Australian Protectionist Party calls for sanctions

Media release
22nd February 2012

The National Chairman of the Australian Protectionist Party, Mr. Andrew Phillips today called upon both the Federal Labor government and the Opposition to unanimously support the re-introduction of sanctions upon South Africa.

“It is becoming increasingly clear the situation in South Africa warrants international attention once again” Mr. Phillips said. “Despite noble announcements by the African National Congress of its intent to make South Africa an egalitarian society in which all people could live in harmony and have equal opportunity-the reality is quite different.”

“Australia is dragging its feet in recognising the reality of the New South Africa” Mr. Phillips continued “Euro MPs Barry Madlener and Lucas Hartong have already called for the EU to cease giving millions in aid to South Africa and have already raised the issue of what can only be described as cultural genocide in that country.”

The Australian Protectionist Party recognizes the right of all people, irrespective of racial, cultural or religious background to a safe homeland, self determination and the opportunity to control their national destiny in an increasingly globalised world.

“With the advent of so-called majority rule, minorities such as the Afrikaner communities are experiencing ever increasing disadvantage and persecution based on the colour of their skin” Mr. Phillips continued, “the South African government has done little to protect the lives of the nation’s farmers and their families, actively promotes the on-going Anglicization of the nation’s government sector with the current debate of the “Languages Bill” and has reduced an estimated 10% of the nation’s Afrikaner community to the poverty line through the introduction of a race based Affirmative Action policy-a situation President Zuma described as both “shocking and surprising”, yet has done nothing to address”.

“Australia was quick to take the moral high-ground against South Africa decades ago, now is not the time to expose our hypocrisy by refusing to re-introduce sanctions and apply meaningful diplomatic pressure upon the ANC regime” Mr. Phillips concluded.


  1. Understand that South Africa is just another example of what the “new world order” is all about. What we are experiencing here is going to happen everywhere else in the “west.”. The white race has been earmarked for extinction. Do not be fooled, nobody is coming to help us. It will only get much worse for whites everywhere. For those who rejoice in this fact just keep in mind that your race might be next in line. Your “liberators” will kill billions of innocent civilians and feel nothing whatsoever.

    For those who trust in God, where was he when 200 million white Christians were killed in fake “wars and revolutions” during the last 2 centuries? Everything you think you know is false. History, religion, science etc… Are you brave enough to wake up or would you rather kill the messenger?

  2. proudly WHITE BOER says

    I’m a proud South African….and let me tell you….it’s not easy….plz people….follow Sunnet Bridges or BKA…BOERE KRIESES AKSIE…and you will find more about day to day here….the blacks say they are going to kill all the **whiteys** ….I say no!
    Thanks to all and plz share the word about what happens here……Zuma is a ****** ….he sings ….kill the white man.
    And Mandela?? He is the biggest racist !!!!!! He is a two face b*****d !!!!!

  3. I for one would love to have my family live with me in Australia. That is the one thing I miss most about South Africa and I fear for their safety. That is also the one thing that prevents me from living a happy life here in Australia. Please Australia, give white South Africans permission to move to Australia to reunite with their families. Protect the whites in South Africa!

  4. Clive Stevens says

    About 150 years ago South Africa (SA) was a wilderness. The local black inhabitants were so primitive they didn't even have the wheel (FACT). The white pioneers found precious metals and stones. It is at this point the white apologists and ANC supporters claim the whites raped the earth of its wealth – TRASH! The gold etc was mined and sold. The funds generated went to buy equipment to build a modern and amazing nation out of the bush in less that 70 years. Rhodesia was built in about the same period through bloody hard work and sacrifice. So these primitive people were advanced in 70 years (or so) across maybe 1000 years of evolution. That is progress – thanks to the white man.

    True to form they saw what was good and they wanted it – now – the they were given it by the weak willed west who were too frightened to object because they were frightened of the filthy scum communists backing the blacks’ demands. So the blacks got what they wanted and what have they done with it? Zimbabwe is beyond redemption. SA is faultering; and now those same people who have destroyed two fantastic countries want what Australia and Europe have.

  5. Africa and that includes the RSA are tribal and unless you have lived there and understoon the continet especiallt RSA you're all peeing into the wind.

  6. What I find difficult to understand is the following. Black people totally hated the apartheid regime for understandable reasons. I personally think that the idea of the "apartheid" regime is blown out of proportion on a daily basis and that everything that goes wrong is blamed on the passed system by most black people and government in general( obviously not by all black people as some has since 1994 decided to think for themselves and not to follow the socialist and communist indoctrined ideas). What I have difficulty in understanding is that if apartheid was so wrong, why does the present government not provide say 10% of the country to the whites to be governed by whites as with the homelands in the past (10% is approximately the racial ratio) and see what happens. In this homeland people of all races will be welcome but will have to abide by the government of such "homeland". A concerned group of Afrikaner people, represented by a democratically elected "Volksraad" have attempted to communicate with our President on this issue without success. This proposal is, as far as I know now been taken further on an International level. The only logical explanation why the ruling party does not want to allow white people to govern themselves is inter alia the fact that the whites is the milking cows as they (obviously the black middle class as well) is taxed beyond their means. Whilst the tax demand is growing, opportunities for white people to contribute positively to the economy and to earn a proper income is becoming less and less as a result of all the discriminatory laws against whites passed by government, laws already referred to in other comments. I have however have to congratulate the government on certain aspects for example that they have perfected the art of legalizing crimes like theft and fraud and open discrimination and providing a soft landing for comrades involved in these activities if caught with the hand in the till. Be that as it may- the tragedy is that if things go on as present that all South Africans except an elected few comrades will suffer incredible hardship at the hands and as a result of a discriminating government. I for one, if the opportunity ever arises will move to a white ruled homeland asap as I believe that as a white person today in my home country I am being discriminated against and will I unfortunately not make excuses for the past as I have never stolen anything from any black person my entire life. Please also note that should anyone feel that my comments is racist that it was not intended as such. Also I believe if you call someone a racist that makes you a racist as well. It is however always nice and proper to have constructive debate on issues having an impact on peoples lives.

  7. It is easy to say study your history, however history is written by the winners. A lot of our history has been removed from the history books, there is no doubt that the previous system was seriously flawed, however two wrongs do not make a right. Farmers are targeted in South Africa, as are whites. However having said that I think as white South Africans we have to rise above it in general, we have to fight for South Africans as a whole, let us know forget black people also suffer hideous crimes. The problem is more the allowance to blame white people for a situation done by government, if they took responsibility for their own actions we would have a much better situation. But it is up to stop complaining and fight for our human rights opposed to racial rights, I think this will get us a lot more support from outside countries. The first step is crime in South Africa.

  8. My heart goes out for all South Africans suffering in South Africa – black – white – coloured – indian – chineese…
    I pray that countries will open their doors and provide refugee status and support to those who want to leave.
    If the right to life, the right to freedom and the right for security is not protected, twhat other option do you have?

    I am a South African father with a family of four, with very young children, living in Australia for four years and I am so glad I left when I did.

    How sobering it is to think, the speed at which the once mighty South Africa is settling into the "African way"?…

  9. Having lived in South Africa for over 30 years and left for Australia in 2003, I have to agree with the bulk of the people contributing to the comments here that what's good for the goose is good for the gander.
    The white folks of South Africa, no matter the politics have created a 1st world society that was the envy of Africa and the largest economy in Africa. No argument that black people supplied the muscle and both worked together to build the nation.
    The creation of an egalitarion society in SA is a madman's dream, given the educational and cultural differences between the races. Historically the black people throughout Africa have not been able to build hugely successful economies in the same way that white people have mainly due to tribalism and government corruption. Blacks are far more prone to these evils than whites. That is not to say the whites are not guilty as well of corruption but not to the same degree as the blacks.
    Certainly the whites should be given refugee status by the Australian government, they live under the same threat as many of the refugees that flood our country.

  10. ursula lorraine says

    Sanction south africa and fast , how fast do you think 40 million blacks can kill us 3 million whites inbox me for lists of people bludgeoned to death, boiled,brutally raped,throat slit,burnt with irons, and pictures I have hundreds, stop the talk and put some action to it please, we need your help!

    • Hi Ursula.

      I am a South African living in Australia. I left SA in 2005. I am a web developer and would be more than happy to build a website with the stories and images that you say you have. I will do this for free as well. Please contact me and maybe we can get this information out there. I am also very savvy with social media.

  11. Jenny Bolton says

    The fact that the world stands and watches while the blatant discrimination towards the white people who stayed in South Africa to embrace the promise of a “rainbow nation” and equality is a mystery to me. The higher powers of the world must have a bigger plan that we can’t see because they were so quick to sanction what was Rhodesia and South Africa (and other African countries) when the discrimination was the other way around. Look at Zimbabwe – classic example. White people AND black people suffering and nothing is done. Why??
    I propose that white South Africans be allowed to seek asylum in other countries. We are clearly not wanted in SA and farmers especially should be able to claim refugee status!!
    One has to ask why the black people feel so threatened by whites that they have to implement laws against a minority?
    My husband and I will be leaving this country within the next few years if nothing changes because quite frankly, we are tired of being afraid to go out at night, tired of fighting against the BBBEE policies, tired of EVERYTHING being the white peoples’ fault. I was not able to vote when apartheid existed so why am I paying for the sins of other peoples’ great grandfathers (my parents moved to SA from Zim and my mom wasn’t even born in Africa so they too never voted!!
    It would be great if the world could intervene and stop this injustice against white people but they probably won’t. Australia may help but since we rely so much on China these days, I doubt sanctions from Australia, the UK or America would make much, if any, difference…

  12. Afirmative Action is putting previously disadvanged ppl into positions that they compitant in. But how we supposed to put compitant ppl into positions if the ANC can’t even supply textbooks to their disadvantaged schools. It took 8 months to get textbooks to leaners. And still not all are delivered!

  13. africanslave says

    Google genocide watch and see the facts regarding SA"s White Genocide. It is happening. Over 4000 farmers murdered because they happen to be successful and white. 68 000 whites murdered in their homes. Now that's wa past Cultural genocide, don't you think?

  14. Andre van Wyk says

    Unless we get serious intervention…and FAST…we are sooo Screwed!!

  15. Please get the message through to the US and Britain and ge reforce sanctions as the ANC has gone too far just as an example google Woolworths racist -yes people this is whats happening in South-Africa but the world is quiet and think we are such a good rainbow nation. ….which is not the case -openly racism from the employers equity act and the Anc government that support it.South-Africa will be the second Zimbabwe we are on our way

  16. We have a President who sings "Bring me my Machine Gun(umshini wami), we have and ANC Youth League (just ex) leader who sings Kill the Farmer. We have (just, as in a few days ago) Government Spokeperson who talks about an over concentration of coloured people (as opposed to black) in the Western Cape.

    We have a Finance Minister who readily admits that tens of billions are stolen each year just from national government projects (this excludes provincial and local municipalities) but does nothing about it because it is black cronies stealing the money.

    We have convicted thieves promoted in our parliament (we're talking tens of millions stolen here).

    But we can actually live with that. It is the brutality of the murders of whites, the torture endured before they are killed, that is the real problem. Tortured with hot irons, boiling water, broom handles shoved up (dare I even mention where).

    I actually support Affirmative Action (btw Yousoof, South Africa is one of only two countries in the world where you have AA for the MAJORITY – Malaysia being the other one , 40 years and counting) but what boggles the mind is that with AA, BBBEE, Preferencial procurement (if you buy from a black owned company you get points) government guaranteed business loans to only black business etc, etc, the blacks STILL cannot compete in the business sphere. They are either really averaging an IQ of 70, or they just don't want to, preferring all the freebees. We have 5,7 million taxpayers supporting 16 million grant recipients.

    In 1994 it was estimated we would need to build 1,8 million free houses for blacks, to bring back some balance. Over 2,9 million have been built, and we are still 1,8 million short. Anywhere else, you would not have 1/3 of the population getting a free (no, not free, the tax payer pays – that 5,7 million) house, and still demanding more.

    It is unstainable. The only way the ANC will hold onto power is to create even more racial disharmony, and increasingly militant actions against whites.

    But the world is silent. Where is Trevor Huddleston? Dead quiet? Where are all those human rights activists that were around during apartheid? Dead quiet.

    Enough is enough.

  17. Yousoof you have no idea.What has ww1 or ww2 got to do with whats going on now.I think you are racist towards white people.Go somewhere else and preach your left wing hate there.

  18. Terry Odgers says

    I'm all for this! Over three thousand white farmer deaths at the hands of the ANC since apartheid was ended. South Africa is fast becoming another Zimbabwe/Rhodesia.

  19. Yousoof Savant says

    I'm surprised that it took some of the Afrikaners this long to form some sort of an affiliation with APP. They were the previous Gestapo regime in South Africa which had White Job Reservation promulgated into law in SA. The ANC have introduced Affirmative action which is trying to resolve the white dominated economic infrastructure which was built on 'quasi' slave trade. They have affirmative action in the US as well; Are you going to protest against them. They are blowing this out of proportion – Currently blacks unemployed are 32% and whites are 7%. Now that they are 'victims' they are crying foul – Remember they were allied to Germany in WW1 and some of them in WW2; the English speaking South Africans were with the Allied forces.

    I think you will embarrass yourselves and I won't be surprised if they take over the APP in a few years.

    'I wonder if you will publish this, hmm'

    • Yousoof,why wouldn't the unemployment rates be higher for blacks than whites? Whites do most of the work,do most of the thinking and provide most of the jobs,yet they are constantly targeted by racist blacks who physically assault them,murder them and want them removed off their farms….simply because they're white! Remember,racist dictator Robert Mugabe removed most whites from their farms some years ago and it's gone from bread basket to basket case.Zimbabwe has been independent from white rule for 32 years,yet Mugabe still blames all his nation's problems on Britain as if they just left yesterday.If you despise everything we stand for,perhaps the answer for you would be to seek asylum in Africa where I'm sure all your needs would be met?

    • Terry Odgers says

      Yoosouf….a troll? Why not read up on the REAL history of South Africa and why apartheid was introduced instead of beating the socialist drum!

      • Yousoof Savant says

        Terry Odgers… a troll? Please enlighten me on the REAL history… I would love to know…

        • Terry Odgers says

          Yousoof…not only a troll, but also a lazy troll! Do your own research!

        • Dear Yousoof
          Please avail yourself of the facts before making statements. For your information – South Africa was under British rule and thus fought with the Allied troops during WW1 and WW2.
          Currently the ANCYL has made statements about farmers having to give up their farms willingly without any compensation and if they do not do that, to use their words:"we cannot gaurantee Mr van der Merwe's safety" – where the name was used as a synonym for any white farmer.
          The figures on unemployment reported also does not reflect the true picture. They let millions of illegal immigrants come into the country over the borders. If they get rid of them – the unemployment picture would change dramatically for the blacks – but not for the whites. There are thousands of whites living in squattercamps in terrible conditions. Ask someone who came over to Australia about their feelings after they arrived here and how they feel when they talk to someone from home…

    • Soothsayer says

      Hi Yousoof Savant,

      You comment is welcome because we believe in debate and free speech. You don't agree and that is fine.

      I'm not an expert in South Africa but after reading Into the Cannibal's Pot by Ilana Mercer I am concerned about white South Africans. This isn't actually a race thing. I've been concerned about black Africans as well and their suffering.

      I find the murder of white South African farmers very unsettling and to me it looks like they are being targeted because of their race. If it was blacks being singled out and murdered by whites I would be protesting. Why is it when whites are being singled out and murdered by blacks it is some kind of sin to be concerned?

      • Terry Odgers says

        Soothsayer….I have spoken with many Afrikaaners who have felt compelled to leave South Africa due to the anti-white attitude that is encouraged by the ANC. One of my last jobs as a cop was to take the fingerprints of a South African couple who were here on holiday and wanted to apply for residency status. They left me in no doubt then, 2004, of why they wished to get out of South Africa as they had relatives brutally murdered on a nearby farm. They also indicated to me that there was no way they were going back 'home'. After what they told me I certainly understood their reasoning.

        • Soothsayer says

          Ilana Mercer's book was an eye opener for me. I had always supported the end of Apartheid, but as equality for all South Africans.

          There are some really dodgy things happening in South Africa; the world pressured white South Africa to end Apartheid and they did. I think the world should also be paying attention to the antics of the black leaders and what they are doing and supporting white South Africans now the table is turned.

          It is like the world is not going to be happy until mobs of riled-up black South Africans massacre destitute white South Africans living in the Squatter camps. And why shouldn't this happen? White farmers and their families are currently being tortured to death and the world is silent.

    • Keith Howard-Browne says

      Yousoof – check your facts before flapping your gums. You're the one making a fool of yourself.
      1) Gestapo – are you stupid? You have no idea what you're talking about.
      2) Affirmative Action in the USA was intended to protect a minority group, and has been ruled 'UNCONSTITUTIONAL' by the US Supreme Court.
      3) South Africa was never allied to Germany during the World Wars – my grandfather was Afrikaans and fought against Rommel in North Africa during WWII, you moron!

      Check your facts!.

    • Andre van Wyk says

      It is 32% to 7% because they breed like mice! Whites on the other hand try to limit their offspring as to live within their means whereas the blacks run off for all the government grants and hold their hands out to all the freebies they can get.
      Affirmative action is racism in reverse. We, the new generation, should not have to pay for what our forefathers did. This situation was to be neutralized with equal rights and opportunity. We were to forgive the past and learn to work as 1 nation side by side…but the Government is alienating whites and coloreds. Coloreds still have no idea where they stand in this society…first they were not white enough but now they are not black enough. I have many colored friends that feel this way. Stop talking about pre '94. The election of Nelson Mandela was to bring us all together…not turn things around.
      It is you, those who hang on to the past, that is the reason we are still where we are.
      The South African Government is a Gravy Train! Millions of aid money go "Missing" every month…filtering into the pockets of those in control of it. Not to mention the tender fraud. Outsiders have no true idea as to what is really going on in this country. What they see in the media now is what they saw in the media back in the day…Only what the Government wants them to see. Had they to see the true image…sanctions would have been in place long ago…in fact…the UN would have probably taken over our damn treasury if they knew how badly this countries monies are mis managed. Millions are spent on political party parties and piss ups…but their own live in tin shacks in appalling conditions…starving!!! They cannot (wont) look after their own kind…can you imagine how they looking after the rest of us!
      In South Africa…unless you are invisible at night unless you smile in a street light…you are not eligible for employment. There goes Woolwoths with a perfect example by openly announcing that they will take no white people in employment…then it backfired on them badly due to sanctions from near 70% white clientele…and now they want to start making excuses and say but that is not what they meant.
      The South African WHITE race is becoming an extinct specie. Intervention is needed…fast!

    • Yousoof if you want to make comments at least get your facts straight instead of spewing your ignorance for the world to see! Let me introduce you to a new word, one that I doubt you would comprehend, AUTOCRATIC!
      That is how Africans run a country, it is the only system they understand and respect! So before you cry foul and call me racist and blah blah blah, go read some African history and prove me wrong instead of simply spewing your brainwashed ignorance!

    • You know what, The Boer people of South-Africa build South-Africa not the blacks or Indians or any other nation. The ANC has been in parliament for how long now, and what happened with SA? All that is left is murder, theft and fraud in every state department, how can you rule like this? Your rates of 32% black unemployed and 7% whites, yes and blacks are how many millions against the white population. It's time for the world to acknowledge the white people who build SA (the Boer people), because in the old days black and white could survive in SA, today the blacks can't even look after their own people nevermind the rest of the SA population. Maybe, if the WORLD didn't interfere in SA, SA would still be the land of milk and honey as it was.

  20. I am prepared to bet that our Dept of Immigration has dispatched a team of consultants to Africa to expedite the WHITE refugee applications. That was a flock of pigs that just flew past –wasn't it??

    • Yousoof Savant says

      I think your statement is made in poor taste… ALL South Africans go through a very rigorous process to come and live here. They apply for Skills Visas which takes anywhere from 6 months to two years…

  21. Well done, Andrew!

    It has become a sick and twisted world when our politicians do not recognise white communities the way they recognise any other communities.

    Unfortunately cultural genocide has turned into vicious murder and reprisals against those that feed not only Sth Africans, but also the rest of Africa and the world at large.

    This is a sad indictment of the West; the disease of self loathing, guilt and apathy has resulted in this dangerous, blinkered and ultimately appalling attitude to international affairs.

    I will also be writing to my local member in a bid to get this on the radar.

    There are many that feel this way; best of luck with it.


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