Australian Protectionists applaud RSL stand

Media release, 10th June 2008

Australian Protectionist Party National Chairman and South Australian Spokesman Mr. Andrew Phillips applauded the stand taken by the Returned Servicemen’s League over the proposed memorial to commemorate Aboriginal deaths in the so-called “Aboriginal Wars” to be placed on Anzac Avenue.

“The proposal by the Canberra Institute is nothing more than continued guilt-mongering to say the least” Mr. Phillips said.

“For the Institute to claim the decision to build a memorial commemorating the Boer War justifies the building of a memorial for the dead of so called ‘Aboriginal Wars’ is bizarre by any standard” Mr. Phillips continued “The British Empire declared war on the elected and official governments of the Boer Republics in Southern Africa – there are no similarities here at all”.

Australian Protectionists believe Indigenous Australians would be better served given a greater degree of autonomy over their own affairs. “White Australia” is in no position to formulate any policies on Aboriginal affairs so long as Indigenous Australians are unsure of their own requirements, aspirations and indeed, exactly who qualifies to be regarded as an Aboriginal.

“The RSL should be commended for their moderate yet uncompromising response to the proposed memorial which has no place on Anzac Avenue” Mr. Phillips continued “Regardless of any consideration of the historical view of the settlement and development of our nation, Anzac Avenue is not the place for a memorial pandering to the guilt-mongering of Labor’s self-perceived elite.”

Statement issued by Mr. Andrew Phillips,
National Chairman, Australian Protectionist Party
P.O Box 1452, Mt. Barker, SA 5251

‘Aboriginal wars’ memorial plan under fire,, 8 June 2008
Heritage yes, Apology no, Northern Daily Leader, 9 June 2008

10th June 2008

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