Liberal party soft on Islam

The Sunday Telegraph can reveal that David Barker, a self-confessed “man of strong Christian faith”, has been forced to shut down his Facebook account by Liberal Party officials after accusing Labor of bringing the nation “closer to the hands of a Muslim country”.

Party officials last week ordered Mr Barker to shut down his Facebook site.

But senior Liberals were so concerned at his preselection they photographed his profile page to mount a case for his disendorsement. The parties have until Tuesday to formally register candidates.

Daily Telegraph

Either Tony Abbott and the Liberal party are ignorant of the dangers of Islam or they are trying to pander to the Muslim vote.  Either way there is no excuse now. It should also be remembered the role Tony Abbott played in the destruction of One Nation – never forget.


  1. As Plato said Change the text informing new citizens or continue to inform evil and change nothing.

    On Australia mainland so far we have not had the subway, bus, jet plane, café, .. you name it has been done – yet – but we will. As Rudd said we have had many more close calls than have been publically acknowledged.

    Despite this there exists a view that somehow despite proof to the contrary Islamic text will not inform the same terror in Australia as it has elsewhere.

    Also it is amazing is it not the question as to Al-Qaeda's future given the Islamic Terror against Other since the seventh century led by any number of differently named organizations who pass into history.

    Should not the question be ‘Will the Islamic Terror continue as it has done from the seventh century?’ And more importantly once and for all face honestly the reason Why? – So Humanity and particularly Muslims can take the appropriate action and if they do not the rest of Humanity to stop this lunacy does so to protect itself?

    The fact is Genocide against Other is not new and the reasons for it and why the ethics which underlie it, derived from foundation text, utilized to justify ‘grevious harm’ on Other invariably turns against not only Other but supposed fellow adherents as well.

    Until Humanity stops dealing with the symptoms of Islamic Terror and deals directly with the cause Islamic foundation text informing each new generation of hatred and justified ‘grevious harm’ against Other the Islamic Terror continues as it has since Mohammed.

    This is the tragedy of this Muslim terror against Muslim is that it is self-inflicted by adherence to an Islamic text which forms the ethical basis for Muslim society – Change the text informing new citizens or change nothing.

    The reason for the continuing Islamic genocide against Other and why it cannot be contained within boundaries and will not stop until the text is changed is clearly linked by history and the textual mechanism to define Other as not only pure evil but most importantly unable to be persuaded by reason, duplicitous in nature and therefore the only solution is the Final Solution.

    Our societal templates for how we relate to each other is based squarely on our Foundation Text be it Christian, Buddhist, Marxist, Socialist, Communist, Muslim, Hindu – if within this text Other is defined as less, particularly regards women – what do you expect to happen? What is proven continually to happen – be it a secular or religious Foundation text?

    Mohammed QURAN

    002.006 As to those who reject Faith, it is the same to them whether thou warn them or do not warn them; they will not believe.

    002.007 God hath set a seal on their hearts and on their hearing, and on their eyes is a veil; great is the penalty they (incur).Etc

    Mohammed’s views as to the nature of Other:

    “rejecters of Faith!”= Deaf, dumb, and blind, they are the fools, in utter darkness, deceive themselves, their hearts is a disease, hangout with their evil ones, wander like blind ones, bartered Guidance for error, lost true direction, in utter darkness, make mischief therein and shed blood, transgressors, Be ye apes, despised and rejected., ignorant (fool)!, illiterates, do nothing but conjecture, seek gain in evil, God's curse is on them for their blasphemy, sold their souls, in insolent envy, wrong-doers, most greedy of life, idolaters, perverse, blasphemers, buyers of (magic), they conceal, evil-doers, in schism, wrong, wickedness,.. etc


    Genocidal Outcomes


    Jewish homes were ransacked, as were shops, towns and villages, as SA stormtroopers and civilians destroyed buildings with sledgehammers, leaving the streets covered in pieces of smashed windows—the origin of the name "Night of Broken Glass." Ninety-one Jews were killed, and 30,000 Jewish men—a quarter of all Jewish men in Germany—were taken to concentration camps, where they were tortured for months, with over 1,000 of them dying. Around 1,668 synagogues were ransacked, and 267 set on fire. In Vienna alone 95 synagogues or houses of prayer were destroyed.

    USCIRF Annual Report 2011 – The Commission's Watch List: Indonesia

    Indonesia's well-known tradition of religious tolerance and pluralism is being challenged by religious radicalism and extremist groups who have found converts in the country, leading to sectarian and societal violence, terrorism, and religious freedom violations. Indonesians rejected extremism at the polls, but it often goes unchallenged by many political, civic, and religious leaders. During the reporting period, nearly 40 places of worship belonging to religious minorities were closed, either forcibly by extremist groups or through the denial of building permits by government officials. Extremist groups also instigated violence against religious minorities, including an attack that led to the death of three Ahmadiyah adherents. New provincial bans on Ahmadiyah practice have been put in place in East and West Java and South Sumatra. Despite some strong public statements and arrests, the reactive approach taken by the Indonesian government has not been an effective deterrent to the violence perpetuated by non-state actors against religious minorities. Indonesian government officials also continue to employ the "blasphemy law" (Article 156(a)) to harass and detain individuals considered religiously "deviant" and continue to allow the enforcement of local laws restricting the rights of women and some non-Muslims, particularly in Aceh.


    ONE RAISIN DOES NOT MAKE A RAISIN CAKE and why it is important to attack and change the Islamic text informing the same evil as the Nazi text of hatred against other not attack Muslims as a people. For everyone of us has a Societal template which needs some improvement.

    The Search for Major Plagge: The Nazi Who Saved Jews.

    Two Muslim 9/11 first responders, officials said- a Fire Department City of New York (FDNY) firefighter and Emergency medical technician (EMT)

    Not all Nazi were or are terrorists they claim to be liberal/moderates as not all Muslims were or are terrorists they claim to be liberal/moderates but that does not change the outcome Terrorists consistently come from liberal/moderates families and communities – Why? – Both are informed by exactly the same vitriol against other therefore the results we continue to see. Therefore both have to take full responsibility for their text being it forms good or evil against Other.

    Whether Al-Qaeda's exists or not makes no difference for the Islamic text informing evil against Other remains intact to inform new generations of Muslim hatred and terror against Other.

    Is the Islamic text utilized in Australia to inform new citizens any different than elsewhere – No it is not so what do we expect?

    As Plato said Change the text informing new citizens or continue to inform evil and change nothing.

  2. Wow, since when can a political party decide what someone wants to say??????????? What kind of governments are our turning into…….Australia better wake up

  3. Why don't Australians have a referendom on important issues that effect our way of life instead of being dictated to by the political correctors who think they know whats good for tayhe whole of the population..

    Do we want more illegals. do we want our streets covered in mosques or our laws changed to incorporate the customs and religions of a minor influx,soon if we are not carefull to become a main controller of the way of life for Australians

  4. We must thank the Islamic community for showing us the gutless treachery of many political leaders.

    Watch the progress of the take over of the European countries by the EU and shudder.

    Julia Gillard's way forward is to promote Islam to obliterate Christianity and place us into the hands of the New World Order. The ultimate betrayal of our freedom, sovereignty, justice and integrity.

  5. OzPatriot says

    Finally someone like David Barker has the balls to stand up for our great nation and finally say what the silent majority believe and he is disendorsed immediately!!

    What an absolute disgrace!!

    Another wake up call to the very blurred rhetoric of both sides – what both sides?

  6. Allowing mass Muslim immigration into any Western country is a Trojan Horse, because Islam brings its own form of govt. with it, which proclaims superiority of Muslims over non-Muslims and men over women, and foists a culture that is totally incompatible with the values the West cherishes most. On that basis any country has the right to treat Muslims as potential enemies of their country and enemy combatants. Too bad, Western govts. are full of Islam history ignoramuses, who are soft targets for modern Muslim disinformation artists with an agenda. Tell them to study Islam's complete history online free with the Historyscoper and arm their minds with the knowledge needed about Islam's track record in country after country. To get started just click

    Keep up on daily news around the world:

  7. Christian says

    Well said Morris. You've hit the nail on the head.

  8. Liberal or Labor, it makes no difference. They're just two sides of the same coin. Any party that enforces a 'party line' rather than allowing for individual differences in beliefs has lost the point of democracy.

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