The asylum seeker issue says a lot about what passes for debate in Rudd’s Australia

Mark Henderson writes

Let me be sure I understand this properly.

The flood of boat people from south Asia continues, with yet another vessel carrying 32 people intercepted by the Navy near Christmas Island this morning.

That makes it the 35th boat to make it to Australian waters this year, carrying almost two thousand people.

Sources have told The Australian newspaper that the boat carrying 78 people now on its way back to Indonesia was deliberately scuttled to force a rescue.

In a previous case five boat people were killed when their boat caught fire and blew up. We have now been told by police that this was indeed what happened, despite the media and left wing politicians mocking people like WA Premier Colin Barnett for making just such claims.

But the Rudd Government’s Foreign Minister Stephen Smith preferred to keep us in the dark on the Afghan boat explosion and he is doing the same again.

Wilson Tuckey speculates on an apparent Australian Federal Police report which says boat people could include terrorists.

He is slammed left, right and centre by politicians, the media and the moral elitists. Here is an ABC Online headline:

Wilson Tuckey rolls out terrorist threat line as asylum-seeker debate turns nasty.

Rudd calls for Tuckey’s pre-selection to be blocked.

The media gang up on the Coalition and rail against its criticism of the Rudd Government, even though it is pretty clear that the easing of border security after the 2007 defeat of the Howard Government is driving the surge in people smuggling. They may be “vile” in Rudd’s words but they are not stupid.

This is what passes for public debate in Australia in 2009. A witch-hunt, a cover-up, McCarthyism and a modern-day Star Chamber.


  1. It is a disgrace that Stephen Smith can't even give Australians a straight answer. I understand the issue of national security but to feed Australians a load of beaurocratic mumble jumble talk is offensive to the intelligence of Australians. He is an immigration minister who is simply a puppet to Rudd and his international controllers. We need another Phillip Ruddock who always delivered a clear and precise message and backed up his policies with action. If he can't give Australians an intelligent response, Stephen Smith should just shut up instead of embarrassing the nation any more than it already is with Rudd.

  2. Rudd's new population growth plan is to bring in 10 million immigrants from China and the Asian region. We need to stop abortion in Australia, currently at 80,000 per year. This will ensure we have enough babies to sustain our economy. Currently the only way our economy can sustain itself with a huge retiring population is to rapidly stop abortion or bring in masses of immigrants. Every state in Australia has now decriminalized abortion except Queensland, which Labor is wanting to change now and if this happens it will mean an even higher abortion rate. We need to stop the Queensland Labor government and petition every other state and federal government to stop this slaughter of our future. The alternative is a huge influx of ethnic immigrants. Many economists believe it is already too late to turn the clock back.

    • I am not sure whether I agree with you or not. I am not sure whether stopping abortion is the way to go. It might just lead to an increase in unwanted children.

      Frankly I don't buy this argument that we've got to increase our population to fund Australia's ageing population. If every couple in Australia had basically two children generation after generation, then that working couple would only have to support their two children and only two grandparents (only two because there is overlap). Economically this should be possible. In fact something would have to be seriously wrong if we couldn't do that. To cope with an ageing population only requires economic adjustment. It certainly doesn't require more people from overseas who only become old eventually.

      • agree with you, black knight

      • I'm not sure but I did read an article in "The Australian" that Rudd wants a population of 35 million by 2050. Apparently it's his "Big Australia" policy.

        • Yes, I think he does. There was no talk of this before the last election, was there? This is another policy which has been foisted upon us, without consultation with the Australian people. God knows where all these extra people are going to come from. Asia I expect.

  3. Nicholas Folkes says


    We need you to attend a APP rally against Rudd and his soft stance on border protection. These boat people are not 'genuine refugees' but illegal criminals who have paid other criminals to gain illegal entry into Australia. DEPORT RUDD!

    WHEN: 12.30 – MONDAY, 16TH NOVEMBER 09



    We need to get out onto the streets and reclaim this great country. Come and join us in the resistance against evil PM Rudd.

    • Can't but wish yuo all the best, incidently don't just go for Rudd, go for that psycho he has as an immigration minister, Chris Evans. He wasn't even born here!
      Rudd was reported in 'The West Australian' as saying the person he admires the most is Chris Evans and when asked why this was his reply;
      "Because I don't know what he does."
      So there you have it, a prime minister who sends billions to corrupt governments in overseas 'aid' and an immigration minister whom he knows 'nothing about.'
      Although I think he just said that to cover his ass.
      We're heading rapidly for the same direction as England and Europe have gone.

      • crashtestdhimmi says

        Hi Mike, 'saw your post on BNP and thought I'd pay a vist,……….Pay attention Guys He's telling you how it is…..and we surely have big trouble coming. Start organizing and reverse the flood NOW, or you WILL end up like us!

  4. The Australian strict emigration system is envied by the Europeans. You all must petition the government to not allow mass immigration.

    • ic1male.

      Greetings fellow Briton! I see you're from Birmingham and a BNP member. Excellent!

      I am sorry to have to tell you but we have Mass Immigration here too. Foreigners are flooding into the country. Chinese and Indians seem to be especially favoured.

      What we don't have is people skipping across our borders like you do in Europe. If people come by boat they are usually intercepted and sent to Christmas Island. After that some of them probably come here, but not all.

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