Uniting Church – Ever Willing to Betray God and Nation

Few could argue against the fact the church is in crisis, not only in Australia but across the entire Christian world.

Our people turn against the Faith of our ancestors, the moral and religious standards that made the Western world a strong, stable and prosperous region and gave our people a sense of unity and identity.

One need only look at the pulpits in our nation’s churches to understand why so many turn away from the religion of our culture and instead pursue a life of hedonistic indulgence or seek solace in alien and pagan belief systems.

Reports in the media over Good Friday gave attention to a Uniting Church “cleric” in Melbourne, by the name of Dr. John Evans.

The good Dr. appears to be a dyed in the wool new age Uniting Church minister, always on the look out for ways to reform the tired old Christian Faith and make it more relevant to the perverted and open minded modern world in which we live.

Dr. Evans is the minister for a church in the Melbourne suburb of Carlton which goes by the interesting name of “Church of All Nations” (very warm and fuzzy) and appears to hold no qualms about betraying the very foundations of his own professed beliefs in an attempt to lure more bums on seats.

Apparently Evans believes with the continuation of the social engineering experiment one sees in our immigration policy, Good Friday is no longer an appropriate day to observe nationally. After all – it might offend all those people of another Faith we have “invited” to come and share our country – we wouldn’t want them to feel “excluded” now would we?

Seeking to capitalise on the apparent swing to the Left by the Australian electorate and appear “relevant”, the Uniting Church has nailed it’s colours to the mast of social engineering and declared that the crucifixion of the Messiah is no longer relevant to a nation with Christian heritage. No, instead we should just have an annual day of self flagellation whereby we continue to apologise for ever having come to this continent in the first place.

Very healthy.

Little wonder the churches are struggling to find people to attend their services. What was once a Faith that gave people a standard by which to live their lives, a source of strength, comfort and identity has now become a wishy washy, insipid, spineless and opportunistic social club willing to prostitute itself to justify it’s own existence and defile the memory of it’s very reason for existence.

No wonder people are turning away in droves.

Bear in mind this is the same “church” proudly declaring itself to be “progressive” (ie, willing to prostitute itself and believes in nothing) and leading the way in the abolition of any traditional standards whatsoever.

Homosexual ministers, support for “same sex unions”, open support for so called refugees and illegals – most of whom have broken the law and do not even share the same Faith, intolerance of those wanting an open discussion over the nation’s future, a willingness to betray both the God they profess to serve and the nation that gives them a home.

The disease facing the nation is festering in our nation’s pulpits. Social engineers with no love for their people and no belief in their God turn their backs on their Bibles and continue to undermine the traditional values needed for a strong and cohesive society and the healthy family unit which is the cornerstone of society.

It is time for our churches to get back to basics. If you want to appear relevant to society, in particular a society based on a Christian foundation, get back to the standards and beliefs you claim to follow. Do not continue to ignore the laws and standards given to us in both the Old and New Testaments, picking and choosing the points you feel are warm and fuzzy enough to fit in with a self serving, perverted and hedonistic society.

The transient, insipid and lame attitude is the reason for the increase in crime, the loss of identity, the increase in the acceptance of sexual perversion and drug use – it serves the nation no useful purpose at all.

Dr. Evans comments of treachery are merely the tip of a very great iceberg.

Australia, it’s YOUR country, protect what is left for future generations.

Source: Australian Protectionist Party, South Australia

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