Write “Reduce Immigration” on ballot papers, say candidates

In the Flinders electorate of Victoria, two independent candidates, Denis McCormack and Paul Madigan, are advocating a “Reduce Immigration” policy.

Part of their campaign is to recommend to encourage voters to write the slogan “Reduce Immigration” on their ballot papers when voting in the election (in a similar way to the “No Dams” sloganeering campaign for ballot papers in Tasmania in the 1980s).

Whilst it is assumed that the AEC would not encourage this practice, apparently it is quite legal to write a slogan on a ballot paper, as long as the ballot paper information is not obscured. The APP wrote to the AEC to confirm this, but to date no reply has been received. However, on the “Reduce Immigration” website, Steve Kennedy, Director of Operations with the Australian Electoral Commission in Victoria, is quoted as saying in an interview on ABC Radio, that “Writing a slogan [on a ballot paper] does not in itself render a vote informal”.

The “Reduce Immigration” website refers to an opinion poll which shows that about 70% of Australians oppose mass immigration. The Age newspaper reported that “More than two-thirds of Australian voters do not embrace population growth, according to a national survey of social attitudes. When asked ”Do you think Australian needs more people?” an overwhelming 69 per cent answered negatively”.

Denis McCormack says that his platform is “To inform residents about the historic opportunity they have on September 7 to write ‘Reduce Immigration’ atop both ballot papers. We, the often demonstrated 70 per cent who are concerned about our unsustainably high annual immigration and consequent high population growth rate, will not be locked out of the policy debate by bipartisanship – no matter which major party wins and claims a mandate to continue high immigration against our wishes.”

Paul Madigan stated “I want to encourage the disenfranchised voters in Flinders to write Reduce Immigration in the blank space at the top of their ballot papers. Albert Langer was sent to prison for telling the voters that a valid vote could be ‘anybody’ and ‘everybody else’. Thus, voting only for their preferred candidate. The politicians then changed the rules so that you must number each candidate in your order of preference. Although 70 per cent of Flinders voters don’t want our current mass immigration, all of their votes will end up on either the Labor or Liberal pile – which means that it is already certain that after the election whoever is in power will claim a mandate for continued mass immigration …. which is a fraud.”

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  1. We have contacted our member of Parliament about reducing the immigration
    intake. Why are so many Black African Refugees now residing in Aussie?
    When they don’t like white people living in their countries? It would appear that
    Mugabe’s family is now living in Aussie. Why? It would appear also there is a very nasty
    agenda now taking place and we are the LOSERS! Refugeeism/Humanism is now
    the 21st Century Neo Communism that have always wanted to get rid of the Western
    World. You have to only google Poor Whites Living Conditions in South Africa and
    you can see what will be happening to us in a few decades. time. Why are Black African’s
    getting housing before Aussies??

  2. Europe’s ‘Christmas Island’-Lampadusa-is going thru the same dramas,due to powder puff government who won’t crack down thru fear of upsetting the latte sippers in the left.
    How could a country like Italy possibly benefit from hordes of African refugees-who will contribute nothing to society,and go on to have ten kids each? Have a national day of mourning for the drowned if you must,but just look at the U.S.,France,Britain,Norway and Sweden before letting too many more in.They have nothing to offer,yet expect everything back in return.

  3. What a great idea! Pity I found this site after the election. Immigration should indeed be reduced.

    It amazes me every time:

    Whenever I go to a place of some big and free entertainment (like New Year fireworks in any Australian capital city, or an event like Brisbane’s RiverFire) 50 to 70% of faces around are of non-European appearance, many with their countless children.

    Whenever I go to any place of hard work – white faces only.

    Sick, isn’t it?

  4. Great idea!
    I only wish it could really change the situation with flooding Australia with migrants, many of whom have no desire to integrate into Australia way of living, the achievements of which attracted those migrants here in the first place.

  5. Now that Tony Abbott is in charge,sure we’ll see less boat arrivals,but this means they’ll now allow more refugees in thru the FRONT door-something they don’t tell you in election campaigns. Think about it…….less Iranians,Iraqis and Afghans (possibly) but more Somalians,Sudanese and Ghanians. Well bloody wonderful!
    Remember these are people who didn’t want white rule in their countries-they thought they could run things just as well,and look what happened. They wreck their own countries,now they’re gradually wrecking Western countries they invade. Wherever they are in the world,they’ve been a pox on white society for decades.
    When they’re in jail,its the white mans fault.When they’re unemployed,its the white mans fault. When they’re battling famine,its the white mans fault. When they’re abducted by aliens from outer space……..its the white mans fault!! When are they going to take some bloody responsilbility for their own destiny?
    The truth hurts,but needs to be said.

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