Guess who’s coming to dinner? For $300?

Australians are understandably outraged at the proposal by the Gillard government to alleviate the pressure on accommodation for illegal entrants into our nation.

Unable to stem the flow of unauthorised people through our borders and not having the intestinal fortitude to withstand pressure from the bleeding hearted extremists in parties like the Greens, the government has proposed paying Australians $300 per week to house these people in their own homes.

Apart from being a clear indication of desperation from a government devoid of ideas and making policy on the run, this ridiculous proposal is fraught with potential pitfalls.

What legal obligations do these “homestay landlords” have towards the welfare of their charges? Furthermore, when one considers the trouble the system has in keeping track of the situation of some foster children in our society, what safe guards would there be to ensure similar shortfalls would not be found under this scheme?

When one considers the poor screening processes used by government departments and the reports of crimes (often of a sexual or violent nature) committed by some illegal entrants when released into the general community, one has to question the wisdom of relying upon government assurances about the character of strangers to be housed amongst our families in our own homes.

Clearly, our nation’s parliament is unable, or unwilling, to take the measures needed to stem the flow of illegal entrants to our shores. Pandering to vocal minority pressure groups and having one hand tied behind it’s back due to ludicrous U.N “treaties”, the parliament seems more focused on convincing the community of the wisdom of staying the course on their road to ruin rather than governing in the national interest.

Time will show the $300 per week to harbour an illegal entrant is no different to receiving 30 pieces of silver when it comes to the future of our children.


  1. stop crying says

    what a pack of wankers we are.nobody likes how we are being screwed by the fools in the way someone put them there.but you know what we can piss them off.just as eazy.stand up and and say enough is me we are the ones who have the power to clean up this mess.there is no good of just a few people wanting change stand up and be counted.and just watch the spineless pollies back peddle when they think that there time has come. but you like me will do sweet f@#k all and leave it to somebody else

  2. Don't let the facts get in the way of a racist rant.

    The host families receive $120/wk for each guest. They prefer to send the guests in pairs for mutual support, so the host will receive a maximum of $240/wk for housing 2 people!

    • Save Australia says

      $300 is what the newspapers reported

      "THE Federal Government will pay families up to $300 a week to temporarily house asylum seekers in their homes to help deal with the increasing flood of arrivals. …The Immigration Department confirmed it would… pay a weekly stipend of between $220 and $300 to families to cover food and board for detainees."

      So those are the facts, according to the media.

  3. You know, the real issue here is not about "illegal immigrants". The real issue is about government's failure to secure our borders. But, there's a pretty simple solution to this problem and that is this:

    Anyone who arrives via a safe country (whether it be by plane or boat) no longer qaulifies for refugee status.

    Let's clarify that statement: if a refugee leaves a hostile homeland and let's say, arrives in Indonesia, is not Indonesia a safe refuge for them from their homeland? Therefore why do they then need to flee Indonesia (or any safe country for that matter) just to get to Australia? Technically they are no longer refugees, but simply immigrants looking for a way to move country.

    Removing this loop hole in our refugee qualification is surely the simplest way to secure our borders.

    • Leigh Delbridge says

      Because in Indonesia, they would not get the Welfare, free medical and all the Government Support Groups, all the Lurks and Purks, and all the "do gooders" we have here, making it impossible for us to get these people out of OUR Country.

      • You are absolutely correct Leigh. They are coming for the Perks! Just like the situation in Britain, where many refugees arrive after having travelled all the way through Europe, simply because they know that Britian will give them the best welfare package, even though they have traversed many safe countries along the way.

        This is precisely the reason why we need to remove their elligability for refugee status if they have come via a safe country, because let's face it, they're not refugees at that point, they're just looking for the best welfare system.

      • What about the so called "refugees" who are been living in Jakarta, Indonesia fwaiting for entry to Australia? There are supposedly hundreds of them who are funded by the AUSTRALIAN TAXPAYER. This government should be sacked for their mishandling of everything they spend YOUR money on. Illegals, the NBN should have been NWN (National Water Network) instead of the internet that is outdated as they put it in! Of course there is also the Insulation Project, all their shonky ads on television, the Carbon tax and the list goes on. If eveyone stopped paying their taxes and I mean EVERYONE what would happen? One other point is that a lot the money these illegals receive from YOUR taxes gets sent back to their country for others to follow. As for taking them into your house for a sum of $120 per person a week is just so idiotic, let the "bleeding hearts" in government take them home as I don't know anyone who wants to feed, take to appointments, look after them and open everything you have in your house for them and they would also get the dole for spending money or do you supply that as well? Believe me you would have to make many changes in YOUR HOUSE to suit your new lodgers, the food you eat, dealing with their very different ways and they will take over in your house. After all we cannot believe what Taffy says as Taffy lies.

    • Indonesia has not signed the refugee convention. Thats the answer they always give and if that is a valid answer maybe we should rip it up and then they can only come here if it is the first port of call.

      • Agreed. John you are right on the money. It's time to untangle ourselves from the UN/IMF etc and tear up ALL the agreements signed by recent governments giving away our sovereign rights and in the process removing our ability to chose what is right for us as a nation. Whilst we're at it let's close up the loop hole that people who are awarded refugee status can also bring in their families, as noted elsewhere on this site: most appear to be men in the 20-30year old bracket.

        • The APP needs to understand that Australias policies are not unique to Australia. In fact Australia is behind the western world on most of its anti national policies. To understand why we have this 3rd world immigration we need to understand that Australia just follows America and Europe. No Australian just woke up one day and said 'What a beutiful country we live in, hey how about we bring tens of thousands of people from asia africa india and the middle east .'

          • Again you are correct John: We do follow USA and Europe on these matters. All the more reason to remove ourselves from these agreements, as one only needs to witness the issues currently facing those nations as a result of these policies. It seems that the leaders of the western world are wanton to open our borders regardless of the consequences of their actions.

            And you are quite correct in saying that most Australians didn't just wake up one day and decide that opening our borders is a good idea. No doubt most Europeans and Americans did not either. (Witness the rising popularity of the French National Front and the True Finns party as evidence of this) Signing up to these UN/IMF agreements is something that has quietly been done on the sides without consultation of the general populace as to the consequences of these actions and their desires. No doubt APP knows this and no doubt like myself and many others Aussie's is probably and rightfully, outraged that we were never consulted on this matter-we were/are just expected to accept that there is a minor few who deem it is their right to tell the majority what is good for them in their push for a single international government.

            Don't get me wrong-I absolutely support the idea that everyone deserves the same standard of living that we enjoy, and I say: yes, we should be providing the tools/technology to 3rd world nations so that they can achieve that. Remember the saying: Give a man a fish-feed him for a day; teach him to fish-feed him for a lifetime.

          • This is great to communicate with normal people who care about all peoples of the world. Who do you think the small minority is that is behind this? We need to work that out otherwise we don't stand a chance of stopping it.

          • Thank you, John. There is no reason why we cannot have a win-win scenario for all the peoples of the world whilst maintaining our national identity and sovereignty. We can be firm in our belief in and our approach to closed borders, whilst also being compassionate towards those who are less fortunate.

            As much as this topic evokes strong emotions in us all, without structured, intelligent arguments, we will not gain any further inroads into the publics' perception, and our political opponents will be able to quash our beliefs with little effort.

            There is no doubt in my mind that by helping 3rd world nations lift themselves up, we will help ourselves by removing the reasons for the pressures on our immigration, illegal or otherwise.

            As for whom I believe the minority is currently setting the agenda: Well, I do not believe in conspiracies only in what I can see. I believe we need to abolish the current two party preferred system. I believe it allows small interest groups to set the agenda of the larger parties in return for their support. This has never been more evident that at this time in our history.

            I believe we need to return to the 'first past the post' principle of whoever gets the most votes wins. This will restore true democracy to the people and give back to the 'silent' majority their say in how we chose to run this nation allowing common sense and true transparency of political party policy to return to the fore.

          • I think that rather, us told who we have to vote for and get rid of all the WANKERS that are in Parliment at the moment, and may I add have just given themselves another pay rise, to do more damage to this Country of ours!!!

            Too many do gooder these days, the whole bloody Country needs to HARDEN UP a bit and get rid of these absolute WANKERS that are destroying this Country, and maybe send all these DO GOODERS that think everything in this Country is going just so great, Take there Heads out of the sand and WAKE UP!! This Country is going to the DOGS ( or should I say the MUSLIMS)

            This Country needs to Revolt and stand up to these Islamic Loving, Cash Cow, Fat Cat Do Gooders.

            We need Australians with Common sense and and less of the Mob that are there with Half a Brain sell between the lot of them.

  4. It's good to see people express their opinions and are concerned at this new development. You know it's hard enough for organisations to enlist fosters parents for children BORN in this country In 2009 the NSW Government forcasted almost 19,000 children had to go into some kind of out of home care.… In Victoria, an audit of foster care found that the number of carers has been declining since 1995-96, with more carers leaving the system than joining it (Department of Human Services Victoria, 2005).In all states and NT we see the need for forster parents. I am baffled as how people can put their hands up looking after illegal immigrants in their own homes yet would not consider fostering children/young adults with complex needs and behaviours in their family environment.

    I would much rather see ours and other western governments hold these rogue middle eastern muslim governments accountable from where these people are "fleeing from".

    We should not have to feel responsibe for everyone's injustices.

  5. No not now not EVER..

  6. When I was travelling I met an Americian girl who had a 1 (one) week visa to visit Australia, I invited her to stay with me and my family as she wanted to stay longer than the week.

    We went to the immigration office at the airport on arrival to enquire about extending her tourist visa, what a drama, she had paid for the week long visa and was told that to stay another week would cost her $400.00. This girl was a student who had saved to travel.

    To say the least I was ashamed at the way she was spoken to and there was not the slightest interest in helping the girl to stay another week and she had paid to come here!

    The same afternoon she arrived in Australia she caught a plane on to NZ, she was upset at her treatment in this so called "great" country.

    If she had arrived on these shores as an ILLEGAL she would have been given the key to the country!!!!!!


  7. Allan Ritchie says

    Ive lost half of my pension to stockbrokers for 42 years and about two thirds income before going on invalid pension yet according to government they cant afford to help me get justice yet I notice new arrivals get almost any help of any kind

  8. Chris Ottaway says

    This is no more than I expect from the incumbent government, which is easily the worst in the history of this country, even surpassing the Whitlam regime and the late, un-lamented NSW Labour government. The scheme has already developed cracks a mile wide, with some suckers (sorry, "hosts") having bad experiences with their invaders (sorry, "guests")!

  9. I am discusted at this the politicans should put them up in their homes see how far it goes fancy having a muslim in your house you would have to carry a gun i think they are filthy smelly and just want to bring all their troubles with them they cannot intergrate like so many others have ddone in the past polish, Italians, Chineese, etc they just cannt intergrate and that is the bigest problem with these people. I f we dont have room for them they should be sent back at their expence not ours as there is so many Australians suffering and the A ustralian Government dont seem to be doing to much to look after their own

    • Juliette says

      What a disgrace that we are not looking after our aborigines better, after all they were the first Australians..

    • Are you kidding me about the Chinese and Vietnamese? I've worked with and among them both here and in their countries and they are more racist than anyone else I've ever met. They are just more cunning and hide it better. They have created their own ghettos, look at Chingvale in Melbourne and then tell me they've integrated. As far as I'm concerned, they are no more welcome than the Muslims.

  10. not no never ever in MY house.these leader of my nation ridiculed us in the late70s when the littoral surveilance organation (now coastwatch )got started. only in those days on the NW coast the main target were Indo chinese , Indon fishermen and the great rapists the Taiwanese dredges .38 of these in two days and we (the aircrew) were ridiculed in parliament as foreign owned aliens (company was owned by Jardine Matheson Brit company based in HK) I am satisfied that these people that lead this country are not stupid —they couldnt be that stupid they know exactly what they are doing to this place and MUST BE STOPPED and bloody SOON11

  11. my opinion is the government is allowing more muslims into Australia so in the not too distant future they can sell the terrorism lies that America gets sold so big brother gets more power over the people

    • Terry Odgers says

      Steve…..this country has currently locked up in its jails over 30 would be Muslim terrorists. Islamic terrorism is no lie, but you are right when you add that governments use terrorism to oversee even more draconian anti-freedom legislation in the name of protection.

  12. Len Davis says

    I am gob smacked at this latest disaster emanating from Canberra.

    I am even more incensed that these idiots can at will impose these unwanted individuals into our communities with us taxpayers footing the bill for free housing, education, ++++.

    I agree with the many thousands of comments that this government is guided by the Greens who cannot see beyond their noses the folly of their immigration and refugee policiy and the long term disaster that will surely follow with these altrustic idealogies. Europe is a perfect example where western covilisation is under serious threat from both legal and illegal immigrants. Not only do these immigrants and their huge famillies have a completely different family planning culture vs a declining indigenous population. If they practice this culture without a social security system, imagine what they are like when they get paid to have babies.

    It is understood from relaible sources in Britain that there are many schools where English is now a 2nd language. In addition we have many classes in the Manchester area with only one or two English students out of 25-30 immigrant (or descendents) students. ALL THIS WHEN THEY OPENED THE GATES IN THE 60s (+/-50 years ago). Imagine what it will be like in a 100 years.

    I see it happening here in Australia. We have so mnay polarised communities already (all were once cherished Australian communities) and the government seem fully intent on exacerbating the policy of creating more and bigger polarisation of these alien communities.

    Cry the beloved country!!!!!!!!!

  13. i am horrified at the payment to the muslims on cocus islands and their continued arrival. the whole thing makes a mockery of the current australian government if i was a muslim i would do everything in my power to arrive at cocus islands454

  14. further more i would happily have boat people from china or vietnam or indonesia who were not muslims reside in my house

  15. i am horrified at what is going on . we have a so called defence force inc. navy who appear to only serve the purpose of welcoming these boats and people. it took me 12 months to get a visa for my wife after paying almost $2000 for her to come here. why do not the australian government rename the australian navy the WELCOMEING AUSTRALIAN NAVY

    • Try being in the Navy and having to put up with it. It's the most demeaning and anger inducing task you'll ever have to undertake.

  16. OzPatriot says

    There is no end to the hair-brained garbage these idiots in Labor come up with.

    They need to be put out of their misery, just like every poor Australian that has put up with this garbage for so long.

    Cry the beloved country!!

  17. Soothsayer says

    I can see disaster looming with this scheme. Like a lot of things it will be abused. There is also the safety element of having mentally unwell people from cultures that have some pretty weird ideas about sexual norms.

    A lot of non-Western cultures have very bigoted ideas about the sexual norms of western women. I would worry about the safety of teenage daughters of people wanting to host illegal entrants.

    The deal just got a lot sweeter for the people smugglers wanting to sell their service. You could get to live with a naive family you can run circles around.

    • OzPatriot says

      You are right, Soothsayer, everything they have implemented has been abused; this is just another policy destined for complete failure, albeit a bloody big one!

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