Loneliness in an age of Multiculturalism

A colleague leaves work because the previous night he drank a bottle of spirits by himself.  A friend tells me that on some weekends she doesn’t talk to a single person.  I occasionally wander around the city at night, the bright lights and bustle of the city all around me, feeling isolated amongst the humanity.

This theme of isolation and loneliness is expressed in How my neighbourhood was lost to the multiculture.  In the article the author talks about the area where he grew up in the sixties, and how he sees that same area now:

“I’m struck by the sense that this place no longer provides my identifiable roots, that now I am simply one of many who happen to live here, with no greater claim to it sentimentally or historically than the next man.”

I see similar sentiments (or the result of such sentiments) everywhere I look in modern society.  I see people searching for more out or life, people wanting a greater sense of connection and involvement.  I see people wandering through life in a malaise, not knowing where they belong or what their purpose in this world is.

Overseas trips are taken; restaurants are visited; the latest fad is taken up with enthusiasm.  They provide short relief from the desire for more meaning and a sense of belonging.

In our modern multicultural society, diversity and a constant need to celebrate differences adds to the isolation that many people feel.  Diversity is given precedence ahead of a sense of community and a sense of belonging.  It replaces a common culture that would otherwise act as a glue that binds us together.

Research carried out by Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam and published in his book Bowling Alone shows that in non-ethnically diverse areas 70-80% of people trust their neighbours a lot.  The figure is 30% in ethnically diverse areas.

It’s hard to see how one can feel part of a community where most people don’t have a lot of trust in each other.

His studies also show that in ethnically diverse areas people give less to charity, they volunteer less, have fewer close friends, and are less happy.

A recent University of Tasmania Study shows that loneliness is increasing in Australia, with one third of Australians in prime of life experiencing loneliness as a serious problem at times.  Our politicians are also aware of the increasing levels of loneliness in our society.  Lindsay Tanner described it by saying ‘There is a loneliness crisis out there.’

What is telling is that out of the 2,500 words that Lindsay Tanner gave on ‘The Loneliness Crisis’, not one of them mentioned diversity or multiculturalism as a factor in loneliness. Yet it seems difficult to see how the crisis of loneliness can be overcome when we are constantly told to take more of the medicine that is making us sick.

Better education and a greater understanding of the of the myriad problems that multiculturalism causes in communities is needed if politicians are going to start seeing multiculturalism as a policy that has cons as well as pros.

I do believe loneliness is a challenge that our society must face.  It’s often hidden and not talked about.  But it’s out there and it’s real.  And we should be looking at all the factors that are contributing to its increase.

source: The Realists.

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  1. Gidday Davo

    Coincidence… I arrived in Oz 1971 too. A cold and shivering refugee from across the ditch. But straight to Darwin I fled, wrapped myself around the first Ironwood tree and settled in.

    After Tracy, the southern bureaucrats invaded, but it was still a great town. Self government in 1978 started the corruption. Paul Everingham and a dozen crooked businessmen turned the NT into a fiefdom for them to plunder, and the way money was passed out to mates was brazen. For a decade I was a public servant in community development, and had to stand by and watch Aborigines turned from great people, into parasites and tossers. Now they are so distant from reality I doubt there is a way back for them. I presented economic enterprise realities and opportunities in my government reports and the Director erased these, thereby eliminating the once chance Aborigines had to become economically self-sufficient. CDEP killed off further initiatives.

    In 1979, by turning power over to the people themselves, I was able to end petrol sniffing, juvenile crime and even adult crime. The local cop threw his weight behind the venture and it was a model community, but formerly as bad as Wadeye. The magistrates and judges pretend it never happened and still pocket TA for useless ‘community courts’. The Intervention was entirely unnecessary and destructive in the long run, but it placed power back in the hands of the Federal Government, which was the true purpose, of course.

    I visit the NT regularly as part of my projects, but it is an alien town now; run by southerners and professional good guys who run around self-consciously calling themselves Territorians; and sucking up the bilge that oozes from the NT News. The politicians on both sides are arrogant, confused, ignorant, and not particularly bright. Some are definitely criminal. Where can it go from there?

    But you are right. Join the Protectionist Party and get every sane and honest Aussie to join you here. it is only a matter of time before we have the numbers to kick the traitors out of government and restore real democracy… government of the people, by the people and for the people.

  2. hi michael m . i also found this site via the bnp .have had a good read & have proceeded to get it out there.via txt to my numerous disillusioned mates around the country . a bit about myself …arrived as migrant from uk oct 1971 on the northern star into melbourne ,stayed around 6 months then headed over to perth for about 2 years .where i got married to a pommie shiela i met in melb then headed north to darwin arriving 6 months before cyclone tracy but ended up living there for the best part of 35 years (noticed darwin connections in these comments ) where i worked as a refrigeration mech .as one gets older the darwin climate can get a bit not for the faint hearted .kids had moved to meib so why not us .OH BOY do i wish i had done a bit more research .we ended up in lalor thomastown area where yes you can feel isolated &lonely .where english is the 5th language u cant order a takeaway over the phone because you wont get what u ordered but they always understand the money side . english educated but i was kicked from pillar to post &relieved of $600 to put my relevent elect, refrig ,licences in place (a drop of frig gas is one of the most toxic substances on the planet} oh well it all adds to someones coffers .cant help wondering how well read the hygene rules are in some places . to sum up it is definately not the aust i came to in 1971 & am saddened for now &where its going as i am for the uk . WILL definately join voting is the only way & will continue to get it out there youse mob do the same cheers dave the pom

  3. I am about to travel down to Canberra late October.
    Then down to Melbourne, maybe Adelaide then up to Sydney. I have not been to these cities for some 30 odd years.
    From the wonderful memories of the capitals in the 1970’s, it sounds like it is going to be a different, depressing, experience.
    My daughter fled Sydney from a well paid accountancy position, and returned to the far north after some 6 months of being a stranger in her own land, and the treatment comments from others on public transport to an attractive blue eyed blond left her feeling as though she wanted to carry an M60 m/g as personal protection. Some sanity returned when she used taxis.
    I may be attending the Neville Bonner ACM meeting in Sydney on the 5 Nov, and I will travel around the burbs to see for myself just how far the nation has sold itself into future catastrophic religious/ethnic conflicts of the rest of the world.
    The demographics of the north is mostly white, and safe, and there would appear to be a wave of the “white flight” from the capitals arriving. Welcome to them.
    Reading the official demographics from DIMA it would appear that OZ still has about 18 million “whiteys” left, most of are whom condemned to an unbelievable silence of truth from media, villifacation if outspoken about the immigration and “refugee” intake, a huge re education effort at all schools to brainwash students and do not even think about writing to your Federal Ministers if you need to find out about Australian Citizen Human Rights when attacked by a refo or immigrant. Try Section 116 of the Autralian Constitution. Apparently it was written to suit all but Muslims, who do their own thing regardless.
    I was a supporter to One Nation, but it was not strong enough to counter the constant attacks from outside, but it would now appear that the APP has a stronger more articulate following, with an improved system of countering Canberra.
    I feel that the latest wave of illegals is now giving a boost to the anti Rudd camp.
    As an example, the latest wave of Tamils is going to be a test of Rudd. Any weakness will open the gates to a wave 500,000 strong, and dissolve the Australian nation people to anarchy. They are watching TV in Colombo as well.
    Remember Pt Arthur? Gun laws? Everything in polatics is planned.
    There should be no surprises.
    Alan Webb
    Mareeba Qld

  4. Michael, you will be a most welcome participant in the war to rescue Australia and freedom. Tell everyone you can about this site and the Australian Protectionist Party.

    I should make it clear, however, just to avoid confusion, that this is not my site and I am just one of the enthusiastic contributers, like the rest of us.

  5. michael monroe says

    Why did it take someone in the BNP to tell me about this site? I’ve never heard of the APP before and neither has anyone I have talked to, although all say they want a political party such as this.
    Some more public exposure would be good. I am prepared to spend my own money promoting the party with envelopes and stamps to be mailed to ‘appropriate areas’ where the Africans and Muslims haven’t invaded yet, but I will need the pamplets.
    I find it ironic the the self loathing white far left who forced this upon us constatnly bleat on how horrible we were to ‘invade’ Australia which belongs to the Aboriginals…then go on to create the biggest successful invasion in human history that will not only wipe out white Australia, but most likely the Aboriginal race as well. AFter all, it’s the country these invaders want.
    But of course none of this will affect Mr Rudd or Mr Turnball and their families. The advantage of being mega-wealthy is that one can jump on a plane like Tony Blair did and escape to another country more accomadating or buy the most secure block in the area.
    They should ALL be forced to live with their families in heavily Multicultural areas like Lambaka and be made to use public transport as punishement for what they have done to us. Traitors the lot of them.

  6. A coup d’etat is the last thing on our minds, Thierry. The reference to military is our discussion with personnel intended for mutual education and understanding; and which has been most productive. But we also remind the military that they are there to defend Aussie families and people; not to guard corrupt and traitorous politicians. Hopefully, this will inhibit many of them from shooting us in the future. In one discussion the men said that if ordered to open fire on Oz civilians they would shoot their officers.

    Nice sentiments, but the reality is our troops are policing foreign civilians to prepare them for the bloodbaths to come. In the UK, soldiers are already being identified as active or passive, the latter being earmarked for roadblock duty. In the US and UK facilities have already been built for initial bodybag storage.

    Our approach to the Australian Rescue is legal, peaceful and democratic and although many international writers at first regarded us as naive amateurs, I think most now take us very seriously. Several prominent Americans believe that our strategy for Australia will be the model to be adopted in the future in the USA.; such an event being necessary evidence to persuade Americans to jettison their outmoded beliefs about democracy and the value of a constitution.

    As to our specific strategies, we only reveal these to members as their integrity is made known to us. I am sure you would feel considerably cheered if you became familiar with these. Joining is easy… just e-mail the coordinator… tonyryan43@gmail.com

    Finally, although the media works hard to convince us we are alone in our despair, in fact our surveys show about 86% of Aussies share most of your thoughts; and very specifically 86% on the multiculturalism issue.

  7. thierry keillor says

    i’ve been quietly following this thread tony. sleepless nights with tears over a ‘dream’ imposed upon us, a dream which is to a great extent a nightmare.

    you talk of disillusioned police officers, you talk equally of the military. my point here is that are we only in a position where a coup de tet can circumvent the diatribe, the political diatribe and ideology that is now being espoused from this minimum 3 term government. and then what after that. so the liberals reunite and become a political force, is it not more of the same? thus is there only one ‘out’ and is that what you are saying when you mention “military”?

    the previous thread of the situation in perth is magnified 10 times over here in sydney. yes, i’ve had to endure in my short stay back in this country similar black african comments and ‘glares’ (that was almost amusing if not for the seriousness of the situation…the moral indignation of this person because i left a door open to allow fresh air into an office…)

    but tony, what can be done, what will be done, what roll back will there be, will this be a fundamental shift from a heinous multicultural policy that we are shackled with now or will sanity prevail and again melting pot alongside quotas and credentials be reintroduced. will there be a complete cessation of foreign students invading the shores only to turn up 2 years later for pr status in passports that will soon allow their whole families (extended) to arrive on these shores. will it allow for a cessation of the government’s incentive package for becoming pregnant, since surely the second greatest concern now is that australian’s who believe in the ethos of australia and who were inculcated in such a way, are now being ‘very rapidly’ bred out of an ideological position.

    i guess tony, is this site at the moment a place where people will ‘talk and die’ amongst the words, or will there be a nationwide agenda that ‘grips’ people to see the horrible outcome that is being imposed.


  8. I suspect Michael’s experience is much more common than the media would have us believe.

    We no longer have a justice system to protect us. The judges and magistrates became a part of this disaster during the 1970s and the police are worse than useless. Defend yourself and you become the perpetrator.

    The only conceivable solution is an organisation to protect Aussies. We have nine related organisations already and a tenth in the pipeline, but these have special functions, primarily to bring information to various sectors of the public. Once these are running independently we will move on a security organisation.

    Hopefully, this will include those disillusioned police officers who joined the force to uphold laws that protect people, not bashers, rapists, paedophiles and politicians.

    We already have considerable support within the military, so there is reason for optimisim.

  9. michael monroe says

    I can well understand about the loneliness that excessive Multiculturalism brings. I don’t like going out anymore, just stay inside because I feel I don’t belong anymore. My area in Perth is all African and Muslim now, arrogant as. It’s only taken them two years to colonise Victoria Park to an unrecognisable hellhole.
    In my street this year two Muslims stabbed each other, one died, last week there was a shooting in a Leb cafe and yesterday a 72 yr old woman was punched, karate chopped at a train station by a Muslim youth, in today’s Sunday Times she described how she thought she was going to be raped and begged for him not to hurt her, the injuries she sustained were terrible. Of course our cowardly custard media tarts refused to call this a race hate crime, as it would had it been a white male attacking an elderly Muslim woman. Of course if that happened the Mossies would have been out in packs bashing whites..even more than they do now. The Australian media should hang its head in shame, no wonder their profession is considered lower than a politican. Lies and lies and more lies. I got bashed 2 yrs ago by Africans on my way to work who told me that ‘This is OUR country now white boy!’
    Charming. Worst mistake Australia ever made taking in these truely incompatible freaks, we got lucky with the Italians and Greeks and some of the Asians, but Muslims, AFricans, nah they’ll destroy us with the help of their white communist anti-white mates like the loathsome ABC journalist Phillip Adams who sent me threatening letters when I challenged him over the fact that black people can commit race hate crimes too. He called me a ‘racist, bigot, a person with limited intelligence who couldn’t read any of his crappy books (notice he was self promoting his rubbish whilst abusing me, despite twice mispelling my name) and a psycho. He also sent me another threatening letter saying he was going to ‘expose’ people like me in one of his nasty books, my name and everything included. And then he goes on to promote himself as one who protects free speech…obviously so long as it doesn’t contradict his insane views. I hope I can win lotto one day, so I can buy the houses surrounding him and immigraiton Minister Chris Evans, then I’d turn over ownership to the most vicious, racist African, Muslim and ethnic groups I could find, let them live the Multicultural dream they have enforced upon us.

  10. There is a way to get rid of Rudd. Join the TRB.

  11. thierry keillor says

    740 to 29…george st count inclusive of 4 blocks. asian, mostly chinese with only 29 westerners. jump a bus and the figures were the same. if it is not asians completely taking over at least 5 metropolitan areas of sydney, plus giving a ‘face’ to so many others then it is muslims and the confrontational manner of their expansive religion taking over others. australian’s now live under siege and from reports i’m hearing are now leaving the ‘multicultural’ haven of herr rudd and his master race quicker than a tabled cockroach inflicted with a bolt of light. saddening

  12. Why are they doing this to our countries? If this is not a rhetorical question…

    It is really very simple. The banking dynasties, archetypally represented by Rothschilds and Rockefellers, regard themselves as the intellectual elite and have conjoined with the old aristocratic families who went underground during the 18th and 19th century European revolutions, and have been working on resuming their rightful place as rulers of the world, since 1944.

    There are many names given to these people and their various network organisations, but you should be familiar with the Aluminarti, the Bilderbergers, the Globalists, and the creators of the New World Order; also known as One World Government.

    Obviously, to achieve their goal, national sovereignty must be dissolved, along with cultural values and the family unit: hence multiculturalism, migrant and refugee intake, erosion of parental rights; plus the divide and rule campaigns of radical feminism, gay rights, demands for open borders, and so on.

    National economies are destroyed with privatisation, deregulation, successive credit bubble bursts, WB/IMF loan defaults, and carbon taxes.
    Excess populations will be eliminated with spurious, toxic and infected vaccines.

    The most complete account of this is a tiny book of only 44 pages, and copies are available through http://www.oziz4oziz.com/ or tonyryan43@gmail.com.

  13. Hi Michael,

    I was referring to the BNP, the only reason I am sad is I see a massive civil unrest before this gets sorted out. BUT, I did actually vote for the BNP as no one else is even considering protecting me and my family.

    I have written to the BNP explaining this, and they stated they are trying to be more mainstream as they understand how much of the population of Not so Great Britain feel.

    I do hope they will be voted for in droves, I am writing letters and emails every day of my life to try and inspire people to act. I’m NOT wasting my time writing to politicians etc as they are a bunch of tossers (Can I say that pls edit if NO).

    I gemuinely hope you Aussies keep your culture, but as they have allowed 2.5 million immigrants in thats how it starts as they breed faster than us. WHY are they doing this to OUR Countries???

  14. Paul Yak – I have several relatives in Europe who I visit regularly, and it’s the same old story everywhere. You mention not wanting the right-wing fascists (can I assume you’re referring to the BNP in the case of the UK?), but it’s at the point with me where I can’t really see any other way out of it. The major parties are full of career politicians with big salaries and fat retirement packages and have no real interest in the average bloke, have already sold their people out big time and continue to do so, and have put nothing on the table in terms of how they claim they can fix things, so what option remains? And the longer this goes on, the more blood is eventually going to be spilled in the streets, when people REALLY start to see how much of themselves they’re losing and turn to the right-wingers in droves, and you’re going to end up with something along the lines of a Kristallnacht. I just think some very tough decisions have to be made, and I hope people come around to this reality sooner rather than later.

  15. The Late Great Brittainrequieste in pache. Amen. May it not happen here, Insha Allah.

    It will if we don’t fight it. Our problem is half of Oz is more interested in the grand finals than in defending their children’s future. ANZACs? Ha. Even our military boys and police believe their job is not to defend the people, but our Government. i wonder what their mothers, sisters, wives and mothers will have to say to them as they force pregnant women to have H1N1 vaccines that will definitely damage theirs and their baby’s health (there is no safe amount of mercury or injected squalene).

    How many Aussies are prepared to take on the government for bringing 2.25 million foreigners into this country in a recent past.

    How many Aussies will stand up and say AGW is bulls*** and we will not destroy 40% of our economy and jobs to stop an increase in plant food… CO2?

    How many will demand tariff restoration, to bring back the 3 million jobs removal caused?

    The farmers are rising up. My guess is that city boys are too busy being gay-friendly in the ruck.

    Those who want to understand the tariff issue, go to

  16. Hi,

    I’m from Britain, but it certainly isn’t great here any more. The streets are overrun with black, asian gangs. There are some white gangs too but I genuinely think the children who are white have to do this as well to protect each other.

    The Muslims the other day demonstrated when an army unit arrived back from Afghanistan, and the police stood by as the Muslims called these lads murderers, scum, shouting bomb the UK, bring in Sharia laws etc. What is going on is so depressing, I am trying my hardest to rally people to stand up and be counted, but this is going to empower the right wing fascists and then we will have blood on the streets.

    But what else is there for us to do, one of our TV channels infiltrated a supposed non-radical mosque and their leaders were educating them to take over the western countries politically then bring in Sharia law, then tell us to become Muslim or die, plus rape any non muslim woman as it says in the Koran. Do u guys think its ok to have sex with young girls of 9 years of age, the muslims in this mosque said Mohammed did it so it must be Allahs will. What a MESS we are in. DON’T let it happen to Australia.

  17. Well said Thierry. You hit so many nails on the head I thought I was about to be run over by a rampaging xylophone.

    To your salient penultimate question, I don’t suppose the Protectionists will mind if I refer you to an answer to your question. To restore control of our nation to the people requires an act that will also restore their confidence to contain a maverick government. The infamous catch 22.

    Without going into details, there is an active strategy that will simultaneously achieve both objectives. But anyone who wants to play an active part in this needs to appreciate the vast and multiple agenda of the global banker alliance and its corporate associates. What we are reeling under now has its genesis in the first run on the English currency in the 18th century, but was not wholly launched until 1946.

    There are 17 facets to this vast agenda and unless one is aware of all of these, one can easily become out-manoeuvred. The complete description is 44 pages, which sounds daunting unless one regards this as a very tiny book; which it is.

    Anyone who wants a copy is most welcome to ask, and if you can demonstrate any errors we will be grateful. In fact this is already the product of 10,000 interviews and contributory papers.

    But back to the origins of Multiculturalism… you are probably right about Grassby, but that fool could never have been the architect of anything so comprehensively planned. And it bears the signature of the earlier internationalist movement.

    Around 1979 I was asked by the then Director of Welfare in Darwin, to host the first Multiculturalism Committee. These were three people who had no understanding of what the world culture meant, let alone culture-clash. They had been trained to righteously force propaganda down departmental throats, and were ridiculed and reviled by Darwin people who already consisted of 73 nationalities who had willingly conformed to extant Darwin/Australian culture.

    The local specialist paediatrician threw the reality of female circumcision at them as an example of how colourful and exciting mixing cultures can be; which sent our Grassby-clone neophytes home in a state of shock; one woman insisting this was an unforgivably horrifying fabrication.

    Nevertheless, follow-up revealed that the original source of this insanity was and continues to be the UN.


  18. thierry keillor says

    first of all to tony ryan, you don’t have much wrong. there is another angle that the term multiculturalism was a model best designed and fitted to the dilemma in canada relating to french and english interests there, and then as a policy was brought over to australia either by al grassby and certainly implemented by malcomn fraser. (this information has been recited from a compulsory course on multiculturalism that i had to do in the 90’s as part of “professional development”. a course i disagreed with then and equally do today…please accept that all institutions invoke revisionism and equally so may have the multicultural industry).

    the other writer talks of (john c was this persons name) british citizens being alienated. i’ve been out of australia for 10 years. ok, there is an argument to say i should be experiencing culture shock. indeed i am, but i’m also experiencing something else; an australian vista that isn’t one i grew up with, and an australian psyche that makes me feel both a paedophile because i’m male and over 35 and a racist because i didn’t and don’t now believe in what multiculturalism stands for. before i left australia i had an opportunity to work with a multicultural department controlled by one ethnicity that essentially “serviced its own kind”. interesting that once my contract had expired i wasn’t required any longer. the position was filled by you know who. the fact is here all that was taught to me and all that i was inculcated into believing has now been rendered useless under the current urban conditions of this country. can i add. the very insanity that i was exiled to in order to earn money and the very vile behaviour i have had to experience on a daily basis in that country is now essentially a 100% attitude in this country. any drive any time of the day doesn’t have any connection with a vista from 10-15 years back. i have become a foreigner in 2 lands!

    the stigma that is associated with openly defying an australian culture by imported cultures is reaching a serious point essentially because as much as people push for it to be included on the agenda, the ruling elites and entrenched multicultural bureacracy fight just as hard to deflect attention. for the lobby and the industry ‘le multicultural’ (pardon the pun) livlihoods and earnings are at stake and their is no way that these positions will be relenquished.

    at issue now is not the past, nor indeed observations, but how to instigate a solution. at issue now is how to regain control before it is completely taken out of the hands of those who would govern such affairs, and at last reading this still should be the government, albeit recalcitrant under the oafish foul mouthed leader we currently have ensconsed in such prime ministerial duty.

    over to you readers to correct any errors i made or to add to debate.

    sorry for the length of my comment

  19. I suppose one day the penny will drop.

    A few clues:

    Australians were not consulted about the Policy of Multiculturalism. It was imposed from the top.

    The genesis of this policy was/is the United Nations.

    The UN was designed in 1935 by Nelson Rockefeller. FDR and Churchill were recruited in 1944 by John Rockefeller, and the UN commenced in 1946. The HQ was built on Rockefeller land in New York. David Rockefeller took over in 1970 and promptly established the super military-industrial-media intelligence organisation, the Trilateral Commission. The architect of this was Zbigniew Brzezinski, who also happens to be Obama’s Global adviser and has been even before he announced his candidacy).

    Primarily, the UN consists of Rothschild/Rockefeller banks (WB/IMF) and propaganda/negotiation office (WTO); UNESCO, which influences the world’s schools and universities; and WHO, which arranges reduction in global population, by whatever methods.
    The central executive, which pursues Peace by enabling wars; and promotes the New World Order. The current unprecedented proliferation and escalation of wars commenced with the creation of the UN.

    A New World Order requires total erosion of national sovereignty, and to achieve this, national unity and cohesion (culture) must be eliminated, along with the family unit, which is the core of all cultural and social integrity.

    But of course I probably have this completely wrong.

  20. It’s not pure coincidence that the words “diverse” and “divisive” bear a certain similarity to one another. They both come from the same Latin root word “dīvidere” which means “to cleave, apportion, separate”.

    You can either have diversity or you can have unity.

    You cannot have both simultaneously.

  21. I have read about indigenous British people who say they no longer feel a part of their nation: more like a stranger in a strange land. I was born in 1946 and remember growing up in Australia a wonderful country and had common links with those around me, but now, I too, am beginning to feel that this is no longer the country I once completely identified with. Plenty of diversity now but no unity

  22. A by turns depressing and thought provoking article and a damming indictment of the human cost of so called ‘progress’.


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