to get our country. Well thought through migration policy is good for any country including Australia. All people are equal and should have equal rights. But how do you class those who engage themselves in a hostile takeover of our country? The evidence of such takeover is so apparent. I have a lot of question to answer to myself. E.g. How to defend ourselves and still preserve the sanctity of human rights?
        Thank you again Black Knight and thank s to you true Aussie as well.

        • I don't know how we defend our interests and still preserve human rights. We've created a permanent demographic problem for ourselves. All we can do is try to limit the damage and to manage it. But if you want my honest opinion, at some point in the future our countries as we know them will be radically transformed. Quite possibly we will see today's nations split into many smaller autonomous regions or even entirely new nations based upon ethnic divisions. This may be the only way to preserve Western civilisation. But before this happens we can probably expect much upheavels, divisions, terrorism, and probably low level violence and civil wars. And we'll see a growing totalitarian police state that may one day see nationalists in charge. But I doubt they'll be our kind of libertarian nationalists. More likely new fascists. Whatever, Western civilisation faces a very bleak future.

        • No, thank you Euro for bringing that article to our attention. I had not read it before. It is good that it was posted on a Christian website. Christians have got to wake up to the fact that Islam is not a turn-the-other-cheek kind of religion. It is a religion of the sword.

          You certainly ask some good questions. Yes, how do we defend ourselves? First thing to do is to throw out the notion of the "sanctity" of human rights. There is nothing sacred about them and some people might have to be deprived of them for the good of the nation.

    • Never forget it was OUR politicans who let them in and the likes of Bob Brown who continue to support them.

  83. Any chance Kevin Andrews or others with his view point want to jump ship and join this party? Or are they just going to whinge about this growing threat and do actually nothing?
    The latter I think, let's face it, the Anglo-race is screwed and it won't be too long now before the cry goes out for us to be done away with totally. I just hope the liked of Bob Brown and ABC's Phillip Adams finally learn what they have done to us as they themselves cower in fear when the hoardes come for them as I don't beleive the invaders will trust those that betrayed their own people anyway

    • I doubt whether Kevin Andrews would jump ship and join the APP. I think that he is better right where he is, in the Liberal party putting his views to his party collegues.

      As for Bob brown and Phillip Adams, they'll be dead by the time Muslims are a real threat to Australia. Unfortunately it will be up to another generation of Australians to confront this menance.

      • Kevin Andrews is a devout Christian so even if he did jump ship, he'd more likely join Family First or the Christian Democratic Party. As for Brown and Adams, you're dead right. (pun intended).

        • You should see the revolting letter Adams personally sent me when I dared to say that black people committed race hate crimes too. His 'editor' passed on my comment and the abusive letter I recieved is just pathetic and would be funny had the fact that he gets to spew out his offensive views on a weekly basis in one of the most widely read newspapers and magazines. Truely a horrible old race nazi

  84. It is a well known fact that Muslims want to create world wide pan-Islamic state. That includes territory of Australia.
    There are few reasons for that:
    First, our natural resourses. They are vital for such pan-Islamic state.
    Secondly, Australia is a soft target because of small pupulation and huge uncontrolled migration. It seems pretty easy to overgrow traditional population with Muslims via migration, enhanced birthrate and conversion of marginalised groups such as psychologically volnurable australians, migrants from Africa and Aborininals (see evidence of it @ )

    Immediate action required:
    1. Stop any migration, except for highly qualified hand picked individuals.
    2. Mandatory deportation of anyone who is premanent resident of Australia and has been convicted of violent crime.
    3. Offer to renounce Australian citizenship deportation in exchange of quashing 3 years sentences to those who are already Australian citizens. In other words, there is an option to be deported without serving in jail for those citizens of foreign origin who got 3 years sentence or less.

    • Muslims should be deported from Australia. Period! Should a few stay here for whatever reason they should be stripped of their Australian citizenship pending deportation. Immigration need not stop entirely, there just needs to be introduced a policy of discrimination.

  85. I lost track of the comments, Mike, so in answer to your question: I have never met Brown, but I was a member of the Greens for a brief while and was asked to manage a region's electoral campaigns. It gave me insights into the Greens and their leadership.

    They are prepared to enforce minority policies on the Australian electoral majority, which is in breech of their charter, which binds them to democratic process. So I resigned.

    I have worked in the service of politicians and have been around politics all my life and you soon learn to read signals that tell you what a given politician represents. In Brown's case, he is most certainly intelligent and articulate, and reasonably knowledgeable; so I know what he must know.

    He knows the game plan of those who call the shots for governments, and he is especially careful to not upset Rupert Murdoch. As a result he gets the best media attention of any politician in Australia. Did you never wonder about that?

    In other words, Bob Brown is a valuable asset to Murdoch and Rockefeller and politically, he cannot be dislodged. He doesn't care about what Muslims think of him, or of his sexual predelictions whatever these might be, because he knows Muslims are no security threat to Australia whatsoever.

    Anyone who understands the facts of Australian politics knows this too.

    Brittain, France, Belguim, Sweden, Demark and Germany, on the other hand, have serious problems with Muslim nationals. This is why I said that the BNP is largely irrelevant to Australia. Moreover, because of BNP preoccupation with migrant prejudice against indigenous British they have fallen into the trap of supporting the very people who created the open immigration policies in the first place; the Zionists.

    To eliminate confusion on this point, it should be understood that there are two kinds of Zionists: religious Jews (almost never ethnic Jews) and Christian Zionists. Brown and Blair are Christian Zionists, as are Rudd and Howard; and in the US, Robertson, Falwell, Graham, Bush, Rice etc.

    Bob Brown is what I would call a pragmatic Zionist, but there is no doubt that he serves their agenda; as do the leaders of Greenpeace, the WWF, etc.

    • Tony.

      You seem to be awefully complacent about Islam. Sure their numbers are small at the moment but they are growing. It is only a matter of time before they commit a terrorist act in Australia in which large numbers are killed.

      Also, it seems like you see Zionists everywhere. I think Bob Brown would be quite surprised to learn that he is a Zionist. Why is he a Zionist?

  86. And yes I agree with u on National sovereigntry, there are too many white media tarts claiming how ashamed they are to be white Australians.

  87. Sigh, there are races we are compatible with and othes we are not. As it has been proven that
    Africans and Muslims have caused worldwide problems in the European countires they have invaded using gross voilence (see the BNP website for the shocking sexual attacks on Scandinavian women) I got bashed very badly just over a year ago by Black Africans in Perth on my way to work and attacked just over a month ago early in the mornng by Pakistanis. Unless one has been through this kind of racism others cannot appreciate the peril our politicans, refugee activists and the media has put us into.
    I just think its sad whites (as I live my life as I look like one) keep attacking each other over this issue.
    As for the Africans, as I lay bleedng on the footpath with two Sudenese standing over me, using my mobile to ring their mates who came and picked them up in a grey BMW, one said gloatenly to me as he climbed into the car; 'This is OUR country now white boy!'
    And no, they didn't ask my racial makeup or background either.

  88. Actually Black Knight, my mother was white and my father NZ Maori if yr trying to make me out to be a racist. I have white skin, but full lips and nose if you want my racial features.
    I was bought up by my white grandparents as my father decided to walk out when I was 7 and my mother turned to drink and became very violent with me.
    Any other questions concerning my racial background?

    • Thank you for your honest answer, Mike. I wonder whether your mixed racial background raises any issues for APP. I tend to believe that diffficult issues like race should be put on the backburner and the concentration put on national sovereignty and economic and social nationalism. Would you agree?

  89. Correction. BNP not BHP. I do apologise.

  90. I have just watched the video posted on BHP website 2.11.09…………..speechless.

  91. Bob Brown is one of those epic fools who believes contrary to all common sense, that we must continue to adhere to the liberal egalitarian dogma that insists that we must NEVER DISCRIMINATE based on race, culture or religion. No matter what the cost may be to this country, Bob insists we continue this madness. No matter that Islam has an appalling track record throughout the world of co-existing peacefully with non-Islamic belief systems. If only he'd grow a brain.

  92. That new video taken of London in today's post of the BNP website should be shown on all our media news outlets and that idiot poof Bob Brown should be made to watch it over and over again until he and his traitor mates get the message

  93. As far as I can gauge, most Aussies have had a gutsful of Muslim diatribe, as reported in the Murdoch media. But does this reflect the reality. I do not know, as I do not live in a southern city.

    But I do understand the politics of divide and rule politics and you guys sound pretty much like a bunch of sound-offs after a few hours down at the local. I have met arrogant one-eyed Muslims, and quiet and tolerant members of the same faith. I have met both types of Christians. I leave it there.

    Once the hate merchants start up I know it is time to walk off, because these are people who have no interest in evidence.

    Have you ever wondered how these Muslims get to Australia? Their retention was approved by Joe Hockey, John Howard, Kevin Rudd, Bob Brown, Kevin Andrews, Julia Gillard, and by the majority of so-called union leaders. And all of these politicians are careful to not offend media owner Rupert Murdoch, who solidly approves the Muslim intake.

    Why? Even during the Victoria fires, the media pounced on absurd claims of Muslim terrorism.

    There are three reasons. The first is that a significant minority of Muslims live in the Middle East, and who are sitting on top of oil and gas. A pretext is needed to eliminate them.

    The second is that the Qoran outlaws usury (Interest); which is how the globalist bankers make and create their money. Islam is a threat to their future wealth.

    The third is that the largest Muslim population of all lives 600 ks from Australia, and it suits the globalists to have Indonesians constantly outraged by what they see as provocative Australian assaults and insults.

    We are being manipulated. They are being manipulated. It is the modern equivilant of Jingoism. The solution is to take back power from the politicians and hand it back to the Australian people. In other words, reinstate genuine democracy.

    No more electing corrupt politicians to do our thinking for us.

    • Nicholas Folkes says


      The multicultural lobby is manipulating us too. I don't know what your point is but Islam is incompatible with Western secular democratic societies. Islam clashes with Jews, Christian, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, poofs and non-believers. Of course there are good muslims, just like there are good nazis. Islam is a dangerous religion on a collison course with us and all the dialogue and ass licking will not get us anywhere. Muslims are also too reliant on welfare which helps them achieve their dream of outbreeding us in our own lands then shackling us in Sharia law.

    • That is what the Australian government do. They move people from other countries into little section so the rest of Australia is not impacted. The rest of Australia still vote for them, meanwhile the affect on the areas is said that the white people ie Australians are racists but gradually, new ares are invaded and then more areas are disturbed. Slowly they move people in and we Australian really are hoodwinked and do not have our say. The minorities are then a vote for government and our votes become less because of this. It is a malicsious way of staying in office while doing as they please. For instance Australia is said to be racist and then disruption in these areas seems to prove that, until another area is impacted.

  94. True Aussie says

    “We are seeing a far right, pretty disgusting point of view.”

    I'd love to know what is so disgusting about wishing to have an open debate about integration in our society Mr Brown.

    Mr Brown obviously does not have the faintest understanding of democracy. The greens and Brown are so consumed with their leftist ideology and political correctness that he openly supports a section of the community which would execute him if it was up to them. It is a disgrace that such an ignorant fool is allowed to sit in the senate.

  95. Bob Brown, its great you’re so tolerant. Problem with Muslims: the sentiment isn’t reciprocated.
    Walk through Lakemba telling everyone you’re gay and see what happens. Muslims are still executing gays TODAY.
    This is a moral code that hasn’t changed in 13 centuries. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Islam Version 2.0

  96. Yes, they should learn to speak 'Australian.' Maybe you should brush up on it, we speak English.

    • I presume he means English with an Australian accent. Language, I believe, is one of the tools us humans use to distinguish friend from foe. Not every kind of English is acceptable in this country.

  97. Maybe Bobby is hoping that if he sticks up for the muslims now then one day when muslims are running the country they'll remember everything Bobby did for them and will return the favour by not executing him for being a homosexual.

    • I think yr right Dan. These gutless. cowardly morons we have been electing over the years know they have stuffed well and truely and with the new 'master race' pouring in and breeding like rabbits know its only a matter of time. But will the Muslims trust those whites that betrayed their own race of people? Not likely!

    • Don't you know that Islam and Muslims are the new cause celebre with the Left. The Australian working class has been abandoned.

  98. Mike
    This is a discussion. We don't have to agree on everything. And no one is ganging up on you.

    And let's get a couple of things straight… and speaking only for myself… I don't mind if we have limited immigration to Australia, providing these people learn to speak Australian, speak only Australian in public and adopt our values and culture. If they do not, then I think they should be shipped back where they come from. I also will not tolerate attempts to convert Australia to Islam.

    A also do not accept burqa or other foreign garments here, because this divides society and inhibits open communication. But unlike you, I do not blame migrants and nor do I hate them per se. And I don't pick on one group. I want all religious people to keep their beliefs to themselves, whether they are Muslim, Christian, Hindu or Judean.

    You say I am anti-Jew, which is a joke considering all orthodox Jews present similar arguments. Are you going to accuse Israel Shamir or Gilad Atzmon, two very famous Jews, of being anti-Jewish? Both are proudly Jewish, but anti-Zionist for the same reasons I am, and any other reasonable human being would be.

    They, like me, reject hate merchants of any kind, and reject anyone who thinks invading and occupying another people is their right.

    Finally, you refer to conspiracy theories. What is more obvious is that you reject any evidence that conflicts with your beliefs. Ask yourself, is Bob Brown simply dead stupid? (no one else seems to think so) or is he acting on some un-Australian agenda? Ask yourself if the other politicians, who are doing the same thing, are also taking orders from other than the Australian people?

    The inescapable conclusion is that a common cause is being subscribed to that does not accord with the Australian people, as Mark Henderson points out above. Our absolute majority opinions have been marginalised in favour of an external agenda. What's more, every other nation is experience the same problem.

    Now, explain to me how this is not a conspiracy of some kind. Tell me David Rockefeller's more recent speeches, supporting the imposition of the New World Order were never uttered. Tell me that also-Zionist Rupert Murdoch's stranglehold on the Australian media, and thence Australian politics, is a coincidence.

    If you want an enemy, look for who gains from what is happening.

    • Yet I saw you make a comment 'on the type of person I am' if that isn't ganging up I don't know. I wasn't even defending Joe Hockey, I merely said that I found KRudd to be a nasty individual before he became the leader of the stupid insane party.
      Anyway I'm not going to bother replying to any more attacks upon myself, I'd rather fight those that wish my race's destruction and put my energies there thank you very much.

    • Black Knight says

      Tony, are you saying that Bob Brown is taking orders from someone? He seems a person of independent mind to me.

  99. I'm no great fan of Greg Sheridan; for the most part he's just a shill for the open borders neo cons, but sometimes he does say something sensible, and he is certainly on the right track here.

  100. He's probably got a Leb boyfriend shacked up somewhere at the taxpayer's expense so what else can we expect from the self-loathing genocidal far left.
    They won't be happy until we are nearly wiped off the face of the planet then they will blame the protectionist's for not 'doing enough' to save them when the muzzies come for them.
    Never forget it was the far left who told our grandparents that 'Japan was of no threat' just before they returned our iron trade with them in the forms of bullets and bayonets to crucify our people on trees and machine-gun our nurses in their backs after being made to wade out into the ocean.
    How idiots like Brown continue to get media coverage is beyond me, still it's nice to know who the real traitors are in our society, like the insane one who writes on this site screaming his hatred for Jews and his 'secret' society that is going to 'save Australia' whilst openly championing the Muslim invasion. True nutcases the lot of them.

    • Mike.

      You say that the far left "told our grandparents that 'Japan was of no threat'". Do you have a source for that? I find that hard to believe as we all know that it was Menzies who wanted to sell scrap iron to Japan despite union protests.

      • Yes I do but as both yu and Tony ryan keep attacking me, I'm not going to answer and would appreciate it if both of you were to leave me out of your comment section.
        We are supposed to be fighting the enemy not each other and this makes me wonder why both of you keep attacking me?

      • The River Styx says

        If you look very closely Black Knight, you will still see signs that are very faded now, but they say "Pig Iron Bob -Out" referring to Bob Menzies. These signs were in the main written by Wharfies who in their wildest imigination would ever want to be recorded in history as being Right Wing to any degree as their legacy. They were a socialist movement, socialist ideals, and probably the first to wake up to the fact of how right wing Menzies was in selling pig iron to Japan so they could then send them back on us in the form of bombs etc., They alerted the nation before war broke out. They knew what they were loading for those ships bound for Japan. It would be a good idea is you do Australian History 101 and don't accept the word of mouth from Grannie, or Grand dad, just go and check it for yourself. Next you'll be telling us that the Eureka Stockade was fought against the Chinese or some other idiotic notion.

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