Scientific breakthrough could be a boon for Australia

Australian scientists from the CSIRO have developed a new process that can turn green waste into fuel.

The Furafuel bio-crude oil process can make petrol and diesel from waste paper, tree trimmings and lawn clippings. The process could replace current biofuels which are produced using plant crops like sugar and corn.

CSIRO Forest Biosciences scientist Dr Steven Loffler, the project leader, said “we’ve been able to create a concentrated bio-crude which is much more stable than that achieved elsewhere in the world”.

The implications of this process are enormous in terms of local job generation, overseas process and patent sales, and benefit to local industries. Rather than destroy our local industries (especially in the manufacturing sector) we need to develop and protect these scientific and industrial initiatives so that we can develop and protect local jobs. The CSIRO and the scientists involved deserve the highest of congratulations and support for their project.

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