Protectionists campaign against Islamic school in Camden

The Protectionist Party attended an anti-Islamic school in forum held at the Camden civic center on Wednesday night (19 Dec. 2007). The event was attended by well over 1,000 people, although not all could enter the meeting due to capacity constraints of the venue. The meeting was set up in response to a proposed 1,200 student Islamic school.

The meeting was organised by a local residents action group and included speakers Fred Nile (MLC), Charlie Lynn (MLC) and Rev. Fayek Iskander. Fred Nile spoke on “Aussie values” and how the Islamic religion is at odds with the Christian values that underpin Australian society. Charlie Lynn spoke on the town planning aspects of the proposed Islamic school, citing lack of funding going forward for road infrastructure around the Camden area. A planning decision is expected from Camden Council in March 2008.

APP activity was covered on all major news channels and APP representatives handed out over 2,000 leaflets and 200 DVDs containing the documentary “Undercover Mosque”, both of which were well received. Many residents took a handful of leaflets to distribute in their own neighbourhoods and promised to pass on the DVD to friends and relatives. APP made contact with a number of local groups and concerned residents and there are plans for APP actiivity in the Camden area going into the new year.

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