No More Funding of Islamic Schools, No More Islamic Immigration

The Australian Protectionist Party has called for an immediate halt to government funding of Islamic schools in the wake of the revelation a Perth Islamic college has been charged with the theft of $355, 934 in state and federal funds.

Muslim Ladies College, located in the suburb of Kenwick, was raided last week, with the school’s acting director, Zubair Sayed, appearing in the East Perth Magistrates Court, charged with stealing.

While the stealing charge is of extreme seriousness, of greater concern it the fact that the stolen money had been sent to Pakistan, a known hotspot for terrorist training camps and fundamentalist indoctrination. It has also been revealed that the director of the college, Anwar Sayed, is presently in Afghanistan and has been for most of the year. One can only wonder for what reasons the man in charge of an Australian education facility would spend the majority of his time in such a place.

Furthermore, it has been revealed the school was not devoting 50 percent of the school day to literacy and numeracy, as required, but rather focusing on religious studies. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the Muslim community has scant regard for Australia’s laws and culture, preferring to teach the religion and traditions of their countries of origin as opposed to teaching the academic and social values necessary to become useful Australian citizens.

To continue with this insane government appeasement of all things Islamic, is to ultimately provide Muslims with the rope with which they will hang us. The Australian Protectionist Party calls on our representatives in both state and federal parliaments to acknowledge that Islam is diametrically opposed and incompatible with Australia’s Western Christian society, and to bring an immediate end to Muslim immigration and government funding to all Muslim schools.

Paul Lampathakis and Nicole Cox. “Perth Muslim school raided and shut down” [The Sunday Times],, 9 December 2007

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