Concentrating only on extremist Muslims is missing the big picture

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There is a video link being passed around the internet showing Nigel Farage (the leader of the UK Independence Party) talking about his admiration for Australia’s politicians. In the video, Farage says:

“If you listen to what John Howard and other PMs have said over the last ten years, in the case of Islam, he said to them you’re welcome, you’re welcome to come here and have your children here, and to bring them up as Australians, but if you’re coming to take us over, you’re not welcome.”

Obviously Nigel Farage, just like John Howard, doesn’t understand the problem and what is at stake here; or, failing that, he is a traitor to his nation, and a betrayer of Western Civilisation in general.

Allowing the immigration of millions of “moderate” Muslims into any Western country is not doing us any favours. Despite any protestations of Muslims adapting to a Western way of life, the overall trend is of us being forced to adapt to their way of life, what with Muslim enclaves in our major cities, mosques springing up all around the country, consumers paying extra when manufacturers and retailers start bringing out Halal-certified foods, and institutions which convert over to Halal foods in order to cater to Islamic minorities. On top of that, the advocates of Political Correctness have brought in laws to enable the prosecution of people who criticise Islam, as well as changing rules in various institutions in favour of Muslim minorities.

Just as importantly, the immigration of millions of “moderate” Muslims is invariably accompanied by a sizable percentage of Muslim fundamentalists and radicals. And the numbers of such extremists will grow more and more, along with the growth of Muslim immigration. This is an unavoidable consequence of having large-scale immigration from Islamic countries.

Federal politicians, if they had the backbone, could direct the Immigration Department to stop all immigration of hard-line Muslims. But, let’s face it, even if they did, there are bureaucrats in the public service who are worse than useless, and therefore would easily muck up any attempts to stop such immigration. After all, how many intending immigrants would just say that they are “moderates” so that they can migrate here? Apart from Muslim leaders, it would be very difficult to find out the views of particular Muslims in far-off countries. Also, you would have to wonder just how many of the bureaucrats in the Immigration Department are anti-Australian anyway, and would instead just wave them all through “in the interests of diversity”, no doubt reveling in their acts of politically correct contrariness.

If you want to be effective in stopping the immigration of extremists Muslims, then you have to stop all Muslim immigration. Of course, that policy would very quickly raise a horde of Muslim immigrants who would have suddenly and conveniently “converted” to Christianity or any other religion. You couldn’t really even check too effectively, as they could easily state that they converted secretly, as in some countries converts from Islam face bashings and brutality, and even death. So, they could all make fake conversions over there, and then, after having established themselves in Australia, they could miraculously be “won back” to Islam. The only answer to the problem is to stop all immigration from countries with large Muslim countries, or, to be effective, just stop all immigration from Third World countries.

In general, this would be a good policy anyway. When I grew up, Australia was a country of about 98% European ethnicity, along with the Aborigines and a very small minority of people from Third World ethnicities. You could walk down the main street of any city in Australia, and pretty much all of the people you saw were Australians; they were, and are, my people. Third Worlders are not my people; most of them may be nice, but that does not mean that my people should shove over, and lay down and die, just for their benefit. But this is what is happening. The growing percentage of Third Worlders in our country shows that we are facing the immigration-driven genocide of the Australian people.

As far as I am concerned, the most important thing is that my people should continue to exist. If I was Chinese or Somalian, I would feel the same way; it is a basic human right for your people to go on existing. After all, that is what so much of nature is about, ensuring the continuing existence of your own kind. If we don’t have that, then we have nothing. But, in this age of political correctness and institutionalised treason, what we have instead is multiculturalism, being an ideology which effectively seeks to ensure that our people no longer exist, with its programmmes of massive and ongoing Third World immigration. Our country has handed over power to the multiculturalists on a platter; we have allowed them to subvert our government, our media, and our schools. In effect, we are ensuring that someone else’s people will exist in the future, rather than our own; unless we stop the process.

If the Australian people are to continue to exist, along with our own unique culture and way of life, then we need to stop all Muslim immigration and all Third World immigration. It is not just a question of the Islamification or the Asianisation of the Australian people, but the decimation of the Australian people. It is up to us to choose from three options, whether to 1) support genocide, 2) ignore genocide, or 3) actively fight for the future of the Australian people. Personally, I choose the third option.

Nigel Farage on Islam in the UK”, YouTube


  1. Shelly davies says

    I agree and why not start a petition to stop immigration now.
    Reckon the pollies would have to sit up and listen then because I believe signature numbers would be massive.

  2. I think you are forgetting one very important thing. Unless you are of Aboriginal decent, then you too are an immigrant. I understand your frustration with the Islamic community, and I share some of your sentiments. However, to unequivocally state that Australia should stop immigration from any third world country is too extreme, and rather narrow minded. If people share our same morals and ideologies based on a Christian faith, then we should welcome them here. It’s the countries that are fundemantally Islamic based that we should be weary of.

  3. While walking down my Main Street I witnessed multiculturalism at its worst. A well dressed lady threw food from her mouth onto the sidewalk only metres from a public bin. I saw her shortly before in a shop speaking Arabic to the store keeper wearing a Islamic head dress so I guessed she was a migrant.
    Seconds later I sat in my car to notice the Asian-looking shopkeeper at the front of a cloths shop kick a food rapper that had blown in, out the door rather then pick it up and put it into the same public bin 5 steps away.
    Moments later a lady dressed in colourful west Asian cloths sniffed then spat onto the pavement just outside a food outlet.
    I thought later that I should have said something like, that’s not what Australians do. But I didn’t, maybe for fear of retaliation.

  4. Phillip Parker says

    I think we can accept that we are a multi-ethnic society, however the continued political endorsement of multiculturalism has proven not to work. We should demand that our politicians drop this entire endorsement once and for all.

    Immigration, race, and religion is not really the issue, but enforced political correctness is the biggest enemy of all. Selling out our sovereignty to foreign powers is the second biggest political opponent in this country – and it is crushing the very values that we inherited under common law..

    Everyone should be entitled to the same rights and protections under one law – and preferably under common law – which is based on Judeo-Christian values that we inherited from Great Britain. With the exception of indigenous people, our courts should not recognise other cultures as reason to lesser the sentence of a crime. If a man is found to have married a 12 year old girl, he should be punished like a common pedophile. No exceptions.

    Political correctness is the reason why access to some public assets is restricted. Political correctness is the reason why some fringe groups can get special privileges. Political correctness prevents us for speaking up against discrimination of men. Political correctness is the reason why some people do not serve the time for their crime.

    In the 1970s, refugees and other immigrants were educated in our values and our culture and were required to integrate by assimilation. Political correctness under the name of multiculturalism has changed this obligation for people coming to this country, and therefore it is time to wage war against the evils of political correctness.

    I think people would be less fearful of other religions and races if there was no laws compelling Australians to make exceptions to the needs of the minority – where everyone lived under one law. We need to treat everyone the same, not make everyone the same through enforced rubbish that we call political correctness.

  5. Multiculturalism will never work. That’s why there’s country’s for. Same people, same values, same way of life. Happy existence.
    Yugoslavia, Iraq and Rwanda are good examples of multiculturalism

  6. Trend Prophet says

    And we are forced to CELEBRATE our own cultural destruction. Incidentally Sheikh Hilaly originally came here as a tourist. Also Benbrika or Omran or one of the Allahbot nutters in Melbourne from Algeria claimed that he wanted to stay as he enjoyed the ‘Australian way of life’. he clearly lied as he is now a terrorist. Only an idiot in the government or ALP would believe these BS lies. Yet here these 2 nutjobs are. Living in Australia preaching their hate even hatred of the Aussie people that let them stay on TV back in their home countries!

  7. Francis Douglas says

    The National Bank has a Muslim as A SENIOR HEAD OF IT. Little wonder they will give out LOANS.

  8. maria martin says

    Matthew, it’s one bloody big mess and we are all going to pay for it if AUSTRALIANS DON’T STAND TOGETHER AND SPEAK OUT!!!

  9. the ringe from the west says

    Remember Bob with Reds under the bed, now it’s Tony with terrorists in the ceiling.

  10. Over the years, I have seen how Muslims treat everyone around them in their host countries. They demand special treatment, yet deny the same to others (especially if it were in their country); they demand their own laws, and that everyone obey them as if they were universal; they treat everyone around them as though we’re in their country; they hold violence-filled protests with signs that clearly are declarations of war and murder, yet if we did the same, we’d get arrested; they blame the police and government when actual terrorists or criminals are arrested, claiming “its an insult to Islam to arrest them” despite the fact the prisoners were planning or committed murder; they take over areas of cities as “Muslim only” zones and force other people out, they never speak out against atrocities committed in Islam, yet Christians, Jews and so forth do so when psychos kill or harm others in their faiths; they clearly have no interest in multiculturalism or co-existing, no they want a 100% Islamic world, and we can’t say anything otherwise it’s “an insult to Islam”.

    I hate them now because of this, they forced me to hate them, and with the constant threats occurring in our own land.

    If we don’t stop them, they will overrun us and kill us off, or enslave us and make us completely unable to fight back.

  11. Matthew Dunn says

    @Mick: I agree but now there are too many other cultures here and they want more of their own to come here. My fear is that as us Anglo’s become the minority we may not have a say in a referendum. I say just stop immigration full stop.

  12. The multi-cultural landscape in Australia is a mess, a mess a mess that’s been created by successive politicians. The immigration issue is too important to the future of Australia to be simply left in the hands of politicians. They are just not up to the task and there needs to be a referendum so that the people of Australia can have a say regardless of the outcome.

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