Were Muslim terrorists planning to bomb a crowded football ground?

Information brought to light in a Melbourne trial alleges that an organised Islamic terrorist group planned terrorist bombings in Australia. If the prosecution case is correct, then Australia could have been very close to being on the receiving end of its own 9-11 style terrorist attacks.

If it were not for the brave and dedicated work carried out by Australian police, a crowded public place, such as a football ground or perhaps even a shopping centre, could have been bombed, with hundreds or thousands of men, women and children killed and maimed.

In a secretly recorded conversation the alleged leader of the group, Abdul Nacer Benbrika, said “Everyone must be prepared… If we want to die for jihad we do maximum damage … that’s what we are waiting for… Damage their buildings … damage their lives”. In a conversation intercepted by police, Benbrika said “If you kill here a thousand… the government will listen”. Crown prosecutor Richard Maidment SC said “When you listen (to the tapes) it will become clear to you that each of the accused was committed to violent jihad”.[1]

The prosecution said that literature on how to make bombs, along with video tapes with messages from Osama Bin Laden, were seized from the group by police. The prosecutor told the court that Benbrika taught the group that it was “permissible to kill women, children and the aged” and had discussed where a bombing attack would inflict the maximum loss of life, such as at a football ground.[2]

Those who do not believe that the Islamic religion carries within it violent tendencies towards Western countries are simply burying their heads in the sand. Whilst it is a minority of Muslims who are terrorists and supporters of violence, that minority is a clear and present danger to the continuation of our society as we know it.

Prominent Australians, such as Graeme Campbell, John Stone, John Miller, Peter Faris, Fred Nile, and Pauline Hanson, have called for a halt to any further Muslim immigration. How many terrorist bombings will we need to suffer before the nation-killers of the Labor-Liberal parties actually take action?

Australian Protectionists call upon the government to stop Muslim immigration right now!

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