The government’s new anti-Australian propaganda strategy‏

In February 2011, the federal government announced yet another policy to shore up their flawed ideology of political multiculturalism. Calling it “The People of Australia”, their spiel is that this “new” policy is one “which reaffirms the importance of a culturally diverse and socially cohesive nation” – blatantly ignoring the fact that their importation of massive numbers of Third World immigrants has created ethnic ghettoes, no-go areas for Australians, and increased street violence against Australians. Hardly creating a “socially cohesive nation” – unless you were taking a leaf from the lying authoritarian government of George Orwell’s “1984” book; a model which the multicultural fascists certainly seem to draw inspiration from.

A key element of this political policy is the creation of “a new national partnership to develop and implement a comprehensive National Anti-Racism Strategy for Australia”. Of course, as anyone with a decent knowledge of the Orwellian tactics of political multiculturalism would be aware, “anti-racism” is normally just another way of saying that they will be targeting anybody of European descent who complains about the negative effects of multiculturalism and Third World immigration.

The government’s new “National Anti-Racism Partnership” is planning on using “the existing expertise on anti-racism and multicultural matters across three government departments – the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), the Attorney-General’s Department (AGD) and the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) – together with the Multicultural Advisory Council (AMC) and the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)”. Apart from giving a bit of insight into just how far the Orwellian tentacles of Big Brother have been spread throughout the public service, one shudders to think how much money is being constantly spent on so-called “anti-racism” across all government departments. The Multicultural bodies are, of course, a colossal waste of money that could have been better spent on hospitals and education, whilst the Orwellian-named “Human Rights” bodies are far more interested in taking away people’s rights and having them jailed or fined for speaking their honest opinions in public. Yes, Australia is becoming more and more like a fascist state every day – and you are paying for it, both in terms of loss of freedoms and the government taking money out of your pocket to fund its propaganda.

It was announced that the government’s new “Anti-Racism Partnership will comprise of “five key areas of effort”. However, you need to read between the lines to see what they are really up to:
* research and consultation [developing anti-Australian propaganda]
* education resources [creating delivery tools for propaganda]
* public awareness [a mass propaganda offensive]
* youth engagement [brainwashing innocent school children with an anti-Australian political ideology, using psychological propaganda methodologies]
* ongoing evaluation [making sure their propaganda is working – and wasting heaps of taxpayer dollars whilst doing so]

This new anti-Australian propaganda offensive is scheduled to be launched around July 2012 with various aspects of the campaign to be implemented from 2012 to 2015.

The government will be holding what they loosely call “public consultations” across the country from March to May 2012 “as part of developing the Strategy”. What they really desire is to hear from their fellow-travelers about how terrible “racism” is in Australia and how they can use that as an excuse to stop freedom of speech and oppress any Australians who have the temerity to complain about the social disunity, destruction, and dispossession caused by political multiculturalism and the related immigration disaster.

The events are free to attend, but require registration. Dates of the “consultations” and registration details can be found on the website of the “Human Rights” Commission (not to be confused with the Gestapo or KGB). Many of these events will be hosted by each state’s own multiculturalism policing body (most named something like “Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission”, “Anti-Discrimination Commission”, etc.) – just to prove that it’s not just the federal government that can waste money on political propaganda and anti-freedom machinations).

Date Location Time
22 March Hobart, Tas. 4pm – 6pm
30 March Broadmeadows, Vic. 10am – 12pm
30 March Kalgoorlie, WA 10:30am – 12:30pm
10 April Mildura, Vic. 1:30pm – 3:30pm
11 April Shepparton, Vic. TBC
11 April Alice Springs, NT TBC
13 April Perth, WA 10am – 12pm
13 April Mt Gambier, SA 11am – 1pm
20 April Darwin, NT TBC
20 April Townsville, QLD10am – 12pm
23 April Brisbane, QLD 2pm – 4pm
23 April Adelaide, SA11am – 1pm
24 April Adelaide, SA 5:30pm – 7:30pm
26 April Canberra, ACT TBC
27 April Wagga Wagga, NSW TBC
3 May Dubbo, NSW TBC
8 May Parramatta, NSW 4pm – 6pm

Let us be in no doubt as to what lies at the heart of this dangerous new government strategy. Remember, anti-racism is code for anti-white. The politically correct zealots behind government “strategies” like these are interested in one thing: to continue to build their multicultural Utopia, whilst doing whatever they can to diminish or silence any opposition to it. These folks do not believe in the traditional race-based nation-state and they seek to further diminish Australia as a predominantly European-based monoculture. To them we’re not a NATION made up of a PEOPLE, we are nothing but a SOCIETY made up of a POPULATION. They themselves have been brainwashed with pro-Multicultural politically correct dogma and they are determined to foist their values on Australian society, especially on our children.

The government’s anti-racism “strategy” is not designed to protect the interests of white people. It is purely to protect ethnic minorities, because as is human nature, ethnic minorities are admittedly, more likely to face racism. And this is the same for ethnic minorities everywhere in the world.

Three of the five “key areas of effort” include education resources, public awareness and youth engagement. Like typical socialists and social engineers, there will be a strong emphasis on promoting the wonders of “diversity” to the next generation, whilst preaching about the evils of “racism”. The politically correct zealots want to impose their pseudo-morality, emphasising that precious ethnic minorities must never be subjected to any adverse thought.

And with great community angst about the impact of Islam on Australian society, no doubt the “anti-racism” strategy will likely be extended to religious minorities also. It will be implied that all races, cultures and religions are of equal value to Australia and that we must “tolerate” them all, even when it is bleeding obvious that some may be considerably incompatible with Australian values and the Australian way of life.

Following these community consultations, there will no doubt be “recommendations” presented to the government, which will probably include further strengthening and widening of racial vilification laws and further removals of free speech and expression. Australians will be wrapped on the knuckles and condemned for being a horrible, evil racist nation and there will be calls for more money, more resources and more brainwashing put into combating the horrendous social evil of “racism”. More than likely the “recommendations” will have Australia go the way of the UK or Canada, where the totalitarian politically correct nanny state is even more advanced, and freedoms restricted even more than currently in Australia.

Activists may wish to attend these community consultations to ensure that nationalist perspectives are presented and so that self-interested ethnic minorities and also politically correct zealots don’t have it all their own way. You should emphasise your strong conviction for preserving freedom of speech and expression and strong opposition to the government brainwashing our children and to racial vilification and so-called human rights laws that inhibit our freedoms.

The Australian Protectionist Party is not encouraging people to dislike or disapprove of members of ethnic minority groups. What we are opposing is any attempt to brainwash the public with pro-Multicultural propaganda, to further impose the “Nanny State”, to waste public money on social engineering or to deprive Australians of our inherent rights to freedom of speech and expression, which means the freedom to criticise races, cultures, religions or government policies that we may not approve of.

National Anti-Racism Partnership and Strategy”, Australian Human Rights Commission
Australia’s Multicultural Policy”, Department of Immigration and Citizenship


  1. Patricia Jones says

    Serious things are happening to our Society and if we, the hoi poloi – do nothing and just accept it – well we might as well be the Eloi of H.G.Wells 'The Time Machine' and go like cattle to the slaughter. If we let this happen – there will be no going back.

  2. Patricia Jones says

    Racism is not a nice thing and should not be condoned. However it is not racist to dislike another's ideology – for instance the chronic and rabid ideology of ISLAM. Islam is not a religion…..since most religions' tenets are ones of PEACE, LOVE AND TOLERANCE. Islam falls far short of these precepts and therefore does not accept these religions in toto but seeks to manipulate and absorb the minds of the young and innocent into its dreadful cult. Islam has no intention of living peacefully in the Host countries it has assiduously migrated to. Its intent is World domination. So Governments like our Australian Government – proclaiming anti-racist propaganda- is fudging the issue. Its true intention is to deprive its people of Freedom of Speech and is totally anti-Australian.

    • It's as though anything under the cloak of "religion" is acceptable – even the horrific slaughter of live animals without stunning. Another word that's become warped is "racism". It used to mean the belief that some ethnic groups or nationalities were inherently inferior or of less value, but now it it being used politically to silence any debate on immigration or multiculturalism. We've become too politically-correct, to clamp down on our freedom of speech.

      • The River Styx says

        And again Mary G, every day we see what Muslims are doing to Muslims. i.e. The murder of civilians in Syria over the week end. The Egyptian fiasco of the first "free" elections in years. It is just the way it is under Islam, but does our government see it? NO.

        It is not racist to speak up about things that matter, but today it is in all walks of life. Several weeks ago I booked a trip through an Australian Travel Agency, (do the right thing) and became very ill within 48 hours of paying for the entire trip 2.5 thousand dollars. My bank told me the Travel Agent did not have the money in their bank account yet and to contact the Travel Agent and let them know immediately and it should be ok. Well, no it was not. Over many phone calls and emails, I was not spoken to. No answers! They just ignored my mails and pleas for help as if I did not have a voice.

        Finally, the girl at the agency put me with a Risk Managerment person. Who was at risk? They were happy to keep on ignoring me. When I tried to contact the Risk Management person, she was bouncing back my emails and the office in question could not be reached by phone. This was a big national company. …… Travel.

        This is where we are as a nation. No one will listen to our legitimate grievances. There is no way they were going to pay back my money. All I got was, "Claim it on you Insurance". For me, this is not an option. This is why insurance is so costly and we all pay for it in one way or another. All that company wanted was my feeble dollars. As a pensioner I could not afford. They just shut me down.

        We have no Free Speech at all. Big companies think they can treat us as they will, and when the tough get going, they pull the plug. I find this same behaviour in all walks of life now. Just ignore us until we give up. End of Story.

        I found this too last year with the State Government, and I wont go into details about this it is too complicated, but they were going to take my drivers license from me for non payment of a fine of 500 dollars, which I did not owe. It took me three months to clear myself and the stress and the strain was incredible. It almost killed me. I do not exaggerate. Even the Ombudsman said I was guilty. I was not, and just try telling this to the all powerful Ombudsman. This was a Herculian effort on my part and it cost me so much in emotional stress and writing about forty letters and the postage etc., Working day and night. And all because one Eco warrior saw a carton or outer from packing on the street. The fine was for not answering his petty enquiry. It was not my carton and I lived on the mid north coast and nowhere near that spot. The fault was on Australia Post for not passing on my mail redirection. I did not get the mail. But the Eco Warrior from Penrith Council, would not take my word for that. He bulldozed right over me like I mattered for nothing and my word was no valid.

        At first State Debt Recovery could not even tell me what the fine was for because they could not read the summons. It took them a month to work that out. All the time the threatening letters kept coming. There was no help for me – nowhere. As a 7th generation Australian I was shot down without any more rights than my convict forefathers.

        This is the world we live in now. We cannot speak in our own defence.

        Let Free Speech live! And let our stupid public servants be accountable for witch hunts like I had on me. There should be a way to claim something from these people when we are falsely accused.

        I hope it never happens to any one of you.

        Everyone thinks it will never happen to them, well Goldilocks it can. I am so upset that Muslims can roll up in their boats with no proof of who they are. And you can bet your life their papers, if they have any – are forged. And we, the idiotic Australians are paying for it through taxes like my government delivered to me. $500 for not filling in a ECO Warriors form. O my God! Why have we been laid so low.

        Who is the second class citizen in Australia today? The ones paying for it are!

  3. The River Styx says

    Yes, and quickly.

  4. The River Styx says

    Good on you Fred and by the way, just morons would be good enough without the Oxy.

  5. frederickdixon says

    As a white Briton I can tell Paul that his self-description as "black British" is an oxymoron. No, he shouldn't be in Australia, but nor should he be in Britain because both countries are homelands of the white Anglo-Celtic nation.

    How can it be that so-called "democracies" can be turned into alien places against the will and without the consent of the majority? Because "democracy" as we have it in the western tradition is a vast fraud designed only to serve the interests of a monied elite.

    So what can be done? Organise, recruit, agitate, vote – but above all use your revolutionary rejection of the status quo to bring the young to your side.

    Power to the APP! With greetings from poor old Blighty, Frederick Dixon.

  6. The River Styx says

    Yes Nick, I have to agree with you that multiculturalism is not working at all. Imagine the wonderful life we could have without the drain on our economy these migrants cost us. No one has ever asked an Australian if they are in favour of this bludgeoning to death of our country by Middle Eastern and African migrants. They have nothing in common with us at all.

    Our Australian way of life is vanishing. Our history forgotten. Our people go without to pay for this trash. It is so wrong to the Australian people. We should not go without housing, proper medical for the aged and all the things they the newcomer gets as soon as they land here.

    You were quite correct in your recognition of what the program Insight was all about. How rude for people to speak about their "HOST" nation. These people from the "Slum Dog Millionaire" part of the world and beyond have forgotten what it is like to live in the countries they came from. They are still living their way of life at our expense in our country. Still sending home for brides or taking little girls back home to their own countries to marry them. Still bashing and hurting women who wont do as they are told. This is all undermining the rights of Australian women. We have become so accustomed to these ruthless people that is becoming the norm in law enforcement and the cost is telling. Court lists are long. Help is a long way off when we are sleeping on the streets.

    If they don't want to be members of our society and embrace our values, then they must go home and we should abandon migration from Asia and the Middle East and Africa. Their values are just not in keeping with ours. (Buddhists are a different story and are a passive, loving people).

    Migration sure, and there are many Christian European people who would love to relocate to Australia and are now not allowed. They are ignored. There are Christians who are Copts desperately trying to get out of Egypt, and Maranites, and other Orthodox faiths throughout the Middle East. But, we don't help them. We ignore their plight in favour of those who wish us harm.

    Are we all being duped for Oil????

  7. Soothsayer says

    This youtube video is hilarious. You need to let it play past four minutes to get to the uhmmm…..point.

  8. "Paul, I know who I am but you are an idiot."

    Well said Nick and perhaps we should include the curse of Political Correctness into this debate which is a choker on all of us here in Australia.

    • lol

      why am i an idiot because i have Australian leb mates , or greek,or aborigine, or british?

      Why is that a crime?

      Can´t you see that you only see the colour or country or religion , you are not interested if they are good people or interesting , or just plain normal.Are they not human just like you?

      How can you judge people without knowing them.?

      I am a black aussie it that wrong??

      • The River Styx says

        The crime is remaining ignorant of the danger people like you, lay us open us, in your attitude that "she'll be right mate". It is not alright when people seek to impose their will upon us, treat women in ways you can never imagine, or you do the same thing and think it is OK to do this. It is not OK when police ignore our pleas for help against the criminal element these so called asylum seekers bring with them.

        Our government knows absolutely everything an Australian citizen does from cradle to grave, but the Asylum Seeker, well quite frankly they can invent a life and we don't know who they are and we are expected to cop it sweet.

        Yesterdays brilliant exposure of the Burqu by the team with Nick Folkes was so timely. We just don't know who they are, what they are nor what they have under that stinking garb they wear. The boys were not challenged in some places, because this is the extent to which the average Australian has been beaten into the ground when it comes to Free Speech and the ability to say anything about "things that matter".

        Your crime is that of a traitor. You are selling your countrymen and women into the hands of people who do not love our country. And thanks to the Q Society for their use of a poem from a great Australian poet, Dame Mary Gilmore.

        "No Foe Shall Gather our Harvest, Or sit on our Stockyard Rail". Very powerful words, but you would more than likely not know what they mean.

        You and your Lebanese friends (many now in gaol for rape – for the pack rape of our women) need to take a good look at yourselves and there, you will see the crime you commit. Your crime is not caring about the wonderful legacy that was left to you by countless, unknown Australians who gave their guts for this nations Freedom, Freedom of Speech, and a Fair Go for ALL AUSTRALIANS even those who attack our beaches, destroy our property, burn down detention centres, demand they impose their view on All Australians by their own admission, and who bring their sick and cruel punishment to our shores.

        This is a crime against the hands that feed you.

    • I am a Black British aussie should i leave and go back to Britain??

      • Soothsayer says

        Paul, you are stereotyping us. You are the one who came onto this site and was hostile to one of the contributors.

        People are fed up with the lack of debate about these issues which also affect them.

        If you want to join in this debate can you do so respectfully without lauding us a 'racists and xenophobes' and intimidating others.

        So far I've failed to any useful perspective you have provided other than your 'credentials' of having lot's of lebanese and aboriginal friends and being black yourself.

        Ironically we are talking about the race card and you have just slapped it in our faces. This is what we are talking about. People refusing to meet us halfway and stopping all debate by calling us racist and lauding themselves as 'salt-of-the-earth' types.

      • The River Styx says

        No indeed. Perhaps with age you may develop more compassion for your chosen country. But I doubt it. Who hurt you so much that you feel you have to undermine us? We are all in this together Paul. I would fight for your rights, now how about a fair go mate!

      • The River Styx says

        Yes, of course you should go back to Britain – if you don't like it here. No one is a prisoner in Australia, you are free to go when you like, unless you were kicked out of Britain.

        But, like your mates, you probably like our dole money and free medical. It's back to basics for you, wherever that may be my friend.

  9. Terry Odgers says

    Soothsayer….well, let's just say there will be an abundance of Feather Dusters for sale.

  10. Jay in DC says

    Hello Aussies,

    Greetings from the capital of the greatest nation on planet Earth, Washington DC. Except that, well… it is a lie. I'm certain that most anyone who would read this board would know that already but let me educate you as a White European who lives in "The Nation's Capital".

    Just a few tidbits, I will let you fill in the blanks… First off in recent news we have the case of Treyvon Martin killed by a -hispanic- who is being reported as white in almost all media outlets to stoke the racial fires / tensions. One guy who is not black kills a black boy and it merits comment from the President of the US. Meanwhile, black on black crime is absolutely epidemic in all parts of this nation. Blacks are 13% of the US population and commit more than 50% of violent crime. Do you want this for Australia? I am guessing not…

    Second tidbit, all the PC multiculturalist far left leaning idiots are aware that "all cultures are equal" because that is what they learned in Universities held hostage by the radical leftists and feminists. Meanwhile, there is a piece of legislation currently trying to pass in DC where it would be made a crime to aggressively solicit women on our metro system (subway). Why?? Because these very same WHITE liberal women who beleive the myth of equality are being verbally, physically, and sexually harassed on the very same subway when riding with the "underpriveleged" black yoof that they care about so much. And when they have real world interaction with these wonderful people they are scared out of their mind as they grope these white women, curse at them, and threaten them sexually.

    This is the capital of the US, circa 2012. Do whatever you can in your power to prevent one of the last bastions of European / White ancestry from falling. The US and UK are basically doomed now. You all have a chance.

    Jay in DC

    • Terry Odgers says

      Jay….the hate whitey industry is overdue for a backlash, and when it comes, the fur will fly!

    • The River Styx says

      No we dont. We have political correctness gone mad too. Our hand, mouth and feet are tightly bound by our government.

      Yeah and DC is very pitiful behind the statues of the Founding Fathers.

  11. I've just found out my boss is sponsoring FIVE children in Africa with company money-money that could go to improved machines,equipment or improved wages for our lower paid members.Yes,Africans are starving.Yes they have all kinds of afflictions.What are THEY doing about it? If they had a braincell between them,they wouldn't need anything from us.I had charity collecters on my doorstep the other day wanting an indefinate handout and wanted my credit card details.I declined.They showed no concern for my own financial situation-I could have been broke. Other races pretend to be equal,yet in the next breath want everything done for them.And have you noticed that whenever you tell it like it is,out comes the 'R' word?

    • The River Styx says

      I used to donate to children until, as we now know many of the funds are being ripped off by nameless people.

      It probably sounds heartless, but until any people anywhere in the world fight their own fight against the war lords, the religious leaders, and take responsibility for their own lives, it will never change. When we arrived in chains in 1788, we were the poorest people in the world. The Aboriginal people were far better off than we were. Now we are providing funds to most of the world, and we still go without. Even to the very wealthy Japan.

      So Viv Gibson I do agree with you. Australia is the bingo bowl of the world and we have 50 thousand kids living on the streets, no proper nursing care for the elderly, children not protected in abusive homes, the list goes on and on and we only have to ask any of the societies who care for the underpriveledged. We can send 5 million plus to rebuild mosques in Indonesia, where the money was not spent on housing and many of our own people don't have housing. Never will have housing.

      There are billions wasted by all governments on STUDIES????? on just about any mad cap scheme in an attempt to give even more jobs for the stupid boys. Our governments, all of them, ignore the plight of hard working Australians in favour of many who wish to kill us. The Bali bombing did not teach us a thing.

  12. I have been watching this site for a while now and i believe it's to much talk not enough action.

    I believe strongly in the APP's principles and a majority of Australians i know have exactly the same view.

    We must get the App's voice out and all stand together.

    I recently visted England and couldn't understand why this supposedly great system of multicultralism had done to her.

    I am sure Australia is next unless we all make a stance.

    For the future and passed generations of our nation it is time to rise.

  13. Multiculturalism is a threat to the very basis of our Australian culture, identity and shared values and there is no reason why we should promote migrant cultures to be maintained at the expense of our shared, national culture, putting allegiances to original culture ahead of national loyalty, which is a philosophy fostering separate development, a federation of ethnic cultures, not one community.

    A community of separate cultures fosters a rights mentality, rather than a responsibilities mentality. It is divisive. It works against quick and effective integration and emphasizes the rights of ethnic minorities at the expense of the majority of Australians and national cohesion.

    It seems clear that many multicultural societies have failed and that the human cost of the failure has been high and we should think very carefully about converting Australia into a giant multicultural laboratory for the assumed benefit of the peoples of the world.

    Australians who have no other nation to fall back upon, multiculturalism is almost an insult. It is divisive. It threatens social cohesion. It could, in the long-term, also endanger Australia's military security because it sets up enclaves which in a crisis could appeal to their own homelands for help.

  14. Dave King says

    I think critics of multiculturalism should avoid using the word race because this debate isn't about race. Our critics will always play the race card which reveals their intellectual shortcomings more than anything else. I watched Insight on SBS last Tuesday night and I was impressed with the women of Chinese descent who spoke honestly and eloquently about their own feelings on the subject of race. The young woman of Ghanian descent the young Aussie-Indian actor on the panel were also terrific. They spoke with Australian accents because they had been brought up in this country. As far as I'm concerned if someone sounds like an Australian, they are Australian. If they have been here long enough for that to develop, they are also likely to think about the important things in life in the same way I do. Focussing on skin colour is an irritating distraction and plays into the hands of the social engineers and noisy PC brigade.

    Our primal tribal instincts are the product of evolution and are not going to go away but what has developed to temper these instincts is social trust. This has evolved over the last 100000 years as populations grew and towns and cities developed. Familiar faces encountered in our daily lives have been replaced largely by strangers. We make assumptions about those strangers. We assume that if they sound like us and look like us, and by that I don't mean skin colour, we are likely to be culturally compatible. We look at cultural symbols and ethnic accoutrements when we size up a stranger not skin colour and if they pass that test we assume compatibility and feel secure.

    We are naturally protective of what we value in our society. Our liberal, democratic, progressive and secular society is to be treasured and defended at any cost. Occasionally that's on the battlefield but on a day to day basis it's through our laws, our education system, our immigration policy and so on. Our cultural and social capital is more important than our natural assets and the nation's physical capital. It's no coincidence that the most advanced countries are those with systems based on political and economic liberalism, science and reason. People who are hostile to these values and the quintessential Australian notion and expression of eqalitarianism are what this country needs protection from.

    • My issues are with not race but Multiculturalism being used to support high immigration and "diversity" encouraged over embracing our culture, and integration. It's assumed that Australia has no culture, and that the Multi part means we can be unified by our differences – which is an oxymoron! There are limits to how different cultural/ethnic groups integrate. While second and ongoing generation might mix, each mainly stay together. High immigration rates means we are just a disjointed society, with displacement, shortages, high crime, higher costs of living and an erosion of living standards. Australia can't maintain such high rates of population growth. It's killing our economy, our environment, our lifestyles, and any attempts to face climate change.

    • Terry Odgers says

      A good comment Dave. True racism is not about skin color or different racial characteristics, it has always been about the cultural behaviour of some ethnicities who just may happen to have different features. Generally, it is the different features of those who belong to the culture that is held at arms length that get remarked upon, and not the behaviour of that culture that should be the talking point.

      This is why Islam has had such a free pass within all Western nations, because the culture that is Islam is never brought out into the open to debate the genuine concerns that Islam represents to most of us who know something about Islam and how the Muslim operates. Any concerns raised about the behaviour of those from the religion of peace is usually met with the standard epithets of racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia etc, when the concerns are really about the publicly demonstrated behaviour of the Muslim and the nature of the culture that is Islam.

      Multiculturalism is a dangerous policy that permits a totalitarian ideology, such as Islam, to be accommodated into Western cultures because the culture itself cannot not be criticized, therefore publicly exposed as a culture which is completely opposed to Western values. In truth we are being hoodwinked by a fascist ideology (multiculturalism) into allowing another fascist/totalitarian ideology (Islam) to take root and finally destroy the West through Islamic immigration.

      It's a frightening scenario, but what is more frightening is that it is really happening and no one seems to be able to stop it. If it continues the prognosis for our future is not a good one!

    • I would have to disagree with your skin colour statement.

      Your skin colour is important it defines who you are as a human being, this is not racist but common fact.

      If an Indian such as the actor on insight comes to Australia as a child and learns Australian values and in every way is pretty much Australian as True blue, His apperance will always belong to the region his race comes from.

      Saying this White Australian will always racially belong to Europe.

      But as the Indian/Australian gains knowledge of Australian soceity he will always support his people struggle in there alien soceity this is a natural thing you can never change your race it is not racist but only common sense.

      The ghanian Lady who was on insight is a fine example of this.

      She was born here, grew up in an Australian enviroment but yet she questioned why there is no ghanian childern on a weet bix add and claimed that the reason is racism.

      This is multiculturalism! truth is some races of humans cannot co-exist and as humans we must understand this before it is to late.

      (i am not trying to have a heated debate with you but i wanted to give my opinon on this matter thankyou.)

      • Soothsayer says

        Nathan – I think you have raised an important point and no doubt a lot of people are in agreement.

        I've noticed that non-white people seem to be 'solidarity' with each other because of their shared experienced of the alleged racism of white Australians.

        But I've increasingly wondered over the years how much of the things people are calling racism is in fact racism. Some people use the accusation of racism to get their own way so every act and utterance that goes against their personal or group agenda is labelled as racism.

      • Terry Odgers says

        Nathan….I agree that racial characteristics such as skin color will always identify specific ethnicities, but while the color of a persons skin can cause some people to react discriminately against them, which is generally due to a perception based on stereotyping either inherited or personally experienced, it is the behaviour of the subject being discriminated against that is remembered, the skin color is really only the warning sign.

        And yes, while a West Indian who has been born in Britain may call himself British, he will never be a native Briton. That is just something that those who choose to live in nations apart from their own, and which are dominated by other ethnicities, have to accept as no law can change that obvious fact.

    • Nick Folkes, APP Syd says

      Dave, isn't race represented by culture?

      I don't really care what the critics say. There will always be left wing cultural Marxists who are highly critical of Western culture and its people. The left do not set the benchmark so there is no need to apply their bankrupt idealistic standards.

      You may have been "impressed" with the white-hating panel on SBS Insight a few weeks ago but I wasn't. I WAS there for over 90 minutes of recordings and the vile anti-white and anti-Australian rhetoric was sickening. There was a lot of material edited out of the final cut.

      I must admit Pearl was the most honest of the panelists but she still harbours ill feelings towards white Australians. The Inidan actor was by far the most racist. The episode was used as an exercise to attack Australians and downplay the importance of Anglo-Celtic and Continental Australians.

      You talk about focusing on skin colour. The whole episode focused on skin colour, it was the panel and the vile multiculturalists in the audience who continually spoke about "skin colour". The need for white Australians to move over and accommodate a multicultural Australia, isn't that racist?

      The people of Australia never asked for the failed policy of multiculturalism. Malcolm Fraser was once asked by a journalist, why he didn't put the multicultural idea to the people and he replied, "they would reject it". This sums it up – the people of Australia do reject the failed Marxist policy. Multiculturalism has been a total failure in every nation it has infected.

      Liberal idealism does not protect Australian, its people or values. The use of the term "progressive" means regression. There are many 'social progressives' in the Liberal party i.e. Malcolm Turnbull. Malcolm supports gay marriage, a carbon dioxide tax, high immigration and multiculturalism – does this sound "progressive" to you?

      Multiculturalism is "hostile" to our way of life. The stupid concept of egalitarianism is warped up in the failed ideals of multiculturalism. Why should the people of Australia give an 'illegal boat person' a fair go? Shouldn't we get back to common sense and give our people a 'fair go' instead of prefencing foreigners over our people?

      It is time to abolish multiculturalism and end third world immigration. Both failed polcies cost the tax payer ten of billions of dollars annually – what a spectacular waste!

      • Soothsayer says

        Malcolm Fraser said a few years ago that Multiculturalism hadn't changed anything and was basically a success. He cited the arrival of the Vietnamese and how they are now part of the Australian landscape.

        Not to deflect from the successful, law-abiding citizens of Vietnamese heritage, but what about the crime and drug importing members of this group have indulged in. The Vietnamese community is involved in heroin importing – drugs have so severely damaged so many Australians. I can't but help wonder if we wouldn't had the drug problems we now have if we hadn't become like this.

        Any what about the attack on the flag, ANZAC Day etc.,.

        Malcolm Fraser – multiculturalism and political correctness are changing everything. The domestic population is now lauded as racists and xenophobes and the message out their is a 'better' group of people needs to be imported to replace us because we are lazy ingrates.

    • The River Styx says

      I agree with all you say, but just want to point out my view about "what is race" and why we should not be referred to as "racists".

      If you are referring to Islam Dave King, it is not a race, so we cannot be racist in our resistance to it. Islam is a "way of life" and a dangerous one to the week within this way of life.

      Islam is made up of many desert tribes promised a better life if they steal and plunder and murder to get what they want. Their so called prophet was probably afflicted with schizophrenia as he heard voices like Joan of Arc and others in a time when most people could not read or write, and so their "so called" powers of hearing voices was believed out of ignorance.

      Most Muslims don't have an education (unless they are lucky to be given one when they invade another country) and in particular the most important member of the family "the mother" who, in her role as mother and first educator of the family has been beaten into a pulp as a member of their society and can teach her children very little as she cannot read or write. This is exactly what these men of Islam want all in their "way of life" society to represent. Men don't miss out from their cruelty either.

      These ancient desert tribes range from the deserts of Arabia, through Anatolia and across the African continent. This is a collection of people believing in a way of life, and in no way can we be called racist. So we are not being racist when we raise up against them. We demonstrate our feelings against their wish to impose their "way of life" upon our nation.

      The Jewish nation has inhabited Israel for many thousands of years, in the same place, and their history and the proof of the implements, writings, and other findings within the holy land and beyond, and their reference point being the Bible. So, they would be judged as a race and not a religion as many people believe.

      Christians are not a race. We are a collection of people (just as Islam is not a race) believing in the teachings of a Jewish Man who brought the world a new way to live in love and honour and harmony and to have respect for women and children and the aged and all the weaker members of society. And for our neighbour. But we will defend this belief if we need to or if and when we are attacked by evil.

  15. Jenny Goldie says

    You would be on stronger ground if, in opposing multiculturalism, you advocated FOR multiracialism. That way no-one can accuese you of racism. The two issues do need to be separated: we can love the brown/black person but dislike certain cultural practices. That's fair enough surely.

    • Terry Odgers says

      Jenny….I believe we already have a multi-racial nation which is far more preferable than the fascist multicultural nation that is still being promoted by government.

      And I believe that there is an article that reflects this attitude on this site….you may have to search for it!

  16. We have "Who do you think you are" on TV where celebrities trace their families and ancestry. Family genealogies are popular now. Maybe it's because we are losing our "Australian" Anglo heritage and want to know who we are? What is an "Australian" now, and what is Australia's identity? We all like to know where we come from, and how our lineage has shaped who we are. Now, Multiculturalism has blurred all boundaries, and there is little relevance to our Colonial beginnings – based on the land, the bush, Indigenous peoples and our natural heritage. Australia Day comes and we are reminded about how "racist" we are, and how tolerant we need to be. It's all about averting any overt displays of patriotism so mass immigration can continue. While some "diversity" is welcomed and stimulating, we are being "swamped by Asians" – Pauline Hanson's fears were quite legitimate!

  17. Len Davis says

    How blind can a government be to the confirmed failure of multiculturalism.
    How arrogant a government to continue to think that they are right and the rest of the world is wrong.
    I do believe that multiculturalism is a Doomsday mechanism for the western world.
    I was born and raised in west London and we lost our community to Indian and Pakistani migration in the 50s and 60s.
    I see it happening here now in North Brisbane where host communities are aghast at the volume of Indians coming into their communities and changing the community that plays host to them.
    No wonder we have racial problems – are the hosts supposed to just sit back and let the Indians take their community?
    I was briefly in hospital in North Brisbane a while back and was horrified at the overwheming majority of Indian nurses and doctors.
    If the Qantas pilots can say "If you board a Qantas plane, you expect a Qantas crew" – well the same goes for our hospitals – we expect to be cared for by Australians.
    Taxis too – when I call for a taxi, I want an Australian driver who speaks English and someone I do not have to struggle to understand.
    If you think this is a racially motivated comment – you are right. Racism is an emotion and you cannot make that illegal.

    • Its not about the Government being blind…Its all deliberate intentions for de-industrialisation and a dependent world/society, by using creep politics. Its all from the UN's Agenda 21 report. Look up the document.

      …and no.. its not a movie script, its their actually stated plan.

    • Who do you think you are?

      You came from uk and destroyed the native people of Australia.They would say go back to the uk!

      So dont go telling Indians the same thing.Byt he way the UK is better without you

      • That argument dosn't hold water as the Aboriginies havn't always been here either-they've just been here longer.Also,the reason other races are coming to Australia is because WHITES run it and have made it a honeypot to other races.Truth is,every nation in the white world has blacks,and other minorities who think the whites owe them a better life. If every white left Australia and returned to Europe,many non-whites would follow us like a pet lamb.White nations are invaded because they are white nations. Once whites become a minority in australia,'white flight' back to Europe will begin,possibly by 2100.No hang on,Europe will be Islamic by then.Theres just no way out.

      • Nick Folkes, APP Syd says

        Paul, I know who I am but you are an idiot.

        Maybe you could lead by example and leave this nation first.

        Anglo-Celtic and Continental Australians built this nation. This is our land and we are taking ownership back from the illegal multicultural occupation. The multiculturalists have no right to this land and the occupation has to stop.

        Leave the adults alone and go and play with some Duplo.

    • Soothsayer says

      Ignore the nasty little troll Len, they feed off anger.

      I understand how you feel. It is important that people start to work out what is happening on these panels, who gets on them, what their agenda is. We have to be more proactive about getting out there and getting informed to ensure there is procedural fairness.

      None of this is going away. Immigrants have their ethnic communities to back them up, we don't seem to have anyone. It is only when the multicultural wonderland inflicted on us turns into a multicultural hell do you realise how little support there is.

  18. This is all about the "Asian Century" and Australia being part of Asia. It means being a "Big Australia" and an Asian one to take part in their economic growth. It's about sacrificing Australia for the benefits of a bigger GDP – "economic growth". It also means sacrificing our sovereignty, our identity and our living standards. Australia is to be dissolved into another Asian region, and patriotism will be quashed as much as possible by "racist" accusations.

    • Its all about the coming of the 'New Asian pacific Union'

      The world will be and is being decided up to regions and unions in affect destroying borders/sovereignty.

      currently we have the EU. stated plans is the North American Union, to combine Canada, USA, Mexico without borders. …also African Union and more.

      all from the UN’s Agenda 21 report. Look up the document, before its gone.

      • The River Styx says

        Well we can see very clearly that the EU is a failure. This must be a plan of the world trade and world banks. No one but an automon would not love the country of their birth unless it is a Muslim one and then they have the Western countries to run to and ruin them.

        Everyone is worried about China and sure they will be the big power of the future and America is on the way out. But China has so much to do for its own people. They have completed astonishing miracles with their buildings, dams, and silos that will never again allow China to have famine as they did in 1950's where 5 million Chinese starved to death.

        The USA is more shaky than we know and I feel it is Multiculturalism that has caused so much of this and now Islam is ringing the death nel to the States. We cannot ever support millions of people coming to our shores under the system we now live in. It is too big a strain of the economy for any country and we are just beginning to understand this. It is happening in all countries where people just turn up ans say "Hey, can I have your life and use your benefits, housing, employment"? Well, it may work in a time of great wealth, and at the moment Australia is going through this time but Australians know very well that they are missing out on many things that we once had.

        We, as did the States began with so much hope and a joy in our nationhood, but this last century there has been gradually dismantled. This is not the will of the people, but then when did it ever matter "What the People Wanted". But we must keep trying to make it better for all. Without the drain of unwanted migration, instead of the orderly intake we once had.

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