Protectionist Party on Today Tonight

Reverse racism. What is it and are you a victim of it?

Have you been sacked or refused a job because you’re an Anglo Saxon Australian?

While other countries are busy branding Australians as racial bigots – the truth might be far more frightening.

For example, what does the law say about an employer who hires only Indian or Chinese workers?

This year over 35,000 people who came to Australia on temporary 457 Visas will be granted permanent skilled visas to stay in the country.

For years as a nation we’ve been battling, and rightly so, to stop the mistreatment of minorities, but some are now saying we’ve gone too far.

Darrin Hodges represents the Australian Protectionist Party which claims the Australian way of life is under threat. The party is campaigning for a ‘one in one out’ immigration policy. And to protect the jobs of Australian workers.


  1. Well just when you think Muslims could not sink any lower in their sewer, here is a new one.

    In Holland Muslim gangs are shouting abuse at funerals

    yelling (hurray one dog less) slamming their fist and kicking the mourning coaches and on the Hurst itself.

    Such behaviour from headhunters would not occur as respect of the dead and their family's would be shown by all people.

    But I forgot that Muslims have a different concept.

    They carry their dead or should I say parade their dead chanting while the women slap their chest tear at their faces even jump into the grave with the dead all behaving the way that they do.

    So my fellow Infidels I thought I would share this disgusting piece of news to you, as I know the political correct media would not.

  2. discontent says

    reverse racism .. earlier this week at work there was an argument between 2 guys one Australian and one Indian the Indian guy threatened to kill the Australian and his family over purely a work disagreement the director of the company who is Australian married to an Indian told the Australian to forget the issue and what was said because it was purely cultural to say this in India and extremely sensitive to address. Today we were told that due to cut backs the Australian would be let go even though the Indian was the last to start at the company inputs less and is not as qualified as the Australian. Today part of my Australian dream died and tomorrow i give notice and go in search of a more tolerable work environment shame shame shame

    • discontent says

      I gave my notice and was offered a rise which i refused and was subsequently escorted from the building turns out the Indian guy is sponsorship by the company and the GM.

      wake up Australia before this becomes common place.

  3. I have a petition for all Aussies that want Aussie products from Aussie companies on the supermarket shelves.

    IGA supports the group called fightback for Australia so i think they deserve our support for at least identifying Aussie companies on their shelves with clear labels.
    I would like people to sign and tell IGA that if you go 100% Australian in your stores then we will shop with you.
    Retail outlets must know their is a demand to buy Australian to save our economy and the retail outlet that goes 100% Australian must receive our support.

  4. RC Henry says

    There's no such thing as "reverse" racism, there's just racism. It's true though that if you are a Caucasian Australian, you are out of vogue.

    We really need someone to fix up Australia and the APP may be a good start.

  5. Good to hear sharia law has been put on the back burner in Australia….For now!

  6. Nathan Smith says

    Good on ya Shamrock,

    When your sitting back in your Armchair watching the news in 10 years time, you can look back and say to yourself. I made a difference. Regardless where we are all at, one person can set the wheels turning for a better Australia.

    That one leaflet dropped.
    That one Grandmother of a future Prime minister that you spoke to down at the shopping center.
    That one young son who helped rephrase the last paragraph in a speach you made.
    That one university student you didnt punch in the face but spoke to in a calm and reasonable manner while they were yelling at you.

    they all will make a difference. But it starts with YOU.

  7. Shamrock says

    I agree wtith most of the comments on this blog but what i do not understand is there have been close to 2000 people who have made a comment but the APP only needs 500 people to further there cause? If i am wrong please do let me know but seems like a lot of people are not takeing the next step…

    Also i would love to go to a meeting of the APP and help get the word out but i can not find anywhere on this site for something like this. I am in Brisbane and it seems like there is nothing in QLD can someone point me in the right direction.

    • Paul Toohey says

      Hi mate how are you, Its good to see people like you are motivated.
      I have joined APP and am active in leaflet distribution to get the word out there that APP cares for there fellow Australian. Also of course to drive the membership up.
      As you say there has been allot of interest but not much membership which is an essential to achieve a better Australia for our children and grand children.

      I would suggest if you want to get info and membership forms, you might want to contact this email and express your interest []. They are very helpful and will answer all your queries. Good luck if you join mate!


    • OZPatriot says

      Yes!! Just like certain groups are banned internationally for the beliefs they have, islam itself should be banned in all Western countries because of its' beliefs – period!
      This Multi-Culti sickness that we suffer from in Western countries must be brought to an end; unfortunately PC and the rascism card have filled us with self -loathing and paralysed our governments, almost to the point of no return.
      Liebor will not stop flooding us with those that are incompatible to our way of life. They are determined to turn us into a nation of mongrels!!

  9. If more Muslims are truly a problem…

  10. ALL Australians that believe in this need to raise public attention, there will be many more
    people out there that believe it has gone to far but don't know what to about it. All Australians
    that what this issue taken seriously should writ a letter to their local MP, when the government
    start receiving these letters they may realise that we have had enough of their appease the
    minority policies. After all a democracy is the MAJORITY not the MINORITY.

  11. Paul Toohey says

    Aussie Digger to put this segment into context, TT and ACA have people that research these matters, before interviews. 90 percent of time they get it right about interest that are public sentiment would want to see. This time they got it right.

  12. Aussie digger says

    Well that was a total kick in the guts, it was the first time I ever heard the comentator suggest at the end, if you want to get more information (now the kick) or complain. This is the first time I have seen them offer people to complain before, maybe they are trying to silence the critics of mass immigration by suggesting people complain. very disapointing today tonight!!

  13. I have just read the comments and looked at the links regarding the "Body Scanners" at airports. It doesn't really matter how much krudd spends over the next few weeks (ha ha ha) on this problem.

    Will there be Entry and Exit Scanners? If they are intent to kill any "unbeliever" they can do it on the way out of their own country, you can bet they will not have this system as it offends them.

    We all seem to belong to NATO, No Action Talk Only…………….. IT'S TIME TO CHANGE THE RULES!

  14. fritz horvath says

    Since coming to this country about 40 years ago, I now find this country has gone from a ” lets go and and Do it ” to a whining , whinging, lets dob some one in and knee jerking nation all going flat out to apease any complaining minority group. Come on all you aussies lets go back to a CAN DO ATTITUDE , get rid of the whingers (send them back to where they came from) and get where we where. THE LAND OF OPERTUNITY. Aussie FIRST Imigrant SECOND

  15. I wish the media would stop referring to ethnics as minorities’ as it is the Caucasian race worldwide which is now the minority…which in turn beggers belief as to why we keep electing halfwits who seem to deliberately screw their own race of people over in favour of other ethnic groups.

  16. What i found so disturbing was that the Human Rights Organisation found it NOT racist for other ethnic groups to have their own ethnically indentity and political beleifs, but found it WAS racist for whites to have their own identity and a political party that stood for them!

  17. Islam's 12 Steps to Destroy Dar al-Harb (Land of the Infidels)

  18. Egypt's atrocities by muslims against Christians can't be hidden forever

  19. Paul Toohey says

    You have and interesting and debatable concept Rod Freeman, But hell, we in society these days are dammed if we do and dammed if we don’t. Mr Rudd started last year with incredible poles, however this year he is sliding down the scale. I am a firm believer in the saying “time will tell”. Darrin Hodges has his beliefs and convictions which I think the all of us that can’t speak out aspire too.

  20. "Today Tonight" NO BETTER THAN THE ABC!!
    Totally LEFTIST BIASED!!

  21. Jailing terrorists is just picking on Muslims

  22. Any immigrants who come to Australia must integrate into our culture!
    Anything less destroys social cohesion and only leads to conflict!

  23. Check out these stories about airport full body scans and Muslims. Guess what? They don't like them!
    What a SURPRISE!!

  24. Now we find that the MINORITIES are dictating to the MAJORITY!!
    This BS has to stop!
    Multiculturalism does not work…..PERIOD!!
    Have a look at the United Kingdom and all the problem they are having.
    We DO NOT WANT the same crap in Australia!

  25. Watched the video Darrin – stay cool and don't let any interviewer rattle your cage. As you said: If associations like the Lebanese Muslim Association can push their wheelbarrow, we have the RIGHT to do the same for our people. Black associations are allowed identify themselves as BLACK – let's see how far we got if we did the same. Programs on the ABC like Living Black – watch the jackals come out if we ever dared make a program called Living White. Hypocrites!!!!

  26. Recently the The Protectionist Party became registered — now this Today Tonight "reverse racism" story pops out of thin air? The Today Tonight trap, whoops, title, should have been "hypocritical racism".

    There was a reason Today Tonight gave the last word to the Protectionist Party. The watching public just before walking away to the fridge during the following commercial break had, "So, are the views of Darrin Hodges, racist?"…on their sub conscience minds.

    Come election day, that same member of the public will remember that there was no milk in the fridge, and some "…then I'm a racist" guy on the telly will miss out on a vote.

    That whole 5 minute "story' was a hit piece designed to drill down on the newly registered Protectionist Party. The give away — the same question wasn't posed to the CFMEU guy.

    Today Tonight want the public to see the Protectionist Party down in the mud with the CEC party.
    I predict the next time the Protectionist Party get a media invite, it'll be tag team channel nine doing a twisted story trying to associate the Protectionist Party with nazis.

    Not all publicity is good publicity — The MSM media are scum. The only way to play their game and win, is in advance have them send all the questions they they want answered.

    The consolidated media's deadliest weapon is spontaneous interviews. That guy from Today Tonight had plenty of time to write up his questions.

    • While not great, I actually thought it could have been a lot worse. At least they addressed the fact that there has been such a huge influx of Asians of late and that a lot of stores and businesses are pretty much 100% Asian run, and that a primary reason for it is to keep wages down for the average Aussie. If anything it surprised me that they even acknowledged that that might be the case.

      • "While not great, I actually thought it could have been a lot worse."

        I look at such situations like this — The media organise "stories" very much like musicians organise music. Music can be made joyful, or music can be made painful.

        Put yourself in the Today Tonight back room where the techno nerds spliced those musical scores (video clips) together.

        A fair Today Tonight would have closed the musical with the Anglo guy and his Asian wife speaking for everybody that knows what.."melting pot"..actually means.
        (as opposed to the designed oil and water system evident today)

        Today Tonight's chosen musical arrangement was a personalised (add emphasis) crescendo playing Mr Hodges out with an (add emphasis) orchestrated "…then I'm a racist", sound bite.

        I watched the C.E.C go through the same muck racking by these same scum bags a few years ago. My years of research on the admitted hypnotic set tv flicker rates, mkultra, Tavistock institute and such, are where my observations derive from.

        My personnel Queensland stance, (from a keyboard hidden behind a Netherlands VPN) I'm a Proud Anglo-Celtic that loves my races (plural). If declaring ones love, allegiance, protection for ones own race/'s is illegal now days, then put me UP for an award for daring to speak out against the new world politically correct disorder system being set up world wide.

        There is good news here somewhere — There's no such thing as greens from outer space, nor them moving to Australia and being offended by those darn Christians, Christmas, TV, Easter bunnies, bikini clad bunny girls, delicious BBQ holy cows, and Neville the concrete Aboriginals!!

        I live for the day that the consolidated brain washing septic system trashes subliminal "war time comedy" M.A.S.H, and re-runs HIGH (add lol here) quality 'Kingswood Country' night after night until the green skins either "melt" into our Australian stew, or go back to planet Theiranus!!!!

        Long live my "bloody wogs" racist mentor, Ted Bullpit!!


        PS: Click my user name to get a free VPN that will surf around net nanny Conroy.

    • Rod your right. Channel 7 have a history of pushing their own racist agenda.
      I have watched Kerry Stokes for a long time, setting-up Pauline Hanson in his New Idea
      Magazine and Today Tonight. This man is not to be trusted! Channel 9 is the same.
      Look At Ray Martin, what he did to Pauline and Professor Andrew Fraser. Anyway, the
      Aussie public loathe Red Ray, and turn off when he appears on the T.V. screen.
      The media like Channel 7 and 9 have had their day. Generation Y don't watch their
      pathetic programmes. The APP should be having a protest outside Rudd's office,
      calling him a racist, which he is. What about Gough Whitlam's office, or Malcolm
      Fraser's office. They are all still on the tax payer's roll. Both are Communist Racists!S

  27. If you would like to witness reverse racism, just pop down to your local carwash.
    If you sent your Anglo-Saxon or European son or daughter down there for a weekend job to instill a work ethic, they wouldnt even be in a position to get a job, let alone a work ethic!

  28. Note the wooden robotic response of the vested interests’ orthodox propagandist (a.k.a. Race Discrimination Commissioner). Hilarious!
    Seems he doesn’t quite understand the meaning of his job title.

    Keep it up, puppets. It’s all going to blow up in your face and we will never (hopefully) fall for this kind of la-la-land bulldust ever again.

    The foreigners aren’t going to work more for less for very long, once they realise the true cost of living in Australia.

    Corporations doing this are digging their own grave. Do you think we’ll forgive and forget that you did this?

  29. Great way to fall into the trap… reverse racism?

    There is no such thing. It is racism to discriminate unfairly on the basis of race. It does not matter if a Chinese discriminates against Japanese, or an Aborigine discriminates against a non-Aboriginal Australian, or an English migrant discriminates against a Frenchman… it is racism, pure and simple.

    Note I used the word UNFAIRLY.

    Is discrimination OK sometimes? Of course it is. For example, if an adoption agency discriminates against against white Dutch applicants in favour of Aboriginal applicants for adoption of an Aboriginal baby, this is obviously in the child's best interests by providing continuity of appearance (and probably) culture.

    But if the Government favours urban part Aboriginal job applicants over other applicants for the job of providing administrative services in a community, this is racism (and is probably also pure colour prejudice) unless the part Aboriginal applicant has equal to or superior skills and knowledge relevant to the job. In practice, urban part Aborigines get the jobs purely on the basis of skin colour.

    In fact, this crime is committed hundreds of times around Australia every year and human rights commissioners like Tom Calma actually support this. In my opinion Calma is the supreme racist, his only qualification for the job being coloured. As other Aborigines in the NT have stated publicly, he cannot speak the languages and therefore does not understand Aboriginal culture, consequently he cannot represent Aborigines. Moreover, he does not listen to the people and they reject him. To anyone who understands politics this is government's ploy to transfer the voice of ordinary Aborigines to a spokesperson of the government's choice.

    Calma and his racist mates claim racism exists only if a white victimises a black. This demonstrates (a) his lack of comprehension of Australian language and culture; and (b) his supreme arrogance in telling us our own culture. He is, therefore, also a hypocrite.

    And as to the prevalence of racism in Australia, just travel through any northern town or city and hear Aborigines abuse other people daily for the crime of refusing to donate money to their alcohol abuse. Look at the attacks by Aboriginal gangs against other citizens whose only offense is to be vulnerable. Look at the 43% of the NT landscape, to which all Australians are denied access, unless they are approved by Land Councils.

    Look at the free university education provided to Aborigines, for which other Aussies must pay back 20 or 30 thousand dollars. Or the reality that Aborigines head all public housing lists, yet their tenancy damage bill is a dozen times higher; sometimes greater than the cost of the building.

    Listen to Chinese migrants refer to Australians as foreign devils, and to Muslim Lebanese as they target Australian men and boys to bash, and girls to rape.

    All of this is racism.

    In my life, I have lived in many cultures and learned several languages, and much of my family is Keltic, Aboriginal and Indian, so it would be difficult to paint me as racist; and I can say that having traveled most of this continent, the least racist people in Australia are ordinary Australians of Keltic-Anglo-Saxon background. And easily the most racist are Aborigines.

    • Nicely said, Tony. Interesting what you point out about the Chinese – I have heard them say, and they have also told me they refer to Australians as foreigners while in Australia ('lao wai' being the mandarin Chinese term, meaning 'foreigner' or 'outsider', 'gwai lo' in Cantonese means 'white ghost', often translated as 'foreign devil') such is their concept of the 'us' and 'them'. What really grinds my gears though is when those same people then turn around and say Australians are racist – white Australians, they mean. We're just such an easy target, because we have let ourselves become that. Our media propagates it, our schools teach it – we're the bad guys, we should feel sorry, we should go out of our way to make minorities feel welcome, and if they project any racist views it's cultural or minor or to do with the oppression and discrimination they face here, and anyway, with what we 'did' to the Aborigines 'we can't talk', anyway. Nobody else has to live up to the silly self-imposed standards we have set for ourselves.

      And on Aborigines – I remember at university where I used to have lunch with my mates, Aboriginals used to hang out nearby too. I spoke to one a few times – a total pot head who basically got a free ticket in, and he would have access to free photocopying and other services in the Student Union-sponsored Aboriginal department. Told me he once photocopied a whole book, realised he didn't need it and threw the copies out. Guess who pays for all this.

      • Nicholas Folkes says

        Chinese are the most racist people on the planet. Chinese communities have been in South-East Asia for many hundreds of years yet still see themselves as 'Chinese'. Chinese aren't aggressive as muslims but they are still chauvinist and racist.

        How many whites or others do you see working in Chinese shops or businesses? Chinese in general have little ethics, morals or values. They treat their own people like slaves if an opportunity presents itself.

        China also treats its ethnic minorities like 2nd class citizens. Information and news is suppressed but most ethnic minorities are treated like dirt in comparison to our Murris who are afforded more than white Aussies.

        • Well said, Nick.
          It is certainly true as you say in regards to the way they conduct themselves in business. They act in a way that a virus does, attacking a host and blocking out any attempts to eradicate it.
          They take over a newsagent for example and the first staff to go are usually the Anglo- Europeans that were working there, to be replaced by their own ethnic kin. This essen tially does does away with any attempts by Westerners at securing work there.
          Next they send one of their own to go and work in the takeaway next door until the Anglo/European who owns it has had enough and decides to sell it to their loyal workers – usually chinese.
          This is the rough blueprint they use to slowly dominate the economy. Time and time again it has led to violence by indigenous indonesians, sick of the fact that the chinese are only a tiny minority yet dominate the economy. There is no other way for the chinese to dominate the economy unless they prevent others (usually of their host nation) from gaining employment in chinese owned businesses.
          Have a look at the following article to see what happens when a tiny chinese minority dominate the economy:

  30. What a site, I attempted to give an example of how foreign business do discriminate against Australian born. Go watch Fox new on pay TV Austar channel 6.00pm Glenn beck, very interesting.

  31. australia will be like england and the usa full of extremists,we aussie will just be a small monority how sad!

    • aussie andy says

      yes we should learn from there mistakes!!! it's all gone downhill since the 70's

    • Zoran, Australia's foreign-born population is almost double the proportions of the UK.
      But here it's spread over 3 major cities, whereas in the UK it's London, London and London.
      But you're right, we will face the same problems sooner or later.

  32. we are been taken over lets vote for APP!

  33. Good to see Aussie's are waking up. Vote APP! From a POM – Person of the Motherland (right?)

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