Call for international observers in Euro elections in UK

The United Kingdom has been suffering from an epidemic of electoral fraud, in a style reminiscent of Zimbabwe. Previous elections in the UK have brought to light serious concerns of tampering with the electoral process.

Rather than using solid lockable containers, the UK uses cardboard boxes, left overnight in so-called secure storage, but – in fact – the ballot boxes are unsupervised and can be accessed by persons with evil intent.

In particular, there are legitimate concerns that the British National Party has been a specific target of ballot fraud crime. After elections for the Greater London Authority were held, a large number of ballot boxes, stored overnight, were discovered to have their seals broken, the contents obviously interfered with, and ballot boxes even left hanging open. At the time, the authorities said that they had taken note, but that there was nothing they could do about it.

Recent information received also shows that anti-patriotic employees of the election office are believed to be planning widespread electoral fraud by crossing off voters’ names on the electoral register late on polling day, of those who have not yet voted and then voting on their behalf.

It now appears to be necessary to bring in international observers from other nations to oversee the UK election process, to avoid Zimbabwe-style election fraud. Embassy staff and Red Cross personnel are encouraged to take part in the process. A police presence should also be maintained inside all voting premises, with ballot boxes to be locked after the count, to be stored in locked storage with a police guard outside.

Failing international overseeing, the public can only rely on people power to protect the validity of the election process, by maintaining a watch inside voting premises and keeping vigil outside ballot storage areas to ensure that no-one enters to rifle through the voting papers.

That international oversight of British elections is now necessary is a damning indictment of the multicultural regime mentality that now controls so many Western nations. The moral bankruptcy of the multiculturalists is readily apparent – and can only be countered by the people power of patriots.

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  1. Cindy White says

    The two major parties in the U.K. are just criminal scum!!!
    It is time the English people through these dreadful
    people out of our Parliament for good.

  2. Nicholas Folkes says

    Niu Labour and the Tories up to their dirty tricks. The Tories should change their name from “Conservatives” to “ConsistentTraitors”. I’m a Conservative but there is no way my vote would go to them if I lived in Britian, I’d vote BNP. Good to see Cameron’s muslim chums got caught with their hands in the ballot box, good to see some of those fools get gaol too.

    The only solution for Britian is to vote BNP and the only political solution for Australia is to vote APP….every day closer to Federal registration.

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