Slapped by reality in multicultural Melbourne

John Styles writes –

He wasn’t exactly mugged. But yesterday Herald Sun photographer Craig Borrow was “slapped” by the reality of multicultural Melbourne.

“Racist goons doing Nazi salutes brought shame on Melbourne on the first day of the Australian Open [tennis tournament],” the Herald Sun lamented this morning.

“A mob of young men of Croatian background intimidated other fans, let off flares and spat on, then slapped, a Herald Sun photographer,” reporters Kelly Ryan and Aaron Langmaid wrote.

“The disgraceful display made a mockery of so-called multicultural Melbourne.”

“So-called” multicultural Melbourne? Come on, the ethnophiles of the city continually boast about Melbourne being the multicultural capital of the nation. Spare us the “so-called”, please.

The Herald Sun photographer Craig Borrow wrote that the demonstrators spat at him and then slapped him on the back of the head.

The newspaper reported that 11 “goons” were ejected from the stadium half an hour into the match between Croatian Ivo Karlovic and Czech Radek Stepanek.

The Left’s idealised portrayal of multiculturalism has always been at odds with the reality. Perpetuating historical ethnic enmities is a characteristic of the system.

Ethnic violence is becoming routine for the Melbourne tournament.

Last year the wonderful “salad bowl” of cultures promised by the engineers of multiculturalism erupted into a cauldron of ethnic rivalry when Bosnian and Serbian elements of the crowd turned on each other.

In 2008, Greek nationalists at the tournament were sprayed with capsicum and in 2007 Serbian and Croatian ethnic violence marred the event.

Yet when incidents like those at Rod Laver Arena yesterday occur, the Left expresses frustration and confusion and tries to find scapegoats.

“What families have produced these boys?” asked ABC Melbourne’s multiculturalist-in-chief Jon Faine this morning.

The answer is: families who, having migrated to this country, have been actively encouraged by the social engineers to treat their new land like it was nothing more than a colony of their own.


  1. simple solution. change the immigration policy now. stop all these other races from outside european nations from emigrating to australia

    • Interesting idea there Pete…

      And what do you suggest Australia do with the large numbers of people who allready live here in Australia who aren't European?

      Do you advocate the APP policy of providing economic inducements for people to leave?



  2. Today tonight yahoo news, read the article on reverse racisim


    This makes good reading, copy and paste into browser.

  4. just last night a young girl who lives across the next unit from me told me of a terrifying attack on her by a group of Africans last Saturday night. She left the nightclub and went to the carpark to get into her car. A group of Africans came up to her and one grabbed her by the wrist and tried to force his tounge down into her mouth. The others were laughing and encouraging the main offender. She managed to scream and the security from the nightclub heard her and came to her resuce, the Africans ran off. Just today in our shopping mall that I pass through on my way home, the usual left winged white twats are there collecting for the 'poor starving Africans' I told them to get lost and added that 40,000 elederly white people in England starve to death every year because their Marxist left winged government only feeds blacks too.


    This is an example of the SUBVERSIVE INFULENCE that MUSLIMS have when they worm their way into positions of infulence.

    This fellow is a MUSLIM & is the BBC's Head of Religion!


    The same BULLDUST is going to happen in Australia if people don't seak up against these Muslim POS!

  6. Roman Goddess you echo things I have been saying for years now. All whites who want to go home, if they are from somewhere else should get assistance from their governments and for every white going home, ship out aliens of the same number. As for aid to Africa I stopped donating to that a few years ago as it doesn’t matter how much we send it does’t change it. These aid organizations are just a business that usually doesn’t have to pay tax. I know of people who have done very well out of being involved in “charity” work. Wasn’t $5.000.000 misplaced, lost, stolen from the Red Cross donations after the “Bali Bombing”? Did we hear of anyone being charged over that?

    • RomanGoddess says

      That's cool – now shall we take over this country and get the bleeding hearts to STFU about helping these turd-world infiltrators and looking after the TAXPAYERS first?

  7. another left winged traitor spewing his hatred for us, check out his crap on APP tee-shirts.
    Maybe he's Bob Browns love child

    • RomanGoddess says

      ALL HAILTHE MIGHTY ZIGG!!! Islam is a disease, not a religion!

    • Taking bacon off the menus at KFC restaurants – what next?
      Time to stop these islamist parasites.
      How dare KFC alienate our Christian majority! they should be ashamed of themselves and instantly repeal those changes implemented at those retaurants.
      A disgrace!

  8. How to make Australians racist

  9. Thing is Goddess, the rich think they are doing a good job but what they are doing is causing people to be poor and then how are poor people going to support there business, bunch of morons.

  10. Mike never did anything to an African but has been beaten by 2 gangs. Women who fought to be able to dress how they want to, didn't do anything to a gang raping them.

    Do Muslims like Vegemite. I know The US who own vegemite, don't really like it so i guess they sell it back to us. This is what needs to stop.

    • That is my point exactly, big business do not give a darn about anything other then profit, That is why they move off shore or to another country. Cheaper labour rates. Do you think we are going to accept working for a few cents per hour to compete.

  11. Thousands of people of stayed away from Perth’s annual Australia Day fireworks celebration amid police warnings of an alcohol crackdown and concerns over violence.

    By 3pm today Kings Park and the foreshore were almost empty.

    The police warning that even families enjoying a “quiet drink” at beaches and parks across Perth on Australia Day would be targeted the same as drunken louts appears to have had a big impact on the crowds.

    By mid-afternoon the two most popular locations, Kings Park and the South Perth foreshore, would usually be thriving but were sparsely populated. There were several hundred people lining the grassed area to the left of Kings Park Drive overlooking the city – mostly families and groups of tourists. But only a few were drinking and those that had alcohol were being very low-key.

    pretty poor that people need to drink to have fun

    • RomanGoddess says

      Actually, the reason people stayed away was the fact that this POLICE STATE (SIEG HEIL) of ours labels the majority who can drink a couple of beers without resorting to beating the crap out of someone with the same slur as the idiots who can't hold their liquor. But, the thing that pissed me off the most was that PEOPLE ON THE RIVER IN THEIR LUXURY BOATS were allowed to drink unabated!! How f*cking ELITIST is that???

      It seems there is a law for the working class only – the rich have right of way. And my theory is the rich are importing these third-world monkeys to undermine the unions and Australian workers' rights to a fair wage. They can pay these monkeys peanuts & rake in the profits. I see this country on its way to a new feudalism. BEWARE the grinning socialist fools in government, for they are betraying the workers of this country! So much for Labour being the 'working man's party' – TRAITORS.

  12. second example

    While the man initially avoided the men he was subsequently threatened and told to hand over his wallet.

    He only escaped when he pretended a police officer had been standing nearby, prompting his attackers to flee.

    The men wanted for questioning are described as 18 to 24 years old, about 172 to 178cm tall and of medium build. One of the men had straight brown hair while the other had straight black hair.

    notice no race mentioned those descriptions could be anyone

  13. and your right sandton i have notced when other races commint crimes the newpaper never says whats race they r unless they r white

    Paramedics and police were called to the scene, the victim suffering significant head injuries.

    One of the men believed to have been involved in the incident is described as olive skinned, about 183cm tall, aged in his late teens, with medium-length sandy hair, an athletic build, wearing a collared shirt and dark jeans

  14. thing that pisses me off is that brittian is now full of third world crims. yet my dad parents are from scotland and my moms parents are from england but i cant get a pommie passport as they dont consider me english

  15. I have nothing against other cultural people, i talk to them, i mow there lawns, i play sport with them, work with them, and most are decent people. They try to speak english or do speak English. They are not violent people from what i can see, pay there bills etc.

    As you say the violent ones, not self protection but seriously going around gang bashing or raping and saying this is there country now etc, they must be deported because they do not fit in.

    All other are ok, but still immigration needs to slow right down. It needs to stop and our families here looked after better. Not single parent but families so we then can boost the population. Before that though we have to fix the over populated and enviromental issues. Helping family more, would help the enviroment in a very big wayy. I could think of plenty reasons why.

  16. You just have to look at what John Birmingham has said.

    Anyhow, i and you know white people can be violent. On the whole it is a less percentage, with a larger majority then the current minorities. Any violence is not needed.

    If APP bring to parliment house, truthful economic and living standards as to why immigration isn't working, they are never heard, noone is. As for the violence in areas, it is very violent, not just a punch up or rowdy behaviour. These are gangs, raping and bashing and using weapons.

    We are also sick of the racism tag when everyone is as racist as each other.

    Yes the free handouts have been given at the expense of us without our approval. In times gone by, it wasn't that bad but now we are struggling to even survive. This comes at the expense of our children, we don't want that.

    People from other cultures bring to light racism but when a white person does the same he then called a racist. We have had enough.

  17. Look Pale face, noone is denying that White Australian also commit offenses as such but it seems most other offenses by other cultures are hidden. The real truth is though multi-culturalism is getting out of hand now. We need to fix our country and our people. You mentioned the news ad, which noted asian, this has been going on for ages and in all other instances, they never mention the word asian but accuse whites.

  18. Everyone, it is great that you are taking the time to bring your concerns forward though it is equally important to write to our representatives in parliament. Your concerns need to be written in a professional and respectful manner and sent to our members of parliament. This is where these issues need to be presented despite the government's inaction on these issues. Even if they do nothing about it, you have done your duty in presenting them with issues which are concerning you and many other Australians. You can obtain contacts from the parliamentary website. The word is more powerful than violence and they will not be able to ignore it. A professional letter written well will make them take notice.

  19. PP, your job needs to be to put pressure on individual MP's to ensure that debates on multiculturalism are heard. You need to remain objective and hold the political process to account and ensure these issues are raised in parliament. I believe it is important to remain respectful of other cultures as 'other cultures' aren't the problem, simply the act of mixing them all together and forcing a nation to become 'multicultural'. The blame can't be put on these people when the problem comes from our own political process. We all need to treat the problem at the source. We also need to look at social problems such as abortion as saxons already have the lowest birth rate in the world without our destructive abortion regimes. PP, there is a lot you can do without even being in parliament. You will then receive the recognition to help you obtain a seat in parliament or even the senate. Start building a solid foundation. Keep up the great work.

  20. Two Indian students have been bashed by a group of thugs in central Melbourne.

    Police say the group made comments to the pair before one of the Indians was pushed to the ground and kicked at about 10.20pm (AEDT) on Monday.

    The 18-year-old Indian man also suffered a wound to his left ear from what appeared to be an edged weapon, police said.

    A 22-year-old Indian was also punched to the ground and suffered minor abrasions to the forearm.

    After the attack, the offenders, described as being of Asian appearance, fled.

    Several hours later police in the city arrested eight men and were questioning them.

    Police confirmed the two victims were Indian students but could not say whether the comments made were racial.

    The 18-year-old was taken to St Vincent's Hospital with lacerations to the left ear.

    The 22-year-old did not require hospital treatment.

    The attack comes just weeks after the stabbing murder of Indian student Nitin Garg in a park in Yarraville in Melbourne's inner-west.

  21. i say if people move here and are violent then they must be deported

    well i am not saying aboriginal youths arnt bad when i see them i cross the street theyr very bad
    and iam sorry u have been attacked mike i am from south africa and was attacked my a black guy there for my car it is very scary . but i havent really see black australians out of control and i have only ever see whites being bad and have had trouble from them .

  22. As I have said, the next time I am attacked by an African I'm going to sue the immigration department (or at least try to) for terrorism. Because if you haven't experianced it yet, (and you will as time goes by) it is terrifying
    As for your comment on Northbridge, why did you not state the fact that most of the continuous trouble is caused by Aboriginal youths? Seems like a bit of white bashing going on here.

  23. Pale Face how is Mike blaming someone else, He has been gang bashed twice and told this is his country now white boy. You sound like another brainwashed white person. Far as i knew too. There are a lot of Macedonian, Croation, Greek ethnics over in Perth. Yes they are, closer to white but some of those croations are hot tempered.

    When the Japs came here, we were upset but now the japs seem to be quiet. There are some bad in amongst them but few. We were upset because of the war. We have adapted but the current violence and the changing of everything we are by the new breeds is a crime and we do not want it here.

  24. With all due respect Stanislav writing polite letters is a waste of time. I have sent many well written, professional, polite, respectful letters to politicans, including Tony Aboott, and guess what? I get long winded, flowery PC crammed tomes in reply.


    Western politicans, have sold us out to a future that will mean the destruction of Western civilisation within 100 years. Tony Blair gloated how they would rub Britons upper class noses in it by flooding the country with immigrants. Now Britain and France face deadly serious problems with their own indigenious people becoming disenfranchised and frightened for their future. Those that fall for this Kumbya crap are going to be the first to squeal when it finally unravels…and unravel it will.

    • Catty, I do understand your frustration. Be assured that your letters will make a difference though. You may feel that it is a waste of time though rest assured that your efforts are not in vain. When there are a number of people expressing their genuine concerns, they have no choice but to acknowledge these concerns, even if it does not become public. Spend less time on getting caught up in the issues the media want you to be following and address the issues which are concerning you. As you have probably noticed, 'illegal immigrants' are old news now. The media have moved on to other issues when this issue still hasn't been resolved. Ask yourself what's important and needs addressing instead of following the media's chosen topics. You may just find that the media may start following you instead. I think Tony Abbott would acknowledge your letters on a deeper level than most, despite his predictable response. He's a very moral man.

    • RomanGoddess says

      Here here! I have a great suggestion – all the whites left in Europe, UK and Africa get 'refugee' status in Australia! I read that monkey-joke-of-a-president Mugabe said "Africa is for Africans"…FINE! Let's give them all back! AND withdraw all foreign aid!

      I think taxpayers of Australia seriously need to tell the government to stop using our money to bail out these lazy monkeys. Can we boycott paying tax? THAT would send a pretty clear message!!!! No money, no waste!

      • Totally agree with RG. krudd said he didn't have an extra billion to feed our pensioners, but he has billions for these parasites! We are infidels for putting up with this!

    • Here here, Catty!!

  25. Black Africans are responsible for some of the most vicious rapes of late and violent machette crime in Melbourne. They haven't been out here 5 minutes and already they are causing serious sh*t. I am also tipping that the recent attacks on Indians haven't been committed by whites either. My daughter lives in Melbourne and she said that they are having real trouble with roaming ethnic gangs. As for whites fighting in pubs…….they ain't the only ones. Personally I am disgusted with the whole binge drinking culture in this country………and aboriginals are not (excuse the pun) lily white in all this either.

  26. to be honest mike i have never had trouble with black africans or other races in australia
    when ever i see trouble on new year australia day in northbridge its always white kids

    we need to look at ourselfs instead of blaminf others

    look at all the pub fights here white men and woman not blacks

  27. People will never get it. It isn't about immigration. It is about sustaining Australia first. Fixing our peoples problems first, Not bringing into the country, people who are violent by religion or culture.

    It's about our identity in this world. Our freedom. Our heritage, Our right to be who we are, who we were brought up to be. Its like telling someone to be someone they are not. If we do not comply then we are seen as racists, that is not right.

    Maybe some do bring some good changes, your words South African and English. Not terrorist and bashers. Rugby is contributing, Raping is demoralizing. You could have started the Rugby teams, if it was that important.

    We are not saying all cultures are bad. Far from it.

  28. No pale face, we just don't like being attacked by African immigrants, as I found out. It may have been dull, but it was reasonably safe.

  29. ti be honest i find perth a dead abd boring city and i feel immigration is great in a way cause they bring in new culture and force some good change.

    like it was a south african woman and an english woman who started the force now at least i have rugby union to go to on the weekend it might never have happened with out immigration

    as perth people never want it to change people here want it dull and boring

    • Pale Face, you are right to a certain extent.
      My sister has live there for two years and i have visited and know what you mean by boring.
      Immigration of those that are compatible with OUR way of life is fine.
      Its when those that are completely alien to us (in custom, culture and belief) a brought here and the gov attempts to integrate them.
      They need to stop this, especially with africans – there is PLENTY of room in africa for them without having them bring their problems here!!
      They can make things right in their own countries before coming here.
      When things (living conditions/social upheaval etc) affected the British or Australians in the past, we didnt just pack up and invade someone elses' country and expect them to provide for us?

  30. Hi Crimson, I don't declare war on feminism, but it was stated in 'The Australian' only recently that there is actually at present, no need for further immigration as Australia's birth rate at the present rate is more than capable of handling future growth. It was revealled by the English Labor government in gloating terms, that Labour deliberatly flooded England with 3rd worlders to put a stop to any debate or objections to massive 'change'. I call this genocide and treason. It is hard for me, who grew up in a majority white society, to find oneself now having to cope with multitudes of foreigners who do not only look like me, but actually don't like ME, because of the teachings they have been brainwashed with (the racist white man) in thier own countries. I don't hate the Japanese of today for what their grandparents did over 60 yrs ago, yet still find myself having to apologise for slavery that ended over 200yrs ago and after being attacked twice now by Africans, unfortuneatly now hate this one particular ethnic group, when before I felt no hatred whatsoever. Something very unique about this country has now been lost and will never be replaced, I find that very depressing.

    • You should Mike, they are just another minority only in it for themselves, they aren't about womens right at all. Think about it. Normal women like men but are led down the garden path by these man haters. I think we should declare war on all minorities. They either pull there heads in or shut the f up. The majority trully want equal rights but the minority only want what they want, that is disasterous to us and them but they are so naive to see they are eventually going to ruin themselves also.

      I see Catty and Peg a couple decent women, not concerned how we hate feminism, because they know we hate the inequality of it, not women in general. In fact we love women, decent ones who love us, not out to get us for no reason. Catty and Peg and any other woman who can see feminism isn't about women anymore, have seen what it is doing to us and them, we just don't need it any longer.

      When Gunhed said they were smarter, he is right because they manipulate and do not stop, we need to play there game, never stop, problem is we have ethics, our downfall against these traitors. We need to get hard and declare war on them all.

    • Mike, the birthrate over the past decade in Australia has risen from below replacement level of 1.7 children per woman to just above replacement level of 2.4 children per women. That would see Australia's population remain about where it is with very minor incimental increases and if there were even a slight rise in the death rate (which there will be once the baby-boomers start dying off) the population would in-fact decrease (and that will not be good for the economy).

      Feminism has driven a wedge between man and woman, equality versus political power, Australia's birth rate dropped like a stone the moment feminism indoctrinated Australia's women to act like men.

      How many Australian men today would want a modern Australian women as the mother of their children? Honestly?

      And people wonder Australian men are marrying asians, eastern europeans and middle easterners in ever growing numbers and yes feminism is the root cause.



  31. Or are the extra employed for the free payments to muslims. Taking our jobs or money is not right, simple as that. Taking our Australian big businesses off shore is not right.

    • It hasn't stopped us losing all our big business anyway. We have none of them left so whoare we saving now. There is noone left to save. Tax is the big business killer not Australians. Government have such ridiculous tax schemes that big business go off shore because of it. Try losing the paper trail and utilizing swiss bank accounts and going off shore to avoid tax. It aint because of what did you say, 340 000 people, that is a crock. Big business went off shore long ago because of tax reasons, not immigration. They also went off shore to use slave labour for profit.

      The only way they would stay here is if we got 15 cents per hour working for them.

      The other stupidity is we need to help the people who are slaves but why should we suffer. It is there government who have caused it and them who never defended against a communist society. We are defending against that bvecause the fact are clear what it will do to us. It has already started with the farmer being paid less then it costs them to profit. So much for business not going off shore. Farming businesses are destroyed because of off shore policies.

      • Sandon, Halal is only a label, same as Kosher, in-fact they are the exact same thing taken almost exactly from the same passage in the Torrah, Jews can east Halal and Muslims can eat Kosher.

        There are also 1.6 billion Muslims world wide, so having something Halal equates to a possible 1.6 billion customers.

        You think Kraft give a damn about religion? They can see money, profit and market share and nothing else.

        Did you know Kit Kits, Aeroplane Jelly along with a whole range of food items these days are labled as Halal and Kosher?

        Is the food any different?

        What about apples, oranges or any other garden vegitable all of which are also Halal?



        • Honestly Crimson, i do not really care about a label, as long as the food is wholesome but what i do care about is it is labeeled for some and not the rest. For a long time now, Australian have asked for label to have what country produced the food, what ingredients are from which country etc.

          This is so we can support our own farming community beforehand.

          As i have said, a label confirming no pig or whatever does not concern me. It is like labelling whether nuts could be present, because of allergies.

          It just seems though, only some people are catered for and it is always the minority.

          We want our Australia saved but noone will do a god damn thing about it, instead sell us out. If Muslims are decent to me then vice versa but honestly, i have heard nothing but bad things. Look at Bali, where Australian were targetted. People have said it is government fault and i agree with that but if that is so then why blow up innocent people. Sports people didn't do anything to those terrorists.

          • What has terrorism got to do with anything? You think Australians have suffered as a result of terrorism? The majority of terrorism victims by mulitple magnitudes are Muslims, Muslims killed by fellow Muslims, 500 Iraqis died in one terror attack and you're saying that one single terrorist attack that was aimed at punishing the Balinese but killed Australians as well is some how a justification for disliking a whole religion?

            Good luck pushing that wheel-barrow.



          • It wasn't aimed at the balinese, it was aimed at Australins so don't patronise me. What has terrorism got to do with it, Wel what do you think? Do you approve of it or something.

            Who said anything about a religion, if there religion is to impose violence upon us then they should not be here, simple as that.

          • Didn't i point out if they were indeed good to me then vice versa. Do you just read what you wish and twist it how you seem fit. Your a moron. Typical Left idealist, that seems to think a minorities disadvantage is a cause for us to pay. You are indeed a hypocrite. I could care less about someones religion. I do however do not want my children living in an insane society out killing everyone.

            Oh and wasn't itr you who said religions started war and violence. I don't even study a religion but i know what i see.

  32. Yep. here in good 'ol WA my son has been waiting (with his 10 yr old daughter) for SIX bloody years for a Homeswest House!! But the poor 'ol Refo's get one asap, no questions asked…..makes you friggin sick.

  33. So, certain left wing socialist fools are trying to equate patriotism with racism, huh? Let's see them try that with the Brits, Americans, Canadians or the Europeans……or maybe the Chinese. All those countries have a huge following of patriots who are each proud of their country. These self loathing ghouls make my blood boil. If you cannot be proud of your country and show it, what is the point! These cretins would like us too get around in sack cloth and ashes, flagellating ourselves, hating our culture and endlessly apologizing for being born here! Being WHITE is now the new BLACK! Reverse racism is growing by the day and useful white left wing socialists are fueling it's rise!

    • Hi ex-digger, me here in Perth too, I'm struggling to pay bills etc, with no hope of ever owning my own home and yet I see these Africans with nice cars, new mobile phones and I know for a fact they get first place for state housing…because a very pissed off Labor employee told me so! She also stated that Liebor also are aware that the Muslims are on a massive breeding programme over here, encouraged by their inmans in Mosques, but the government is too cowardly to do anything about it. Yes, krudd is most definately the 'New Tony Blair!"

      Catty, if we had ANY pride as a race, we'd stop buying their lies in the media and watch and their little empires crumbled due to non sales and refuse to watch the tele anymore until they told the truth, but apathy rules.

      • Mike,

        the problem with breeding is that unless you're willing to declare war on feminism there is little you can do to alter the breeding cycles of human beings.

        The birth rate in Australia has risen over the past decade thanks to better economic out-comes for women and families, however it has risen only to be just above replacement level, meaning that if immigration stopped there is a good chance Australia's population would in-fact go backward. That would kill our economy off quite quickly and big busniess has made it quite clear to both parties that population growth will have to be the basis for profit growth over the coming decades and they will not tolerate government interference in its plans.

        There are still far more Chinese and New Zealanders in Australia than Muslims and those two groups as populations are growing faster than Islam in Australia thanks largely to immigration. It will be no surprise for people to read that 80% of foreign students who apply for residence have their applications approved and the bulk of these students come from Indoa and China.



        • Where did you get that from Crimson, outr of your arse? I have been in a family that was payed less, then a single mother with my 2 kids. Feminism is the destroyer of the world.

          • Sandon, I think you are onto something about "Feminism". Recently I heard of a female I know who spent the night with a chap she had met 2 days earlier and then 6 weeks later informsed him she was pregnant with his child (safe sex, what is that?) she has the baby and now he pays child support for the next 18 years, he did not want the child but had no choice. If she had decided that she did not want the child and he did he would not have had any choice in that either. He has contact with her because of the baby but has no say in raising it.
            Then there is the situation of Mothers paying a pittance to Fathers who have custody of a child because the Mother is not fit to raise a balloon, let alone a child.

          • I know i am onto something Aus because i deal with it everyday. I am a dad who wants his children, did nothing wrong and pay a lot of child support. If i don't i can be thrown in jail etc but she can just steal my children.

            It happens Aus, just check out the fathers right groups and read particularly the letters or stories, some make you cry. Like dads who tried everything they could to stop there ex from having the child because she was abusive to it. But no the law leaves the kid with mum and is killed by her. Now dad is in terrible mental mess because of it. My mum was the same, but i survived. Not all mums are and dads are too but the whole lot is biased.

          • Where is all this coming from? feminism? Thats the last of our worries!
            Guys, get back to the subject.
            If we are talking about birthrates, we all must simply know that Muslims luv having children and dont give a toss who looks after them – the state is more likely to do this here and in Britain.
            They are only interested in being on welfare and praying – thats it!
            They dont care about material wealth and havung a good life. White Europeans are complete polar opposites to this and it is proven by our birthrates.

        • Another thing Crimson, if the birth rate has risen as you say then why bring in immigrants that are causing stress on our economic system. You sound like someone with a lot of payouts yourself. We the people though do not see it your way because we are living this poverty and violent racists. We can't make sense of crap like you are talking when it is not happening the way you say. Far as i am concerned, you are probably reading statistics. Statistics have never given the true facts ever only fabricated from a whole heap of ideologies that are nothing to do with the original statistic.

          As for New Zealanders, they are the closest to Australian so why would we care if there are more of them. I hope more of them arrive before anyone else.

          • So big business in all ther glory think that by bringing in more immigrants that cost us more in tax, we will be able to spend more on there businesses.. What a load of s***. All that is doing is passing money around and making us live harder, thereby not using those big businesses at all.

            If government want more people then make it more family friendly instead of the current breakdown of family ideology they impose and reward family more for having children. Not bring in people that cost us a fortune. It would cost less to help family then to pay and pray for some other culture to adapt. We know because we pay!

        • Nom joke Crimsom about India and Chinese students, probably because government doesn't take an interest in the Australian children becoming doctors and bettering themselves. They just wipe the floor from under us and then make us pay for these chinese and Indians. Well stuff that, i would rather pay for my child then some foreigner.

  34. Agree RG, I really think the people wishing to sue government with class action law suits would destroy them, although the money they would be paying over to us, would end up coming from us. I have been following people who are trying to sue the family law courts docs and csa for the same reason. Maybe we could all join together and sue the whole lot of them under the destroying of family and our children.

    Thing is though, no law person can be held accountable apparently for such attrocities. The letter i recieved says they can do as they please and get away with it. The only way we win is to forcefully remove the arseholes.

  35. I hate to say it, but patriotism and national pride seem to be taken as ‘racist’ and ‘white supremacist’ these days…WHO BY? THE FRAKKING MEDIA, that’s who! If anyone has a valid point of reference, and they happen to be white, the media will label them ‘racist’ for expressing the truth. Oh, but if you’re BLACK, you are the ‘oppressed minority’ and should have everything you want handed over to you on a silver platter! My sister is a ‘struggling artist’, but if she was a ‘struggling Aboriginal artist’, she wouldn’t be ‘struggling’ anymore!

    As a taxpayer, as ALL TAXPAYERS SHOULD DO, I’d love to organise a class action against the government for wasting OUR hard-earned dosh on layabouts, refo trash and ‘minorities’. It’s true about the squeaky wheel getting oiled. Time the ‘silent’ majority rusted up the machinery of government and drowned out the bleating, self-serving demands of minorities with louder cries of “GIMME BACK MY TAX, YOU WASTOIDS”…

    • That's why the APP is started up RG, I tell as many people as I can about it, but you'd be surprised at the apathy.

  36. If they don't, Sorry

  37. If these Muslims are indeed Australian, then why do they need to label our vegemite? I guess for there own religion, they do not eat pig or whateveer they don't eat. I thought Vegemite was made from hoofs of a cow or something??

    Will they eat it? One day there will be so many labels on jars that we won't be able to read the minute lettering. Although this could be an advantage to APP, recognising Australian owned and products used, we could sue for discrimination, if they issue the product and originality of the products.

    • Why worry about labels on jars when we have so many fanatical ( maybe not all boat people are) pretend refugees arriving. I am seriously thinking of throwing away my passport and getting a boat to Christmas Island. Everyone is welcome to come with me and then we will have a house, car, supermarket shopping card and a good school for our children because no matter how hard I try I cannot get enough for my own house, a new car, free food or a better school for my child. This country was built on hard work, honesty and a christian belief. Watch the movie KHARTOUM that is if it is still available as I am sure it will soon be banned as it may offend a Muslim

      • It's not that i worry about labels. I am in for promoting Australian owned and produced because that can help our farmers and producers. People may support by buying Australian owned.

        This is the problem with multi culture. It is supposed to be multi, meaning all of us.

  38. hey ex digger

    The WA Govt are also on the verge off doing away with "The Lords Prayer" before they sit down for business…..they prefer to meditate…..Good Grief!!

    the way things are going being a christian might get you killed sounds like we are headed for the last days ?

  39. Mark Sydney says

    It is a disgrace. Indians complain about our lower crime rate. What a joke, Indian call entres take our jobs. Useless Indian taxi drivers rip us off and have no clue where they are. Corrupt indian programmers run scams on unsuspecting Australian companies. Indian students mainly seem to come for back door citizenship. Do we want Sydney the same as London WAKE UP PEOPLE

    • You're right!
      And 2GB recently brought to light the fact that the indian fruit picker found dead and burnt was actually killed by another indian!!
      And the media (both here and in india) continue to push the racist agenda!

  40. They are now making Kraft products Muslim friendly, so as they will increase their sales. Another nail in our coffin.
    The WA Govt are also on the verge off doing away with "The Lords Prayer" before they sit down for business…..they prefer to meditate…..Good Grief!!

      Vegemite is now Halal!!
      It was in yesrterdays' paper.
      Apparently, acording to a Kraft spokesperson: 'muslims are proud Australians and they would also like to enjoy this national icon'
      i cant believe they are doing this, especially when they (muslims) are a tiny proportion of the market – what a joke! Not happy at all.
      It is every patriotic Australians' duty to write to Kraft and demand they they do not give in.
      I hate to say it, but i will now boycott Vegemite!

      • Oz,

        Calm yourself, almost everything we eat is either Halal or Kosher, anythng natural is Halal or Kosher, anything not containing pork or pig bi-product or animal meat that comes from un-clean areas of the animal are generally Halal or Kosher. There is nothing in Vegemite that would require changing to be Halal or Kosher as far as i know, so it has always been Halal or Kosher, only now it will have a label stating the fact.

        Beef Steak is Halal, are you going to boycott those in favour of a completely Halal vegan existence?

        Or accept that 340,000 people actually make up a nice market share for Kraft and may keep a few more Australians employed to make Vegemite all for the sake of the Halal Label?



        • Who are the extra employed are they muslims?

        • Calm down Crimson if someone can label a product Halal, then with your infinite wisdom, wouldn't describing which products are solely Australian and only Australian ingredients and made within our boundries have a better chance of surviving instead of being sent overseas and turned into inferior product by people who are slaves living in appalling conditions.

          If this keeps going Crimson we will be those slave under a communist regime but you approve of communism don't you Crimson?

          Your replies maybe, polite and sensible but i for one can see straight through your ideology because it sounds just like a far left liberal. Poor this poor that f the whitye people they did this!

          • White people have nothing to do with money Sandon, it has been that way for a long time, money is colour blind. White people are not the majority of the global population, in-fact they aren't even the largest minority on Earth so why would companies sell only to white people? Do you have something against making money?

            All big business see is population equating to potential consumers, that is how the world worlks, the Muslim population equates to 20% of the world's population, do you advocate that Australian or American businesses stop trading with 20% of the world's people?



          • Never said that at all Crimson. Infact you said for big business to remain in Australia, they wanted more immigration, now i said how does that work. How is that going to make it any better for them. It isn't, unless these immigrants work for less money and we subsidise them, which then is not any better.

            I have nothing against big business making money unless of course they rip us off. Do you seriously believe all those Muslims are going to support big business though. Most of them are poor so how could they afford to support them. Western world are the only ones that support these businesses and these poor countrys are used by big business to increase there profit margin.

            Oh, i have nothing against making money but rip offs seem to want me to slave for them for pittence, causeing me financial stress. In fact i would love to own a big business and it seems the only ones making money are government and big business, while the rest of us starve and slave our guts out.

          • So where exactly did i say white people had something to do with money. I said about labelling products so we know where they originate so that we can protect our farmers and producers and our economy. You seem to make assumptions as you please Crimson just like a far left liberalist, you twist statemnets around to suit yourself and what suits you. Not anyone else.

          • What i said Sandon was that money is colour blind, it cares not for race nor religion not even politics, where there is a way to make money that money will be made by someone.

            People who make food consumables are now accepting the very real profitablity of 1.6 billion potential customers and it is you and others who seam to have a problem with that, not me.

            Liberalism has nothing to do with, it is nothing more than capitalist profiteering at work.



          • Sandon, big business need people to sell their products to, simple as that and if they see a way of turnng other-wise poor people into consumers by simply changing where they live, that is exactly what they'll and have been doing in Australia for more than a decade now.

            Even if only a minor % of the Muslim population globally support a business, that is still a minor % of 1.6 billion poeple which equates to a lot of money being involved.

            There are 5 million working class Muslims in France, wouldn't that be a meket worth selling to?



          • Nicholas Folkes says

            Crimson, "5 million working muslims"??

            Are you trying to make me laugh?

            Muslims don't work but are attached 24/7 to the welfare aparatus.

            There are over 5 million muslims in Frnace and it is impossible for them all to be working as half their population is probably under 15.

            Recent stats. indicate that 70% of Imans in Europe receive welfare benefits.

            Canterbury-Banstown has the highest unemployment rate in the state of 50%, an area that is predominantly muslim and non-white

            We should not be accomodate muslims in anyway as they do not accomodate anyone else. Imagine if I complained to the muslims about everything being 'halal' in their nations? Would they change for me?

            Anyway muslims aren't going to eat Vegemite. Next they'll be marketing 'halal' beer.

          • Don't mistake working for working class, secondly, more than half of France's 5 million Muslims are French Speaking Algerian Nationals who left Algeria to live in France when it was French Colony or when Algeria gained its independence and their off-spring, most live on the South Coast of France. In more recent times the population of Muslims in France has increased through migration and natural increase through population growth and by all accounts France really isn't suffering, mainly due to France's long standing relationships with Muslim countries which has fostered a sense that Islam is relatively normal and nothing new.

            By the way, beer could never be Halal because it contains alcohol, as i said previous, most things are Halal but just not labled which includes just about everything Western People allready eat apart from Pork.


          • so 5 million working muslims take over 5 million Australians job, makes sense to me Crimson, really, why are speaking out your butt. How many times do we have to tell you that unemployment is higher then you think. Also taking from one and giving to another is not going to boost business. It just makes 2 people poor and unable to buy anything, when at least one person could have and might i ask you this, why should i slave my guts out to support some other lay about, welfare thieving nut?

            You just support big business and government at all costs and those cost at the expense of not only us White Australians but also your Muslim friends.

          • We were talking about France thee Sandon, it bares no relation to Australia.

            And yes you are right, taking from one hand to pay for the other only equates to both hands being poor.

            I have mentioned that before, in the specific area of that more than 10% of Australia's workforce is directly employed by government. This burdon on the tax payer is yet another added liability to both business at all levels and you and i as tax payers and consumers.

            I don't support bif business, i have merely pointed to the role big business plays in Australia and i will not say that big business is without fault, simply because it has many faults, one being that often profit is driven by taxation avoidence and no tprofit making (the entire automotive dealership industry is run this way and so are many other heavy inventory industries that require credit to function) and that burdon on the taxation system equates to higher taxes for everyone.



        • Crimson,
          I am calm and i know for a fact that they get a certificate from the halal certification board.
          Its just one guy who visits your business, checks that everything is clean and then certifies you halal. All its costs is about $700 and you've got the certificate (unless, as you say, it contains pig etc).
          Not hard to do and this guy is making a killing.
          I just hope that Australians do continue to be employed by Kraft and that they do not up and move manufacturing elswhere.

      • Nicholas Folkes says

        Me too. I have already boycotted Bega cheese, Cadbury chocolates and now Vegemite. They'll never be able to put those terror certifications on my pork chops

  41. Another thing, racists, whether they stop words, change names, do whatever they feel, are not going to stop being racist. It goes for every culture, not just whites. We will fight one day, it is becoming a disgrace. None of us have done anything wrong, well obviously you do have some criminals within every culture but on the whole, the majority of us have been decent people who seem to be getting shafted.

  42. aus1st, I can tell you. The minority is smarter than the majority …

    • It's not that they are smarter. They are more calculating, manipulative and bully people. We expect government to toe the line with these people. They do not though. They let them do as they please and government approve. Doesn't matter how many of us disapprove.

      Fighting back is the hard part because they have the Army and all there little gophers, the police. They took our guns away and just keep going. Anytime some group stands up, they probably just laugh and say we aren't doing anything about it, they haven't a chance.

      Thing is though, when we all finally work this out and join in the numbers, they will fall. I wouldn't be surprised if there is an underground operation, manufacturing weapons etc biding there time.
      Waiting for civil war to erupt.

    • RomanGoddess says

      Not smarter, just LOUDER…and they obviously control the media as anything like the TRUTH is rarely broadcast!

      • Only reason they are louder is because they are not indiscrimitally put down or raced against.

        They are given a free ticket to shout it to the top, but then liberals claim equality, equality for who. Where are our equal rights. We have none. We can scream to the top of our lungs and would be thrown in the slammer for doing so. Labour steal our land and nationals, well Howard did do some things, maybe not the best but he did a bit. He was probably shut down by the lib and lab ops

    • How do you know who is the smarter? Which side do you belong to? I am one of the majority, but that doesn't mean that I have to follow every rule and regulation they come up with and I think if you talk to the real people in this country you will find that we are fed up with the hypocrisy

      • and the media, they have made a huge profit from movies to tele to music to newspapers on being racist and telling lies about whites

  43. As i said before, if any other culture, would like an national day, it is Aboriginies.

    They accuse us of stealing this land off Aboriginies, and then we have to pay these aboriginies.

    They don't ask the aboriginies if the new cultures can freely arrive here. How about we get paid by the new cultures for stealing our land. No! we just pay for everything because we are nothing more then pieces of s***. they are really pushing us now.

  44. Why can't the people who are supposed to be leading our Country see what is happening and where we are heading. Will we have to change the name "Australia Day" because it is offensive to someone who should not be here? I am so fed up with hearing all the things that should be changed because it might offend those that have come here with hands out and demanding. Can anyone please tell me why the MAJORITY is controlled by the MINORITY?

    • I guess if they change Australia Day, there maybe a big uproar. Which may benefit us.

      I remember in Toowoomba a Footy Stadium called 'Nigger Brown Stadium', It was named after a good footy player, who has since passed. The aboriginals got offended by this name but we tried to say, it was his affectionite name and in dedication to him. Noone except the aboriginals thought anything of it. Nigger is an African American term anyhow, nothing to do with Aboriginal.

      Anyway, after the protests, not to change it, they didn't but apparently, it has been changed now.

      When is it going to stop. Are we going to change Coon cheese to something else, far out that is the last name of the cheese manufacturer.

      It is a word, all this political rubbish over words, is ridiculous.

      Australia Day is when Australia was settle, not when some mutlti-culturalist came to Australia.

    • RomanGoddess says

      You know what? Vote for ME – I will happily OFFEND EVERYONE! And if they don't like it, they can LEAVE… 🙂

  45. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says the influx of boat people, ethnic crime and migrants' lack of respect for Australian values is undermining Australia's willingness to welcome foreigners.

    In a provocative speech to the Australia Day Council in Melbourne last night, Mr Abbott suggested the "great prize" of Australian citizenship was not appreciated fully and was given away too lightly.

    But far from wanting to shut the door to migrants, Mr Abbott declared there was no limit to Australia's population if immigration was managed properly, echoing Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's recent call for a "big Australia" of 35 million people by mid-century.

    • RomanGoddess says

      SAY WHAT???? Abbott is talking out of his back passage again I see…
      NO LIMIT TO AUSTRALIA'S POPULATION, huh? And where the FRAK are we supposed to get WATER SUPPLIES for this 'unlimited' population? Anyone know a good water diviner? Ma Nature's best mate? come ON, you frakking dope – HOW much more tax do the working slobs of this country have to pay to subsidise this 'unlimited' population growth? Do they REALLY expect them to work, when they get free houses, free medical, free MONEY to have more frakking brats?

      They need to stop trying to 'look good for the media' and start selling the hard truth – WE ARE BEING SYSTEMATICALLY INVADED – the Islam way is 'unlimited' breeding, so they can TAKE OVER. They are a cancer, which I want our government to cauterise while we still have the chance (and the manpower)…I will NEVER allow this country be Islamified…EVER. Religion SUCKS, and islam is the suckiest of all religions cos they treat women like sh*t.

      • lol, I think y r cool Roman Goddess! How I love u Italians, especially after what has happened in your own homeland, now flooded with Africans and Muslims. I work with Burmese and some of them went to Italy for a holiday and were most dissapointed that they did not meet many Italians in the cities, just Africans and Muslims…the new 'Master Races'

        • So they are bad for the country but we need more. That is a typical left winged ideology.

          What a nutcase

          • Actually it sounds rather similar to Crimson's ideology. Tell of the problems associated but do it more because it will be better. Sure thing, makes sense to me, NOT!

  46. What is racist is not celebrating it

  47. Thats how stupid things are getting, Australia day is about when Australia was settled. It seems Australia must not be Australia any longer. Must be called something likejkWEGHFAEYDGFRYHJ

  48. i was at the doctor the other day and the girl at the desk was talking to another girl who worked
    there and they were saying how they arnt allowed to celebrate australia day at work cause its rascist ? i dont see how it is ?

  49. I am SO GLAD someone in the media got attacked, I hope it continues and when those left winged media traitors have had enough, they might just start telling the truth for a change. But of course this will be all swept under the carpet by the white Anglo-Saxon far lefties, how frustrating it must have been for them not to find any Anglo scapegoats, perhaps Melcombe Frazer can tell us it's our fault for not trying hard enough.
    Never mind, it's Australia Day (or is that to be citizenship day now?) and the self loathers, who somehow always get a spot on tele or in the newspapers, will grovel and bemoan how ashamed they are and the Australian flag is racist,,,,blah blah blah. I wish they were on the receiving end of these attacks for a change.

    • My best mate Mike, was Croation. Just out of curiosity one day i asked him what he would do if Australia and croatia were at war. He said he would break his arm. Of course, i felt for the guy but he was born here. He is Australian. Anyway another time we had his 21st birthday, he had all his croation friends etc. They got rowdy and he would tell me what they were saying.

      There worst swear language is go f your mother. A couple brothers were arguing, and one said that to the other, stupid yes if you really think about it a brother saying to another brother to do horrible things to his mum. It was on, Plates and crap were going everywhere. I got annoyed and started at them because my friends mum was a nice lady and they were breaking her good crystal. Anyhow that finished and then a couple hours later there was a ruckus out the front.

      The big guy was belting his wife, i got mighty pissed off with that and went to step in but my mate said not to or she would get it worsee later on.

      They are hot tempered and very know it all. Pretty competative.

      Anyhow this doesn't surprise me in the least.

  50. WE need stricter jail terms in australia that might help for a start

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