Support the Bendigo victims of Multiculturalist fascism

Freedom of speech is under attack in Australia

Three Australian patriots have been charged by the Victorian police for participating in a non-violent political demonstration.

Members of the United Patriots Front carried out some “street theatre” in which they mocked those Islamic extremists who cut the heads off their enemies; they used a fake knife to cut the fake head off a fake dummy, with fake red blood spurting out.

In a video on Facebook, Blair Cottrell (leader of the United Patriots Front) stated that “I made a statement before two of my colleagues, with plastic knives, beheaded a dummy made out of pillows. The act was intended to be a political statement against a mosque development in the local area, Islamic immigration, and that particular Islamic practise.”

It was a political demonstration in which some patriotic Australians publicly showed their opinion of Islam, an opinion which they are perfectly entitled to hold and express in a democratic society.

Unfortunately, Australia is no longer a democratic society; it has become a land of Political Correctness, run by Multiculturalist fascists who hanker to lock up those who publicly disagree with the ruling ideology of Political Multiculturalism.

In the aforementioned Facebook video, a Victoria Police document was displayed, which shows that Blair Cottrell has been charged as follows, under the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001, section 25 (2):

“That Blair Cottrell at Bendigo on the 4th October 2015, on the grounds of religious belief or activity of another person or class of persons, namely Muslims, knowingly engaged in conduct being the participation in the making of a video with the intention of inciting serious contempt for, or revulsion or severe ridicule of, that other person or class of persons.”

The “informant” for this charge is stated to be one Detective Senior Constable Erin Ross (34952) of the Bendigo Crime Investigation Unit.

The Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001 is a farce, as is similar legislation in other states and at the federal level. It is a political law designed for a political purpose; the intent is to silence criticism of the realities of Multiculturalism. It is a broad-reaching law, whereby anyone can be charged for “inciting . . . severe ridicule” of a person or persons of any race or religion; it is an incredibly subjective law that could be used to fine or jail just about half the country. Anyone could be charged by the police for making a comment against Islam, Scientology, or even Satanism. You could even be charged for telling an Irish joke. These Multiculturalist laws are anti-democratic, but the Multiculturalists don’t care.

Under the Multiculturalism laws, the police are being used as political tools to suppress political opposition; this is typical of authoritarian regimes. Whilst the police in Australia have not reached the anti-democratic depths of the KGB and the Gestapo, they are heading down that slippery slope by engaging in political persecution of political movements.

Multiculturalism is an intrinsically authoritarian ideology, as it creates divisions within societies, the result of which is that Multiculturalist governments subsequently bring in laws against freedom of speech to muzzle the voices of their opponents. Multiculturalism is invariably bound up with Third World immigration into Western societies, spawning a myriad of social problems, which in turn creates political opposition to those immigration policies; to suppress public opposition to such policies, Multiculturalist politicians and anti-national activists demand that the police be used in harassing, fining, and jailing patriots. Simultaneously, anti-national activists in the media and education system brainwash young people into the Multiculturalist ideology; these anti-national activists serve the establishment by indoctrinating students into the ideology of the state.

Multiculturalist regimes want any staunch patriots, who have the temerity to criticize Islam, to be silenced. They want to stop free speech in Australia.

Multiculturalists like to dress up any speech they don’t like as “hate speech”, but that is just a political con. Anti-Islam opinion becomes “hate speech”, whilst anti-Christian opinion is “free speech”; views against homosexual marriage become “hate speech”, whilst views against traditional marriage are “free speech”; those who express hate against capitalism, patriarchy, and patriotism are all practising “free speech”, but not “hate speech”. Notice a trend here? If you are a sensible traditionalist or a staid conservative, you are automatically deemed to be a “hater”, but somehow the most rabid hate-filled anti-traditionalists and anti-nationalists are not called “haters”. Laws against so-called “religious and racial vilification” and “race hate” are all about word-play and spin-doctoring, not about justice. These laws are all about the intended political suppression of opposing views; they are an anathema to any true democracy.

The rabid Multiculturalists don’t give a brass razoo for the continuance of democracy in Australia. Our forebears worked and fought to create a free society, but the Multiculturalists are intent on destroying it. The true blue Australians who fought for our nation would be rolling in their graves if they could see the state of things today.

The Multiculturalists are not real Australians; in fact, they hate real Australians, and they long for the death of real Australia. On one hand the Multiculturalists work towards the demographic destruction of our nation, and on the other hand they work towards the dismantling of our democratic freedoms.

When the Australian nation was founded, it was founded as a free and democratic society. If the Multiculturalists get their way, it will never be so again.

Real Australians need to support the Bendigo victims of Multiculturalist fascism, as it is part and parcel of supporting all freedoms in Australia.

Australians should have the right to freedom of speech on all cultural, economic, historical, and social matters; if we do not, then we are not free.

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  1. Peter Starzynski says

    I’m a strong patriot of this country and will do what ever it takes to see less Mosques built and our freedom of speech continued!!

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